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UK Rabbit Boarding Services

When you go away on a relaxing holiday you want to know that your rabbit will be safe and having a good time too. It can be difficult to locate the right boarding service for your rabbit's needs so findpetboarding.com lists many rabbit holiday boarding facilities in the UK for you to browse through.

findpetboarding.com posts information from rabbit holiday boarding facilities owners about their rabbit boarding services, facilities and fees to help you choose the best boarding service for your rabbit. We also encourage owners to post pictures so you can 'see' what a boarding service offers to help you narrow down your choice before you make an appointment to visit.

We recommend you contact several rabbit boarding services in your area and ask them questions about the type of accommodation your rabbit will be staying in, what exercise they offer, what happens if your rabbit becomes ill and what experience they have. Once you have narrowed down your choice, arrange a visit to view the rabbit boarding facilities in person.

For more advice on selecting a boarding facility see: Choosing Rabbit Boarding

Latest Reviews

Dandelion Cottage Rabbit and Guinea Pig Boarding (Hampshire)

Dandelion Cottage Rabbit and Guinea Pig Boarding
Dandelion Cottage is to bunnies what the Burj Al Arab is to humans. Absolute luxury. They are so ver...

Some Bunny Loves You - Luxury Indoor Small Animal Boarding (Devon)

Some Bunny Loves You - Luxury Indoor Small Animal Boarding
Coleen was amazing with our 2 bunnies. They stayed for 5 nights and were treated amazingly. Great va...

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