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About our Small Pet Boarding

We board: RabbitsGuinea PigsBirdsHamsters, Mice etc.

I have 2 rabbits myself and I know when going on holiday, finding someone to look after them, someone that truly understands rabbits is very difficult. They are not rodents, they need fibre and lots of it they have special exotic requirements others may not be aware of. Hay, pellets, veggies, daily exercise, human contact etc.

We have been running 5 years now.

Located in the Tamworth UK area, professionally care for your rabbits in my home, in the largest possible accommodation, be it a 6 x 2.5ft pen to our largest 50sq feet outdoor cottages which comprise of a 6x4 shed and 4x4 attached pen.

I know some rabbits get along and some do not. All guests are kept in separate housing with singles, bonded pairs and trios kept in secure pens to prevent any problems. My two are neutered and fully vaccinated so no unwanted surprises when you return but as I intend to keep all guests away from each other that shouldn't be a problem.


I offer the the biggest accommodation for the duration of their stay so they are happy and healthy and will get daily exercise, plenty of room to flop and eat. Please bring them in a pet carrier for their travel time. Please ensure you bring your pets in suitable pet carriers.

We have 3 types of accommodation:
6 x 4 sheds with 4x4 attached pens for 24 hour garden access (Cottages)
6 x 2 hutches with pens
Pens ranging from 6 x 2.5ft to 7 x 4 ft.

We do not use cages for rabbits or guinea pigs unless you bring your own for Guineas, birds or small animals such as hamsters.


Cottages have 24 hour garden access and Outdoor hutches have access to large pens everyday.
Indoors pens are large enough so that garden time is not needed, though if pens are free outside we do offer indoor guests play time outside in good weather.

Health & Hygiene:

Mandatory for stay
1. All rabbits must have had the Nobivac Vaccine (myxomatosis/ RVHD1 combi) AND the Filavac Vaccine (RVHD2 vaccine) atleast 2 weeks before the date of their arrival. This is mandatory and non negionable. Proof via email will be needed upon booking of current, in date vaccinations.

2. Your rabbit MUST be in good health and no pregnant does. We will take rabbits with pre-existing conditions but these must be fully disclosed and discussed at the time of booking.

Please disclose any medical conditions, problems or quirks your pet has. Any problems or concerns I have will be relayed to you, for discussion and treatment.

All treatments will be at your expense, but this will be discussed upon first noticing a problem.

Small Pet Boarding Prices

Outdoor cottages: First pet £12 per night, all subsequent pets £8 per night. ( so 2 rabbits would be £20 per night)
Outdoor hutches and indoor pens: First Pet £7 per night, all subsequent pets £6 per night.
Small animals e.g hamsters, gerbils in their own cages: £3.50 per night per animal.
Exotics and birds £5 per night per animal.

Discounts for 14+ nights


Arrival and Collection time slots are 30mins only. If you fail to show up within this arranged time slot you will have to arrange another time slot when available.

*****Fully Insured*****

We will groom your pet, clip nails if needed and administer any ongoing medication (that has been disclosed) included in the price.

Other Services

Services: GroomingClaw Clipping

We are mainly a rabbit boarder but we will take other small animals . NO CATS DOGS OR FERRETS

Some of the benefits of in-home pet care include:
- Customized Services
- Personalized Attention
- Stress-Free Environment
- Maintaining Regular Feeding & Medication Schedules
- Immediate Response & Action if Pets Display Unusual Behavior or Appear ill
- Theft/Burglary Deterrent

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Reviews from Our Guests

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Tracy has looked after both our rabbits over the last few years when we have been on holiday- sadly we only have one rabbit now. Wiggles has recently had a two week stay in a cottage! We are always very confident that Wiggles will be well cared for. During her last stay the weather was tricky with a heatwave and thunderstorms. I was fully confident that Tracy would work hard to keep all the animals safe and relaxed. Very professional service, thoroughly recommend.

5 From Philippa on

Our Parrot has been a guest at Hop it Holidays for 6 days and she didn't get anything except love and care in there! They have camera all around the place and owners have 24/7 access to watch their pet(s) while away. Tracey and her partner are truly dedicated and passionate about what they do. Our baby girl will definitely be with them again without hesitation. Thank you for your amazing job! X

5 From Madeline on

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