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Email: hopitholidays@gmail.com
Web: http://hopitholidays.co.uk/
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About our Small Pet Boarding

We board: RabbitsGuinea PigsBirdsHamsters, Mice etc.

I have 3 rabbits myself and I know when going on holiday, finding someone to look after them, someone that truly understands rabbits is very difficult. They are not rodents, they need fibre and lots of it they have special exotic requirements others may not be aware of. Hay, pellets, veggies, daily exercise, human contact etc.

We have been running 7 years now.

Located in the Tamworth UK area, professionally care for your rabbits in my home, in the largest possible accommodation, be it a 6 x 4ft pen to our largest 50sq feet outdoor cottages which comprise of a 6x4 shed and 4x4 attached pen.

I know some rabbits get along and some do not. All guests are kept in separate housing with singles, bonded pairs and trios kept in secure pens to prevent any problems. My three are neutered and fully vaccinated so no unwanted surprises when you return but as I intend to keep all guests away from each other that shouldn't be a problem.


I offer the THE biggest accommodation for the duration of their stay so they are happy and healthy and will get daily exercise, plenty of room to flop and eat. Please bring them in a pet carrier for their travel time. Please ensure you bring your pets in suitable pet carriers.

We have 3 types of accommodation:
8, 6 x 4 sheds with 4x4 attached pens for 24 hour garden access (Cottages)
6 x 2 hutches with pens
1 x 6 x 3 with underrun
Pens ranging from 6 x 4ft to 7 x 4 ft. Double pen option is available.

We do not use cages for rabbits or guinea pigs unless you bring your own for Guineas, birds or small animals such as hamsters.


Cottages have 24 hour garden access and Outdoor hutches have access to large pens everyday.
Indoors pens are large enough so that garden time is not needed, though if pens are free outside we do offer indoor guests play time outside in good weather.

Health & Hygiene:

Mandatory for stay
1. ALL rabbits must have had the Nobivac Vaccine (myxomatosis/ RVHD1 combi) AND the Filavac Vaccine (RVHD2 vaccine)/ New Nobivac RHD Plus atleast 2 weeks before the date of their arrival. This is mandatory and non negotiable. Proof via email will be needed upon booking of current, in date vaccinations.

2. Your rabbit MUST be in good health and no pregnant does. We will take rabbits with pre-existing conditions but these must be fully disclosed and discussed at the time of booking.

Please disclose any medical conditions, problems or quirks your pet has. Any problems or concerns I have will be relayed to you, for discussion and treatment.

All treatments will be at your expense, but this will be discussed upon first noticing a problem.

Hamsters and Gerbils are cleaned 1-2 times a week.
Guinea Pigs are cleaned everyday.

Small Pet Boarding Prices

Outdoor cottages: First pet £12 per night, all subsequent pets £8 per night. ( so 2 rabbits would be £20 per night)
Outdoor 6 x 3 £8 for first £7 for all additional
Outdoor hutches and indoor pens: First Pet £7 per night, all subsequent pets £6 per night. Please ask about double pens.

Small animals e.g hamsters, gerbils in their own cages: £3.50 per night per animal.
Please ask about double pens. Exotics and birds £7 per night per animal.

Discounts for 15+ nights


Arrival and Collection time slots are 30mins only. If you fail to show up within this arranged time slot you will have to arrange another time slot when available.

*****Fully Insured*****

We will groom your pet, clip nails if needed and administer any ongoing medication (that has been disclosed) included in the price.

Booking Fee are non-refundable. See website for cancellation fees.

Other Services

Services: GroomingClaw Clipping

We are mainly a rabbit boarder but we will take other small animals . NO CATS DOGS OR FERRETS

Some of the benefits of in-home pet care include:
we also offer
- Spa weekends
- Claw clipping service
- Grooming services for rabbits
see our facebook or website fro more details.

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Reviews from Our Guests

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I can't recommend Hop it Holidays enough, I've been boarding my buns there for the last 6 years and have never had any worries that they were being cared for as well as they are at home. Everything is of the highest quality and spotless clean. Tracey is probably the most knowledgable person I know (even the vets) about rabbits and other small animals and know she will pick up on the slightest thing that some might miss, therefore giving the animals in her care the best possible chance if they should need medical attention

5 From Melanie Richards on

Lovely place to send our Guinea Pig - we've used them a couple of time's and always felt secure that our pet was well looked after. Nice touch with the camera viewing so my daughter could see pet anytime!

5 From Nickie Smith on

Brilliant boarding for my bunny. I have used Hop- it a couple of times and would not go any where else now for my bunny boarding. Owner is great, very knowledgable and I can trust my bunny is well looked after and cared for. Highly recommended

5 From Julie on

My bunnies always stay at Hopitholidays, fantastic facilities, very knowledgable owner, and very happy bunnies! Would highly recommend.

5 From Linda Bowyer on

Friendly and professional , love the 24/7 camera so you can watch your pet, will definitely use again :)

5 From Maxine thay on

This is the 3rd time this year both my buns have stayed with Tracey. This time was different though, the eldest had to have his teeth burred a few weeks before our holiday and he still wasn't right in himself. When we dropped the buns off we explained everything that had happened and our concerns with Tracey which she took on board and did her best to reassure us - I left Tracey's knowing full well my buns were in the best possible hands should anything go wrong. On our return my eldest had once again received the loveliest of trims and Tracey mentioned a condition that she believed my eldest bun had after having spent 8 days with him, she offered such great advice and showed us what products we needed to help his diet and lifestyle. I booked my bun into the vets the following day and Tracey's prediction was correct unfortunately, but at least we know now and can start making changes. I really would not board my 2 buns anywhere else! I go to a rabbit ‘Savvy' vet but with my bun being at Tracey's and her knowing what she is looking for we probably got our diagnosis a lot sooner.

5 From Becky on

A Spa for Rabbits!! Bobbin always gets the best care at Hop-It Holidays.

5 From Day on

First time leaving my 2 young rabbits so very nervous & upsetting, Tracey instantly put me at ease and I knew I'd chose the right boarding facility. The cottage was spotlessly clean, very high standard design and plenty of space for my rabbits have more than a comfortable stay. Tracey's knowledge and approach of running her business instantly put me at ease, she really knows her stuff and how to care for animals. Whilst my rabbits were there they both had claws cut and 1 had a trim all included in the price of the stay! Fantastic value. I already have 2 more stays booked in for this year. If you want a boarding with a friend looking after your pet feel but knowing they are more than well looked after by someone with all the knowledge and love for animals this is definitely the place to board with.

5 From Becky on

Thank you so much for looking after and caring for Edith she's come home happy and with a better diet that suits her will definitely be using you again thanks Emma

5 From Emma moseley on

Tracey has been looking after my rabbits for the last 3 years. I wouldn't go anywhere else. They are really well looked after and are always trimmed and any knots in their fur removed. Nails are also cut and rumble and sooty love their little holiday. Would recommend anyone with small animals or pets to use Tracey, you won't find anywhere better.

5 From Carl on

Tracy definitely knows her rabbits! We've boarded our rabbits with Tracy multiple times over the past several years and we won't go anywhere else. They are well looked after and are clearly happy there with lovely hay and lots of space to hop and play. We love that we can always check in on them on the cameras. Her home made treats also go down well with our buns who get very excited when their hear us get them out of the bags. Overall, I can highly recommend her services.

5 From Louisa on

Brillient service and Tracy is very friendly and also gave some good advice for our bunny. Bramble looked very calm and relaxed on the wed cams. Thank you

5 From Paul on

I cannot recommend Tracy enough! I have been using her for over a year now for our 2 bunnies and the service she provides is outstanding! She is unbelievably knowledgeable, she genuinely cares about our bunnies and she has been so flexible when i have needed her. My bunny got very sick last year and I took him to Tracy. She knew exactly what to do, she nursed him through the night and took him to the vets when he got extremely unwell. Luckily he pulled through but I don't think he would have survived without Tracy's help. Needless to say I would not trust anyone else with my bunnies!

5 From Jess Johnson on

I cannot recommend Tracy enough! I have been using her for over a year now for our 2 bunnies and the service she provides is outstanding! She is unbelievably knowledgeable, she genuinely cares about our bunnies and she has been so flexible when i have needed her. My bunny got very sick last year and I took him to Tracy. She knew exactly what to do, she nursed him through the night and took him to the vets when he got extremely unwell. Luckily he pulled through but I don't think he would have survived without Tracy's help. Needless to say I would not trust anyone else with my bunnies!

5 From Jess johnson on

We boarded our African Grey parrot with Tracey at Hop-It holidays. She fit us in very last minute when we were let down by another boarder. It was literally an hour as we got to the other boarder and was not happy to leave him there. He was kept in the kitchen which was clean and tidy with a rabbit room mate to watch. We didn't bring many toys with him, but upon return Tracey had bought him toys, bells and treats. We also found he had been having great fun around the kitchen and trying to steal her fruit from the fruit basket. He was let out everyday for hours and we were able to watch him on the camera singing and dancing. We would very happily board him here again.

5 From Marc Cooper on

Boarders Response:He was a joy to look after and his noises and dancing were adorable. He even did the birdie song and would wolf whistle all day. A joy to look after even with all the mess and destroyed wooden toys everywhere.

We have used Tracey for a few years now and would not go anywhere else. Viola was under the weather and Tracey nursed her as if she were her own bunny. I can't thank Tracey enough. The accommodation is spotless and are really luxurious. Thank you Tracey!

5 From Denise on

Boarders Response:Thank you so much. Its very sad to see Vivi so sick with E.C but i'm glad she is continuing to get better and we hope for a full recovery for her.

We were very reluctant to board our rabbit Fluffs anywhere after having a bad experience in the past boarding at another establishment that caused our other rabbit to be put down from neglect. We talked to Tracey and her passion for rabbit welfare and her extensive knowledge shone through. We were able to view the cottages and pens before we booked and spent at least an hour to chat about our past experience and our concerns. She reassured us that Fluffs would be very well taken care of. The cameras are such a good idea we logged in every day to see a clean pen and happy bunny. I think we saw more of her while on holiday in Spain than when we are home. She looked extremely content and we got to watch her be groomed outside via the garden camera, claws clipped and had time out in the garden in one of the cottage pens even though we didn't pay for a cottage space. We are extremely happy to bring Fluffs back time and time again. We bought some of Tracey's homemade bunny biscuits, forage bags and a hay brick too. Tracey really knows her stuff. Can't sing her praises more. We can now go on holiday whenever we want knowing that Fluffs will be looked after.

5 From Joanne Nichol on

Boarders Response:Thank you so much for the massive review. Fluffs was a lovely bunny to look after.

Hop-It holidays looked after my hamster for a few weeks. She was kept super clean and tidy. We where able to watch on the camera everyday while we where away, which was great and gave our little girl the reassurance that she was being cared for and we where able to watch her in the ball every night. Tracey very kindly cleaned and disinfected the exercise ball and disinfected the base of the cage without us even asking to get rid of the build up of mess we couldn't remove. We where delighted at the condition of the house the cleanliness of the rabbits in the kitchen and garden we saw too. Would definitely board again here and recommend Hop-It Holidays to everyone. For £3.50 a night its great value for the work Tracey puts in.

5 From Mrs Wilson on

Boarders Response:Thank you so much for your lovely review. We appreciate the time you took to write such an extensive review. Ms Puddle was a lovely sweet hamster and so friendly.

Our rabbits Bobs and Dixie have stayed here numerous times. Tracey and Laurence are very knowledgable and couldn't to more for our rabbits. They are also on hand with advice should it ever be needed day or night. We wouldn't leave our rabbits anywhere else. I cannot recommend Hopitholidays highly enough.

5 From Lynn Little on

We have used Tracey for a few years now and would not go anywhere else. Viola was under the weather and Tracey nursed her as if she were her own bunny. I can't thanks Tracey enough. The accommodation is spotless and are really luxurious. Thank you Tracey 🐰

5 From Denise on

Boarded a rabbit and a hamster this time and once again my pets were looked after as if they were their own. Highly recommend!

5 From Pam on

Our little rabbit is always well looked after here, Tracey is clearly a bunny-lover and she knows a great deal about rabbits and other small pets. She is very well organised, everything is clean and under control. She is always happy to explain things to us, show us around, etc. We know that we are leaving out bunny in safe hands. Happy to recommend Hop-It-Holidays!

5 From Gavin Livingstone on

Boarders Response:Thank you so much for you lovely review. Lucky is a very handsome little boy, we love him very much.

The response was quick as our request for boarding for my daughter's hamster was at short notice, so thank you for that. Upon arrival I was taken aback by the smell of the house (small animal poo and wee) and the amount of hamster poo on the floor. But no turning back as we had no other options. I made it clear that the cage must be spot cleaned every day, poo removed and wee areas removed and replaced with fresh bedding. She nodded. Upon return 2 days later, my daughter was dismayed to find that no poo had been cleaned out and neither had the tank been spot cleaned for wee. She had merely given food and put Oreo in her wheel once daily. For somebody who claims a luxury boarding facility, this was absolutely disgusting. On top of this, she handed me back Oreo's ball with poo in it. I pointed that out to her and she said, 'oh' and just shook the poo out on the floor. Narsty! My daughter was so disgusted and upset that she had used her pocket money for such sub-standard care. I rang Hop it Holidays later and shared my concerns with her. She apologised for us being disappointed but said that she would only clean out cages once weekly. No wonder her house stank! She should have refunded my daughter 50% at least, but no offer was made. We came home and gave that cage a thorough clean. If you are a pet lover you must keep your pet in clean surroundings, or else you are not caring for your pet. Never again will we use Hop it Holidays, and neither should you!

1 From Dee on

Boarders Response:We are very sorry in this instance that you found our service didn't meet your expectations. We have never had a complaint before about our cleanness or smell of our home in fact quite the opposite. I didn't notice the poo in the ball till I handed it to the owner and this was not dropped on the floor but in a litter tray in a pen that had been vacated not 5 mins before and was going to be cleaned out once the Hamster who was our last guest coming/ going that day was gone. Yes there was a small amount of hamster poop on the floor from another hamster. We sweep and clean the floor multiple times a day. Our usual practice is to clean hamsters once/twice a week, and we wouldn't usually clean a hamster only with us two days. We'll try to be clearer about our policies in future.

Really wonderful service. Tracey and Lawrence go all out to keep our furbabies happy and healthy. I am always secure in the knowledge that they are knowledgeable and love rabbits too.

5 From Fatima-Zahra Mamoojee on

Boarders Response:Ty so much Fatima. Leo, Loki and Lana are all lovely bunnies

My two rabbits have stayed with Tracey at bop it holidays lots of times now and to be honest I wouldn’t leave them anywhere but here. It’s great to be able to go away rest assured my babies are looked after to the highest standard. I am able to log into the cameras to see my babies when I’m missing them which is awesome! Its also great to know that ALL rabbits going in and out of hop it holidays are FULLY vaccinated meaning my rabbits are as safe as possible from disease. Tracey has also helped me with pebbles when she has been unwell with stasis and gas. If I could rate hop it holidays higher than 5 stars then I would :)

5 From Shan ashfield on

Billy and bobby stayed at hop it holidays for 15 days whilst I was on holiday . I was able to look at them everyday on a live Web cam -brilliant ! They seemed to love it . I Will Definitely Be Taking Them There Again Next Holiday

From Jayne granfield on

Bobbin was well cared for at Hop-It Holidays. Tracey understood his needs perfectly and Bobbin enjoyed lots of playthings. Thanks also for the invaluable Free advice!! It is comforting to know we have found somewhere caring for our pet whilst we are away.

5 From june on

Great boarding facility for our house rabbits - kept safe and warm indoors with someone who understands and loves rabbits. We were able to watch them on holiday via a webcam too :-)

5 From Stuart on

Hop-It Holidays really know their rabbits - Stomper took over the kitchen for a week because he didn't like his hutch and I received invaluable nutrition and care advice to get him into peak condition. He is a different rabbit - happy, healthy and looking forward to the speed dating I have lined up for him. Thanks so much!

5 From Jeanette on

Absolutely brilliant rabbit boarding home. Tracy is so enthusiastic about bunnies you and you know that they are being well cared for and loved as she provides you with regular updates. I would not hesitate to leave my rabbits in her care again, and I don't think they can wait to go back!

5 From Hayley Whitehouse on

Daisy had a lovely time at Hop-it holidays. Was well looked after. Would recommend hop-it holidays. Very knowledgeable and Really cares for bunnies. Thanks Tracey, will be booking Daisy in again.

5 From Karen Johnson on

Our rabbit Bernie enjoyed his stay at hop it holidays. Very rabbit friendly and knowledgeable about rabbits hutches were all very clean and really nice to be able to see photos of bernie enjoying himself out of the hutch,while we were away. Have booked again in september.

From Debbie Wilson on

Our bunnies had a great jolly holiday at Hop it and we would recommend it to all. Thankyou Tracey for looking after our boys so well.

5 From Maria on

barry our rabbit has just returned from a weeks holiday at hop-it holidays. He enjoyed his stay so much he would not come out of his carrier when we got home even to see his best friend Bella the dog.It was a very rabbit friendly envoiroment and the owner was very knowledgable on rabbits. I would definitely use again when we next go away

5 From nick soen on

So pleased we decided to board our rabbit barry at hop-it holidays! There were a few businesses we looked at using, but he would've been in a hutch all day with access to a small run at an extra cost and i believe rabbits should be out running free not cooped up, so thank god we found these! He was treated like one of the family, ran freely round the house and garden and enjoyed his cuddles. I was updated regularly with photos and status' on facebook and they also do a live stream so you can log on and see what your bunny is upto. In fact he had such a good time he didn't want to come back! Thank you so much for looking after him so well. I would definitely recommend and will definitely use again :)

5 From Michelle Soen on

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