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About our Small Pet Boarding

We board: Rabbits

Our 5 star bunny boarding facility has the largest runs in the uk. We are experienced, knowledgable and passionate about all aspects of rabbit health and welfare. We understand that there is no such thing as just a rabbit and we can offer all the love and attention we would our own pets. Tailored to suit each guest, can administer medications and any special care.


8ft min hutch, CCTV , fox proof electric fencing, weather protected, indoor and outdoor available, walk in exclusive run,
Toys, hideaway huts, Safe,
Spacious and secure we host the famous eglu fox proof cube, framebow giant bunny hut rye dale triple 8ft hutch and run as well as a 20ft forshame cottage ark welfare build giant rabbit hutch


as much or as little as your rabbit chooses, when he chooses as the hutch is joint to a massive walk in Avairy style run which has ramp internal access to minimize the stress by moving - this set up belongs exclusive to your rabbit the entire stay, tubes
Tunnels and hide away huts provided

Health & Hygiene:

we pride ourselves in our standards of hygiene, this is vital to the safety of all rabbits here , so we do not share runs or allow contact between bunnies (unless a bonded pair) we disinfect throughly between guests and have hard standing accommodation available. Health is top priority and rabbits will be weighed and throughly checked each and every day for any signs of GI stasis , fly strike and body condition and we wouldn't hesitate to contact our rabbit savvy vet if we thought needed. We are very experienced and confident in giving any medication and syringe feeding where applicable. We keep on site critical care, pain relief and gut stimulants. My bunnies mean the world to me so I understand the worries leaving them with someone and promise you complete piece of mind, I will care for them as they were my own.

Small Pet Boarding Prices

Boarding is £140 per week for two bonded rabbits
for stay over 2 weeks we can offer a discount
rabbitboarding7@gmail.com or 07850530022
If you require an indoor night time accommodation ask at time of booking for price and availability

Other Services

Services: GroomingClaw Clipping

bonding service and adoption service available
I run a welfare based rabbit advice and help group on Facebook which you can check us out via the following link, https://www.facebook.com/groups/binkybun/
Viewings are welcome and our walk in runs and huge hutches are suitable for giant rabbits special dietary needs and essential veterinary appointments can be catered for we can also offer long term accommodation at discounted rates. We upload hours of videos of all our boarders so you can check in as often as you like

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Reviews from Our Guests

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After one of our bunnies had an operation, it completely broke the bond between him and his sister, my partner and I were distraught and had to split them up. We searched the internet to find a bunny bonder to help us and came across Sarah at Celeb Bunnies. We read all of the reviews and dropped her an email. Sarah called us back that evening to talk through what had happened and absolutely astounded us with her bunny knowledge and compassion. Even just talking to Sarah that evening was completely reassuring, we arranged to drop the bunnies off to her the following day. When we arrived, Sarah was incredibly welcoming, she explained the process and said that their welfare is her main concern and she wouldn't do anything that stresses them out. Sarah explained a lot about bunny behaviours, the hierarchy between a fluffle of rabbits and the reasons behind the behaviour, all truly fascinating. In all walks of life, nothing is guaranteed but we had to try. The bunnies stayed with Sarah for just under 2 weeks and when we picked them up, they were completely bonded! It was unbelievable, they had gone from fighting to loving one another! Throughout their stay, Sarah provided updates, photos & videos. Although we live over an hour away, we always take the bunnies back to board for holidays. There have been occasions where one of them has been ill, we have taken them to Sarah who has administered the critical care & medication to nurse them back to health. Amazing bunny service!

5 From Caroline Sparks on

Believe the hype!! I cannot recommend Sarah at Celebunnies highly enough. I googled ‘rabbit whisperer' in desperation after a traumatic failed attempt from ourselves in trying to bond our bunnies and after a few weeks with another unsuccessful bunny boarder/bonder. Within minutes Sarah had our two bunnies next to each other on the sofa with her and within a day or two they were bonded. Nothing short of miraculous! We are so grateful on a daily basis and live in fear of Sarah being unable to look after our bunnies when we're away! It is such piece of mind to know that they are looked after by someone who clearly cares about them so much. Sarah's friendly personality combined with her in depth knowledge, innate understanding and love for these misunderstood pets is inspiring - She truly has a gift.

5 From Gillie Livey on

Celeb bunnies , fab service with a lady who is passionate about bunnies , was comforting to know they were with her as she adores them 🐰

5 From Emma camber on

can not recommend enough. I had two different rescue bunnies both around 2 years old. I tried everything I read, heard and learnt about to try bond them, and it was getting worse..... my little girl was pure evil to the boy it was hard to watch. no one thought they would ever be in the same room together. when in took them to sarah even she had doubts when she saw them together... but OMG this amazing woman finally done it. and I loved the little touch of her sending me videos when they finally did bond it was so cool to see. and now i can even enjoy cuddles with both of them together Sarah I cannot thank you enough. anyone that's stuck and need help please contact this woman even if its for over the phone advice.

5 From toni on

We were having problems bonding our two bunnies and had almost given up but decided to send them to Celebunnies as a last attempt. Sarah was lovely and after a 8 days they came home best friends. We would highly recommend.

5 From Rachael Gartside on

Boarded my three rabbits, Pickle , Turnip and Punch with Sara on a recommendation from a friend and was completely at ease leaving them there, was given lots of advice and reassurance, especially impressed with how Sara was able to handle my usually skittish nervous female. Thank you, Laya and bunnies.

5 From Laya on

I was absolutely beside myself about leaving my bunnies with someone to be bonded but soon realised I had nothing to worry about. Archie wasn’t quite right half way through their stay and before I had got chance to get in a proper panic Sarah had already dealt with it and got him comfortable and happy again. Bunnies get poorly so quickly so it was such a relief to know they were with someone who really knows what to look out for. So after 5 days I collected two very much in love, very happy bunnies and am more than grateful to Sarah for looking after them and helping them realise they are perfect for each otherðŸ'•ðŸ°ðŸ°ðŸ'•

5 From Lisa Gooch on

Celebunnies is outstanding place to leave your rabbits. Sarah had bonded twice my bunnies. I remember first when i met Sarah she impressed me with her massive knowledge about bunnies. Grate place where you can leave your rabbits without any worries

5 From Magdalena on

I bought my two fluff babies separately. My boy Rory first then later my girl Eleanor. A little while after they were both neutered, I started giving them play dates in an attempt to bond them. I tried for quite a while but their relationship didn't improve. They began to fight and scrap which really worried me as I thought I would never be able to bond them. Even though all my efforts at helping them fall in love failed, I wasn't going to give up. I went searching online for someone with professional experience who could help me and my bunnies. I was so happy when I found Sarah at celeb rabbits, boarding and bonding. She was so knowledgeable,helpful and reassuring, and she agreed to take them in and work on bonding them. Sarah kept them for a week. Studying their personalities, even staying up with them through the night! I'm so relieved to be able to say, Eleanor and Rory have been best friends even since. All thanks to Sarah's know how and understanding of rabbit behaviour. Thank you Sarah I would recommend you and your services to anyone.

5 From Tammy van Duijvenbode on

I used Sarah's bonding service as I adopted a friend for my bunny, and I was very nervous about doing the bonding myself as it's my first time owning rabbits and was a little unsure, Sarah is a natural with rabbits very helpful and knowledgeable and I had my bunny's back happy and bonded within 6days! Thank you very much

5 From Vicki on

I was at my wits end with my two boys who I adopted from pets at home, days after we got them they started fighting and I had no option to keep them apart. I followed all the advice and nothing seemed to be working so I contacted Sarah's bonding service and it was the best decision I could have made. My boys came home after 7 days and they couldn't be happier.

5 From Sarah Pickhurst on

Run by a lady who knows a lot about rabbits and is able to give good health advise and I'm very happy leaving our bunnies here for any time we are away. Bobywas taken to the vet last time which we were great Sul for and his teeth sorted.

5 From Karen on

I used Sarah's bonding service when my bunnies fell out and fought after being apart for a few days. Sarah was really helpful over the phone and then took my bunnies in and they bonded straight away. I also used the boarding service for a week and I came back to 2 very happy bunnies. Sarah is a natural with rabbits and very helpful.

5 From Anne on

Lovely lady, had so much trouble with bonding my rabbits took them for under a week and they came back bonded so happy with what she done. Would recommend anyone.

5 From Tara Sharp on

I have known Sarah for many years and she is a a highly respected advocate for rabbit welfare. I would always trust Sarah with my 10 rabbits if needed. I have never met such a passionate person and a knowledgeable person about rabbits bonding, behavioural problems. She is the "Rabbit Whisperer of Surrey" x

From Karen Lycett on

My bunnies went to stay with Sarah to be bonded as I was petrified to do it myself after the initial attempt ended in disaster. Well, what can I say?? She really is the Dr Dolittle of the rabbit world!! I've never known anyone so tuned into bunnies, and after a couple of weeks with her, they really are now the best of friends. Sarah kept me up to date through the whole process (although I think I pestered her a bit too much at times) and even continued her support over the phone when they had a bit of a tiff a few days after coming home!! Also, I am very thankful to her for quickly recognising when my little buck Bobby wasn't chewing properly and didn't seem himself plus weight loss- a trip to the vet resulted in a diagnosis of spurs on his molars....which were addressed very speedily. Thoroughly recommend, Sarah is very knowledgeable and bunnies are in safe hands with her Thanks so much xx

4 From Beckie on

I couldn't recommend this boarding enough. fantastic service and so understanding and knowledgeable of the rabbits. Thank you for all your help. Will be back

5 From Julie Timms on

Sarah was extremely knowledgeable and caring about rabbits. We had every confidence in leaving our two bunnies with her, and would not hesitate to recommend her boarding service to other pet-owners.

5 From Stephen Grayson on

An amazing place for bunny holiday and bonding :)

5 From Jolanta on

Lola and Bailey had a lovely stay at Celebunnies. They were looked after well; all the bunnies here are clearly loved!

4 From Mandie on

We have boarded our two rabbits with Sarah six times in the last year. We think they really enjoy themselves and Sarah spoils them rotten. She is very knowledgeable about all aspects of rabbit care and we have no hesitation in recommending Celebunnies for bunny vacations.

5 From John Whitley on

Dylan and Blossom had a wonderful time staying at Celebunnies and I had peace of mind that they were being well cared for. I would not hesitate in recommending Celebunnies and would use them again.

5 From Ingrid on

I am so delighted, I now have somewhere who my babies can stay with whilst I am on holiday. The facilities are fabulous but I know they will be in safe hands and well cared for by Sarah at CELEBUNNIES total confidence and piece of mind.

5 From Laura Sanderson on

Highly recommended, I wouldn't leave Topsy anywhere else. Thanks again Celebunnies.

5 From Jane Rainer on

Can't thank you enough for everything, Sarah has a deep understanding of how to care for rabbits and I would highly recommend Celebunnies to anyone. Really a wonderful place for any bunny to stay.

5 From Rachel on

Our bunnies stayed at Celebunnies for a week and had a super time. Sarah really looked after our babies which made it far easier to go away and have peace of mind. Also it's reassuring that Sarah knows so much about rabbits, that she can spot if something doesn't seem right, which again allows peace of mind. Your bunnies will have a lovely time with Sarah and be very cared for.

4 From Sarah on

What a fantastic service, first time i've boarded my rabbit so was very nervous about the whole situation. We were put at ease right way when dropping him off from the knowledge and enthusiasm from Sarah, she really loves her rabbits. We had regular updates and pictures of Alfie enjoying himself. When we picked him, was really happy to see him looking so well and relaxed, he was really well looked after. I would recommend Sarah to anyone who has rabbits, such an amazing place and unbelievable care provided, like they were her own rabbits, thanks again Sarah, keep up the great work

5 From Darren on

Worth every single penny, the facilities are second to none but Sarah is a very knowledgable rabbit enthusiast and the passion she has towards rabbits and caring for them is incredible. I am so grateful for all the advice and help and advice and now phone Sarah instead of my vet. Would highly recommend to anyone.

5 From Mary Scheniser on

This setup is great, well run, HUGE runs, expertly cared for like they are part of the family, over enthusiastic bunny owner with nothing but time and love for the bunnies. Its an amazing place! Your bunnies won't want to leave. :)

From Peter Foggon on

I recently left my rabbit Jill with Sarah for 3.5 weeks after some very recent dental work. Sarah not only looked after her basic needs, providing excellent food and accommodation, but also went the extra mile with regards to her health. She gave her lots of cuddles, gave her injections when necessary, took her back and forward to the vet and all the while kept me informed while I was away on holiday so I didn't worry about her. Thanks to Sarah's care, we arrived back to a happy and healthy bunny. I would wholeheartedly recommend Celebunnies x

5 From Leanne on

Our two Rabs, Toffee and Cupcake, stayed with Sarah for two weeks during August. If rabbits could talk, I am 100% sure that they would have refused to come home with me. Sarah really cares for each and every rabbit that lodges with her. She has an in-depth knowledge of rabbit welfare and a genuine love for those in her care. Our rabbits were returned to us in better condition than when they arrived at CelebBunnies. Nails clipped and coats groomed (Toffee loves to moult), I nearly didn't recognise them!! All this, coupled with a set up that allows for so much outdoor space for the rabbits to move around, means that I will never want or need to look anywhere else. Thank you Sarah, you are a superstar!!

5 From Gary Lester on

Excellent rabbit boarding...someone who knows bunnies and knows how to look after them properly. Would highly recommend this boarder to anyone looking for someone to trust with their beloved pet. Will definitely use again.

From Sam Davies on

Chloe had another short stay with Sarah, continues to be a 5 star boarding. Sarah really cares about all the rabbits she looks after. We will not hesitate to use her facilities again

5 From Sharon on

The worst thing about going away, who will look after my bunny? I needn't have worried though, when I got to Celebunnies we received a warm welcome from Sarah, and the Bunny accommodation and play areas looked fantastic. Seeing how happy all the other bunnies were I felt much better about leaving Merlin. Of course I missed him, but I knew Sarah would care for him like he was one of her own. Merlin had a fab holiday, and next time he fancies a break he'll definitely be back. Thank you so much Sarah (Bunny Mummy) :)

5 From Nancy on

We left our rabbit for 10 days at Celebunnies, she had a great time. We were very impressed with the photos and videos Sarah posted of her, this helped us to feel more relaxed knowing she was being well cared for. Sarah is very passionate about all bunnies and you can guaranteed they will be well looked after. Booked in again for our next trip.

5 From Sharon Wallington on

Muffin and Willow stayed with Sarah and I felt very comfortable leaving them, in the knowledge they would be well cared for and loved. they were very content and happy when we collected them and I will certainly use Sarah again.

From Elaine on

I was really apprehensive about leaving Boo as I have never left her with anyone other than family before. I was really happy when I arrived with her at Celeb Bunnies. Sarah was so reassuring and understood my anxiety. She certainly knows her stuff and was happy to accommodate Boos every need. I was also even more reassured whilst away, to have regular updates and pictures/videos of Boo. I could see that Boo was really looked after and happy when I came to pick her up. With out a doubt I would use this facility again, couldn’t have been happier, Definitely a 5*Bunny Resort!

From Ishbel and Boo on

I think that Sarah hutches are big enough for any rabbits and big runs as well.Sarah was very helpful with my rabbit Fluffy was very happy when we brought him home. I would defiantly take fluffy here again and highly recommend it to anybody else.

5 From Allison Mehrtens on

Honey spent two vacation with celebunnies..after a traumatic car ride she settled in. We felt a bit anxious to start with but need not have been. We received a picuture of Honey in her temp appartment [cage] looking chilled. Was fit healthy and happy when we collected her. Thank you will use you again on our next trip.

From debbie & naomi on

This has to be the most incredible set up for bunnies I've seen ever. That aside the standards were exceptionally high and my bunnies could not have been in better hands. Sarah was upfront, confident and very helpful to me even after bill & bow were back home. Rate five only as that is the highest. A winner.

5 From Sue anklerow on

My bunny Muffin stayed at Celebunnies for a week and was well looked after, Sarah has a genuine passion for bunnies and that means that she spends quality time with them rather than just simply feeding and cleaning them. Muffin had a nice little holiday!

From Louise Jones on

So nice that we have finally found you to take care of our baby.he has never been as happy as he was this year, thanks Sarah for taking such super care of him and for giving us back our freedom to go away. We will see you again in February.

5 From Rachel bautee on

I left our big bunny Dexter with Sarah for 2 weeks and I can honestly say he had is own little holiday, it was home from home for him, he now has an adoptive 2nd family. Sarah is so naturally caring and the bunnies well being is her main aim. Dexter is a house bunny as well as an outdoor bunny (depending on weather) and Sarah gets to know the bunnies and caters for all there individual needs and requirements. I will be using Celebunnies again in the future and would recommend Sarah 100%.

From Ruth Waters on

Will be always happy to go away again, fitted in at short notice and was a very tidy home for rabbits and wonderful care I will recommend your bunny board to everyone. Thank you again OSHA

From OSHA on

Sean Nathaniel Pearce Clare A quick not to say thank you so so much for looking after the Boys (Fred & George) so well!! Lovely to come over and pick them up seeing them bouncing around all happy outside!! We'll be back soon for sure!! Thanks again Sean, Selma and The Boys!! x

5 From Sean Clare on

I left my rabbits here and I felt that they were really loved, Its a very welcoming environment. I felt relaxed on holiday that they were safe, warm, fed and played with. Iv boarded my rabbits before but iv never seen anything like this I actually felt guilty taking them home. I will definitely use again as very reasonable rates for the service given. Thanks very much

5 From lisa on

Beautiful set up and great care, sarah was very helpful and very much attention was given, I found out lots about my two. Thank you for the pictures and see you in August.

5 From Mrs Anstel on

Julie Eastoe Your rabbit boarding looks amazing I love bunnies I have six of them . I live in Cambridge but if I lived in Surrey I would certainly bring my bunnies to you for there holidays good luck x Like · · 28 March at 23:23

From Julie Easton on

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