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About our Small Pet Boarding

We board: RabbitsGuinea PigsReptilesHamsters, Mice etc.

If you are planning a weekend break or a family holiday look no further than APB for unbeatable care for your small pets! Our top quality home-from-home service caters for your indoor and outdoor pets in specially designed accommodation. We have been in operation for over 10 years and have gained an amazing amount of experience with all different kinds of small animals! We also get to meet some smashing families and enjoy sharing the care of your precious pets.

As an addition, Carolyn also runs a guinea pig rescue/adoption centre. ( Offering a non-judgemental rehoming service, helping to bond guineas in pairs or groups and sometimes taking in elderly piggies for their retirement.

We offer a limited service of dog walking alongside our own two friendly rescue dogs.

Carolyn has worked with animals all her life, holds a Pet First Aid Certificate, a Canine First Aid Certificate, is currently undertaking a Complete Pet Care Diploma, is a member of the RWFA and has contacts with many animal professionals for advice and guidance if required. We regularly have volunteers helping especially at busy times and support the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme.

Give us a call today or visit our website for more information

Contact Carolyn on 07789 601202

All bunnies visiting us from January 2017 will need to have received the new RHD2 vaccine (we strongly recommend on the advice of the RWAF and our Veterinary Practice that your bunnies have a 6 month booster before boarding) as well as the annual Myxomatosis/VHD1 vaccine. More info on our website.
All your pets’ individual needs will be catered for wherever possible and we will provide grazing and exercise where we can. Competitive rates!

We have two dogs of our own and offer dog walking alongside our small pet business. We give your dog the length of walk you request - collection & drop off are not included in the timescale.

Here at APB we believe we provide unbeatable care and attention – TLC is given for free!

We are always here to offer support in choosing, caring and enjoying these wonderful little furries – so don’t hesitate!

APB also accept some guinea pigs for rehoming and often have adult and baby guinea pigs for sale, sometimes with a hutch, bowl and bottle etc. It's always worth asking us if we have or know of animals needing a new home. We will also assist in bonding a pair if you are in the unhappy position of having a lonely guinea who needs a new friend.

Just ask!

Data Protection (GDPR)
As part of the registration process, customers will be required to complete a Pet Care Consent Form in accordance with the new GPDR guidelines


We are using an online boarding system accessible from our website.
This enables you to check hutch/cage availability and request a space before you book. As we get extremely busy during school holidays we recommend booking well in advance to secure a space!
APB provides a range of different sized hutches and runs to meet the individual needs of your rabbits, tortoises, hedgehogs and guinea pigs both indoors and outdoors. The 'Bunny Mansion' is a secure, walk-in area - great for mischievous bunnies who need plenty of space to run around, dig and play! We also have a range of purpose-built runs to suit guinea pigs, hedgehogs and tortoises. Smaller caged animals are cared for in their own cages. All hutches are secured in mesh enclosures or wooden sheds. We also have the "Ark", a heated, air-conditioned and insulated cabin to care for indoor/house bunnies, guineas, tortoises and hedgehogs. Small caged furries are also housed in the Ark.
We use top quality woodchips, straw and hay for bedding and premium feeding hay for forage. Our main stock of dry food is Burgess Excel and Science Selective pellets but we do also stock Gerty Guinea pIg and Russell Rabbit. Owners should provide their own supply if these are not suitable.


At APB we believe in enriching the daily routine of all the animals who stay with us and therefore regularly put pets out in our outdoor runs in suitable weather. Smaller animals will be allowed some free time too - always at the discretion of you, the owner.
Our dog walking service caters for one or maybe two dogs at a time. Your dog will be treated like one of our own with walks in the nearby Surrey countryside.

Health & Hygiene:

Ashtead Pet Boarding is a busy, thriving establishment with many different animals and their owners coming and going throughout the year. Whilst we will take every precaution to ensure the safety & well being of your pet(s) and our own, they are boarded here at the owner's risk.
Pets must be in good health and fully vaccinated where appropriate. All rabbits must have up-to-date vaccinations against Viral Haemorrhagic Disease (RVHD1) and Myxomatosis at least 3 weeks prior to their visit. All rabbits will also need to be vaccinated against RVHD2. May 2018 We have taken advice from our Veterinary practice and from the Rabbit Welfare Association regarding the frequency of administration of the RHD2 vaccine for rabbits visiting us. Boarding establishments are considered a "high risk" situation on a par with breeders, rabbit shows, Rescues and any proximity to large numbers of wild rabbits. The advice is to vaccinate every 6 months in these situations and we, therefore, strongly advise rabbit owners to fully protect their bunnies by getting a booster done at least 3 weeks prior to boarding. Owners who choose not to do this will be asked to sign a declaration form taking full responsibility for their decision. More information can be found on the following links and
Certificates will need to be seen on arrival.
APB reserves the right to refuse a pet if it is deemed too ill or if it could possibly cause sickness or injury to other animals on the premises.
Veterinary treatment will be sought from our Vet unless there is a medical reason why the pet should be taken to a Vet of your choosing
The owner is liable for all veterinary fees and associated costs (eg fuel etc)
On-going minor treatments will be undertaken at the owner's request so long as prior notice has been given and agreement has been made. There will be an additional cost for this service.
APB undertake to maintain a clean and healthy environment for all the animals in their care.

Rabbits should be vaccinated a minimum of 3 weeks prior to their stay and must have both the annual Myxomatosis/VHD1 vaccine and the new VHD2 vaccine Vets recommend that the VHD2 vaccine is given every 6 months for rabbits in boarding establishments. We will require to see certificates at drop off.
Any pet should have a minimum of 2 weeks recovery time following an operation or procedure of any sort before boarding and ongoing treatment will be continued at cost at the discretion of APB.

While in our care we will always seek veterinary advice if an animal becomes unwell and liaise with you, the owner in this situation. All costs of medical treatment fall to the owner.

All hutches and regularly used areas are disinfected after use. Hutches are cleaned out daily and the bedding left to air if the bunnies are out to play. Food bowls and water bottles are scrubbed clean between occupants and all waste food is removed from the hutch. We supply only top quality food stuffs and bedding. All fresh produce is kept in the fridge and dry food in air tight containers.

Small Pet Boarding Prices

Christmas & Easter breaks will be charged at the daily rate plus a quarter


GUINEA PIG X 1 £8.00

GERBIL £3.50
GERBIL x 2 £4.00
TORTOISE OUTDOOR (Owner provides house)£4.00
(APB provides, pen, substrate,
heat lamp and fresh food) £9.00


Dog Walking £12.00 per hour & £6.00 per additional dog from the same family.

All other enquiries - please ask!

We accept cash or bank transfer (please ask for details) as means of payment and this should be paid in full at the start of the residency. Please refer to our website for terms & conditions including cancellation fees.

Other Services

* We offer claw clipping for guinea pigs at £4.00 per animal. Fur trimming £4.00 per guinea
* We offer guinea pigs for adoption for a minimum donation of £20 each (following home checks)
* Guinea pig bonding is charged per day at the standard rate for a pair of boarding guinea pigs.
* We accept guinea pigs into the Rescue when space allows. We ask for a minimum donation of £20 when they are surrendered.
* We undertake to ensure any animal in our care receives veterinary care if it becomes necessary. Costs are met by the owner.
* Continuation of ongoing minor treatments will be carried out at cost.

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Reviews from Our Guests

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Carolyn is an amazing lady who is dedicated to her animals. She spend a great deal of time finding the right partner for our female Guinea Pig. We now have two love love bugs in Peanut & Fluffy thanks to all Carolyn's hard work and patience. Carolyn is always on hand if a problem arises no matter how big or small. Unfortunately we had to cancel our booking at Ashtead Pet Boarding due to Covid 19 and our holiday being cancelled but I will have no hesitation in making further bookings for the future for our Piggies as I know they will be in safe hands.

5 From Natalie Seeneevassen on

Boarders Response:Thank you! So glad we got there in the end! :)

We have used Ashtead Pet Boarding for our 2 guinea pigs for 3 years. What an amazing place and fantastic, dedicated person Carolyn is! Not only does she offer a safe, loving environment for your beloved pet but she is always so helpful with any questions. Highly recommended from me and my guinea pigs X

5 From R Thornburn on

Boarders Response:It's always a pleasure! Thank you =D

I have used Ashtead Pet Boarding twice and would highly recommend Caz. She was happy to let me come and have a look around before booking in my guineas. They were well cared for. I had pictures sent to me when I was away so I could see how they were which was lovely. Caz has a lot of knowledge about animals and I felt 100% happy to leave them with her. I was never rushed when bringing them or picking them up. I would certainly recommend.

5 From Liane Corden on

Boarders Response:Thank you :)

Ashtead Pet Boarding is absolutely brilliant! Carolyn is really kind and helpful and very knowledgeable about guinea pigs. She's helped me out when I had various questions about my pigs and was just AMAZING to talk to when I was in the middle of a really brutal and stressful bonding experience. She's given me lots of great suggestions and even offered to bond them at her place. I would wholeheartedly recommend her, thank you Carolyn!

5 From Elsa Morgenstern on

Boarders Response:Thank you Elsa - it's a pleasure to help you any time x

I have used Ashtead Pet Boarding twice and would highly recommend Caz. She was happy to let me come and have a look around before booking in my guineas. They were well cared for. I had pictures sent to me when I was away so I could see how they were which was lovely. Caz has a lot of knowledge about animals and I felt 100% happy to leave them with her. I was never rushed when bringing them or picking them up. I would certainly recommend.

5 From Liane Corden on

Boarders Response:Thank you! It's always a pleasure x

Carolyn is marvellous and knows her stuff ! She has helped me out with guinea-pigs several times, both when I've needed a new friend for my guinea, and when there have been urgent freebies needing to go into rescue.

5 From Liz on

Boarders Response:Thank you Liz! I'm always happy to do what I can for our furry friends x

For a number of years now we left our hamsters on Carolyn loving care ,while we have been away. Always great ,and the place overall is built with care and love . It really is a perfect choice for the owners of small animals. Thank you Carolyn once again!

5 From Remus Turcu on

Boarders Response:Thank you Adi - it is always a pleasure to look after your hamsters :)

I was so pleased to find Ashtead pet boarding. My 2 guinea pigs are both quite shy but were soon made to feel at home here. Carolyn kindly updated me as to how they were doing. They had a lovely holiday and I will definitely be using Ashtead pet boarding service again.

5 From Amanda on

Ashtead pet boarding looked after my three v large bunnies and g pig for two weeks they were safe happy lives and so well when I collected them. I can't recommend Ashtead pet boarding enough. Thank you Caz and Team xxx

5 From Sarah on

Have always boarded our guinea pigs at Ashtead Pet Boarding. They are very well looked after, great set up and care. Highly recommended.

5 From Annette Collings on

Boarders Response:It's always a pleasure! Thanks for the positive feedback =D

My guinea pig Widge has just had her fourth holiday at Ashtead Pet Boarding, and once again received a five star service. When I come to pick her up I always get the feeling she'd rather stay with Carolyn than come home.

5 From Julia Collyer on

Boarders Response:Thank you Julia. It is always lovely to have Widge to stay! She is such a great personality!

Freddie has just returned from his latest relaxing stay at the Ashtead Pet Boarding piggie spa hotel where, as ever, he received exemplary care and attention from Carolyn. Everything is easy from communications, arrangement of suitable drop/pick up and the genuine interest and love that she has for our furry friends. Freddie is already asking us when we're next on holiday.. :-)

5 From Stu Morris on

Boarders Response:Thank you Stu! So pleased that Freddie enjoyed his stay. He is welcome any time (when I have space!)

Our rabbits Toffee and Cupcake have just returned from a 5 day Luxury Break staying with Carolyn. I know if they were given the choice, they definitely wouldn't have wanted to come home. The perfect environment, coupled with care and attention to detail is what Carolyn offers. That means a lot to us, we can go away on a break knowing full well that our rabs are properly looked after. Thanks as always Carolyn. See you in the Summer.

5 From Gary Lester on

Boarders Response:I'm so glad your buns enjoyed their stay! Thank you for the lovely review

Our two older rabbits have enjoyed their time at Ashtead Pet Boarding. They are well looked after and treated as individuals. Carolyn makes every effort to make their residence comfortable and interesting. We have been most impressed and its comforting to know that they are in good hands.

5 From John on

Boarders Response:Thank you John!

Ashtead Pet Boarding is absolutely fantastic. Carolyn's wealth of knowledge and level of care are both outstanding and we have been extremely happy to leave our tortoise with her on a number of occasions. Planning and attention to detail are key to Carolyn's hassle free service and we can't recommend her highly enough.

5 From Katrina on

Boarders Response:Thank you Katrina! I always enjoy having Mr T to stay!

Carolyn provides a fantastic service and goes far beyond a standard pet boarding service as she takes the time to get to know her guests and their personalities. I have complete confidence that my rabbit receives excellent care and attention whilst she's there.

5 From Clair on

Boarders Response:Thank you Clair! It is always a pleasure :)

Carolyn looked after our hamster and gave us some helpful hints and tips about caring for her. A great hassle free service with attention to detail. Our hamster will definitely be back when we go on holiday next time.

5 From Birgit Lintner-Barrett on

Boarders Response:It was lovely to meet you and the family :)

Carolyn at Ashtead Pet Boarding is absolutely great - she is really knowledgeable about caring for pets and so we know that our hamster is in great hands when we go away on holiday. We have absolutely no hesitation in recommending APB

5 From Karen Smyth on

Boarders Response:Thank you Karen. It's a pleasure :)

Our two young guinea pigs have just been to stay with Carolyn. They looked like they had a lovely time and were very well looked after. We also got lots of great tips and loved the WhatsApp pic update. Thank you!

5 From Vicky on

Boarders Response:Thanks Vicky! They are lovely guinea pigs :)

Belle our rabbit seems very happy when she goes on her holidays at Carolyn's,she loves-digging in the bunny mansion,and I feel happy she is in safe hands,I do like to see a photo when she is being a pickle makes me smile,she is already booked in for her next holiday in June.

5 From Angela Wadlow on

Boarders Response:Belle certainly makes herself at home when she's here! I love having her to stay :)

Our tortoise has had a few happy holidays with Carolyn and has been well looked after every time. It's not easy to find someone knowledgeable about tortoises and we had previously relied on family members, so it was fantastic to find Carolyn, and Asamoah won't be going anywhere else if we are away!

5 From Alison Beech on

Boarders Response:Thank you Alison! Asamoah is always welcome =D

My daughter's guinea pig regularly holidays with Carolyn at APB. We have complete piece of mind that our pet is well cared for in a friendly, clean and genuinely caring environment. I would thoroughly recommend Carolyn and her team as would Skoodles!

5 From Emma on

Boarders Response:Thank you Emma! It's been a pleasure over the years =D

Carolyn at Ashtead Pet Boarding is nothing short of fantastic. Her set up and dedication to animals is lovely. She looked after my hamster for just over 2 weeks and she kept in contact and I was sent a couple of pics too! Would highly recommend.

5 From Laura Wilson on

Boarders Response:Thank you so much! I'm glad Miss B had a good time. Hope to see you again soon :)

Carolyn made us and Frank feel very welcome, and was happy to show us around beforehand. We needn't have worried, Frank had a fine old time and Carolyn kept us updated via WhatsApp. We look forward to boarding Frank later in the year and happily recommend it. Thank you Carolyn.

5 From Brian Batten on

Boarders Response:Thank you Brian! Frank is a gorgeous bunny and welcome any time :)

We have been using Ashtead Pet Boarding for 3 years now. Our guinea pigs are well looked after and we always go away with peace of mind, knowing they are in very safe hands. I would highly recommend using to anyone with a small pet.

5 From Estelle on

Boarders Response:Your guineas are always welcome! Thank you for your lovely comments :)

We have used APB twice and found that Carolyn is great with our guinea pigs - very caring, knowledgeable and helpful. She helped us to to bond a new companion with our older female, and then found us the perfect new companion when our older female died last year. Great service and we know our piggies are well looked after when we go away!

5 From ANNA on

Boarders Response:Thank you Anna. So lovely to see you have two happy piggies x

I am always so pleased with the care my 2 guinea pigs get. I am confident they are in the best possible hands with Carolyn.

5 From Julie Reynolds on

Boarders Response:Thank you! Always good to see your two!

We have used Ashtead Pet Boarding for our two guinea pigs. They are outdoor piggies normally, and when they board, they are housed appropriately in a good sized hutch. They also have the opportunity to run around outside, weather permitting. Carolyn clearly takes good care of the pets that she looks after, and we are always happy and confident leaving our two piggies in her care when we go away.

5 From Fiona Hardman on

Boarders Response:Your two boys are always welcome! Thank you!

Great and friendly service. Very happy rabbits!

5 From Kirsty King on

Boarders Response:Thank you Kirsty! It's always fun having your two buns to stay!

Carolyn and the team provide a loving and caring environment for pets they care for. We got in touch to try to find a female friend for our lonely male Guinea pig, and while the planned introduction didn't go as well as we hoped, Carolyn continued to search for a suitable guinea pig for us. Caring, knowledgable and dedicated. A lovely place. Thank you for your help.

5 From Hannah Payne on

Boarders Response:Thanks Hannah. Love to all your piggies!

Carolyn At Ashtead per boarding is such a kind lovely lady, I know that whilst I am away my rabbit is spoilt rotten,she absolutely loves it there and I know I can go away with piece of mind that she is being well looked after.

5 From Jane Cooper on

Boarders Response:It's always a pleasure to see you and to have W to stay :)

Carolyn has been looking after our two lady guinea pigs every time we've been away for the last four years. They couldn't be in more caring or knowledgable hands.

5 From John P on

Boarders Response:Thank you John :)

Hi everyone! Having peace of mind when the time comes to leave your pet ,is so important. Finding a place, is a stressful experience. Ashteadpetboarding is what I call,a safe and best house for my hamster. I know for sure that she is well looked after, by a team of people who care and love their ,,guests",furry or not,because all sort of cute creatures find their way there.I was always pleased with all the aspects, from communication to updates on how the pet has settled .Also the temperature is controlled for best comfort. Facebook page is full of amazing pictures and comments from Carolyn, wich are so funny and happy. Thank you!

5 From Remus Turcu on

Boarders Response:Thank you! I look forward to seeing you again in 2019!

Ashtead pet boarding provide an amazing service for my pet rabbits. My rabbits are always loved and cared for as if they were their own pets. I don't let anyone else look after my rabbits or Guiney pigs. I have visited many times and adopted guiney pigs from Ashtead pet boarding. I cant recommend them enough.

5 From sarah allpress on

Boarders Response:It's always a pleasure to have your bouncing bunnies come to stay! Thank you for your continued support x

Very much recommended. We used Carolyn's service for our Hamster (before he died :-(......). She's professional, flexible and good value. Things like air conditioned rooms, etc., and a check-list to cover all eventualities, what to do if the pet gets sick, etc. (her experience level Your pet will be well cared for!. My hamster would always come back immaculately clean also. And then just the little things that matter like tips, hints and her experience in what works well in setting up the cage, cleaning etc.

5 From Nick Dawson on

Boarders Response:Thank you Nick. So sorry to hear that dear King has passed away :(

It can be hard finding somewhere safe and reliable to leave your pets while you're away, somewhere where you know they will be taken care of and you won't have to worry, but this is exactly what I have found at Ashtead Pet Boarding! Carolyn takes great care of my guinea pigs even sending photos and texts to update us while we are away. In summer the girls can roam outside and they always have a clean heated indoor space too!

5 From Jennifer Fox on

Boarders Response:Thank you Jennifer! Happy New Year to you!

Our two little girl piggies could not be in safer hands. We have boarded them numerous times with Carolyn over the past two years and they are very well looked after in a clean, experienced and nurturing environment. Carolyn clearly loves all types of animals and I couldn't be happier with the service she provides. A huge thanks on behalf of all our family.

5 From Susannah Laud on

Boarders Response:It is always a pleasure to have your girls to come and stay - they are great little guests! Happy New Year!

Our 2 piggies boarded with Carolyn for the first time last week. They had great care and are looking forward to their next stay! Thank you Carolyn for looking after them so well.

5 From Jenny on

Boarders Response:Thank you Jenny! It was a pleasure having the boys to stay!

Great care and brilliant service. My two bunnies loved it there. Highly recommend

5 From Kirsty king on

Boarders Response:Thank you Kirsty - they are adorable bunnies and we love having them to stay!

Our giant bunnies had a wonderful stay with Ashtead Pet Boarding. We are always so happy with the facilities and Caz’s experience with small animals. Our bunnies were so well looked after - thank you xxx

5 From Sarah on

Boarders Response:Thanks Sarah! It was a pleasure to have them stay. x

Our tortoise Assamoah boarded with Carolyn for the first time last week, having previously been looked after by family members. She/he (we aren't sure) had a lovely time and was clearly well looked after, she has been very relaxed since coming home. It's not easy to find people who know tortoises and the care they need but Carolyn has gone to the trouble of finding out and it's clear she has a lot of knowledge. Thank you!

5 From Alison Beech on

Boarders Response:It was a pleasure having Assamoah to stay.

Carolyn is a very kind and caring person. Professional at all times and very hard working. Reasonably priced and would highly recommend for all your pets needs x

5 From Emily on

Boarders Response:Thank you :)

We can highly recommend Carolyn and Ashtead Pet Boarding. Not only does Carolyn's guinea pig hotel offer a clean and safe environment for Rio and Quito (who have stayed numerous times), but Carolyn has kindly helped with a concerning weight loss issue and pointed us in the right direction to get help and provided us with advice on how to sort their arrangements at home. Thank you Carolyn!

5 From Deborah, Paige & Alice on

Boarders Response:Thank you Deborah! We love having your two boys to stay and so pleased to see how well they are doing with your dedicated care :)

Our two rabbits have boarded with Carolyn for the last few years and we wouldn't leave them with anyone else - they are so well looked after, its like their second home, we have no worries whilst we are away.

5 From Sarah Harman on

Boarders Response:Thank you Sarah. It's an absolute pleasure to look after your two hairy pickles!

Carolyn has been looking after our guinea pigs for years now and we would highly recommend Ashtead Pet Boarding to anyone looking for a holiday home for small pets. The facilities and level of care, cleanliness and expertise are second to none, and it's reassuring to know that our pigs will always be in safe hands whenever we go away.

5 From Bill & Jen on

Boarders Response:Thanks! It's always a pleasure :)

Carolyn is an amazing passionate woman who loves all four legged furries. Smokey and Misty Blue ( our bunnies ) always put up a protest of thumping their back legs when we picked them after being away. Can't recommend this place and Carolyn enough

5 From Christina on

Boarders Response:Thank you :)

Carolyn was a very good host to two of my conures

5 From priyank on

Boarders Response:Thank you. Those cheeky parrots were the messiest, happiest birds I've had the good fortune of meeting. Love them

This place is such a great place for any pet ,while we have to be away. It is so great to have the peace of mind that your pet will be cared for and loved . The whole experience was just what we so much wished for. Lyly the hammy loved it there,because she came back home relaxed ,looking good and happy. Hearth wholly recommend this place and I already have booked again for the summer. Picture of Lyly taken by Carolyn. Thank you!

5 From Remus Turcu on

Boarders Response:Thank you for your kind words. Lyly is a gorgeous hamster and it is a pleasure to look after her :)

We fully trust Carolyn with our 2 gorgeous piggies. She is full of helpful advice too and I often message her to ask questions!!

5 From RT on

Boarders Response:Thank you! Your boys are wonderful and so lucky to be so well cared for and, dare I say it, spoilt rotten in your care! I'm always happy to answer questions about small furry care :)

my giant bunnies are regular boarders with Ashtead Pet Boarding - I cannot recommend them enough. I am 100% happy when I leave them with APB - they are well looked after and have a variety of excersize and good fresh veg every day. I love to be able to leave them and not worry about them at all when I am on my holiday. Thank you Caz and the team xx

5 From Allpress on

Boarders Response:Thanks Sarah! We love the Giants! Best behaviour expected in the Summer as at Easter but I imagine they'll have a few tricks up their sleeves to keep me on my toes! Lol

Carolyn clearly loves her business. We always feel that Bruno and Tigger are really well looked after, and can go on holiday without worrying about their well being. I would strongly recommend Carolyn's Services to anyone with piggies or bunnies

5 From Fiona Hardman on

Boarders Response:Thank you Fiona. I love having your guineas to stay! They spend so much time rearranging the "furniture" in the hutch or run - I'm always intrigued to see what the decor looks like each morning!

I would 100% recommend Carolyn and Ashtead Pet Boarding. The accommodation is excellent (like a 5 star hotel for small pets!) and Carolyn cares for all animals as if they are her own. They are well fed with suitable feed and fresh vegetables, and exercised on grass in suitable runs. Our guinea pigs used to visit Carolyn's 'pet hotel' as we called it whenever we went on holiday or away on business (for 3 years). Sadly there came a time when, due to increased working schedules we were unable to give our piggies the time and attention they deserved and Carolyn kindly offered to have them. As they were getting rather old we feared they wouldn't be long in this world, but with Carolyn's amazing care and warm and dry accommodation they are still very much alive and squeaking 2 years later! First class pet boarding which we would recommend 100%. Really, don't look anywhere else.

5 From Jenny on

Boarders Response:Thank you Jenny! It has been a pleasure to get to know you and the guineas over the last few years. They are the most amazing and vocal old ladies! Our retirement wing wouldn't be the same without them:)

My 2 bunnys have boarded a couple of times now and each time i have been super happy with care given to them. Thank you for looking after them so well, i highly recommend you!

5 From Emily Sphikas on

Boarders Response:Thank you Emily. We try to tailor our care personally for each bunny or other small furry. :)

Carolyn clearly loves her business. We always feel that Bruno and Tigger are really well looked after, and can go on holiday without worrying about their well being. I would strongly recommend Carolyn’s Services to anyone with piggies or bunnies

5 From Fiona Hardman on

We have left snowy there a few times and she loves it, she loves digging and making a mess.

5 From Kashif Aziz on

Boarders Response:Snowy's middle name should be "excavator"! She shifts a huge amount of earth around in our secure Bunny Mansion and she appears to love every minute!

We have used Ashtead Pet Boarding for a number of years and always been very happy with the love and care given on our Guinea-pig’s stay. She was a very shy Guinea-pig but always much more active and squeaky on her stays.

5 From Katherine keen on

Boarders Response:Thank you Katherine. We always made space for your little old lady - bless her :)

Carolyn is amazing at look after our guinea pigs when we go away and I feel totally comfortable leaving them in such safe hands. She has also recently helped us with advice and finding new Guinea pigs when one of ours died recently and we are incredibly grateful for her help and support.

5 From Sam on

I cannot recommend Carolyn enough. I have adopted a Guinea pig from her and she has also been so kind in providing advice. Although I have not boarded my pigs and buns with her....... YET, I would not hesitate to as I have had a tour of the 'hotel' and more importantly she clearly loves all the animals in her care just as much as the owners do!

5 From Tracey on

We took our beautiful piggies to Carolyn to be rehomed as sadly we couldn't keep them. Carolyn contacted me through an advert as she noticed we were giving them away and advised us of the dangers of doing this (they could be used to feed snakes!) - she offered to rehome our piggies or keep them if need be. She was kind and very understanding. We could not believe how wonderful the accommodation was for all her animals and we could tell that she would really care for them. Everything was so clean and Carolyn sent pictures showing us how happy they were and made sure they were eating what they liked and had what they needed. They were rehomed really quickly to keep a single piggie company but only after a trial period. WeI would thoroughly recommend Carolyn's for a boarding or for advice regarding rehoming and feel really relieved that she contacted us..

5 From Claire, Summer and Theo on

Our two young guinea pigs went to stay at Ashtead Pet Boarding over the summer- it was like taking them to a five star hotel! They had comfortable, clean hutches in purpose built indoor housing, with outdoor runs in the garden. Ashtead Pet Boarding is an extremely well run boarding facility, and Caz is so knowledgeable about the care of these animals. I would have no hesitation in recommending wholeheartedly. It is a wonderful environment for a pet, and whilst away we were able to enjoy our holiday, confident the guinea pigs were being cared for in a lovely environment by Caz who shows genuine care for these pets.

5 From Katie Pandha on

We've just returned from our holidays and picked up our guinea pig from Caz. The care she gives is second to none and we'd 100% recommend her! From booking to delivery through being away to pick up it has all been so easy and stress free. Thank you!!

5 From Roz van Roijen on

Carolyn did an amazing job looking after my two beloved guinea pigs (Mo and Suki)! Mo has special dietary requirements and needed medication and any detail no matter how big or small was taken care of by Carolyn! Mo, who recently got a little skinny even put some weight back on and Carolyn was very quick to respond to my emails and even picked up additional medication for Mo when needed. Both guineas looked really happy when I picked them up, I think they were actually sad their holidays were over. I could have not asked for a more knowledgeable and caring pet boarding so will definitely use Ashtead Pet Boarding in the future.

5 From Sabine Weber on

I picked up our two boy guinea pigs today from Ashtead Pet boarding.They have stayed there twice now. I would not go anywhere else.The animals are very well looked after, you can go on holiday and relax knowing your pets are going to be cared for and are safe. Carolyn is great, I would highly recommend using.

5 From Estelle Behr on

Very happy with Ashtead Pet Boarding! Carolyn was easy to communicate with and was helpful with advice for us (we are new to Gerbil ownership!) I would definitely recommend to anyone and was pleased and reassured the pets would be well cared for.

5 From Oliver Bazeley on

Boarders Response:Thank you! It was a pleasure meeting you all and the gerbils :)

Once again we were very pleased with the care and attention given to our rabbit Flopsy while we were away for three weeks in the States. Flopsy was contented and happy to see us when we collected her on our return. Communication with Carolyn was easy, informative and friendly and we would certainly put our rabbit into her care in the future.

5 From Frances Miles on

Boarders Response:Thank you Frances. Flopsy is an absolute pleasure to have here and the perfect guest :)

I thoroughly recommend Ashtead Pet Boarding...we boarded our 2 gerbils and hamster for the first time during the Easter hols, and I felt very reassured with Carolyn looking after them so well. She was very helpful and flexible about when we could collect, as we were travelling back from Scotland. She sent us photos of them to us during our holiday too. We've booked again with her for our other holiday and also a long weekend. Thank you so much!

5 From L Gill on

I would be absolutely lost without Ashtead Pet Boarding, they are so kind and caring. My guinea pig is treated like one of their own and given so much love and attention. It really is 5-star care for your pet I cannot recommend them enough

5 From Olivia Pitts on

I would highly recommend Ashtead Pet Boarding. Carolyn had our 2 guinea pigs at various times over the summer. You can rest assured in the knowledge that they are being well cared for, given lots of attention and love while you were away.

5 From Lorna on

I would thoroughly recommend Ashtead Pet Boarding. Herby the hamster is our first pet and my daughter was very worried about leaving him behind. However on seeing where he was going to stay and meeting Carolyn she was totally reassured. We had a lovely holiday and so did he - Thanks Carolyn see you next year!

5 From Debbie Cook on

Having tried a couple of other local pet boarding places and not been overly happy, we were delighted when we found Ashtead Pet Boarding. Our rabbits, Nuzzle and Scratch, always return home looking healthy, happy and super chilled. Carolyn does a fantastic job and I recommend her wholeheartedly. She clearly cares deeply about the animals she looks after and takes time to get to know them as individuals.

5 From Clair Donnelly on

Ashtead Pet Boarding is a wonderful home from home for our hamster. Carolyn has treated our pets like her own and provides fantastic care, love and attention on the pets in her care. Thank you for all the holidays our pets have had with you!!

5 From Fiona on

Our guinea pig Monty spent two holidays with Caroline this summer. Both times he received the usual 1st class treatment. He now views Caroline as a home from home.

From Michelle Boorer on

My guinea pigs have been holidaying at APB for a couple of years now, and thoroughly enjoy it. Not only are there extremely comfortably hutches for sleeping in, but the food is plentiful and tailored to their fussy habits. During dry days, there are great outdoors facilities with plenty of room for running, grazing, chatting with other guests, or just snoozing in the sun. The owner Carolyn is excellent and always provides food promptly when squeaked at. Definitely a five star establishment!

5 From Julia Collyer on

I have always been really impressed with the service my bunny has received staying with Carolyn. The best thing is she is treated just like one of the family and always comes home happy so I know has had a relaxing stay. The specialist indoor pet house is great for pets used to being kept in the house. I highly recommend Ashtead Pet Boarding.

5 From Hannah on

Our Hamster 'Winter' has spent many holiday breaks with Carolyn who has looked after him very well. Letting him out to roam in his ball for some excercise, his cage is kept clean and comes back with new toys!

From Angela Symmons on

Our tortoise Theo spent a wonderful two weeks this summer with Carolyn at APB. He was very happy there and it is obvious to anyone who visits how much Carolyn loves animals and enjoys having them around. Now that we've found Carolyn, we wouldn't consider anywhere else to board Theo in the future.

5 From Lisa McCormack on

I used Ashtead Pet Boarding at very short notice after a visit from Mr Fox just before taking a short break made me uneasy about leaving my rabbits in the care of a neighbour. Carolyn went out of way to accommodate them in her completely fox proof housing, allowing them out during the day for plenty of exercise and generally providing them with everything they could possibly need. I felt very happy leaving then in her care and would definately use her again. I can recommend her to anyone with complete confidence.

5 From Sally Billups on

Carolyn looked after our indoor rabbit Bella very well, she was well cared for and enjoyed her stay. Carolyn was very accommodating with the dates in case i needed to extend her stay which was very helpful! Thanks and see you again soon

5 From Becky Watson on

Carolyn is a wonderful lady totally committed to the well being and happiness of all the animals in her care. Our rabbit 'Mrs. Miggins' had a great experience and we no longer have any worries over pet care whilst away on holiday. I would recommend Carolyn most highly. She really is the best! Tracy Keeley. Fetcham

5 From Tracy Keeley on

My two bunnies spent the whole summer with Carolyn and had a fabulous time. They came home looking glossy and in fantastic shape and I know they got plenty of exercise and special attention. Extra thank you for extending their visit at such short notice when I needed to return home late from trip. Velvet and Patches can't recommend you highly enough!

5 From Charlie on

Our 2 guinea pigs love it at Caz's boarding kennel. It is a total pampering experience! Caz always checks the guinea pigs for mites and trims their nails. The hutches are spacious and the pigs are well fed and petted. They always come home calm and contented. Would definitely recommend.

5 From Isabelle on

Fabulous boarders and very professional. Take very good care of my daughters pet rats whenever we are away on holiday.

5 From Wayne Gould on

We were very pleased to have our bunnies,Flopsy and Fudge,stay for three weeks in June with Carolyn.On our initial visit she greeted us warmly,was very welcoming and spent as long as necessary answering our questions and explaining the rabbits routine and environment.While we were away she emailed us photos of Flopsy and Fudge,who looked very contented exploring their grassy run.They had plenty of space to move about both in the Bunny Mansion and in the run in the garden.When we collected them they were healthy and happy.We would definitely return our rabbits there again and would recommend Ashtead Pet Boarding to anyone looking for a secure,happy home for their bunnies,giving ease of mind to the owners while they are away.

5 From Frances Miles on

Our two Guinea Pigs have been boarding here for a couple of years and they absolutely love it. Although they are not mixed in with the other animals they can obviously smell and hear them - as social animals they are very happy and relaxed by this. Caz is always very flexible and accommodating and gives our pets excellent living care. Another benefit is that, with her many years experience, Caz is always able to offer sound advice and help with the animals.

5 From Jane on

Both our Guinea Pigs had a great time. It was obvious they were cared for daily as we were kept in the loop via e-mail.

5 From Celine Winmill on

Carol has looked after our rats on several occasions and has always been very organised and friendly and we have been very impressed by the continual upgrading of the pet housing facilities and the excellent care she provides.

5 From Carrie fleming on

My two bunnies have enjoyed two visits to Carolyn now and we have already booked their summer stay as they are treated so well and have enjoyed their time there so much (very sad to come home). Facilities are excellent and Carolyn really cares for the animals staying with her. A perfect find.

5 From Charlie on

Ashtead Pet Boarding came highly recommended from friends, our 2 bunnies had a great couple of weeks holiday at APB. Fifi & Fluffy were well cared for, good set up, Carolyn was very helpful, invited us for a visit to be shown facilities before their stay. I will definitely use again and would recommend to friends. Thank you Carolyn.

5 From Emma on

Our rabbits had an excellent holiday with Carolyn! She has a great set up and is very caring of her 'guests'. Highly recommended.

5 From Carole Rice on

My (slightly grumpy) bunny Florence absolutely loves going to stay with Carolyn! She has this amazing rabbit play area where they can dig holes in the soil to their heart's content. She always comes back to me, happy, healthy and perky. Plus there is the added bonus of socialising your bunny if they are friendly, something Florence enjoys after her playmate passed away. I cannot recommend Carolyn highly enough - she is attentive, enthusiastic and very knowledgeable.

5 From Claire on

Carolyn at Ashtead Pet Boarding looked after our two gerbils for the first time for 3 weeks this summer. I can't praise her highly enough for the level of care she gave to our family pets and for the fact that she took the time to answer all our queries and to show us around before we bought the gerbils to stay with her.

5 From Kate Dove on

I was given details of Ashtead Pet Boarding by a friend and have been extremely happy with the care our two pet rabbits have received on each occasion we have used APB. Carolyn is very friendly, approachable and helpful. Would thoroughly recommend to anyone.

5 From Ruth on

I thoroughly recommend Ashtead Pet Boarding. Our two guinea pigs have stayed there on numerous occasions and the level of care is wonderful. I can completely switch off, knowing that the guinea pigs are being really well looked after. Thank you Carolyn.

5 From Vanessa on

Our rabbits Dottie & Snowy spent a wonderful three weeks with Carolyn at APB over the Christmas/New Year period. We loved the facilities and the attention she gives to our pets. I have no hesitation in recommending her service and have booked again this year.

5 From Marion Underwood on

Our guinea pigs have stayed with Carolyn on several occasions. They are well cared for with plenty of fresh veg & exercise. Would highly recommend Ashtead Pet Boarding.

5 From Jo Genovese on

We have used Carolyn ( Ashstead Pet Boarding) for well over 10 years now and that must be at least 20 different times. My daughters rabbits have been lovingly looked after and we have never had any problems whatsoever. You will not have any issues with the care, concern and affection afforded your pet at this fantastic pet boarding company

5 From Liam Tomkins on

Carolyn has been looking after my 2 guinea pigs over years whenever I go away for the period of one week to 3 weeks. She really cares about animals and I can trust her 100%. Once one of my guinea pigs fell ill just before going away, Carolyn looked after her, gave her medication and kept in contact with my vet. Thanks to her, my holiday was not ruined. I can highly recommend APB. I recommend to book early though as it gets fully booked very quickly on holiday periods.

5 From Yukari on

Scruffles our Hamster was very well looked after. Carolyn followed my daughters instructions, sent email updates and photo's. brilliant service and peace of mind for my Daughter! Would definitely use Again!

5 From Sarah on

We used Ashtead Pet Boarding to look after our two beloved Guinea Pigs after it came highly recommended by local friends. The premises are extremely clean and spacious, food and bedding included in the price and Carolyn even clipped their nails for us! (We have struggled with that one for a while!) We have already re booked as we are very happy and trust leaving our pets in their care.

5 From Helen on

Carolyn has cared for our rabbit, guinea pigs and hamsters, during our holidays, for several years. The outdoor spaces have been custom made with a variety of hutches to meet the animal's needs. Our rabbit had lots of different aspects to be considered in it's care and Carolyn listened and worked out the best space and routine for him. Carolyn helped us to find a partner for our guinea pig last year and helped them adapt to life together in the first few days and they appear very happy! Carolyn's enthusiasm and knowledge of guinea pigs and rabbits is excellent. I would highly recommend APB to anyone wanting great boarding care for their pets.

5 From Trudy Williams on

Our hamsters have been well cared for at Ashtead Pet Boarding. Carolyn takes time to ask questions about any specific needs they may have, so you know they are being left in expert hands. Would definitely use again and recommend to others.

5 From Claire on

Very pleased with Ashtead Pet Boarding, our guinea pig, Willow, settled in very well for her week long holiday. We will be using their services again.

5 From katherine keen on

We use Ashtead pet boarding for our 2 bunnies Elliot and Carter, Carolyn provides a high level of care to all the rabbits there which gives us peace of mind when we are away. The hutches are impeccably clean and spacious and plenty of outside space to hop about during the day, we would not contemplate using anywhere else.

5 From Louise on

Rolo and Skoodles, my daughter's guinea pigs, took their annual holiday at APB last July/August. As always, they were well cared for in a clean, safe environment where we feel confident and happy to leave them while we're away. I can't recommend APB more highly…it feels as though we're leaving our pets with a family rather than a business. Well done Carolyn!

5 From Emma on

Our two guinea pigs have just had their second holiday at Ashtead Pet Boarding. They had such a good time I'm sure they didn't want to come home!

5 From Michelle Boorer on

A real holiday for Minx and Lacey, our two indoor rabbits. We were confident that they would be well looked after, and appreciate Carolyn's care and interest. Highly recommended!

5 From Carole Rice on

High recommendations for Carolyn and APB. Used recently for the first time and very impressed with the service and care shown to our Hamster. Individual needs are catered for and you come away with a feeling that the animals are going to be well cared for. Peace of mind. Will use again. :-)

5 From Elle on

I couldn't recommend APB highly enough - they were incredible. We are new pet owners and the children were worried about leaving our 2 hamsters and rabbits but Carolyn emailed us with an update and sent photos. The rabbits actually matured whilst there (sorry Carolyn - not planned!!) and began to get agressive and Carolyn was in constant contact with me to make a plan that would be best for the animals. I am so happy that we had her recommended and would definitely definitely use again.

5 From Melanie on

I was so impressed with how our bunnies were looked after. They had plenty of exercise and a lot of fun! Plenty of digging and hopping about and they came home very relaxed. The owner is very knowledgable, hard working and caring. I will definitely use Ashtead pet boarding again. I can't thank Carolyn enough for looking after them so well.

5 From Jacqui ide on

Our guinea pigs enjoyed their stay at APB again this summer, leaving us free to enjoy our holiday in the knowledge that the family pets are being well cared for. Carolyn is the 'font of all knowledge' where small family animals are concerned and cares for our animals as if they were her own. Thanks Caz!

5 From Emma on

Carolyn's lovely pet accommodation and care are excellent. It was very reassuring to know our much loved old rabbit was in caring and safe hands with great facilities and space.

5 From M Harvey on

I normally take my rabbit Humbug to stay with Carolyn when we go on holiday, however over the Summer I did not book in time and there was no space left for him. After taking him elsewhere I will now definitely ensure that I always book early. Unlike the other establishment I truly feel that Carolyn loves all the animals like you would love your own and that this is not 'just a business' to her. She is flexible with drop off and pick up times and always ensures your animal has the correct food, exercise and attention. She is very friendly and accommodating and is always happy for me and my girls to have a little look around at all the other animals boarding with her, which we love. Thanks Carolyn - you are definitely the best. Thoroughly recommended.

5 From Clair Hunt on

I've placed my rabbits & hamsters in Carolyn's loving hands twice now.She is professional,passionate and listenings to owners needs.Highly recommend

5 From Sue Baxter on

I would highly recommend Ashtead Pet Boarding. We have used other Small Pet Boarding establishments in the past but now we have found Carolyn we won't go anywhere else! Our bunnies are well cared for and get plenty of exercise which is really important to us. The set-up at APB is professional and organised whilst still being friendly and caring. Our bunnies always seem very happy there and love to dig in the safe confines of the bunny mansion - in fact, I'm sure they don't want to come home!!

5 From Lisa Aydin on

Our rabbits have stayed with Carolyn on several occasions. I would highly recommend Ashtead Pet Boarding. The animals are really well cared for and I always know they are safe, well and happy whilst I'm away.

5 From Sarah Benson on

We have been taking our rabbits Tilly & Molly to Carolyn's for the past 6 years and I would highly recommend her pet boarding. You can be assured that your animals will be well looked after. They get fed well and plenty of exercise and lots of TLC. When I come to pick them up they look at me as if they do not want to go home! It is like a little holiday for them. Carolyn is very friendly and the cost of the boarding I think is very reasonable.

5 From Kate Foster on

Our Rabbit Barney stayed at Ashtead Pet Boarding for a week and was really well looked after by Carolyn. He had lots of exercise in the 'Rabbit Mansion' and plenty of fresh healthy veg. Whilst we were away Carloyn even sent our daughters a lovely email with photos of Barney reassuring us he was having a lovely time and was settled in his holiday home. We can't recommend APB highly enough and will be using them again.

5 From Baddeley on

Can't recommend APB highly enough! Carolyn was great; helping when we found ourselves without pet care following a sudden holiday booking. We had not had our indoor bunny, Willow, long so we had concerns about leaving her and our two syrian hamsters, Nutty and Miko. We need not have worried; Willow was more than happy in the mansion and had her own holiday, as did our hamsters. Carolyn even kindly sent us photos and an update via email while we were away to reassure us. Thank you APB; we now have a great place to look after our animals.

5 From Tara on

Skoodles and Rolo, the family guinea pigs, stay regularly at APB when we're away and seem to enjoy their holidays as much as we enjoy ours! The environment is ideal and I know they are well cared for in a professional set-up. Would highly recommend.

5 From Emma Feltham on

Bunzo, my daughter's rabbit has been to stay at APB on several occasions and has never wanted to come home! We have found the care and attention unbeatable and can highly recommend Ashtead Pet Boarding!

5 From David Clarke on

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