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About our Small Pet Boarding

We board: RabbitsGuinea PigsReptilesHamsters, Mice etc.Ferrets

We are a boarding and pet visiting service in the Bradford area of West Yorkshire covering Leeds, Halifax, Wakefield, Huddersfield, all Kirklees and other surrounding areas.

Our family would like to offer a comfortable home from home boarding experience, where your pet will be loved like our own.

We started fostering rescue rabbits and from here wanted to develop boarding small pets as I adore furry animals and love meeting new characters and personalities. I also volunteer alongside a small animal rescue registered charity.

If you are in need of a caring and responsible pet boarder or sitter for your beloved furries or cats. Look no further!

Whether you need overnight care or daily pet sitting, I'm here to provide a safe and loving environment for your furry friends. I understand that leaving your pets can be a stressful experience, which is why I offer personalised and attentive care for each and every animal under my watch.

With a passion for animals and years of experience, I am dedicated to ensuring that your pets feel comfortable, happy, and loved while you are away.

As a pet owner myself, I know the importance of finding the right caregiver for your pets.

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Guinea Pig Accommodation
We board Guinea Pigs within our home using C&C cages or Ferplast 140 cages. All cages are lined using soft and comfy fleece, but any bedding can be used at the owners request to create a home life experience. Guinea pigs are provided with a litter tray full of quality fresh hay, bowls, comfy beds, a chew tube, water bottles and hides. See our pictures for reference.

Rabbit Accommodation
We have a few options for bunnies that board with us;

Carrot Cottage - This is an outdoor wendy house with a secure run attached so bunnies can have outdoor access 24/7. The inside is lined with vinyl flooring. Carrot Cottage boasts a snuggly experience with rabbit tunnels, a soft cosy flower bed, rabbit toys and chews and a litter tray filled with quality hay along with bowls and a water bottle. See our pictures for reference. Also suitable for larger groups of Guinea Pigs.

Bluebell Brick House
We have a bricked outbuilding attached to our home with a floor space 6ftx5ft which is lined with vinyl flooring. Again boasting a comfortable bunnie room with a teepee tent bed, 3 sided tunnel, bunnie toys and chews, a large litter tray filled with quality hay, bowls and a water bottle. Attached to the bunnie brick house is a supervised exercise pen, but a secure wooden pen for daily exercise is available at the owners request. The bunnie brick house is indoors, fully secured and has heating and electric. See our pictures for reference. Also suitable for large groups of Guinea Pigs.

Home from Home Experience
We offer bunnie boarding inside our home, where your bunnies will be located in our living room and in a 8 panelled pen which is lined with vinyl flooring. The pen will be filled with all the comfortable luxuries, soft beds, litter trays filled with quality hay, a rabbit tunnel, hide, rabbit toys and chews along with bowls and a water bottle. Exercise time can be inside our home or outside in the garden in secure run dependant on the owners preference. To be able to access this option all bunnies boarding inside our home must be spayed or neutered.

We offer pet visits in your own home. This is designed for Cats or those animals that really struggle with environment changes.

This includes;

⭐️Visits twice daily AM and PM if needed
⭐️ Feeding and fresh water
⭐️ Cleaning of bowls and feeding area
⭐️Litter box cleaning
⭐️Clean up of any accidents your pet may have
⭐️Medication given if required
⭐️Watering your house plants
⭐️Wheelie bins put out on bin day

Within 15 minutes travel from our base is free of charge anything extra may require mileage charges.

Please message for further information and prices


All pets will be provided with exercise time. Some of our boarding options offer 24/7 access, others have plenty of secure exercise opportunities.

Health & Hygiene:

Our service offers:

⭐️Unlimited Fresh Quality Hay
⭐️Various Types of Veg and Forage Provided
⭐️Access to a Secure Outdoor Run (Weather Dependant)
⭐️Regular Cuddles, Strokes and Nose Rubs.
⭐️Daily Spot Cleans
⭐️Exercise Time
⭐️Personalised Care and Routines.
⭐️Toys, Hides, Luxury Beds and Stimulating Activities
⭐️Daily Photo Updates Provided Via Whats Ap or Email.

All rabbits must be vaccinated against the following diseases: myxomatosis and both strains of rabbit haemorrhagic disease 1 & 2 (RHD1 & RHD2). Proof of vaccinations must be sent along with the booking form before dates can be secured. This is to ensure the health and safety of all rabbits that board with us. We also require this for insurance purposes.

We are registered with a local exotic vet but would always use the owners/pets registered vet where possible to ensure continuity in care.

Small Pet Boarding Prices

Guinea Pigs C&C/Ferplast boarding
£5 for first Guinea Pig then £2 for any Guinea Pig from a bonded group thereafter,

The following prices are based on either Rabbits or Guinea pigs using the accommodation.

Carrot Cottage (Access to 24/7 secure run)
£6.50 per night then £2 for any pet within the same group.

Bluebell Brick House (Indoor Boarding)
£7.50 per night then £2 for any pet within the same group.

Home from Home Bunnie Experience (Boarded in our home)
£10 per night then £4 per rabbit for any additional rabbits.

Rats, mice or hamsters £4 per first pet then £2 any pet after per night.

Tortoise Boarding £5.50 per night. Ferplast cage 140 can be used for smaller tortoises or owners can bring their own tortoise table.

Pet visits £7.00 per 1 visit or two for £10.00 mileage charges may apply

Other Services

We have decided to include a pick up and drop off service for our boarding customers.

We understand that holiday planning is already stressful without having to think about your pets care. That's why we want to make our boarding experiences as easy as possible!

We charge £15 for pick up and drop off within the first 10 miles from our base. Then £1 per mile after this, for up to 20 miles. Anything over 20 miles from our base would need to be discussed.

Pick up times are 6pm onwards, unless agreed otherwise
We advise to have your pets ready for the agreed pick up time in a suitable transportation carrier. We can also provide ours if required. We will take pictures when they arrive in their holiday home for peace of mind.
We are fully business insured.

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Reviews from Our Guests

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By far the best and most stress free boarding experience. We went abroad for a week and needed somewhere for our little bunny to stay as we were let down last minute by family and I can honestly say I will always use Furever Friends from now on. I received daily picture updates which my son absolutely loved. Our bunny was well fed and probably didn't want to come home when we collected him! Thank you for caring so well to my little Snowy!

5 From Sarah Lawson on

My 2 guinea pigs stayed here when we went away for a week. The premises are homely and our pets were looked after really well. It's the first time the kids have had to leave a pet behind so they loved the daily photo updates. Thanks, I'll be recommending you to my friends and can't wait to book in again.

5 From Amber Ward on

My guinea pigs were treat like part of the family and it felt so personalise rather than feeling like a business. I loved the daily updates too I could relax while aboard

5 From Helen Wilson on

My rabbits has a great time with furever friends when we were on holiday. We were totally at ease throughout. Would deffo recommend

5 From Peter Hornsley on

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