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West Yorkshire
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Tel: 07793 084 439
Email: info@hoppyholidaysboarding.co.uk
Web: http://hoppyholidaysboarding.co.uk
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Please mention you found us on: findpetboarding.com

About our Small Pet Boarding

We board: RabbitsGuinea PigsHamsters, Mice etc.


Regrettably we are unable to take any more bookings during the following school holidays - May to June Half Term/Summer Holidays Late July to late August.

We apologise wholeheartedly for any disappointment. We are a small business and school holidays fill up remarkably quickly. PLEASE LET US KNOW IF YOU WANT TO BE ADDED TO OUR WAITING LISTS FOR ANY OF THESE HOLIDAYS.

Hoppy Holidays is owned and managed by Keith and Jacqueline Hitchen. Jacqueline has owned a variety of small pets since childhood and Keith has over 20 years experience of looking after our own small pets. We currently have four rabbits and a hamster of our own as well as Enzo the Jack Chi (don't worry about him, he is very nonchalant about our guests and is far more interested in meeting people!)

Our experience means we are knowledgeable about small animals and understand that they are very much part of the family. That is why we treat each pet as one of our own while they are with us.


Our spacious hutches are situated in our two cabin style sheds. The sheds are to the rear of the house in our enclosed and shady garden and are away from public view. Both sheds have windows so let in natural light and are fitted with power for lighting and heating. We have fourteen hutches altogether, seven in each shed.

Nine hutches measure 6x2x2ft which we use for single and pairs of rabbits and can be used for groups of three depending on the size of the rabbits. We also use these for guinea pig groups.

Four of our hutches measure 5x2x2ft which we use for single or pairs of guinea pigs. We also have a 4x2x2ft hutch that we use for single guinea pigs.

Our hutches are of high quality. The hutches are all on one level as older and less mobile rabbits and some guinea pigs can find ramps a problem. Each hutch has a dark room for hunkering down.

OUTDOOR ENCLOSURES (for rabbits who are used to living outside on a permanent basis)
BUNNYMOON SUITE is our biggest outdoor enclosure.
We have HOPPY HAVEN and BUNNINGHAM PALACE that our own bunnies use when we don't have guests. These are lovely sized pens with a spacious off floor level shelter accessible by ramp.

Very tiny pets are usually brought to us in their own enclosures from home to reduce stress and are kept in the house where they can be cosy and warm in a quiet space. If getting your pet to us in their own enclosure is a problem we do have a lovely glass gerbilarium which can easily house up to five gerbils and we also have a spare hamster enclosure. Please check for availability when booking.

We realise it can be tricky bringing a rat or degu enclosure from home because of their height as they are designed to accommodate these animals' natural need to climb and jump. We have two enclosures measuring 28"w X30"h X17"d that will accommodate a single or pair of rats or degus. The enclosures also have accessories such as hammocks, pods and tubes although you are more than welcome to bring your small pet/s own accessories and toys if you prefer. Please check for availability when booking.

JESSICA is an indoor two level hutch with three rooms. This is in the utility room of our house.

Please note that all pets are housed separately or only with their bonded pair or group.

The sheds are secure and double locked at night and when we are out on errands. Both sheds have security lighting. 24 hour CCTV is in operation monitoring the entire garden and exterior of our property.

Pets are not left in outdoor pens overnight or if we are out on errands.

We have separate enclosures for use in case of illness or fighting.

Our business is fully insured.

This is our full time business and we are here a majority of the time to ensure your pets are safe, happy and healthy. Your pets get lots of human interaction.

PLEASE NOTE: If you would like to come and look before you book please let us know and we can organise a convenient time. You're more than welcome!


We agree that it is vital for rabbits and guinea pigs to spend time out of the hutch. Your pet will have ample opportunities to play in a secure pen in our enclosed and shady garden.

Our pens are wooden with predator proof mesh. They are interchangeable and can be made larger for bigger bunnies or rabbit groups. They have covers to protect them from downpours.

We also have some lovely sturdy wooden shelters than guinea pig guests just love to hunker down in.

When the weather is bad, pets can take it in turns to exercise on the floor of the shed which is a lovely big space for your pets to play in. We have a huge array of toys, tunnels, agility equipment and boxes to keep them entertained and mentally stimulated whilst also encouraging natural behaviours like gnawing and foraging.

We encourage exercise for our tiniest pets too and provide play pens, exercise balls, climbing toys, wheels, tubes and wooden toys.

If your pet has a particular toy, blanket or item that they are particularly attached to then please feel free to bring it along.

You will have an opportunity to let us know your pet's full requirements beforehand. Of course, if they are happy being handled, they get lots of cuddle time too!

Health & Hygiene:

All rabbits must have up to date Myxi and VHD 1 & 2 vaccinations and owners must be able to show us their vaccination cards before their pets are left with us. This is important for the health and welfare of your own rabbit/s, for our own pets and our other guests and unfortunately we are unable to board rabbits that are not up to date with their vaccinations.

We are more than happy to provide medication prescribed from your vet if needed. Please make sure you make us aware of any medical conditions beforehand and provide us with full details including how and when medication is administered and how it is to be stored before your leave your pet with us. We have our own medication forms so we have a clear record of when medication is given. We provide regular updates of progress too.

Keeping our furry guests happy and healthy is our priority. Enclosures are spot cleaned daily, litter trays are changed daily and pets accommodation is also given regular full clean outs.

Our hutches and enclosures are steam cleaned in between guests. We use environmentally and pet friendly products.

All cleaning cloths, towels, blankets, soft toys and so on are laundered using non-biological washing powder to minimise the risk of skin irritations.

COVID 19 - We carried out training during 2021 to ensure we are meeting hygiene standards and practices to minimise the spread of Covid 19. We are both double vaccinated.

Small Pet Boarding Prices

Prices are based on a per night basis. There is no minimum stay required - both short and long term stays are available.

Single Rabbits £6 per night
Bonded pairs sharing a hutch £12 per night then £11 per night after first 7 nights

Single Guinea Pigs £6 per night
Bonded pairs sharing a hutch £10 per night then £9 per night after first 7 nights
3+ guinea pigs £3 per night per additional guinea pig

Hamsters, gerbils, mice, degus and rats
Single pets in own enclosure £3 per night
2 sharing an enclosure £5 per night then £4 per night after the first 7 nights
3 + £1 per additional pet

Group and long stay discounts available

Our fee includes:-
use of quality accommodation, bedding, as much hay as required, premium pellets or muesli (Burgess Excel and Pets at Home pellets provided for rabbits and guinea pigs but if they are on something different you are welcome to bring it or we can get it in for you), fresh vegetables and herbs daily, fresh water daily/as and when required, use of bottles and bowls, access to supervised outdoor and indoor play and exercise, regular cleaning out of accommodation, toys and boredom breakers, loads of human interaction and as many cuddles and as much handling as we're allowed!

Other Services

Claw Clipping for rabbits and guinea pigs for £4 per pet

Whatsapp, text or email updates while you are away

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Reviews from Our Guests

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My four guinea pigs stayed with Jackie and Keith for just over a week. They took care of my piggies as if they were their own, going out of their way and giving meds several times a day to one of them and even bringing him to a vet checkup on my behalf! The piggies were obviously well looked after and cared for, their accomodation was 5 star and so cosy. I was provided with regular updates and pictures which was very reassuring. I could not have asked for a better place and the boys will certainly be back for all future holidays!

5 From Joyce on

Boarders Response:Hi Joyce, apologies for the delay in responding and a huge thank you for taking the time to comment on our service. We absolutely loved having the boys come to stay and look forward to seeing them all again. We are so glad that Paulie is on the mend too! Thanks again for letting us have the pleasure of their company.

Our 1 year old bunny Winston was looked after so well by Jacqueline and Keith. We were initially a bit apprehensive as Winston had never stayed with anyone else before, but we were shown around and given regular updates with pictures of Winston. We were reassured so much and Winston had lots of space to run around! We cant thank them enough for the time and effort spent with our lovely bunny he definitely enjoyed himself and we can't wait to book him in again!

5 From Olivia Garnett on

Boarders Response:Hi Olivia, thank you so much for taking the time to leave your review and for your kind words. We loved having Winston with us and would absolutely love to have him back! Thank you for letting us look after him and give him a big kiss from us!

I've left my 4 rats with Jackie and Keith for two weeks, it was my first time leaving the boys for such a long time and in someone else's care, but Jackie and Keith really exceeded my expectations. They adhered to all the scheduled instructions (mine were very detailed), they've always answered any questions I had and put my mind at ease. They even went an extra mile to show them love by making them homemade treats and giving them plenty of cuddles every day. My boys really enjoyed their holiday and we'll definitely be coming back!

5 From Aida on

Boarders Response:Hi Aida, I do apologise that it has taken some time to respond to your review. Thank you so much for taking the time to write about our service. We love having your boys here, they're just fabulous company! We hope to see you all again soon :)

Jackie and Keith looked after my guinea pigs while I was away like they were their own pets. I can tell they were given lots of attention and love and I was sent lots of update and pictures. They have years of experience caring for small animals and I really trust them with my pets. I would highly recommend Hoppy Holidays to anyone and will definitely be returning again!

5 From Chloe on

Boarders Response:Hi Chloe, Thank you so much for your kind review. It really is appreciated! We loved having your boys with us, they were an absolute delight and would love to see you all again next time you're away. They are always more than welcome. Best wishes, Jackie and Keith :)

I highly recommend Hoppy Holidays for your small pet boarding needs. They obviously have a deep love for our furry friends, excellent accommodation and the regular message and photo updates during my boy piggie Patch's stay with them really put me at ease. He was boarded for 3 weeks, the longest he's ever been away, and I was concerned about leaving him for that long, but there was no need. He'd obviously been well looked after and loved in my absence! Jakki and Keith are excellent fur baby sitters and I'm grateful to have found such a good environment for Patch for both short and long stays.

5 From Dawn on

Boarders Response:Hi Dawn, I do apologise that it has taken so long to respond to your lovely review here on Find Pet Boarding. I know you left lovely feedback elsewhere which I responded to promptly and thank you for leaving it here also. Patch is an adorable guinea pig and an absolute joy to have around. He is more than welcome to come back any time for a long or short stay! Thanks once again for your custom :)

Our mini lop bunny Ted has just had a fabulous 3 day stay in what I can only describe as 5 star accommodation! I was majorly impressed with the facilities. Large spacious indoor hutch but also outdoor space (weather permitting!) There was even a little toy waiting for him to help him to settle in! Jackie and Keith are so welcoming. We were specifically asked about which nuggets and hay Ted usually has so that his diet remained unchanged. A very personal service. My 7 year old daughter and I really enjoyed getting a daily WhatsApp update and she thought it was absolutely wonderful when Ted appeared on Facebook! (All with our prior written consent of course!) We can't wait to bring Ted back to Hoppy Holidays the next time that we are in Leeds. Massive thanks to Jackie and Keith for providing outstanding care as if Ted was their own. And thank you for accommodating us at such short notice - we were very lucky as this is a very popular place (and now we know why!)

5 From Lizzie Hutchinson on

Boarders Response:Hi Lizzie, apologies for not responding sooner to this. I know you have left lovely feedback elsewhere and I responded to that so am really happy to find you have also left a review on Find Pet Boarding. What can I say about Ted? He is fantastic! We loved having him here and we were so glad that we could squeeze him in at short notice. Thank you for bringing him and it would be fantastic to see you all again next time you are in Leeds :)

We left our guinea pigs here for a week and were very impressed. Jackie and Keith took very good care of our babies and they loved it there as well. They are very friendly and the hutch sizes are great! Our piggies loved it there, will definitely be returning.

5 From Berta Kar on

Boarders Response:Hi Berta, We loved looking after the boys for you. We shall look forward to seeing you next time and would love to have the boys back again!

My hamster Olivia is just back from her stay with the lovely Jackie and Keith where she was very well looked after. Loved receiving updates and pictures of her every few days while I was away, she seemed to be having a great time - even getting involved with the Royal Wedding celebrations ;). Thanks Jackie and Keith - great service!

5 From Lynsey Johnston on

Boarders Response:Thanks for your review Lynsey. Olivia is welcome back any time. She is a hamster superstar!

My guinea pigs mary and joseph have stayed with keith and jackie many times and they received 5* service and when joseph was ill they looked after him like their own pet.they texted me how they were. the hutch are large and clean and receive 1 to 1 care and daily go outside in a large pen for exercise. next week they will be looking after my hamster I know she will get 5* care.

5 From deborah padgett on

Boarders Response:Many thanks for your review Deborah. We have loved looking after your fur babies past and present!

We have used Hoppy Holidays a couple of times now and would highly recommend. Great, clean facilities and Jackie and Keith take great care of our bunnies. Would not hesitate to use again.

5 From Sue Stephenson on

Boarders Response:Hi Sue, Many thanks for your lovely review! Sam and Marilyn are welcome back anytime. They're gorgeous bunnies and I am already missing my bunny kisses from those two! Jackie and Keith :)

My daughters rabbits (Ringo& Polly) were very well cared for!! We will use this lovely hotel again!!!

5 From Sylvia Wharton on

Boarders Response:Hi Sylvia, We loved looking after Polly and Ringo - such beautiful bunnies! We hope to see you again soon. Jackie and Keith :)

Perfect! Felt very happy & reassured about leaving our piggies who were extremely settled on our return. Will definitely be visiting again. Thanks so much 😊

5 From Sarah Walker on

Boarders Response:Hi Sarah, Thank you so much for your review of our service. We really enjoyed looking after your guineas and hope to see you again soon! :)

They were exceptionally special with my rabbit, sent me messages and pictures to keep me updated. They have spacious hutches and even gave him a little Christmas present! Thank you Jackie and Keith.

5 From valentina on

We went on our holidays and so did our rabbits. Toby and demelza ,jasper and daisey and "old boy Dylan". They were looked after like they were there own!! The rabbits enjoyed the large new cages, the outdoor runs in the daytime .dylan being an old boy has special needs and medication ,which was carefully attended to . We would recommend hoppy holidays and will use again. Many thanks. Nick and Helen. And the bunnies.

5 From Nick and helen on

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Note: Map only shows approximate location.


LS17 - North Leeds close to the Leeds outer ring road. Our full address and directions will be given on booking or when a visit is arranged.

If using public transport, the No.51 and No.52 buses stop just around the corner and the No.7 (Primley Park) stops at nearby King Lane.

Open Hours

ARRIVALS, DEPARTURES, VIEWINGS AND NAIL CLIPS These are all by appointment only. We open for customers from 9am until around 6.30/7pm so we can feed pets and settle them down for the night. However we pride ourselves on flexibility for our customers so if you would like an extra early drop off then please let us know.

OFFICE HOURS -Our availability for answering email and phone enquiries is MONDAY TO SUNDAY 10am until 7pm.

All enquiries after 7pm will be responded to the next day unless you have a pet staying with us or due to stay with us in the next 24 hours.

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