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About our Small Pet Boarding

We board: RabbitsGuinea PigsHamsters, Mice etc.

Happy Bunnies Hotel opened on 1st February 2017 for rabbits and is now opening the hotel to other furry pets. Guinea Pigs, Gerbils, Mice and Hamsters.Safe, secure, clean purpose built accommodation with 6ft x 2 ft large hutches for rabbits and guinea pigs.
We are members of the Rabbit Welfare Association Fund (RWAF)


Purpose built accommodation in a secure garden with CCTV. Double glazed windows and door. Inside has 6 purpose built 6ft x 2ft hutches and all have a bedroom area with area above. In colder months the accommodation is heated and kept cooler in the hotter months.


All rabbits and guinea pigs will have exercise either in the 6ft x 4ft outdoor run daily (weather permitting) or inside the smaller run inside the accommodation. All rabbits and guinea pigs are in seperate runs.

Health & Hygiene:

All rabbits need to be vaccinated against Rabbit Viral Haemorrhagic Disease (RVHD1) and Myxomatosis. These 2 vaccinations are known as the Myxo-RHD vaccination. Optional vaccination is the RHVHD2.

Happy Bunnies Hotel will REFUSE any rabbit boarding if a current vet signed vaccination card is not presented for the diseases above.

All vaccinations must be given within the previous 12 months and at least 1 month before coming to stay if the rabbit has not been vaccinated before.

All hutches, cages and slab areas are cleaned with ANIGENE HLD4V Disinfectant in between boarders and cleaned out daily during their stay.

No saw dust or wood shavings are used for our bedding, as this can irritate your rabbit's eye which can lead to eye problems and respiratory problems.

All runs are on a slabbed paved area, as many pet diseases are passed on by urine and faeces which can remain in the soil and grass for many months.

Grass cannot be cleaned and disinfected but a slabbed area can.

Small Pet Boarding Prices

£5.00 per night - 1 rabbit or 1 guinea pig in one hutch
£6.00 per night - 2 bonded rabbits or 2 bonded guinea pigs sharing one hutch
​£2.50 per night with own cage & bedding - Gerbil, Mice and Hamster.
£4.00 per night with cage & bedding - Gerbil, Mice and Hamster

Payment is due on or before arrival day by Cash, Bank Transfer or Credit Card (1.75% fee applies)

Just bring your own pet dry pellet food and pet favourite toys, chews, tunnels, etc. Optional water bottles and bowl

We provide Hay, Straw, Readigrass, Vegetables and Fruit

Other Services

Services: GroomingClaw Clipping

Nail Clipping: £5.00 per rabbit and per guinea pig.
Non-Boarders are by appointment only.
Grooming is provided at no extra cost.
Updates of your pet via email with picture.

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Reviews from Our Guests

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This was the first time we had left our rabbit so we were a little anxious, but we didnt need to be as Nancy sent us an email and photo to let us know how Ozzy was getting on .The hutches are clean with plenty of room and would use again and recommend to others.

5 From Sam gough on

It is very obvious that Nancy is passionate about rabbits and adores them so as soon as I dropped Lola off, any worries I had about her being anywhere other than home disappeared. Lola is a spoilt house rabbit with the run of the whole house and sleeps on my bed at night or anywhere she wants to. I was also concerned she would not be happy due to the above but all the rabbits are looked after so well and given running space and contact and there is even music playing for them all and a fan to keep them cool. The updates also put you at ease and the accommodation is spacious. I’ll definitely take Lola again.

5 From Rachael on

Our bunnies have stayed at the happy bunny hotel a couple of times now and the service is just amazing!! Nancy is so so lovely and took the time to give their hair a brush as well as doing their nails which is so greatly appreciated. The email updates are also such a great way to have peace of mind and to find out what they've been up to! I will definitely be booking in regularly!

5 From hannah on

Levi thoroughly enjoyed his first stay at Happy Bunnies Hotel, so much so that he clearly didn't want to leave! I was anxious about leaving him with someone he didn't know but I needn't have worried. He was very well looked after by Nancy and she put a lot of time and thought into the email updates she sent. I will definitely be booking Levi in again.

5 From Jackie Browne on

buttons has just come home after a good vacation with the happy bunnies hotel, he really enjoyed himself and nancy took great care of him, will definitely use the hotel again and recomend it to anyone

5 From Lorraine on

Dottie and Flossy have just returned from their first stay here and they're definitely happy bunnies! Nancy is lovely and takes such good care of them. She also sends photos and little updates on how they're doing during their stay, which is lovely to see when you're missing them! 10/10 would definitely recommend.

5 From Kira Betts on

This is the second time Reggie aka Queen Reggie has stayed with Nancy. Reggie always has a lovely time and it's great that we get sent updates on the holiday. It is a very lovely touch. Lovely clean hutches and safe environment. Would definitely recommend.

5 From Helen Roberts on

This is the second stay with Nancy for Peanut and Jelly (another last minute stop for them). They stayed for 4 nights this time, their first night was in the summer house before they were moved into the ‘shared accommodation’. Nancy was more than happy to fit them in last minute. As always, Peanut and Jelly were brilliantly looked after and I received lots of wonderful photos of them both enjoying the outdoor run! They love posing for Nancy’s camera :-) When it came to collecting them to come home it was a struggle to tear them away and into their carry cases but I assured them both that they will be back soon! I 100% recommend Happy Bunnies Hotel. Thanks, Laura

5 From Laura Espinos-Guerra on

We’re recently first time rabbit owners and have therefore never needed boarding facilities before. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect but right from the first telephone conversation with Nancy she made me feel completely at ease and explained the whole process. Nancy greeted us at the gate when we arrived and showed Harry & Tiffany to their beautifully kept and decorated hutch. Harry was very nervous and kept thumping the floor of the hutch but Nancy was wonderful with him and helped to calm him. During the 8 nights that we were away Nancy sent email updates and photographs of our bunnies which was wonderful as we really did miss them so it was great to see what they were up to. When I arrived to collect them they were out on the patio in a run having lots of fun. Once in their carrier Harry started thumping again which I took as his disappointment at leaving. Both of my bunnies clearly had a very happy time with Nancy and we will definitely use the hotel again in the future. Thank you Nancy.🐰🐰

5 From Victoria on

Thank you so much to The Happy Bunnies Hotel for boarding Burtie & Bluebell last week! It was our first boarding experience ( I never even knew such a place existed for small furries) and Nancy put us quickly at ease with her kind nature. It was lovely to be updated on email with plenty of photos; the buns were missed but we knew they were in great care! B&B hope to see you again!

5 From Nicole on

Missy and popit stayed at happy bunnies hotel for 8 nights nancy gave exellance service as all ways and got them bonded and now cannot be seperrated Wii use again

5 From Richard mary on

Peanut and Jelly spent 3 nights with Happy Bunnies Hotel the week before last. I had called the day before to check availability as I needed to go away last minute, and they were more than happy to fit us in! Upon arrival I was shown where they would be staying (single hutch) and it was explained that they would also spend time outside in a run for exercise. Throughout their stay I received email updates on how they were settling in and photos attached. I als took advantage of the £5 additional fee each for the claw cutting service. When it came to picking Peanut and Jelly to take them home it was a struggle to tear them away as they had been having so much fun! Peanut and Jelly will definitely be returning customers!

5 From Laura Espinos-Guerra on

I have used Happy Bunnies Hotel a number of times now, I can always be certain that they are in good hands with Nancy. I have two spoilt house rabbits so was a bit nervous leaving them but getting the updates whilst I was away made it a lot easier knowing they were ok and having a good time! The hutches are nice and spacious too!

5 From Abby on

Our bun, Bamboo, has stayed with Nancy at Happy Bunnies Hotel numerous times over the past year. When we first looked for somewhere for him to stay I was very anxious as he is a house bun and has never been left without human attention and soft home comforts for longer than a few hours. The updates & photos really helped on the first few stays as I could see he was enjoying his holiday! He now stays here whenever we are away (around every 3-4 months) and always comes home super chilled. Nancy has even got him comfortable with having his nails clipped (a seemingly impossible task!) and always gives her lots of cuddles when he says goodbye. 5 star rating from Bamboo & mum + Dad

5 From Lydia, Mike & Bamboo on

We left our rabbit Toffee at Happy Bunnies Hotel while we went away for a short break. Nancy is very welcoming and clearly loves all the bunnies in her care. Toffee settled with no problems. It was lovely to receive the updates and photos of him happily playing outside. When we went to collect him he was happily munching on hay and was completely at ease. All the rabbits were lovely and clean and enjoying their surroundings. I will definitely be using the bunny hotel again and would highly recommend. Thank you so much Nancy.

5 From Becky on

Collected my bunny today from Happy Bunnies Hotel and he is just that! He's back in his hutch bouncing around full of beans! Very pleased with the hands on approach from Nancy and cookie has come home very well looked after! It was my first time leaving him anywhere other than home and I was anxious to begin with but upon arrival Nancy soon squashed any anxieties I had and cookie instantly looked at ease and fit in just nicely! Very clean and tidy accommodation and more than adequate run space! Would highly recommend this hotel for your bunny!

5 From Chloe Bailey on

We left our rabbit, Oscar, with happy bunnies hotel for 3 weeks while we were on holiday and we have nothing but positive things to say. The hutches were spacious as were the runs and Nancy updated us very regularly with photos and a summary of what he'd been up to. Her daughter had even made a little name plates for each rabbit coming to stay. It was obvious Oscar received lots of affection and attention and we will definitely be using this service again.

5 From Azania kerr on

Thank you Nancy for looking so well after our Slifka. We were away for 2 weeks but yours regular updates and photos relieved us that he is very well looked after. We would highly recommend Happy Bunnies Hotel to everyone and definitely will book again.

5 From Monika on

Nancy looked after my rabbit's and was professional and friendly. She kept me updated with cute pictures and looked after them so well I think they wanted to stay :)

5 From Aaron on

Thank you so much for looking after Oliver so well!! The facilities were amazing and the updates and photos where reassuring and very lovely especially as this was the first time I have ever left my rabbit with someone else. She clearly knew what she was doing and was very good with handling rabbits. Cant recommend Nancy enough!!

5 From Siddhi on

Thank you Nancy for looking after our beloved Princess so well during our holiday! Facilities are great and regular updates and photos reassured us that our rabbit was very well looked after and loved. Great place to take your rabbit if looking for boarding,couldn't recommend enough!=)

5 From Noora on

Can't recommend Nancy and Happy Bunnies Hotel highly enough! I was a little apprehensive at leaving our bun as we hadn't done it before. Nancy put my mind at ease with regular updates and photos. She is clearly a very caring person and looked after our rabbit like she was her own. The facilities are excellent and have given us an idea for our own bunny activity area at home! Have already booked again. Thank you Nancy for an excellent service.

5 From Michele Spicer on

We left our little netherland dwarf bunny ziggy with Nancy for a couple of nights, and I have to say he definitely was happy and well looked after. Nancy was fantastic in keeping in touch with us with regular updates and pictures. Would highly recommend this boarding hotel very organised and well being of your little pet is there first concern.

5 From Priya on

We left our two rabbits with Nancy for 10 days. They we housed in good size hutches and have an area to exercise too. We received regular updates as to how they were doing, including pictures, which was very welcomed. It was clear that Nancy also spent time with them, which one rabbit would particularly appreciate! At a different boarding place in the past, one of the rabbits over groomed which the vet put down to stress, leaving bald patches. There is none of that following this stay. We would recommend Happy Bunnies Hotel and have already booked again for our next holiday.

5 From Gary & Rowanne on

Amazing facilities and it was definetely another comfortable home for Fluffy. Even got regular pics and updates too. Will use again without hesitation.

5 From Jay Raj on

Thank you for looking after Rocket so well. We really enjoyed receiving the updates of her stay and feel we have found the best rabbit hotel. The whole process from initial booking, to taking her there and then collecting her was very straight forwards. We will definitely be booking again.

5 From Jo Nicholls on

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We are located in Glenfield, easy accessible from the A50.

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