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About our Small Pet Boarding

We board: RabbitsGuinea Pigs

Hi I am Karen and I established The Warren in March 2012.
This is my full time vocation so guests get my full attention, for cleaning, health assesments, assessing their happiness and lots of cuddles or just company whichever they prefer.
My knowledge of rabbits is continually growing and I am affectionately refered to by our vets as "The rabbit lady"
I have experience with rabbits and guinea pigs requiring critical close care including daily injections and syringe feeding.
We can accommodate all types of rabbits/ guinea pigs whatever their needs.
we are particularly popular with House rabbits
and house guinea pigs.
We are fully insured.
feel free to browse my facebook page on


we have 11 large fully weatherproofed heated suites- they all have pretty painted walls with pictures and a large window overlooking our large peaceful garden.
All suites have lighting including a night light so all guests can play all night as they want to.
they are fully isolated and secure to allow relaxed 24/7 movement exploration and fun within a lovely heated or cooled in summer room.

Penthouses 10x8 foot (Pepper and Poppy Penthouse)
these offer true luxury home from home including tv/dvd player with a lovely big space to explore.

Apple and Apricot(8foot x 8 foot) apartments are our next sized large heated suites offering full home from home comfort.(now with TV/DVD)

Cabbage and Cauliflower , Cranberry ,Carrot and Corriander cottages- these are 8 foot x 6 foot

Lilac and Lavender lodges 6x6 foot suites.

all suites are suitable for guinea pigs to use.

our overnight hutch accomodation are all indoors in the purpose built heated accomodation block, with lighting tv/dvd and radio.

Guinea pig hutches- 6footx2foot' - each with their own run in our seperate guinea pig courtyard.
our 8x2 hutches are also available for guinea pigs too.

rabbits- we have 3 8'x2' hutches particularly popular with garden rabbits, these come with their own 6x4 run in our rabbit courtyard.

each accomodation are customised to suit each guests preference, including fresh clean fleecy blankets.
For those who do not want a hutch but prefer the extra luxury of indoors,
we have Cottontail cabin, a 10'x3' indoor room(within the accomodation block) with curtains, oak laminate flooring, extra heating panel and soft furnishing to suit, a full double glazing front allowing that home from home feel including tv/dvd!
ALL our accomodation choices are available for guinea pigs- please ask about this upon enquiry.


All the suites allow 24hr access to their large secure heated/cooled accomodation.

Guests who are booked into hutched indoor accomodation are put out to play in their very "own" fun secure run or guinea pig run at approx 6am (earlier in summer so that rabbits can catch the dawn and dusk, their fav times of day) EVERYDAY ALLDAY!(weather permitting) no sharing time slots.
and then go back to their freshly cleaned hutch at approx 7pm (or later in summer)

Health & Hygiene:

** we have a disinfectant foot bath at reception to reduce virus transfer*
or we have disposable "over shoe protectors" for those customers who would prefer.
All accomodations are completely isolated from each other.
All hutches and rooms/runs are fully wipe cleaned and freshly prepared EVERYDAY.
Gloves and Hand sanitiser are used between handling each seperate accomodation's guests.
All accomodations are cleaned with Anigene HLD4 and steam cleaned between stays.
All day rooms/runs are on paving and are fully disinfected with Anigene HDL4 between guests.

A Poo sample is required upon arrival(rabbits only), this is used to compare daily poos during your pets stay to assess health.
A health questionaire will be completed and a visual health check will be carried out upon arrival, your pet may be weighted during their stay, again to assess their continued health.
we have a vet available 24hr
Any costs incurred from a vet visit must be repaid upon return as agreed in the contract of stay, which must be signed before arrival, a customer copy will be emailed before arrival for your records and time to read before hand.
All Rabbits must vaccinated with the dual vaccine and Filavac/Eravac vaccine or the neq triple vaccine and a certificate of this must be provided via email before booking.
All individual guests are completely isolated from each other guest and no contact at all is possible. this prevents any undue stress to the guests and protects them from any possible communicable diseases. All accomodations have their own allocated dustpan and brush which are disinfected between guests.
ALL males must be neutered. ( un-neutered males spray wee , this causes considerable damage and being close to females can cause males immense stress and can even cause fights among females.
All rabbits MUST be vaccinated for Myxi/vhd1
***** AND FILOVAC or ERAVAC VHD2 or New triple vaccine ************

Small Pet Boarding Prices

Costs depending on accomodation size and number of guests.
price is per day including arrival and departure day and includes unlimited quality meadow hay daily, and an evening salad. please provide enough of your pets regular pellet food for the duration of their stay.( a large selection is available to buy in reception if you forget)
Contract of stay must be signed upon arrival
Collection/returns available
cheque and Cash payments will no longer be accepted.
All deposits and remainder payments must be made by direct bank payment . or via
Paypal(extra charges apply)
Administering Medication carries a daily charge of £1

50% non refundable deposit required at time of booking.

a min 3 day stay is required,
( if you require less, 3 day will be min charge)
Viewings welcome by appointment

Other Services

Services: GroomingClaw Clipping

Collection/return available
FREE nail clipping
grooming available on request
Including Guinea pig SPA hair cut shampoo and blow dry.
In reception we stock a number of toys/tunnels and a selection of foods
Bagged hay and treats.

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Reviews from Our Guests

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Our guinea pigs, Geri and Figgy, have just come home from their first stay at The Warren. Karen took excellent care of them, making sure they were happy and content. We loved the video updates. We've just booked for Christmas - we wouldn't leave our guinea pigs with anyone else. First class service and care. Thank you Karen.

5 From Catherine Eariss on

We have used The Warren on a number of occasions over the last 2 years and the standard of care and service has been excellent.

5 From Barry Abraham on

Amazing place for small furries to stay, my guinea pigs stay her when we go on holiday and I wouldn't choose anywhere else. As a vet nurse, care and welfare is essential, happy home from home and Karen is so caring and lovely

5 From Lynne P on

If you want absolute peace of mind that your pets are looked after superbly while you have your holiday then The Warren is the only place I would board my rabbits. Karen is not only a very caring and lovely person but she is very knowledgeable and goes above and beyond to look after your pets as if they were her own. My rabbits are so well looked after that I'm sure they look forward to having their holiday at The Warren.

5 From Diane Playford on

My little bunnies had a fabulous stay at The Warren. It was their first time away from home and Karen ensured they felt safe and secure for their stay. They settled in so easily and this was made all the easier by some tasty treats :) I received several photos and videos of them whilst they were there and this was so great to manage my own peace of mind and know that they are happy whilst I'm away! Definitely recommend!

5 From Lucy on

Great service with roomy lodges and daily updates and videos of how the bunnies are doing! Highly recommend

5 From Dan on

Just picked the boys up after a week at the Warren. They always enjoy going to visit 'Auntie Karen'. They fall asleep in their carriers on the way home so are clearly relaxed. I wouldn't use any one else to look after my guinea pigs, always first class service, excellent accomodation and a 5* rating from Bobby,Paul, Neville, Wolfie and Womble. If anyone is doubting leaving your pets here then have no worries, they will be receiving the best care.

5 From Tracy Stevens on

Mrs Doolittle is the only description for the thoroughly beautiful lady. Both my guinea pigs were meticulously cared for and nurtured during our 3 weeks away. This lady adores animals and boy doesn't it show! Your precious pets will be cared for at a five star level. Def recommend!

5 From Sally Cocker on

My rabbit Harvey loves staying at the Warren.He has a lovely room with all his home comforts and lots of love and cuddles from Karen. I can really relax knowing his in good hands when I am away.

5 From Sara on

My 4 rabbits recently came back from their holiday at The Warren and I certainly recommend everyone to board their rabbits and guinea pigs there. Karen that owns The Warren is very knowledgeable and gives excellent care and spacious homely environments for your pets. Pictures and videos are sent to you so you can see how they are settling in and that they are well cared for. The measures in place for covid 19 are excellent standards too. Have used The Warren for a few years s now and will definitely carry on in the future.

5 From Jill Bell on

We cannot recommend Karen and The Warren enough. Our two bunnies absolutely love going. We love getting the video updates of the girls being pampered whilst on holidays. Whenever we have dropped them off they happily hop off to their adventures and on return are very happy relaxed girls.

5 From Emma Jones on

First class service. Karen treats my rabbit the way I do with lots of care and love. Would highly recommend.

5 From Carol Robinson on

This is a five star boarding home for your pets, my rabbits have always been superbly looked after over the years. I can thoroughly recommend this place if you care for you small furries as you will have total peace of mind that Karen will take care of them. Super holiday home for your pets while you have a holiday too.

5 From Diane Playford on

Thank you Karen for providing such a 1st class experience for our two Guinea Pigs, Carlos and Pablo. It was the first time we had left them for over a week, but we were able to relax completely knowing that they were in such good hands. The Apple Suite they stayed in was home from home, with lots of tunnels and cosy places, and lovely food! They were so well looked after, I would recommend The Warren to anyone looking for a lovely experience for their pets while they are away!

5 From Wendy Leslie on

Just picked up piggies and bunny from yet another lovely holiday from The Warren. Karen is fantastic, full of knowledge and it makes it so much easier to go away on holiday knowing our well loved pets are getting such love and attention. We recently lost one of our bunnies due to ill health, Karen has been brilliant in giving advice on how to make life easier for our remaining bunny who has been grieving for her friend. While away on holiday, she has had such a fab time she is nearly back to her diva self! Wouldn't dream of taking them anywhere else now.

5 From Sarah Komar on

Our 2 rabbits Daisy and Harry have boarded with Karen twice now. I highly recommend her as our 2 as looked after so well, I have no hesitation leaving them there. The accommodation and care she provides is fantastic.

5 From C Langfield on

Karen has looked after our 10 month old bunny 4 times now and she has just come home from a 3 week stay. Karen and her team are so attentive to Jess' needs and know her so well that I know she is looked after brilliantly. Her accommodation is spotless and well maintained and Karen has such a passion for her job. 😊

5 From Deb Robinson on

Thank you Karen for looking after my Pippa and Bowie again, you are their second mum x going away is so much easier knowing their been cared for by such a lovely caring lady.....thank you once again xxx

5 From Joanne on

Our guinea pigs love Karen and being at The Warren - they don’t particularly want to come home at the end of their stay! They are looked after and cared for so well it’s like their own 5 star all inclusive holiday! It is always spotlessly clean and they are given loads of hay and fresh fruit and vegetables and, of course, cuddles! We would not use anywhere else.

5 From Lesley Ackrel on

This is an excellent service run by extremely knowledgable and caring staff. I would thoroughly recommend to others. My guinea pigs are well cared for in spotless accommodation.

5 From Beverley on

My 2 guinea pigs have been to stay with Karen twice now and are due to go again next month. I talk about their holiday as much as our holiday, as it really is like taking them to a hotel. You know as soon as you walk in that Karen knows and loves her guests. Before we found Karen our boys were clearly unsettled when they came home from boarding but I'm certain when they come home from being looked after by Karen that they wish they could go back. Plenty of space, lovely fresh food, lots of company and a new clean bed twice a day...I can say with honesty that they don't get that well looked after at home. Oh and you get videos and photos of them while you are away, so you can see what a lovely holiday they are having. Let Karen look after your small furries, you won't regret it

5 From Amanda on

Recently boarded our buns with Karen for a week our third time and thankfully Karen is someone committed and completely focussed on them being happy and safe. I may travel nearly and hour to get to her but I couldn't see them being looked after by anyone else and the caring and support doesn't stop there I have numerous times asked advice and avoided the stress of vets a few times and learnt how to help them and make their lives more enjoyable being rescue bunnies am so glad they came into our lives and I would ask anyone if you are looking at taking on a bunny and Karen doesn't have any adoptees available I'm sure she can help you as she also dedicates time to giving these homeless bunnies and guinea pigs somewhere safe until there forever homes are found. So keep being you Karen you do a fab job and any one considering boarding somewhere special for your bunnies or piggies get in touch Karen will really spoil them.

5 From Julia on

What can you say about Karen, she's a wonderful caring and very knowledgeable pet carer, who you can be assured will look after your small furries. I always feel completely happy to leave my two rabbits Lily and Jet at The Warren, they are always happy and healthy in Karen's Care. If you want to go on a much needed holiday your rabbits or Guinea pigs will have a five star holiday too. Thanks Karen at The Warren

5 From Diane Playford on

Amazing, I couldn't fault the Warren if I tried! The facilities are immaculately clean, spacious and absolutely perfect, Tonks and Arthur had a perfect honeymoon together during their stay. Karen is so genuine, caring and animal-orientated - making the rabbits stay as comfortable as possible is clearly her top priority, and her knowledge and skill is fantastic. I honestly feel 100% relaxed leaving my precious babies with Karen, as I know that they are in the best hands.

5 From Sam wilson on

The Warren is the best place for my bun to go for short weekend breaks to a few weeks holiday. Karen is so lovely and is very good with the bunnys. She knows exactly what she is doing, and i wouldn't take my bun anywhere else. Thank You !

5 From Olivia on

The Warren is a brilliant pet hotel. Karen is so kind, attentive and knowledgeable. She offers a real home from home and posts regular videos and updates so you can see how your pets are while you are away. Karen is very accommodating and the facilities are fantastic. Perhaps we should keep this gem to ourselves in case she gets too busy!!!

5 From Claire on

Karen is the best per carer I have ever encountered. These are the facts that make her outstanding: 1.excellent facilities : clean, well kept , feels like home, spacious. 2. A true knowledgable animal lover : her experience with rabbits and small pets is very handy as a new owner. 3. Keeps you posted on Facebook with pictures . 4. She is always available for questions. 5. She gives love to your pets 6. They have a varied diet of fresh veg with her 7. Your pets will truly be in a second home and might not even miss you (mine didn't , and it's good as it means they were happy ) 8.truly personalised service 9. Very friendly Thanks a lot for all your help with my rabbits . 🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷

5 From Marivi on

I highly recommend Karen and The Warren. It's a real home from home for my 4 house rabbits. When I take them there I am confident they are being cared for and loved and that Karen has the expertise to spot any problems, such as onset of GI stasis, and the ability to deal with this with the help of her vet. I can be worry free on holiday now knowing they are in her hands.

5 From Lynne on

The Warren is absolutely great. I've been taking my buns there for just over a year and I cannot recommend Karen enough. She is just so caring and considerate, I have 100% confidence in her looking after my babies. She is the perfect small animal host, she knows just what they need and how to handle them. The perfect home from home!

5 From Katy on

Our guinea pigs spent their holidays with Karen and they were treated like royalty. Not sure if they really wanted to come home they were so spoiled. A plus to the service was receiving photos and little videos of them whilst we were away so that we could see how settled they were

5 From Denise on

Suzy and Sampson have just enjoyed another stay in Cabbage Cottage which is a home from home environment for them and now with the added bonus of heating - fab for the buns and a comfort for us knowing they are snug on these very cold nights. I can only praise Karen's set up at The Warren, the place is meticulous with every detail thought about. If it were a hotel it would be 5* plus a Michelin star for catering. Happy buns = happy holiday.

From Wendy Wem on

Karen was so easy to talk to so welcoming and really helpfull our bunnies were rescued and trying not to put them in any more situations that could cause any more stress to them The Warren is a true haven . I worried until I saw the first video of them happily munching away together and was such a relief but Karen soon noticed when they did have a wobble and she quickly gave them alternative accomodation in a larger space and bunnies both happy spent the remainder of their hols having a blast. Karen is not your ordinary boarder she has true passion for these bundles of fluff and spoils them rotten she is a true gem aswell as boarding she also there to help those in need of forever homes and she really is a silent hero. I advise only one thing get in quick and you will be so glad you let Karen look after your bunnies or guinea pigs :)

5 From Julia -Shadow and Coco on

Thank you so much for the superb service from Karen for Maisie & Bertie. The large heated Apple apartment was fantastic and the attention given (Christmas presents on Christmas day) was better than the Savoy hotel! I can not imagine a better hotel in the country for my lovely furry friends. Thanks again Karen

From Caroline Posliff on

It looked like my bunnies had an enjoyable stay in cabbage cottage from all the photos and videos Karen posted on Facebook during their stay. They were collected and dropped off by Karen with no problems. It was nice to know they were in good hands with someone with plenty of experience as one of my bunnies has been prone to health problems in the past. They even got a Christmas treat bag on Christmas morning. All in all I would definitely trust Karen with bunny sitting for my next trip away.

5 From Claire and Ben on

This lady is literally the small animal whisperer. My guineas stayed with her and I could not have been any happier. I received videos of them whilst away and upon collecting they literally looked delighted in their spacious homes. This lady is second to none!!

5 From Sally Cocker on

We have used Karen's boarding facilities for two summer holidays now and it is outstanding in every way. The care, love and space she provides to guests is the best you could find anywhere, we wouldn't leave our 4 rabbits anywhere else. Knowing you can see updates of your rabbits holiday on the Facebook page makes for a relaxing holiday for us, knowing they are in good hands.

5 From Joanne Ward on

My 5 month old bunny Bella stayed at the Warren for 16days in one of the apartments there whilst we went on holiday. Karen who runs the warren was absolutely fantastic; she is very knowledgeable about rabbits and we just knew Bella would be in very good hands. Karen sent us regular video updates of Bella which reassured us our bunny was settling in and enjoying her holiday too! I had mentioned to Karen when dropping her off that I would eventually like to get Bella a companion in the future but I knew it wasn't an easy job to bond rabbits so wasn't really sure how to go about it. Karen messaged us whilst we was away advising us she had found Bella a match- Freddie who needed a new home asap. I agreed for Karen to bond them both and it was a success! So I picked up two very happy loved up bunnies - Bella and Freddie the perfect match! Karen was also so kind to lend us a pet carrier when we stupidly had forgot ours when picking the happy couple up after their holiday. Thank you so much Karen- highly recommended.

5 From Samantha Cook on

My bunny Harvey has been boarding with Karen when we are away. He is very well looked after with lots of love and nose rubs. He has lots of room and toys to play with and Karen posts daily videos and updates on Facebook so you can see how your bunny is doing. It's really nice to see. I would highly recommend The warren and give it 5stars.

5 From Sara on

Just collected my guinea pigs after a short stay here. Karen is passionate about what she does,and it is very obvious this is not just a job. The whole place is spotless. The whole family loved seeing the pictures and videos on facebook. Thsnkyou Karen and family,you will definitely be seeing us again

5 From Tracy Stevens on

Just picked up our bunnies after they spent 10 days at Karens. From dropping them off to picking them up I'm pretty sure they have really enjoyed it! Karen is very enthusiastic about the welfare of all the rabbits and it's clear to see when you first arrive. We felt very assured knowing the rabbits would be left with someone who knew what they were doing, what to look out for and would be able to sort anything while we was on holiday. Karens knowledge and dedication is pretty impressive. We received regular updates via Facebook on how the rabbits were settling in and what they were up to whilst away, they even had their room upgraded! On collection they looked totally relaxed (as did all the guests) and I would have no hesitation in recommending Karen and the warren to any one and will definitely use again.

5 From Tom on

I completed a veterinary school placement at The Warren, and Karen spent the week teaching me how she cares for her guests. The sheer amount of thought, compassion and detail that goes into the care of your pets is absolutely outstanding. Everything is thought of, and guests are treated as unique individuals. Would absolutely recommend Karen to board your pets with - highest welfare possible!

5 From Elise on

Many thanks to Karen for the 6 star service provided to Bertie & Maisie. These bunnies have thoroughly been pampered and entertained throughout the recent two stays. Karen is extremely knowledgeable about rabbits and has provided me with useful advice. The regular You Tube videos were a very pleasant surprise and I have now booked another guilt free holiday knowing they will stay in this expertly run hotel!

5 From Caroline Posliff on

Suzy and Sampson have just had their first stay with Karen. They stayed in Cabbage Cottage which gave them the space they are used to. They settled in really well and were thoroughly spoiled during their stay. The regular facebook updates from Karen were lovely to see how they were getting on. Safe to say we all enjoyed our holidays. Buns are now on an improved diet and will be back in June. X

5 From Wendy on

Home from home for my 8 Guinea Pigs! Wonderful set up & regular updates from Karen. Happy Guinea Pigs & peace of mind for me. Highly recommend!

5 From Caroline on

This small animal boarding facility is fantastic. Karen is like a rabbit whisperer and taught me a lot about rabbits and how to make them happy. She clearly cares, and the animals are clean and well looked after in spacious accommodation! I don't normal do reviews, but credit where due.

5 From Cheryl on

Highly recommended for folk with small friends who would like to be well looked after when you want a few days off.

5 From Roy Tippett-Wilson on

Lovely surroundings for your Rabbit whilst you are on holiday. Nothing is too much trouble, our rabbit Maisy even had a haircut and is now a happier bunny with her boyfriend Thunper, thanks to Karen. A choice of accommodation for your pets, lovely food and lots of cuddles. Would definitely recommend it 100% to everyone with a rabbit or guinea pig

5 From Elaine Lynch on

Absolutely fantastic place, I would recommend Karen and The Warren to anyone!! It's great knowing my rabbits are in such great hands when we go away and I wouldn't think of sending them anywhere else! It's a mini holiday for them and they love it so much I'm certain they don't want to come home at the end.

5 From Anna on

Would highly recommend The Warren. My rabbits had a fantastic time here whilst we were away, and it was good to know that they were in such good hands and that they would be spoilt as much as they are at home! The Facebook updates from Karen are a great personal touch, and it was lovely to see how happy they were.

5 From Anna on

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situated in Pocklington, but collection and return facility available( priced at £15 per hour traveling time) to surrounding areas including York and Hull

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Always open for boarding.
mon-Fri 8.30-10.30am and 5-6pm
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