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About our Small Pet Boarding

We board: RabbitsGuinea PigsBirdsHamsters, Mice etc.


We provide rabbit and guinea pig boarding in a secure, purpose built, luxury lodge within a large peaceful garden setting. We are located in the village of Marton, Lincolnshire, so easily accessible from Lincoln, Gainsborough and all the surrounding villages.

Time is taken to make sure your rabbit or guinea pig settles in and is given lots attention, I am a member of the Rabbit Welfare Association and I have kept small pets from when I was small, at the moment we have our beloved Izzy, she is our fury lionhead bunny, she is in her retirement years now so I have plenty of experience and knowledge in making sure your little treasures are healthy and happy.

What we offer:
All animals are treated individually to meet their specific requirements
Spacious 10ft sq hutches, so plenty of room for singles or families
Daily exercise in secure runs, on hard standing, or grass (in winter, can have exercise time in the lodge)
Stimulating environment with toys
Quality fresh hay and vegetables daily
Hutches thoroughly disinfected between boarders
We request that you bring your pets dried food, this helps to keep their diet consistent, as a sudden change in diet can upset your pets digestive system
We also offer small animal boarding for hamsters, mice, gerbils, degus etc, please bring them in their own cage, which they are used to.

We are a small friendly establishment where our aim is to give your pet the best holiday, whilst you are on your holiday.

You are welcome to come and have a look around bunnies & buddies before making a booking, please contact us on 01427 717014 or by email bunniesandbuddies@hotmail.co.uk to arrange a time to visit


The spacious hutches are housed in a purpose built lodge, it has plenty of ventilation and natural light with double doors, that are locked at night to ensure your pets are nice and safe. Windows have wire mesh screens on them to let air circulate through but also secure.

Each hutch is 5ft x 2ft x 2ft so providing 10ft sq space, they each have been handcrafted and beautifully designed and included is a litter tray if your bunny uses one and a snug bedroom area.

Bunny Suites
For that little extra luxury we offer large suites, these are perfect if you are worried about your bunny being in a hutch or you just want to give your furry friends that little extra treat while they are on holiday with us.
They are converted playhouses, boasting their own run area and all filled with toys, tunnels, boxes and litter tray,
For suite bookings, i recommend booking well in advance to avoid disappointment.
Up to 2 pets £10 per day (£1.50 each additional pet)

We can cater for hamsters, gerbils, degus etc, you will need to bring them in their own cage as at the moment we do not have cages for smaller pets.
They will be kept in the main house with me, they will have regular health checks, be cleaned out regularly and dirty corners daily with new bedding and obviously food and water. (You must supply their regular food)

Food & Water

Your bunny or guinea pig will be fed unlimited fresh hay and be given a selection of vegetables, fresh greens, grass and herbs every day. Of course fresh water will be available at all times.
All you need to bring is your pet’s usual dried food, as a change in their food can upset their delicate little tummies.
Guinea pigs will have a selection of vegetables that are high in vitamin C such as Leafy greens, kale, spinach, cabbage and broccoli.


During the day your bunnies and guinea pigs spend time in the runs which are filled with a variety of toys and tunnels. Also filled with hay and water.
In cold wet weather your bunnies and piggies can spend time running around the lodge.

Health & Hygiene:

We clean each guest’s hutch and run daily with clean bedding and shavings, to ensure the best hygiene for your pet.
After one fury guest has left and before a new one arrives the hutches are thoroughly swept, cleaned, disinfected and dried.
During very hot weather we will ensure that your pet is kept as cool as possible. We will not put him/her out during the hottest part of the day and in direct sunlight. We will use ice bottles for guests to lay next too, to keep cool.
I am always in and about the lodge so your pet will get regular checks for general health and flystrike, we take precautions for flies in the lodge. Fly nets and fly paper and obviously toilet areas are thoroughly cleaned daily.

Small Pet Boarding Prices

£5.00 per night
£1.50 additional rabbit same hutch

£10 per day, up to 2 pets
£1.50 additional pet

£4.00 per night
£1.00 additional piggy same hutch

£2.50 per cage per night

If you are unsure of prices, or have a pet that isn't featured on the price list, please contact me and I will be more than happy to advise.

Our fee includes:
Daily care including a daily health check.
Fresh fruit and vegetables each day.
Fresh unlimited supply of hay daily.
Rental of a hutch and run.

We would like you to bring your own dried food to make sure your bunny/guinea pig continues eating their regular diet.

Our fees are payable in cash and must be paid on arrival at bunnies and buddies.

Please note a booking form will need to be filled in on arrival to confirm pet preferences, contact details and that any vet bills will be settled upon collection.

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Reviews from Our Guests

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Thumper has stayed here many a time over the last 4 years. Although he's not keen on the car journey, he soon settles in quickly once he's there. Georgie is lovely, and looks after each of the bunnies as their individuals. There all freshly cleaned out & given fresh food everyday. The hutches are a really good size inside the summer house, and always well ventilated even in the summer months. They also have runs they can play in during the day & plenty of lovely grass to munch on. I wouldn't take my bunny anywhere else. Brilliant & he never wants to leave 😂

5 From Damian Kinsella on

We have used bunnies and buddies many times now, Georgie is great, she cares for our jack and coco so well, it is so nice to go on holiday and know our bunnies are well cared for and having a lovely holiday them selves.

5 From Julie on

Had my two bunnies to stay, Tom and Jerry, would definitely recommend. Georgie was great, lovely clean accommodation 5*****

5 From Sarah on

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Located in Marton, Lincolnshire, on the main road from Gainsborough to Lincoln.

Open Hours

Open for enquires 9am till 7pm
Drop off and collection BY APPOINTMENT
Visits to have a look around can be arranged.

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