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We board: RabbitsGuinea PigsBirdsReptilesHamsters, Mice etc.

Our names are Lisa and Alice, We are a mother and daughter team and have had years of experience with guinea pigs and small animals. Alice has a BTEC Diploma in Animal Management.

The Guinea Piggles Hotel is a safe and secure place for your small pets to stay whilst you are away from home, for either short or long periods of time.

Non-smoking household.

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Lisa and Alice have just had my 6 piggies to stay for a week. Two groups of three. I have been visiting them for 9 years now, so they are used to seeing different piggies and are not at all concerned by any extra needs or requests. The piggies always come back happy and I receive reports whilst I'm away. Always happy to recommend The Guinea Piggles Hotel, just not too loudly, or their might not be room for mine 😉

5 From Keren on

My cockatiel stayed a couples times now, regular updates and photos. Peace of mind that she's okay!

5 From Kieron on

My Amazon Parrot stayed and was well looked after. Peace of mind when you know he's safe and well

5 From Andrew on

A fantastic Hotel for our furry small friends. Lisa is a fantastic host and does everything possible to make this the perfect place for your small pet. She also offers nail clipping and bathing for our small pets and i don't have any hesitation in recommending Guinea Piggles for your small pets holiday.

5 From Trevor on

Highly recommend the Guinea piggles hotel. My two piggies stay here regularly and I know they're well cared for and loved. They've had a groom and claws clipped before also. Can't recommend enough. Always good piece of mind knowing my little guinea pigs are looked after when I'm away

5 From Tami on

We found The Guinea Piggles Hotel this year as the pet accommodation we have used before was fully booked. But we are so pleased we did, because Lisa was so helpful and friendly and we felt confident our two big boy piggies would be well looked after during our holiday. And they certainly were, returning to us happy and relaxed. Thank you so much! Best wishes, Tina, Jasmine, Charlie & Apollo

5 From Tina on

What a find! Guinea Piggles is a first class setup to meet your small pet needs. Fabulous pre trip/booking information, lovely owners, immaculate facilities and our piggy girls came home looking cared for, content and groomed. Wouldn't hesitate to use again or to recommend to anyone else. Outstanding value for money. Thank you so much ladies for the care offered to our smallest family members! See you soon.

5 From RR on

The experience of boarding our two guinea pigs with Guinea Piggles Hotel this summer was excellent. We felt reassured that our pets were well looked after in clean and comfortable enclosures, and appreciated the ease of booking and communication. Knowledge and genuine care around the welfare of small animals are also very clear. Being able to go on holiday without worry for our pets made our time away that much nicer. Will certainly look to board with Guinea Piggles Hotel again.

5 From BL on

My guinea pig Pablo had a lovely stay, would definitely recommend and 100% use again 🐹🐰🐀🐁🐭

5 From Emma on

Tommy our tortoise, appx age 80, had a wonderful stay at The Guinea Piggles Hotel, I,m sure he will be spending more time there in the future.

5 From Lorraine on

Came to visit my 2 cats every day whilst I was away & it put my mind at rest knowing they would see a friendly face every day. Will always use again if I need the extra help. Very reliable & have recommended to my friends with small animals. Lovely lovely people xxx

5 From Gemma on

Lisa & Alice at the Guinea Piggies Hotel are our go to place for our 2 piggies, they are great at looking after them, nice & local too.

5 From Daryl Sullivan on

Great! Looked after my 3 piggies and they were so happy and came back washed trimmed.

5 From Sarah Winter on

Tommy our tortoise, appx age 80, had a wonderful stay at The Guinea Piggles Hotel, I,m sure he will be spending more time there in the future.

5 From Lorraine on

Our French lop Biscuit had a lovely holiday with Lisa & Alice he had plenty of space and was very well looked after and we had updates regularly about him. I think he's the biggest bunny they have had and we wouldn't take him anywhere else 🐰

5 From Michelle barrett on

Genuinely nice people and true animal lovers. I had no qualms about leaving my 5 piggies here and they have come back refreshed and happy. Thank you so much xx

5 From Emma on

I have been taking my two Guinea pigs here for the past couple of years for a groom and nail clip as they have very long hair and I am always amazed at how good they look after! Lisa is so friendly and always happy to help out with my piggies. I recently picked up my Guinea pigs from a 2 week stay and had updates throughout letting me know how they were and the cutest pictures! They also had a groom whilst boarding and again I'm so pleased with how they look. I cannot recommend The Guinea Piggles Hotel enough 😊👏🏼

5 From Abby on

The service provided by Lisa & Alice is quite simply as good as it gets.

5 From Paul Rogers on

Lisa and Alice have looked after many of our piggies over the years. They are always looked after so well in clean and spacious accommodation, and come back home very happy and relaxed. I wouldn't take my piggies anywhere else!

5 From Frances on

We always ensure our Guinea pigs stay here when we are away. They are always well looked after and come back home groomed and looking fresh. Thankyou !!

5 From James Brock on

We leave our rabbit Pringles at The Guinea Piggles hotel whenever we go on holiday, usually 2-3 times a year. We never have to worry about anything as we know he is in safe hands with Lisa and Alice. Always receive a little update as well when he has settled in which is nice. Always friendly and nothing is ever too much trouble. Would highly recommend

5 From Chris Margason on

Highly recommended lovely ladies a real home from home. I always feel our rabbits are in the very best of hands when they come here for their holidays ❤️

5 From Cheri on

We have been using guinea piggles hotel for over 7 years. We would highly recommend them. I would not leave Smartie with any one else in fact I would change my holiday if they could not meet our dates. Thank you Lisa and Alice. Fantastic 😊

5 From Sue Locke on

I hesitate in recommending Lisa & Alice but for no other reason, than how amazing they are, and I dread the day they don't have room 😳 They go out of their way to accommodate my guinea pigs, no matter what special needs they may have. They adjust their accommodation to suit and are always so friendly and helpful. They don't even mind my long essay of instructions 🤪. Have been using them for many years now and they take everything in their stride. 5***** doesn't seem enough, because they're so fantastic ðŸ'ž

4 From Keren on

My two lion head rabbits were very well looked after and cared for at the Guniea Piggles Hotel. The accommodation they stayed in was amazing. Will be booking up the next stay for them! Excellent boarding facility for small pets with a lovely family set up. 5star rating!

5 From Lucy Palmer on

My 2 groups of piggies recently holidayed with Lisa and Alice. Nothing was too much trouble, including meds which were needed during their stay. They look after them as their own, and they always return happy from their break.

5 From Keren on

Our little ladies loved staying at Guinea Piggles Hotel! They really were pampered with a groom and lots of veg and hay whilst on their holiday! Always bring them to get their nails clipped anyway but this was their first stay and we felt really confident that they would be looked after and cared for just as they are at home! Would 100% recommend and will deffo be bringing them again! ❤️

5 From India Loveland on

I have left my piggies at Guinea Piggles Hotel several times . Always extremely well cared for , photos sent to me and even bathed them . Highly recommend

5 From Dawn Field on

We were extremely lucky to find The Guinea Piggles Hotel and its very caring and helpful owners Lisa and Alice. We were moving into temporary accommodation during this last covid lockdown and could not bring our pet tortoise, he was looked after very well, as well as if it was their own family pet. Highly recommended, a huge TQ.

5 From Carole H on

We have left our 3 rabbits with Lisa and Alice a few times now as we know that they will be well looked after and cared for and nothing is to much trouble. This time we left Rio our conure and budgie as well as the rabbits and as usual a top quality service. Would highly recommend using them as we know the animals are in safe hands.

5 From Steve and Lynn on

I've had the pleasure of using Guinea Piggles Hotel for several years, Lisa & Alice are always so accommodating. Four of mine even had baths this time, which saved me a job. Wouldn't hesitate to recommend them. Thank you xx

5 From Keren on

Just picked up my 6 piggies from their 18 day holiday. They've been looked after by Lisa & Alice, as their own. They've been out on the grass, I've been sent photos, and they are all obviously happy. Nothing is too much trouble, even daily meds. The new piggieshed and accommodation, is fantastic. Very happy to recommend ***********

5 From Keren on

Really pleased I've found The Guinea Piggles Hotel. They were so friendly and very professional. Would highly recommend!!

5 From Kerry on

Our treasured piggies Poppet & Pumpkin were very well cared for at The Wonderful ' Guinea Piggles Small Animal Hotel', during their 17 days stay in August, while we were on holiday - We went away knowing they were being very well looked after by a lovely lady Lisa, in spotlessly clean surroundings with all their needs being provided for - Our happy girlies will definitely be going back next year when we take our next holiday 🐹🐹

5 From Helen Dart on

Guido our leopard gecko enjoyed his stay at The Guinea Piggles Hotel. He was off his food when he arrived but Alice and Lisa tempted him back into eating without any problems. He was a very happy gecko when we collected him, with a big fat healthy tail and a lovely clean vivarium. Reptile holiday homes are hard to find so we’re very pleased to have found The Guinea Piggles Hotel this summer.

5 From Jo McGuire on

lovely place..just back from boarding our little bunny smokie,he was so well looked after and really happy..such a fantastic place,will definately use again..

5 From Carole Belton on

Couldn't believe my luck in finding two people as enthusiastic about guinea pigs as myself. The "girls" were well looked after in lovely clean surroundings and this allayed my fears about "boarding" them. The photo is a delight and much admired by all who see it. I have framed a large print for myself. No hesitation in booking the "girls" in when we next holiday.

5 From Piggypotty on

Guinea Piggies is great a really lovely place to take your little animals they look after them with so much care and love. My beautiful little bird seemed to have a great time and came home very unstressed

5 From Sue Gotts on

So happy to have found Lisa and Alice. I no longer have to worry when I go away. They care for my 8 guinea pigs, like their own. Nothing is too much trouble, even my special needs pigs. Thank you x

5 From Keren on

My two bunnies stayed for two weeks at the Guinea Piggles Hotel and were looked after fantastically. They had their every need met and I felt very relaxed with leaving them there. It is a lovely place! Will book them in again!!!

5 From Karla Oakley on

My two babies piggies had there first ever holiday at the guinea piggies hotel, I was a little nervous to begin with but the reassurance they gave me and also the helpful hints and tips with my babies, I was very pleased and also the photos and the added extras of a Bath and a groom they came home looking like proper princesses. They can't wait to return for their next visit thank you again

5 From Vicky Taylor on

So pleased I found gineapiggles, lovely caring people. My two rats had a lovely big cage, which was like a rodent hotel suite. Will be using again and highly recommend.

5 From Nicky on

So lucky to find Guinea Piggles. Our ferrets had a wonderful stay, and we could see they were in safe hands. A lovely little set up and some lovely photos sent to us whilst away, which made me miss them even more. Thank you for looking after them I cannot recommend this place enough.

5 From James Lister on

I would highly recommend the guinea piggies, they took great care of my giant rabbit when I went on holiday, very lovely ladies and very friendly and helpful, will defo use again! Thank you Alice and Lisa

5 From Chelsie on

Am I Lucky to find this hotel.Lisa and Alice are just fantastic. They are extremely helpful with enquirers . Our conure smartie has her claws clipped on a regular basses when she comes to stay, she is so well looked after. All ready booked for this year. Thank you Lisa and Alice.

5 From Sue Locke on

my piggies were back with Lisa & Alice for a long wheekend. As always they were well looked after, with every need catered for. I have one special needs piggy and another on meds, and I can go away knowing that I don't need to worry. All 8 had a bath too. They are already booked in for next year ;)

5 From Keren on

Lisa and Alice took such great care of my parrot and rabbit, they were able to create their same home setting in their house. Very friendly and very clean environment of which comes with lots of love, hugs and care. My pets loved being with The Guinea Piggles Hotel and will be going back soon for another stay. Thank you i have found the ultimate care for my animals, and don't have to worry anymore as they ar in safe hands.

5 From Laura De'ath on

Unfortunately there are very few places to board my birds and when my pet shop who would board them closed I struggled to find an alternative. I wasn't entirely happy with where they stayed previously so when I came across The Guinea Piggles I thought I would give them a try. From the outset Alice and Lisa have been very accommodating. My tiels could easily go in their own cages but my Caiques cage is too big to transport. They are only small parrots but they use every inch of their cage and I was worried being in anything too small would stress them out. I explained my concerns and Alice went above and beyond to make sure their stay would be a happy one by making sure they had a cage suitable. It was only a 5 night stay this time but knowing next year it will be 3 weeks I wanted to make them as comfortable as I could. Lisa made me feel very welcome when I turned up with my flock. They are based in a beautifully clean and friendly environment and just seeing lisa interact with another bird staying there i could see that my birds would be in great hands.

5 From Tracy Smith on

When my father was taken ill we were really worried about his beloved bird and the quality of care we could give it. We decided to put Kiki into the Guinea Piggles Hotel and it was the best decision we made Kiki who was a rather vicious but talkative African Grey Parrot stayed here for nearly 3 months . The quality of care she received was second to none, and the bird we have now is a happy bird she doesn't bite ( only a gentle nip) all her feathers have grown back, Lisa and Alice were always helpful and friendly and nothing was too much trouble, I know Kiki misses them already!! I wouldn't hesitate in recommending this pet hotel , five star all the way

5 From Julie pinkney on

My two piggies came to stay at The Guinea Piggles Hotel after we was worried who would look after them wile we was away and was best thing i did pickin here. My piggies were very happy we got updated also a photo their nails done bathed the lot nothing seams to much there. I was so very pleased that when i picked them up i booked another stay there and then and also xmas id not use anyone else now as i know my pets are very happy comin here

5 From Melissa on

What a wonderful Idea the Guinea Piggles hotel is. Lisa and Alice are very friendly and accommodating. True to their word, I got a picture and a text message to update me on their happy holiday and they had been clipped and groomed and both enjoyed their stay. We got stuck in traffic on the way home from our break and Lisa and Alice offered to have the pets for another night so we could get sorted and nothing was too much trouble. I would definitely recommend this lovely pet hotel and will be using them again.

5 From Amanda on

Our rabbit Mollie recently stayed at the guinea piggles hotel for one week whilst we went on holiday. We worry so much about her but we did not even feel then need to worry knowing that she was in such capable hands! From first meeting Lisa and Alice you can just feel how much they love animals, it's so lovely to see and so reassuring to know that they genuinely care for your pet. Mollie was not even worried or nervous and seemed to have loved her stay! The text update and photo was a fantastic touch. Thank you for putting our mind at rest! Mollie will definitely be coming back for another holiday soon! X

From Holly Tyler on

My two piggies have just spent 5 days at the hotel and I can,t recommend them enough . Miss piggy has been unwell and needed eye drops and oral medicine twice a day which was,t a problem . Will be booking them in here again for sure .

5 From Dawn Goodin on

Lisa and Alice looked after my 4 cockatiels .I found the reception upon my arrival extremely helpful with enquiries from Lisa as to any special needs for my birds . Upon my collection ,the birds were relaxed and not stressed at all .Highly recommend this animal hotel .

5 From Tony Tillman on

Cannot recommend Lisa and Alice enough. They have a fantastic set up, and nothing is too much trouble. One of my piggies has special needs, and went on holiday with her own first aid kit, and instructions. They took it all in their stride. The piggies are already looking forward to next year's holiday ;)

5 From Keren on

Our rabbits stayed for two weeks at the Guinea Piggles Hotel. They were friendly and professional and so easy to talk to right from the start. We asked lots of questions and sent lots of emails and nothing was too much trouble. They understood we felt nervous about leaving them and completely reassured us. They also asked us questions so they could care for them in the same way that we would. Really nothing was too much trouble. So happy and friendly we felt at ease as soon as we met and confident they would be well looked after. We picked them up and when we went back to the car it had broken down. We were an hour away from home and they so kindly took the rabbits back in for us and looked after them for another two hours which was a massive relief as they couldn't be in their cases for all that time in the heat. I highly recommend the Guinea Piggles Hotel it was perfect. We will definitely be using them again if we all go on holiday together again. Absolutely brilliant!

5 From Sue Wright on

Excellent and very friendly service. Our rabbit Sam was looked after fantastically and we were given excellent advice on how to improve our rabbit's diet. We are all happy!!! and we would not hesitate to recommend The Guinea Pigglets Hotel.

5 From Charles on

Lisa & Alice provide a first class pets service. I would highly recommend The Guinea Piggles Hotel to anyone wanting a caring & safe environment for their pets.

5 From Simon Hocking on

My three bonded guinea pig sows stayed at Guinea Piggles for just over a week, and I was very impressed with the love and care they received. After a bath and a hair trim, my long haired guinea pig looked fabulous, and my other two were equally happy and had clearly been fed well and attended to. Lisa and Alice have plenty of experience and their 'hotel' is well set up, clean and efficient. They obviously really love having a small pet boarding business! It was good to 'talk cavy' and share experiences and advice. The pricing is really reasonable, and additional charges for nail/fur trims, baths, etc were also very fair. Highly recommend!

5 From Jean White on

This was the second visit for our guinea-pigs, Yoshi and Percy and rabbit, Stripe, and the first for our new addition - Binky the rabbit. Lisa and Alice provide a first-class service. They are professional, friendly and clearly love what they do. Nothing is too much trouble and they take into account pets' individual needs. The accommodation is superb - Stripe had his own enormous 'house' with a great run, toys etc. All of 'our boys' enjoyed their stay and even came home with nails freshly clipped. Prices are good at the 'Guinea Piggles Hotel', too, but money cannot buy what Alice and Lisa offer - great personal service and a genuine love of animals. I cannot recommend them highly enough. Thanks again 'Guinea Piggles' and see you next year, no doubt!

5 From Rachael Oxbury on

Really friendly and down to earth staff, felt confident our piggies would be well looked after. Great to get text and email during our holiday seeing they were OK. On collection they were in great condition. Would not hesitate to recommend and use the Guinea Piggles Hotel again.

5 From Richard on

Our Guinea pigs Cookie and Cupcake spent a week here while we were away, we were made to feel very welcome from the minute we arrived, it was reassuring to see them happily munching grass as we left and we received a lovely photo of them during our holiday. We wouldn't hesitate to recommend this hotel to anyone and will definitely use it again in the future. Thank you for doing a wonderful job.

5 From Kerri on

A genuine 5 star find. We left our piggies with Piggles Hotel at the beginning of August. This was the first extended vacation we have been able to book since getting the guinea pigs and it won't be our last! Very pleased with Piggies Hotel and would recommend and use again soon

5 From Sharon on

What a great find!! The Guinea Piggles hotel is superb and I would recommend it to anyone who wants their pets cared for whilst on holiday. Fantastic accommodation and lovely people who run it. Definitely a 5 * hotel. Thank you so much. Graham

From Graham on

Have just picked my guinea pig rolo up from the guinea pig hotel and he has had a great time with all the other piggies..a great friendly service and a superb environment for all of the animals that stay there.. highly recommend it to anyone

5 From Kevin brown on

Snuggles and Toffee had a wonderful time at the Guineapiggles Hotel! They were spoilt rotten by Lisa and Alice and they would love to come back. My children really enjoyed the updates about their stay and seeing their little faces on the Facebook page. Can't recommend enough, thank you.

From Jane Wilson on

Lovely people, quality care and facilities. I felt very happy leaving my bunnies there while I went away and will definitely use them again! The complementary photos of the bunnies was a lovely touch. I cannot recommend them highly enough!

5 From Mel Oakes-Buckingham on

Ernie has just had a lovely stay at Guinea Piggles Hotel, it's friendly and professional with every care taken to make your pet feel at home and welcome. Will definitely be visiting again, thanks Lisa and Alice 🐰

5 From Nicky on

Tommy tortoise has just had his second holiday at Guinea Piggles Hotel and this time he met a prospective girlfriend! He was again well looked after by Lisa and Alice in their lovely clean and comfortable hotel and is looking forward to his next visit.

5 From Linda on

Lovely people our guinea pig was well cared for, no worries at all with this 5* pet hotel, will defo use again for her. Many Thanks

5 From Lorraine on

Fantastic small animal hotel!!! Highly recommend!!! So pleased we found you to take care of our two piggies Angel and Rogue and our little rattie Leo....they had a lovely holiday, were very well cared for in a clean, caring and loving enenvironment by wonderful and lovely staff. A Big Thank you :)

5 From Angela Lambert on

This was the first time we have used the Guinea Piggles Hotel and I am so glad we did. Both our piggies were extremely well cared for and came back very happy :) We would thoroughly recommend using them and we will certainly be using them again. Thank you for looking after Tango and Pepsi for us :D Xx

5 From Vanessa Emerson on

First visit to Guinea pig hotel and first impression was fantastic. Very friendly and professional. The owners love of Animals is obvious from the start. Now our 2 Guinea pigs are at home they seem more relaxed and better to handle. Thank you and will use again

5 From Donna and Louise on

Absolutely brilliant. Piggies were extremely satisfied and came home with a pig-smile. We are sure to bring back Peppa and Teddy for another stay.

5 From Libby on

Guinea Piggles Hotel is a professional and reliable small boarding home-from-home experience for your beloved pet. Lisa and Alice could not have been more helpful and accommodating. Our two guinea pigs were clearly well cared for, and we would have no hesitation in recommending them! Thank you Lisa and Alice - see you again later in the year! :-)

5 From Annie on

Following a friends recommendation we booked our rabbit,Duster, into The Guinea Piggles Hotel. Lisa & Alice showed great interest in Dusters' individual needs, such as his diet & general health. The hutch Duster stayed in was sturdy & warm with lots of toys & an outside run to ensure he was safe & happy. We even got some lovely photo's & texts whilst we were away so we knew how he was getting on. We would definitely recommend The Guinea Piggles Hotel to others. We would be happy to let Duster go on holiday himself to The Guinea Piggles Hotel to be cared for again by Lisa & Alice again 🐰

5 From Lorna & Ant on

My 8 piggies, one with extra needs, had a great time with Lisa and Alice. They loved their play pens and 4 of them even had a bath. Wouldn't hesitate to recommend, nothing was too much trouble, they even had a photoshoot. Will use again.

5 From Keren on

Our rabbits, Nudge and Twiglet, were very well cared for during their stay; we felt they were looked after with love rather than just accommodated. Lisa was very friendly and knowledgeable and paid attention to the rabbits' individual needs. We have already booked their next stay!

5 From Ginny Taverner on

Thank you so much for looking after Dylan and Darcy, they both look totally gorgeous after their makeover! You both do a wonderful job looking after all the animals that come and visit you for their holidays, I can't praise you both enough for the work you do,I would recommend Guinea Piggles to anyone looking for somewhere to have their pets while they go away, thank you both very much Tracy xxx

5 From Tracy Batt on

Our elderly guinea pig who has "age related issues" stayed here when we took our annual holiday. It was such a weight off my mind to know that he was being cared for and his issues addressed by the lovely ladies at The Guinea Piggles Hotel and so reasonably priced too. Well worth the money for the peace of mind!

5 From The Brown Bunch, Filby on

We were so glad to find Guinea Piggles Hotel, after a reconmend from a friend and will be to booking again for next year. everything was so well set out and cosy. Paul & Joan Brunning

5 From Paul & Joan Brunning on

we were so fortunate to find the guinea piggles hotel on line where my best friend Wilson a green cheek parrot stayed for a week. the owners Lisa and Alice are a wonderful team mother & daughter both very caring and very professional and the boarding is immaculate and you could see all the animals their were very happy as was my Wilson. Thank you girls so very much and Wilson will contact you after xmas with his next holiday booking. yours Wilson xxx

5 From neil aldridge on

Our 2 guinea pigs stayed at the Guinea Piggles hotel in the summer and we were extremely happy with all aspects. They came home happy, healthy, and obviously had been excellently looked after. Alice and Lisa go the extra mile. I would wholeheartedly recommend their hotel for your pets.

5 From Janet on

Our two bunnies Cottontail and Peter had a lovely relaxing holiday here ! They were cared for so well and will definitely be returning . 😄 I loved seeing all the other happy animals and birds there too. There was good space in the enclosures. Lisa and Alice are very friendly and really listen and got to know our rabbits different personalities ! Thanks for giving us peace of mind on our hols.

5 From Rachel Crouch on

Gizmo the Guinea Pig and Lexie the Hamster have just returned from their magnificent break at this 5* hotel. Gizmo has had the most wonderful manicure, I have never seen his nails looking so good. Also Alice and Lisa were able to take excellent photos of both my pets. I also received a reassuring text. I would not hesitate to leave my small animals here again in the future and would highly recommend. The area where the animals are kept is immaculate. Excellent service.

5 From Samantha Neeve on

I needed to find somewhere for my Blue fronted Amazon parrot to be looked after when I go on holiday, after doing a Google search I found " The Guinea Piggles Hotel" i've booked an appointment to do a general check on the accommodation before going on holiday. Subsequently very happy and my parrot successfully stayed there for a week . Lisa & Alice are very professional in the work they do, their property where the animals are kept is absolutely immaculate , The bonus for me was not having to take my parrot cage there as they supplied me one there's (immaculate / very clean). I will deafly be using them again ,I really cannot put any negative feedback in any area whatsoever . Big thank you and see again soon . From David ( Great Yarmouth ) .

5 From David on

Shaun our Guinea Pig had his first holiday at the Hotel, we felt at ease leaving him in such a loving, clean and caring environment. He enjoyed being with the other animals. Thank you Lisa and Alice not only are you such lovely people your Hotel is first class and I would gladly recommend it to anyone who has small pets. He's looking forward to his Christmas Stay!!! xx

5 From Sue Radcliffe on

Cannot recommend this lovely place enough! Our 3 piggies stayed for a week and were looked after superbly. They even had a bath and manicure! Being new to guinea pig keeping, we were given very helpful tips and advice. Will definitely be using them again for any future holidays. Thank you Guinea Piggles Hotel! 😀 xxx

5 From Laura Anderson on

It was so tidy & well presented, with runs complete with their own umbrellas all in a perfect compact space. Lisa & Alice were so friendly & professional and gave me updates on my guinea pigs while I was away, which was very reassuring. I think Coco & Toffee might have been disappointed to be collected but will definitely be returning next year!! Thank you

5 From Mary Fay on

We would recommend guinea piggles Fudge and Smokey came back well relaxed and calmer. It saves a lot of stress sending them here .

5 From keri on

Brilliant. Beth (male) lost hen (jack) - long story! We were concerned for him but he settled in to PGH very well, quite a regular visitor now, new word "holiday". I am considering to send him on "holiday" just for a break, he comes back so chilled. He has even learned to turn off his plastic pal budgie! Trust me lisa this is true!!!!!!!!!

From Carol Oliver on

I highly recommend Guinea Piggles Hotel,my 2 bunnies have just stayed,it is bunny heaven,everything looks so clean & plenty of space also shaded areas,definately will use again

5 From Chris rice on

Two very happy bunnies stayed at The Guinea Piggles Hotel. 5* accommodation and a run full of toys to play with. Excellent care from Lisa and Alice, and they clearly enjoyed their stay. Nails were clipped and their fur in beautiful condition. Would recommend Guinea Piggles to anyone seeking a safe and loving holiday home for their furry friends and we would certainly use them again. R & E, S & S!

From R. Edwards on

Tommy the tortoise has just had his first holiday at the Hotel and he loved it! He enjoyed being with the other animals in such a lovely clean and caring environment. Well done and thank you Lisa and Alice. Your Hotel is first class and I would gladly recommend it to anyone who has small pets. Tommy will be back! 17/6/2015

5 From Linda Edwards on

My piggies where very well looked after and they had a brilliant time. The staff were very helpful and I would Definatly take my piggies back when I next go on holiday 😃

5 From Louise on

Once again thank you both so much for looking after Dylan and Darcy while we were away.You both do such a great job with all your animals that you look after! See you later on in the year Tracy

5 From Tracy Batt on

My five piggies came with smiles on their faces. Care had been of the highest standard.

5 From Christine Pettigrew on

5 Star Guinea Pig Hotel run by 5 Star people. This place is amazing and never seen anything like it. It's clean,tidy,well organised and nothing is too much trouble for Lisa and Alice,would recommend this Hotel to anyone.If Carling done animal accommodation this would be the best in the World.

5 From Lisa & Trevor on

Normally we would ask friends to feed our two guinea pigs while we're on holiday, but as we were going away for two weeks we needed someone who could clean and exercise them. We were overjoyed to find The Guinea Piggles Hotel, who could provide everything our pigs needed at a great rate. We were really satisfied with every aspect of their care - it was great to see photos of our pigs on Facebook while we were away and they came back happy and healthy. I cannot recommend The Guinea Piggles Hotel highly enough.

5 From Rachel on

Our bunny Dave has just returned from a three night stay at guineapiggles, and I must say he looks as if he has loved it. His nails were trimmed for us, and he was allowed to run around the room to explore. He's booked to return in June where he will be staying in an outside hutch to enjoy the warmer weather. Thank you for caring so well for him.

5 From Jacqui on

Boris, Jerry and Pepper were looked after by the guinea piggles hotel for 5 days at the end of March. Normally the neighbours look after them but Jerry needed eye drops twice a day so we were more comfortable to have them looked after ' properly'! And they were! ! Washed, nails clipped and the eye looked brilliant. They will definitely come back next time we go on holiday!

5 From Sophia Guymer on

Thanks to Alice and Lisa for looking after our 2 guinea pigs Dylan and Darcy they look and smell gorgeous, you can tell that you really love what you are doing and you both do it so well,thank you both so much again and look forward to seeing you again in June or maybe sooner if they need another pamper session! Tracy

5 From tracy on

Our rabbit, Buttons, came back from his short break looking in very good condition. His claws had been clipped and he'd even had a bath!! We were delighted with the standard of care at the Guinea Piggles Hotel and Buttons is looking forward to returning there in the summer!

From Alison Bates on

Fudge, Smudge & Chocolate Chip our 3 Guinea Pigs spent a week at The Guinea Piggles Hotel. We could not have asked for better care they were well and truly pampered. Would definitely recommend.

5 From Mandie on

Found the guinea piggles hotel through a friend of mine at work.originally we were dubious about handing Thomas over to strangers,but after visiting the hotel our minds were put at rest.thomas our African grey parrot was very happy.the care and dedication of the owners was superb.friendly and clean environment.i would recommend them to everybody with small animals.our trip abroad was more relaxed knowing Thomas was in very hood hands.we will definitely be taking Thomas there in the future.

5 From Allison Blandford on

My friend was due to look after my bunny Dandelion for our holiday but unfortunately we found out the day before that they were unable to. Lisa and Alice were happy to accommodate Dandelion at such short notice which we were extremely grateful for!! What a lovely place, Dandelion was so well looked after! He had plenty of space to hop about and even had his nails clipped. I received a text when I was away to let me know he was ok and even received a laminated photo of Dandelions holiday! Great value for money, and when I collected my bunny Lisa gave him a goodbye kiss on the head so I can see that really love looking after the pets! Thanks so much, Dandelion will definitely be staying again and I am spreading the word about what a wonderful place you have! All the best for the new year! X

5 From Nickie watts on

It was the first holiday where we had to find somewhere for Cloudy, Tiger Lily and Myrtle to stay. The accommodation was great and they obviously enjoyed their stay. Very happy piggies were collected and we will definitely use the hotel again.

5 From Ruth Foster on

We were very pleased with the service that was provided by Lisa and Alice. Poppykins, our pet rabbit, soon settled in and had a wonderful time. Lisa and Alice were able to accommodate all our needs and when we picked Pops up we could tell that she had been well cared for. We shall have no hesitation in using the Guinea Piggles Hotel again when we next go on holiday. Margaret, Steve and Poppykins.

5 From Margaret and Steve on

5 star service! Our 2 rabbits were extremely well cared for by lovely people and they would definitely stay again should we go away in the near future. We would highly recommend. Thanks again for looking after our bunnies! x

5 From Sam & Craig on

We took JJ our green cheek conure to the guinea piggles hotel for the first time this year and I couldn't have asked for any thing better, Lisa and Alice are lovely caring ladies, got regular updates and photo's and I could see JJ was having a good time. He was not at all stressed out like other times. I would definitely recommend the guinea piggles hotel, first class. We have already booked JJ in for next year. Thanks again Lisa and Alice for looking after JJ x from julie and john

5 From Julie and John Forster on

My two rabbits dandelion and gizmo seemed to have a brilliant time when they spent their holiday at the guinea piggies hotel they were looked after well and had a large,clean cage and run and they still have their flower pots which they seem to like pushing off their shelf in the hutch , I definately use guinea piggies hotel again when needed

5 From Susan smith on

Guinea Piggles Hotel looked after our 2 Rabbits and 2 Lovebirds while we went away, we received updates and pictures of our animals while they were on there holiday and looked like they were having a great time. Guinea Piggles were friendly and welcoming and we will be using them again.

5 From Danielle Tibble on

What a fabulous place with the kindest people to have found. I was very nervous leaving my African grey as I had never taken her any where else to stay in her six years of life but I should never have worried. Lisa and Alice were so reassuring and are such nice, kind and great people and I could not never have found anyone I trusted more. My animals were so happy to stay here the owners are naturals at it. Thank you for looking after my parrot and piggy. See you again soon.

5 From Rachael on

Just like to up date our comments. Lisa and Alice have looked after and groomed my grandson James piggies on several holidays and us going away for a few days they have always been loved and treated so well that we have always come home to happy piggies. They groom them on a regular basis for us and they look wonderful and their prices are so very good ***** thank you

5 From Ann Colman on

Our bird Parsley stayed for 6 days in June and was very relaxed. Very friendly and attentive to his fussy needs!!! so much so that he is going back in a couple of weeks for another holiday. We could relax on holiday knowing that he was very well looked after. Would definitely recommend Thanks

5 From hilly on

Thank you for looking after Tufty & Snuffles during our recent break. Our son loved their holiday snap and the message from them while we were away. We would happily leave them in your care again. Thanks again!

From Julie Fitzgerald on

Just moved into area from West Country so was a bit concerned as where to leave my four cockatiels while on holiday as I have used a breeder friend in Bristol for over 20 years. I had no worries with Guinea Piggles Hotel and was made to feel comfortable from the outset and cockatiels their usual bouncy selves on my return. Happy to take them there again.

5 From Clyde on

I was really pleased with the piggles hotel for our girls stay. Roxi, Taz and Scruff were in good hands. Thanks for taking good care of them and I have let my family and friends know what a lovely place you have too.

From Debbie Emerson on

Our guinea pigs have stayed here twice now. Excellent accommodation and super friendly service. Will definitely be using again and can thoroughly recommend. Thank you Guinea Piggles Hotel!!

5 From Diane on

Felt very comfortable leaving our 2 guinea pigs here, very friendly and updated us with pics while we were away via their facebook page. Guinea pigs were lovely and groomed and very relaxed when we picked them up so I know they enjoyed it to. Thank you for a great service, will use again.

5 From Jay Morris on

Thank you so much for taking care of my piggies (garfield humbug skooby do and honey bun) while i was on holiday in Egypt, My Nan usually looks after them and i was worried they would miss us, but they were so well looked after and happy with you. I think they enjoyed their holiday. Thank you also for the photos. Love James

5 From James Colman on

What a lovely lady & it really shows just how much she cares for the animals even though they are not her own. Regular text updates & a lovely picture of my 2 "girls" having a holiday of their own. They are already looking forward to going back next year.

From S.Gallant on

My Rabbit, Norman, has stayed at Guinea Piggles twice now. Once just over night, and the second time for ten days, while we were on holiday. Lisa & Alice are so lovely, and clearly love what they do, & they provide a fantastic service. Norman had his own hutch with his name on it, and had plenty of time outside to play and stretch his legs! We were sent updates while we were away on how he was getting on, and pictures were put up on the website for us to see. He was well looked after, and was happy and relaxed when we collected him. Lisa & Alice were very helpful & flexible with drop off/collection times. Norman will definitely be holidaying at Guinea Piggles hotel again in the future! Love from Bebe & Kyle Crux. x

5 From Bebe Thurston-Crux on

We went to London for a weekend break and found the Guinea Piggles Hotel on the internet. As soon as we called and left a message we had a prompt reply and was very helpful. I called a couple of days before to arrange a time to take my two rabbits Snuggle and Blackberry and being we had a train to catch Alice & Lisa were very flexible and accommodating. During there stay they both had a hutch each inside a warm summer house which was kitted out with lots of little extras. They had the use of the run in the garden which was enclosed and very safe. At times they were taken inside the house which was a bit of a luxury for them as they were really spoilt. While there they had a groom and clip and looked really well and truly pampered looking lovely fresh and clean. Thank you Alice and Lisa for taking great care of Snuggle and Blackberry it was lovely to meet you and we will definitely be back again very soon when we plan our next trip away. I'm sure Snuggle and Blackberry cannot wait to see you again.

5 From Chloe on

I took my rabbit Pippa to stay at the Guinea Piggles Hotel in August for 6 nights. All my family were on holiday together, without the hotel I wouldnt have been able to go as I had noone else to look after Pippa for me. She was so well looked after during her stay. She had her own lovely hutch and time outside in the garden during the day. Alice and Lisa were both really friendly and helpful and gave Pippa lots of love and cuddles while she was there. I even got a nice photo of Pippa's stay when I collected her. I hope Guinea Piggles carries on, if i went away again I wouldn't hesitate to book Pippa another holiday there, she had a lovely time and was a happy bunny when I arrived to collect her :) x

5 From Jacqui Haslam on

Our three rabbits had a fantastic time staying at the Guinea Piggles Hotel. We were worried about leaving them but got regular text updates to say they were doing well and photos of them to take home with us. The owners of the 'hotel' were lovely- very welcoming and reassuring. We would thoroughly recommend them and would use them again ourselves without hesitation.

5 From Abi Smalwood on

The Guinea Piggles Hotel provided a fabulous service when I needed somewhere for our two hamsters at short notice. The care felt personalised and very accommodating.

5 From Jacqueline on

Ginger had a wonderful holiday at Guinea Piggles Hotel, we received regular text updates and even got holiday snaps of Ginger on our return. We would have no hesitation in sending Ginger on Hols to this 5 Star Hotel in future, the only thing is that he might enjoy himself too much ! Thank you to Lisa and Alice for their amazing hospitality.

5 From Leone, Jamie and Trudy on

What an amazing place! Not only were my 2 guinea pigs and rabbit looked after amazingly well, they were bathed, groomed and had a manicure!! Everything was clean and tidy with plenty to keep all the animals entertained. Lisa and Alice are professional, friendly and absolutely lovely. They were very reassuring, capable and I had no qualms about leaving Ellie, Eloise and Dave with them and will definitely board them here again. In all honesty, if they opened a hotel for humans, I would be there first customer. Many, many thanks.

5 From Joanne Parkin on

Thank you for looking after Sweep. We were confident to leave him with people who genuinely love guinea pigs. It was very clean and he settled in very quickly, also he had not squeaked since his brother died, but having had some company at the hotel he has started to squeak again.

5 From Jackie Grzeskowiak on

Excellent care and our two guinea pigs had a great time. Would not hesitate to recommend the Guinea Piggle Hotel. Thank you

5 From lynn on

Fantastic place to board your pets my wee parrot paisley Loved it he was very well looked after and even alms more he impersonates the wee dog or dogs they must have every morning best place he's been lovely caring people can't praise it enough

From Jo mcmurray on

Our guinea pigs had a lovely holiday here while we had a lovely holiday somewhere else.

5 From Martin on

I had my two guinea pigs bathed, groomed and nails clipped by The Guinea Piggles Hotel. I am so pleased with the service provided and would definately recommend them.

5 From Lynn on

Our 2 baby guinea pigs Daisy and Flo were very well looked after for a fortnight stay at The Guinea Piggles Hotel! Excellent service and very friendly people. Will definitely use again!

5 From Rachel on

CO-CO our African Grey Parrot, was in safe and loving hands. It was so reassuring to receive text updates on how he was. We have already booked him in for HIS next holiday and I would have no hesitation in recommending The Guinea Piggles Hotel. WONDERFUL !

5 From Helen on

Our rabits were very well looked after at the Guinea Piggles Hotel over the Easter Holidays Overall an excellent service ! : )

5 From Donna on

Osmnd our guinea pig was well looked after during his stay. He even had a bath and his nails trimmed! Highly recommended :-)

5 From Karen on

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