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SO17 1RS

Tel: 07504 570660
Email: swiftspetboarding@gmail.com
Web: http://swiftspetboarding.com

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About our Small Pet Boarding

We board: RabbitsGuinea PigsBirdsHamsters, Mice etc.

Welcome to swifts pet boarding.
Lovely warm days of summer and swift’s- heaven

We have always loved and cared for animals and have had our own Guineas, Rabbits, Birds (plus a few other exotics!),over the years whilst the children were growing up.
As a boarding service we started with just a few animal guests which has evolved to a designed set up with spacious accommodation -a place for animal comfort and well being.
The degree of experience now gained over the years since 2003 is perhaps our greatest strength -to offer knowledgeable attentive care while you are away.

It is a friendly relaxed place -our focus is the animals health and happiness -and we want it to feel home from home.
This is what I do and love so I give full time care.
We are with the animals throughout the day whilst feeding and cleaning exercising and spend time ( many memorable moments) watching and interacting with them too.
We focus on their well being and contentment.
It is a pleasure to care for such wonderful animals and brings happiness and joy to all of us🐇🌻

SCC and BRC member.
We are also well qualified animal biologists!


We are situated in a peaceful location in a quiet road in a green spot.🏡
Secure accommodation is available inside our home in a custom designed area. This is maintained at optimal temperature for bunnies and Guineas.
It is airy light and pleasant with substantial secure stable doors.
Being brick it stays ‘cool’ in summer and stable doors allow great air flow
This area is also useful for quieter bunnies who are used to an inside life. It has a run around space for rest/play during inclement weather.☔️
Smoke/ heat alarms standard in room.
Outdoor housing is in secured outside hutches which are close by and visible.
Housing is spacious, in professionally made modern substantial timber hutches designed for animal security and comfort.The hutches are 5-9 ft wide.
EACH OUTDOOR HUTCH has a custom made weatherproof cover, REFLECTIVE for summer and WIND/RAINPROOF for colder times.

There are large, secure runs in the enclosed rear garden. All are protected from sunny and wet weather and have insulated houses inside for resting. Each visitor has a run kept exclusively for their use during their stay.

We also have 3 substantial EGLU Go houses with good head space and a long run, for larger rabbit breeds These are comfortable and roomy -cool in summer and warmer in winter.
In the winter we have snugglesafe heating pads for extra warmth during the night.


We love to see the animals exercising each day and enjoying life in the garden, this is the best bit!!
It is obvious how much bunnies and guineas enjoy outside with skips and jumps and a bit of racing and showing off!
Our rear garden is partly walled, partly fenced, secure, and secluded, for those wanting free roaming, exercise and fun. This is always overseen.
We like to keep the routine that you have established as far as possible.This is the best way for them to quickly settle in with us -relaxed and contented.

Health & Hygiene:

All Vaccinations animal appropriate are strongly recommended.
Please ensure your animal is eating well and is otherwise healthy🏋🏻‍♂️
If your pet needs routine medication please could you discuss this with us prior to booking.

Cleanliness is paramount and makes for happy healthy visitors.
Each day I check the rabbits fur and skin and any soiling can be removed quickly. I check guineas coats on arrival.
We clean hutches and runs using natural lemon juice, vinegar and Virkon which is safe and thoroughly sterilizes the area.

Grass areas are raked, brushed, washed then sprayed with safe oxidising agent and left to recover.

Animals have sole use of a run or EGLU home for the duration of their stay.

NUTRITION is vitally important for good health and fitness and we feed fresh greenery (sometimes from our allotment) daily. This is seasonal and includes parsley, mint coriander,spring greens,🥦🥒,curly kale,carrot,spinach,sweet corn🌽, beetroot, apple etc.
Organically grown hay,(Meadow, Ings and Timothy)is given morning and evening so it’s always available to them. Pellets topped up at night.This is a daily routine and we are quickly informed if late with their breakfast or supper😉

Small Pet Boarding Prices

Please note that prices are per day including the day your pet arrives with us. There is no charge for the day of departure if you can collect your pet before 10am. 😊
No deposit is required, please pay by BACS before arrival.
thank you

The price is inclusive of all food (liberal amounts of Timothy, Ings and meadow hay, daily fresh greenery, dried food specific to them), accomodation,bowls, drinking bottles, all bedding requirements, and heating.

They will receive attention and care throughout the day and evening. We are responsible and realise their need for daily exercise and play

£8 per BUNNY; £12 for 2 sharing a hutch.

£7 per GUINEA; £10 for 2 and £12 for 3 and sharing.


BUDGIES, CANARIES £6 per single bird.

Other Services

Claw cutting:
This is available for Guineas £6; or bunnies £8.🌻
For Guinea Pigs
includes a gentle shampoo, condition and detangle 15
trimming if needed and where requested £20💇🏻‍♀️
All products are natural and gentle.
This is a wonderful treatment for their skin and coat.

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Reviews from Our Guests

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The most wonderful caring place for small pets. Sue is truly a wonderful carer with the kindest heart. Our two bunnies (Teacup and Sweetheart) absolutely loved their stay and came home in the most wonderful mood. It felt like they were completely refreshed after their time with Sue and family. The hutches and garden are just perfect. Cannot recommend Swifts Pet Boarding enough. It has been a joy for us and our bunnies to have met Sue. It is pity we moved so fat away. Wishing you all the very best and many more happy visitors. With love and best wishes Rebecca and Ryan.

From Ryan Matthews on

Swift Pet Boarding is FANTASTIC. My partner and I were looking for somewhere to give our 2 guineas a holiday whilst we were away and we instantly knew we'd found the best place possible. Sue is so warm and friendly and it's obvious that she loves looking after the animals. We go back to her every time, she's lovely, reasonably priced, and our boys get the best pampering ever. If you need somewhere to go, go to Sue!

5 From April Faint on

I've been taking my two bunnies to stay with Sue for a couple of years now, and they absolutely love it there! Sue is so lovely and she genuinely cares about the bunnies that come and stay with her. Having taken my rabbits to stay at various other pet boarding places in and around the area, Swifts is definitely the best. I know I can leave my bunnies at Swifts without a worry, as it really is a home away from home for them :) I would definitely recommend!

5 From Halina on

Our guinea pig, Fluffy, has been a frequent visitor at Swifts for 6 years. She is so well looked after, gets good food, plenty of exercise and love. Good snacks too! Our daughter knows her beloved pet is in capable and caring (and loving) hands and that makes all the difference when we go away. Swifts are also as helpful as possible with pick up and drops off times and fit us in where they have capacity (of course) last minute requests. Unreservedly recommended.

5 From Mark R Heath on

My two boys (bunnies) have stayed with Sue twice now. The facilities are great and they come home fat and happy. It's so hard leaving your pets but Sue is So kind and gentle with them. A real professional. They are booked in again for a weekend in July and two weeks in September. Thanks sue

5 From Shakira on

Sue has looked after and bathed our mature male guinea pig, Delboy twice during 2018. She has a wonderful set-up and really looks after guinea pigs and rabbits very well. We found Sue on findpetboarding.com and are really happy with the care and attention she gives the animals. Delboy says he really enjoys his stays, especially his baths and completely chills-out. We can really recommend Sue if you are looking for boarding, we don't need to look elsewhere. G & C

5 From Garry & Christine Glass on

I could not recommend Sue enough! I was so anxious when I left my Lilo and Stitch with her as I'd never left them without it being friends or family and from the offset Sue explained fully what she'd do and put me at ease. Not only did she have an amazing set up and kind nature, she also offered to bond my two for me as well as look after them as I had been struggling to do it myself. I came back from holiday and she actually asked to keep them for another day as she was so dedicated to ensuring they were fully bonding before I took them back. Needless to say, they are so happy with each other now and have been kissing and grooming each other non stop since I got home. I will definitely be using Sue at Swifts again and will always now recommend her to anyone who needs these services. Thank you so much Sue!

5 From Marie Cairns on

WOW what a find, I read all the reviews & decided to put our 2 guinea pigs in whilst we had our holiday. Sue is such a lovely lady dedicated to looking after all the animals in such a tranquil environment. The garden looks exactly as it does on their website, happy bunnies hopping around & guinea pigs in eglu houses munching on grass. Our 2 piggies came back content & even more friendly than before they went away so shows how much attention they got! Thankyou Sue for making Coco & Vanilla's holiday so good xx

5 From Lisa Cobb on

We've left our house bunny maxi with sue a few times now whilst going away on holiday. If you want to have somewhere to leave your pet without worry the swifts is the place to go! Maxi always comes back happy and relaxed, sue even makes it like a little holiday for him as he gets to play outside in the garden! Wouldn't want to ale him anywhere else!

5 From Amy Hawnt on

You can just tell a lovely place when you see it- same as you know when your bunny comes home happy and bouncy they have had a great time and treated as they should be! At Swifts the animals are given genuine respect for who they each are and what they enjoy. Smokey, who is now a mature bunny, likes a regular routine so he knows what to expect in his day. He has oodles of space at Swifts to run around. When he arrives he just runs off to explore and play and doesn't look back! Jayne (and Smokey)

5 From Jayne Ellis on

I have two boy bunnies which I have been trying to bond for a while but with no success, I was close to losing all hope when I found Sue and she Very kindly offered to try for me! The bunnies were away for a week, Sue gave me regular updates which put my mind at ease and I finally got them back yesterday.... they had gone with her in two carry boxes and came back in one and are now settling back into a hutch together! Sue managed to do in a week what I had been trying to do for months, the care and time put into it was priceless and I can not recommend or thank her enough! It's amazing to see them so happy together and I know for sure that when I go away I will also use her for boarding them. There is not a high enough star rating that I can give and I am so very very happy to have found Swifts and Sue. Thank you! Xx

5 From Kat Arrowsmith on

We are very happy to recommend Swifts pet boarding to others needing holiday accommodation for their pets. An awesome place which our bunnies love! A big bonus for us is the outside space-they get out and about each day in the lovely garden which is what we want for them. Sue has a (very!) soft spot for the animals-so they get lots of time and care - they soon settle in and have great fun. We are delighted to have found this great place Owners of Maisy and Daisy

5 From Steph and Rob Evans on

Sue provided our family with 2 beautiful baby Guineas. We were new to these lovely animals and we visited regularly until they were ready to come home. I decided to write this to say thanks for her lovely way with our children and teaching them -before they left the nest -how to look after them and make them happy.The two boys ( Ollie and Star) had the best of starts and are wonderful pets- thank you. Boys- are now almost grown and the ber

5 From Sarah on

Sue is just incredible with the animals in her care. Strongly recommend using Sue if you are in need of a animal sitter. 10/10!!

5 From Jennie Hunt on

Sue's experience is priceless for looking after your pets. She has very able people to help too so animals get routinely checked, beautifully fed, and lots of playtime. Garden is lovely and safe. Housing is first class and warm. Best of all maybe is her enthusiasm for caring to ensure they have a wonderful time. Highly recommended Sheila Emsworth

5 From Sheila on

What an amazing place! I was apprehensive about leaving my bunnies, GP's and hamster anywhere but from the moment I arrived I knew that Sue at Swifts was the right choice. She genuinely really cares about the animals and her facilities are beautiful. I had regular updates and some pics and felt a bit guilty taking my bunnies away in the end as they looked so happy!! I cannot recommend Swifts enough and will most definitely be using them again. Thank you

5 From Laura King on

Our 2 bunnies Buster and Barley have stayed with Sue twice before and have got their third holiday to look forward to! We were very impressed with Sue's brilliant care and the way she made us feel at ease about leaving our rabbits. Sue has great facilities and even tried to bond our rabbits whilst they were with her. Sue is very passionate about her job and we would defintley recommend her services!

5 From Emma Russell on

We have been customers here for 7 years and watched Sue's business grow and flourish. This is due to her nurturing personality and also a determination to give each animal the best care she can. She has a beautiful home and garden with facilities that are carefully thought out, well maintained, clean, warm and cosy. She has a very natural way, open and gentle. Animals respond to her enthusiasm and affection, settle in very easily in a comfortable relaxed atmosphere. It's clear from being there and chatting that that time and effort is put into every animals holiday. She is lovely with young children , delighted to show them the baby guinea pigs she loves so much. This review is long overdue and thanks from us and the bunnies (bunny and Izzy)for good holiday times. Sue and David

5 From Sue and David on

Sue has been taking care of Taz our bunny for some years now and obviously loves the animals coming to stay! The accomodation and surroundings at Swifts is pet comfortable, roomy and homely and the garden perfect in providing exercise and fun. Although Taz is normally a house bunny he gets the opportunity to enjoy the outside world too. With adult members of her family and now Sam involved in the care,Taz get lots of one on one attention. Above all it is Sue's genuine kindness and fondness for all animals that reassured us this was a good place for Taz. Over the last 2 years We have asked for a bunny pick up service which is something that helps us a lot just before going away. Many thanks Sue

5 From Sarah Eveson on

If you are looking for somewhere to leave your small pet while you are away, look no further. Sue is a lovely lady who obviously adores animals and she will give your pet all the love and care that you do. Sue invited me to view her facilities before I left my two guinea pigs, Thom and Alby, while I was away. I was particularly concerned that they would not be cold as they are 'indoor' piggies and was very pleased with the accommodation provided. The boys had a lovely big cage and had lots of love and cuddles. When I collected them they were happy and clean and had clearly been well looked after. Sue has also bathed and groomed them for me and they not only smell gorgeous but are calm and unstressed so obviously enjoyed the experience. I will definitely be leaving my boys with Sue every time I go away in the future.

5 From Val Godfroy on

We are 2 guinea pigs and our family have asked Sue to look after us 5 or more times now. Our family love the way Sue looks after us, with large runs outside, cuddles, a cosy warm clean hutch and the odd treat here and there! In fact our family think we might have a better hotel than they do sometimes! They are pleased that we always go home happy and healthy and they can relax because they know we are being really well looked after.

5 From George and Brian on

Our pets happiness is the main focus of Swifts and the love of all animals is clear. It is clean and cosy, and Sue is kind calm and caring and the animals respond well to this. Toffee and Treacle love the garden which is a wonderful playground, and they can express their rabbity ways. After a bunny separation due to some surgery, Sue spent time coaxing them back together during the summer and they are back to living in relative harmony!!

5 From Scott and Ellie on

We have 'holidayed' our rabbits for many years at Swifts Small Pet Boarding. We want them to have the love and attention and care we show them every day. So, we make certain Sue's available when we are anticipating a holiday. There's nothing this lady doesn't know about caring for rabbits, she really is a gem. Indeed our rabbit (Ollie) has just returned from 10 days with Sue and has written to following poem (to the tune of 'if you go down to the woods today'); For all rabbits coming to stay at Sue's, They'll certainly be surprised, For all rabbits coming to stay at Sue's, They'll hardly believe their eyes. Cos' all the attention they'll ever need, From grooming, to cuddles, to loving, to feed, Is all to be found at Swifts Small Pet Boarding in Highfield. There's lots of garden to roam and have fun, And it's very secure so you can play, you can run, You'll have no regrets if you holiday at Swifts Small Pet Boarding. It's no wonder they have such good reviews, They're kind, loving and friendly down here at Sue's, You really must insist you holiday at Swifts Pet Boarding.

5 From Cameron Cashmore on

We have now left our rabbit Sweep with Sue who runs Swifts on 2 occasions so far, and it is the only boarding facility we will use now. Sue is such a lovely lady who so obviously loves her job _ and the animals in her care. It is like leaving your pet with a neighbour, you just know you are leaving them in the best of hands. We cannot praise sue highly enough and if you are in any doubt about where to leave your pet, give Swifts a go - you will not regret it.

5 From Ken Poate on

very pleased with the hospitality shown to my two LARGE male tortoises, they were very happy and I was able to go on holiday and not worry , sorry about your flowers Sue but they eat for England.

5 From nicky hooper on

Sue offers the best care you could hope for, I left my hamster with her for a week and he got so much care an attention I will never go anywhere else! 100% recommendation

5 From Marina on

Unusually I am leaving this comment having only just dropped my two rabbits off today but that's because Sue at Swifts has impressed me so much already. One of our rabbits got a leg injury two weeks before we needed to board them, I spoke to Sue and she was still more than happy to have them even though they needed to be kept separated and give the injured rabbit her meds and tend to her wound meaning we could still take our little girl on the family holiday we promised her. Sue is truly brilliant and I am sure Flopsy and Mopsy will have a wonderful time and get the absolute best of care.

5 From Julie Aris on

Warm friendly environment, emphasis on your pets happiness, lovely garden, a gem.

5 From Sarah on

Sue has looked after my small parrot twice now. He has taken quite a shine to Sue and really seemed to enjoy going back there. He appreciates all the attention she gives him and I am delighted to have found such a nice place for him to go on holiday.

5 From Roddy on

I first left my guinea pig (Luffy) in Sue's care in 2012 December. It was my first time boarding my guinea pig due to my vacation time. Not to forget I was very nervous because Luffy is my baby. But Sue took so much care of him! She's magnificent in what she does and she knows what she does. I left Luffy there for almost a month without any problem. And Luffy was really happy and fine when I went to get him back. Sue took care of Luffy like she would with one of her own. So without second-thought when I got my vacation last December (2013) I left my guinea pig in Sue's care for more than 2 weeks once again. I knew Luffy will be completely safe and happy with Sue. I highly recommend this pet boarding service if anybody's looking for somewhere to board their pet for a while. It's a great and an awesome place with so much love.

5 From Deshanie on

We have a bunny and 3 guineas and was recommended by a close friend to use Swifts holiday boarding. Sue has a lovely caring way with the animals and is an expert at her job. The guineas had a shampoo and trim, there coat looked fab and felt so soft. Our bunny Biscuits helped Sue with her gardening and had a wonderful time, thank you from Sarah

5 From Sarah and John Evans on

Great place. Really looked after our Guinea Pigs Jumpy and Cuddly. Thanks Sue. See you again soon.

5 From pallot family on

I have boarded my two guinea pigs with Sue at Swift Pets for the past 3 years and I know they are really well cared for and are always calm and happy when I pick them up. Sue aways meets the requirements for each pet and provides them with the best quality food and bedding. My guinea's are "old ladies" now but I have no worries when I leave them with Sue as she has great knowledge and understanding of their particular needs. I would have no hesitation in recommending Swift Pets to anyone wanting peace of mind whilst on holiday!

From Cathy on

Have left our African Pygmy Hedgehog with Sue on 2 occasions and has been such a relief to be able to go away and know he is in safe hands. Very kind and professional!!

5 From Maria on

I boarded my two rabbits with Swifts back in September, I was extremely pleased with the care they received from Sue. It's good to go away with no worries about whether they will ok. Would strongly recommend to anyone with small pets.

From . on

We use Swifts boarding for our 2 rabbits. Sue clearly loves all of the animals and wants them to be happy and settled. They are allowed out in a secure garden rather than being solely confined to a hutch and Sue has administered daily antibiotics and twice daily cream to one of my rabbits when she fell ill the day we were due to go away. I would recommend swifts for any small animals.

5 From Claire Monk on

We cannot speak highly enough of Swifts. We had previously boarded our guinea pigs with friends or relatives, and then worried about them throughout the holiday. At Swifts, we knew that they could not be in a better environment, and enjoyed our holiday more as a result.

5 From Andy + Alli on

Having boarded my hamster last Christmas and planning to board this Halloween, I can definitely say that swifts boarding is the only one I will use. Sue is so warm and dedicated to providing the best care for the animals in boarding that it's almost a home from home for them. If you have need of boarding your furbaby, Sue's animal boarding is the only place I would recommend.

5 From Jessica on

I had to go away on an unexpected job this weekend and needed to urgently board my lovebird. I found Swifts through this website and booked him in. Sue is one of the most pleasant people I have ever spoken to and her level of care was incredible. She has a genuine love for all animals and I would definitely use her again without a doubt.

5 From Jamie Payne on

I first contacted Swifts to look after our ducks and feed and walk our dog when we were away for a couple of days. They were incredibly accommodating to our needs and their care exemplary. They now walk our dog weekly and we are very happy with their service - as is our dog!

5 From Jen on

I have always been very careful when searching a holiday home for my house rabbit, it's important he has plenty of exercise, attention and care. From the moment I dropped him off I knew you couldn't find a more caring environment. It's cuddles from the moment he arrives and leaves, nothing is too much, eye drops to special diet. The stories of him roaming the garden, marking the various things there and sitting in the flower bed, it's wonderful to hear stories of him behaving just as he does at home, king of the castle is wonderful! He used to arrive home and sulk/ ignore me for several days now he's happy, I am so pleased to have found this boarding gem. There is nothing more important that my Porridge has just a good a time as I do on holiday, strongly recommend if you care as much for your pet as I do!!!

5 From Jane Zak (Porridge) on

My wife and I first discovered Swifts last year when needed somewhere for our Guineas to stay whilst we were on holiday. We were immediately impressed by both the facilities at Swifts and Sue's interest in and love of the animals she was looking after. Our Guineas settled in really quickly, and on our return from holiday we could see that they had been extremely well cared for, and were, very happy under Sue's care. We recently contacted Sue as we were looking for a companion (or two) for one of our Guineas who had lost his friend due to short illness. Sue was able to supply us with two beautiful Boars, Sue was also able to advise us on how we would best go about introduce our (older Boar Dave) to the two newbies. Hr advice was sound and they are all living happily together now!. We are in no doubt what so ever that we WILL be regular user's of Swifts services in the future. Sue is obviously very knowledgeable about the animals that she looks after, and this is evidenced by the well looked after and happy animals we have seen at Swifts when we have been there. Swifts provide an excellent personalised service that has yet to meet its match.

From Sean Stewart on

I am so pleased that two friends independently recommended Swift Pets to us. It is obvious from the moment you speak to her that Sue not only loves the animals she looks after, but is also very knowledgeable. As a fairly new owner I have relied on Sue's advice on looking after our guinea pigs Inky & Pixie. Aside from all the things you would hope for like a lovely environment, good food etc, one of the things that impressed me was that Sue took the time to talk to my daughters about Inky & Pixie, so they too were very happy to leave their beloved pets in her capable hands.

From Rachel on

Sue is commitment to giving the best care and accommodation for your pet. She has boarded our guinea pigs twice and we highly recommend her services. She has many years of experience with small animals and knows how to care for them.

From Lianne on

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