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43 Miller Drive
PO16 7LY

Web: http://pet-boarding-fareham.co.uk

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About our Small Pet Boarding

We board: RabbitsGuinea Pigs

Due to a family bereavement I am taking a break from pet boarding. I'm sorry for any inconvenience caused Thank you for your understanding.

Thank you to all my customers new and existing for your continued support, throughout the last few years (aswell as before that). I really appreciate the continued custom and understanding with all the rules I have needed to put in place. It has been lovely to see existing customers come back with their little ones, I have missed seeing you all. It has also been lovely to welcome new customers and their rabbits, guinea pigs and tortoises.

Thank you to new customers, who haven't been able to come down to see where their little ones will be staying. I know that must be hard but appreciate the trust you put in me to look after your little ones. I know what a big deal it can be.

I hope to see you all in the not too distant future.

There will be some new rules in place for new and existing customers. Please look at my Covid 19 conditions (on other services furthur down the page or on my main website). Unfortunately, I will not be able to have any customers come for viewings or to bring their pet/s down to their holiday accommodation.
I hope to welcome new customers, and they are more then welcome to book with me. However a non refundable deposit would still be needed in this case.

You can look on my boarding photos page (on my main website or on the photos here) which shows the garden area with runs, and the night time sheds, with hutches.  I hope you can understand but at the present time it would not be possible.

Thank you for your understanding and patience. I hope to see you soon.

Please note: I do not offer boarding over Christmas and New year. This is between the 24th of December and the 2nd of January. So latest collection before Christmas will need to be by the 23rd of December and boarding will commence on the 3rd of January.

Please also refer to open hours information (or my prices page on my other website) where I have listed dates where I am available for boarding but am closed for the day. So if you were looking to bring or collect on these dates you would need to adjust to either the day before or the day after.

I offer pet boarding for small animals (rabbits, guinea pigs and tortoises) for holidays in Fareham, Hampshire.

I have had many years of personal experience looking after rabbits, guinea pigs and tortoises.

I have looked after rabbits, (long haired and short), guinea pigs,(long haired and short) and tortoises, as part of my boarding service.
I can only offer boarding to certain breeds of tortoises, these include: Herman's, Horsefield, European spur, marginated tortoises.

Unfortunately I am no longer able to offer spaces for tortoise tables or vivariums. I can only offer spaces for small boxes (cardboard or plastic). And cannot take boxes with sand/soil. This will be what your tortoise/s will sleep in at night, so does not need to be big enough to walk around in as they will only sleep in this.

I have fold up fabric playpens which I can use in the house for tortoises on days when it is not warm enough for them to go in their outdoor runs. Just like the outside runs your tortoise will be assigned their own inside run area for their stay, so not to cross contaminate. All fabric runs will be thoroughly washed and disinfected between stays, just like the outdoor run areas. These will be used on colder days during the spring/summer and the winter. You will need to bring your tortoises lights with a clamp or stand for me to use during their stay, especially a stay during autumn or winter.


- Accommodation is fully enclosed in a well ventilated shed.
- Hutches and accommodation are protected from bad weather.
-Both sheds are locked securely every night to ensure the safety of all animals in our care. All windows are shut.
- Hutches are all covered with blankets at night, so that all animals feel safe and secure.
- Any animals who live together will not be separated, we understand how important it is to keep companion animals together. They will stay in the same hutch together. They will also play in the same run together during the day.
- Animals who are not from the same family/live together will not be put together under any circumstances, this can lead to aggression, fighting, and passing of disease. This includes tortoises who do not know each other.
-Sometimes tortoises from the same family will either need to be separated or put in separate runs from the start of their stay. This can be due to aggression, which can lead to injury or distress to the tortoise/s.
- Depending on weather conditions, all animals are exercised daily in runs on an outside area.
- In the event of rain, animals runs are covered over with waterproof sheeting, so guests can continue to enjoy the outside but stay dry. If the rain becomes torrential then I would get everybody in to the warmth of their hutches.
- All animals have daily interaction and handling.
- Any fruit and vegetables are provided by us on a daily basis depending on your pets' personal requirements.
- I am located about 15 minutes from a local veterinary practice with which we are registered.
- Any food such as hay, vegetables and pellets are given daily as requested by you.
We are very aware of the dangers of overheating for any animal, big or small, so all animals will go out first thing in the morning, into their runs to ensure they do not overheat(in the summer).

They will all have fresh water changed daily (and topped up during the day if needed) and fresh hay given at least twice daily.

You will need to provide enough hay, bedding and dry food for your rabbit/s or guinea pig/s stay.


- Animals are allocated spacious housing and a run, which are used exclusively by the individual animals.
- All runs and hutches/cages are thoroughly cleaned during their visit aswell as after every visit to prevent the spread of infection. All hutches are sprayed with a pet friendly pet disinfectant between use.
Guinea pigs, rabbits and tortoises will go in the garden in a run all day everyday, where they will beable to have access to hay, water and toys.

In the case of bad weather such as rain, unless you are not happy with them being out in the rain, we can cover their runs with waterproof sheeting where they can still enjoy the outside facilities without getting wet. If torrential rain occurs animals will be put back into the warmth of their hutch. All animals will be back in the safety of their hutches before it gets dark (all year round).

Health & Hygiene:

(R(V)HD) and (VHD2)

Please note: Without proof of up to date Vaccinations (yearly combi vaccine) and (VHD2) your rabbits will not be able to board with us. It is not worth the risk of illness or even death, if there was to be an out break. Even if your rabbit/s are house rabbits and do not go outside they can still catch VHD1 or myxomatosis, and VHD2. If you arrive without proof of your rabbits combination vaccination (Myxi and VHD2) and VHD2 being up to date, I will have to turn you away. This is even in the event of a non refundable deposit being paid.


This is another strain of VHD going around. This is not covered by the yearly combination vaccination. You need to leave at least 2 weeks between getting your rabbit vaccinated for the yearly combination vaccination and the new VHD2 vaccination. All rabbits who stay here need to be vaccinated for this aswell, and as with the other vaccination I need to see proof that it is in date for the whole stay in the form of a vaccination certificate/s.


There are now vets who are offering a new 3 in one vaccine. So this would be the myxi, Vhd1 and vhd2 in one yearly vaccine. This is called the NOBIVAC MYXO-RHD PLUS. Please check with your vet first as to if it is available at your vet.

Any rabbit who is not up to date with all vaccinations, where no proof of vaccinations being up to date (and it is in date for the whole stay) has been shown, will be turned away.

-Rabbits need to have vaccinations up to date, both
myxomatosis and VHD(yearly combi vaccine) and the VHD2. You will need to bring their vaccination certificate/s when you bring your rabbit/s to stay.
- Water bottles, bowls, litter trays & toys are cleaned on a daily basis.
- Hutches and cages are cleaned on a regular basis.
-If you're pet/s need any kind of medication you will need to let us know before your pets stay, and give me details of how much how often the medication is needed. Any pre existing medication/medical issues I will need to know about and agree to before a booking is confirmed.
-If we need to take your pet to the vet we will take them to our local vet, which is located 15 minuits down the road.
I will email the agreement forms for you to read. By booking with me you are agreeing to the conditions and agreements.
If you do not have an email you will need to sign the conditions and agreement forms instead.

Small Pet Boarding Prices

Pricing is per day regardless of when you bring or pick up, and boarding is a minimum of 1 nights stay (2 days). I do not have the set up to offer day care.

- Rabbits: £5.00 per day per single rabbit or £7.00 for two rabbits per day (where 2 rabbits are sharing a hutch)
- Guinea Pigs: £5.00 per day per single guinea pig or £7.00 for two guinea pigs per day (where they are sharing a hutch).
- Tortoises £5.50 per tortoise per day (in own small box, plastic or cardboard)

Payment is to be made in cash (put in envelope on arrival) or bank transfer (in advance of stay). If this is your pets first stay with us, you will be required to pay a non refundable deposit. Until this is paid a space has not been secured for you. Unfortunately I will not be able to offer viewings for the time being, and dropping off and collection will be on the doorstep with social distancing rules in place (please see my main website for further details or further down the page for covid conditions).

If for any reason you need to cancel then please let me know beforehand (as soon as you know) as I may have to turn somebody else away who was looking for the same or similar dates to you.

If you have paid a non refundable deposit and need to cancel this is non refundable, no matter what the reason, how long ago the booking was made, or how long before the boarding was due to take place.

For more information on pricing or anything else you would like to ask please visit my website, e-mail or phone me and I will get back to you. Please visit my website for the full conditions of stay.

Other Services

Aswell as the lovely reviews on find pet boarding, you can also look at my website where there are many lovely recommendations from people who have already used my services.

There are also more photos of my guests, and more photos of the garden area and guests accommodation.

We can groom your pets fur and bath them if requested by you, you would need to bring any pet shampoo for us to use on them.
Please make sure your pets claws are trimmed before their stay with us.

I can send you photos of your pet while you are on holiday, whether you have access to your email or not you will be able to see the photos when you arrive back from your holiday. This is at no extra cost.

If you do not have an e-mail and have a mobile, I can
text you to let you know how your pets are doing.

Covid 19 Conditions:

Due to the current situation these conditions apply to all customers:

Unfortunately due to the current situation I will not be able to offer viewings for new customers, for the time being. However I do have photos on the website of all the facilities available to all guests. This includes the garden area with runs, for rabbits, guinea pigs and tortoises, and the guest sheds with night time hutches.
All bookings will be drop off and collection at the doorstep only.
• All customers must wear a mask at all times.
• Social distancing must be adhered to at all times. This means a distance of 2 meters minimum will need to be maintained from the front door at all times.
• All animals must be in a clean and secure carrier when dropping off. I will keep the carrier here during their stay. This will make pick ups more straight forward.
• You will put your pets carrier/s and all other items (bedding, hay, food etc) on the door step then step back at least 2 meters, before I will open the door.
• Vaccination certificates will need to be placed on top of the carrier for me to see (in the event of vaccinations needing to be seen). You will then need to stand back for me to pick them up to see them.
• If payment is to be made in cash then it needs to be put in an envelope and placed on top of the carrier.
• One adult only to drop off or pick up. Any additional adults or children will need to wait in your vehicle. If this is not possible they need to stand behind you.
• If there is already a customer at the door, please wait patiently in your vehicle until I indicate you can come down (I need to settle guest/s in and wash my hands etc).
• Please insure you keep away from all other visitors to our house at all times.

I’m sure that everybody will adhere to the social distancing rules, but for everyone’s safety anybody who does not adhere to the rules will be asked to leave. Any deposits already paid will not be refunded.

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Reviews from Our Guests

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We can't thank Julia enough for looking after our little bunnies whilst we were on holiday for 10 days. From the first contact it felt like we'd known Julia years, she showed such a genuine interest and care for Jackie and Marshmallow. We loved the photos and email updates whilst away and it certainly made our daughters days seeing the pictures and reading about what the rabbits were getting up to. We would 100% use Julia again and recommend her without hesitation! Thank you once again Julia! X

5 From Debbie on

We have taken our tortoise to Julia a few times now. He has the best care and we enjoy our Holiday more knowing Julia is looking after him. Julia kindly sends us emails and photos of his ‘holiday ‘ which we love receiving. Would recommend highly.

5 From Broken on

Fantastic pet boarding would definitely recommend. Julia took great care of our Rabbits for 10days. Excellent service. Amazing. Thanks so much.

5 From Clare Smith on

Boarders Response:Thank you so much Clare. I really enjoyed looking after the bunnies. They were such brilliant guests. I hope to see you again soon. Thanks again. X

Boarded my Hermann's tortoise for the first time with Julia. I wish I had found her two years ago rather than taking a chance on a pet shop. Julia cared for my tortoise as if she were her own. Great care taken only to feed the weeds I'd specified. Julia bathed my tortoise daily, sleeping arrangements were secure and outside pens looked lovely from the wonderful photos Julia emailed me, so no worries about my tortoise at all. All these details are a big deal for tortoise owners and knowing that someone knowledgeable and caring is looking after them allows you to enjoy your trip away with no stress or worry. Thank you Julia x

5 From Nancy Brace on

Boarders Response:Thank you so much Nancy. I really enjoyed looking after Egg while you were away. I look forward to seeing you again. Take care. x

Left my two piggies with Julia for a long weekend. Only had them for 3 weeks so obviously very nervous about leaving them so soon. Julia is so friendly and caring I instantly felt at ease as soon as I met her and viewed the boarding. My piggies ‘Pigster and Trev' were extremely well looked after. I had email photos and updates while I was away which was so relieving. I have already booked the boys in for next year while we are away. Would definitely recommend Julia, already have to all my friends and family. Thank you Julia for everything x

5 From Tanya on

Boarders Response:Thank you Tanya. I hope to see you and the piggies again soon. x

So happy we found Julia to take care of our rabbits Miko and Mila, as rabbits are a lot more complex than people think I was not prepared to leave them with a friend while we went on holiday so was delighted to find a local home from home for them! Julia's really friendly and knowledgeable in her communication and can tell she has a love of animals. She's excellent at keeping in touch when you are away and it's so nice recieveing updates and photos! We will be sure to book our bunnies to stay with Julia when we go on holiday again.

5 From Jess on

Boarders Response:Thank you Jess. I am happy you are pleased with the care the bunnies received. I enjoyed seeing them relaxing in the garden each day. I look forward to seeing you all again next time. Take care. Xx

Julia has looked after my three tortoises twice since Covid restrictions lifted and firstly I have to say, Julia's Covid procedures are second to none! Prior to booking in my tortoises, I was extremely nervous about leaving them with anyone, but Julia reassured me on every level, from preparation and explanation through to her amazing care and attention. She took time to understand their specific needs as individuals, sent me pictures during their stay and gave me a detailed update upon collection. I have complete trust in Julia, knowing that she'll care for my tortoises with complete dedication.

5 From Ally on

Boarders Response:Hi Ally, Thank you so much for the lovely review. I really enjoy looking after the gang and seeing them enjoying the garden each day. I'm glad you are happy with the care and service received, covid rules etc. I look forward to welcoming you all back again. X

We left our rabbit Niknak for the first time with Julia we were really anxious about leaving him with someone else as he is my sons best friend and lives indoors with us. I don't know why we were worried he was cared for so well we got pictures of him why he was there which my son loved. You can tell that the animals are priority and well cared for as well as being safe secure with plenty of space. we have already booked him back in for our next stay away and would recommend.

5 From Shelley on

Boarders Response:Thank you for your lovely review Shelley. I really enjoyed looking after Niknak. I look forward to his next stay. Take care.

We've left our bunny with Julia multiple times. She has always been very nice to us and happy to answer any of our questions. She's extremely good care, nice and responsable with Trufi. We always feel he is in good hands when we leave him. She also likes to send us pictures while he's there, which I really appreciate cause I like to see how he's doing. I truly recommend her services.

5 From Andrea Taboada on

Boarders Response:Thank you so much for the lovely review Andrea. I really appreciate it. I enjoy having Trufi come for his holidays. I look forward to seeing you soon. Take care. X

Left my two piggies with Julia for a long weekend. Only had them for 3 weeks so obviously very nervous about leaving them so soon. Julia is so friendly and caring I instantly felt at ease as soon as I met her and viewed the boarding. My piggies ‘Pigster and Trev' were extremely well looked after. I had email photos and updates while I was away which was so relieving. I have already booked the boys in for next year while we are away. Would definitely recommend Julia, already have to all my friends and family. Thank you Julia for everything x

5 From Tanya on

Boarders Response:Hi Tanya, Thank you so much for taking the time to leave such a lovely review for me. I really enjoyed looking after Trev and Pigster for you. I am glad you are happy with everything. They are lovely boys. I look forward to seeing you all next year. Julia xx.

I contacted Julia to enquire about my tortoises Botsworth and Hoardsley having a 1 week stay at Dalarna Lodge over the summer. I have never left my tortoises in the care of anyone outside of my family before and had lots of worries about leaving them. However, from the outset Julia was so understanding and helped to ease my concerns - Julia and I spoke lots in the weeks leading up to the tortoises' stay, she replied to all of my emails really quickly, answered all of my questions in detail and reassured me. In particular, Julia was happy to describe her disinfecting practices to me as cross contamination between tortoises was one of my biggest worries. When dropping the tortoises off at Dalarna Lodge, I felt comfortable leaving my tortoises with Julia - she was kind and caring and it was clear that she loved tortoises just as much as me! Julia wanted the tortoises to feel as at home as possible, and so she let me set up the tortoises outdoor runs in a way that replicated their set up at home as much as possible - I really appreciated this. During the tortoises stay Julia sent me daily email updates which was great. I also received a mid week photo update - lots of lovely photos of the tortoises enjoying their holiday! During the days the tortoises spent most of the time outside in their runs (weather permitting) and they were bought inside, into the safe and warm at night. I am pleased with Julia's services and will definitely book my tortoises in for another stay. Thank you!

5 From Evie on

Boarders Response:Thank you so much Evie. I very much enjoyed looking after Hoardsley and Botsworth for you. I'm happy you are happy with the service and care yourself and the tortoises received. I hope to see you again soon.

From the first moment I communicated with Julia, I was confident that max and ruby ( pet rabbits ) would be well looked after whilst we were in holiday. The booking process was simple and she installed me with confidence. During our holiday we were updated with pictures which was a really nice touch. I would highly recommend using her service, leaving you to relax whilst on holiday knowing your family pet will be looked after.

5 From Gary on

Boarders Response:Thank you Gary. I'm happy you are happy with the service and care yourself and the bunnie's received. Enjoy the rest of your Summer.

Julia looked after our guinea pig whilst we were on holiday, she immediately put me at ease from when i first met her and viewed where she would be boarded. We had pictures and updates on holiday which my daughters especially loved. Julia is lovely and took great care of our girl, we couldn't be more grateful. I wouldn't hesitate recommending her to anyone who is looking for someone to look after their beloved pets.

5 From Kamini on

Boarders Response:Hi Kamini, Thank you for the lovely review. Thank you for bringing Merida for her holiday. I hope to see yourself and the family again soon.

This was the first time we have gone away since we had our piggies (5 of them at the moment, in two sets) so we were nervous at first. As soon as we met Julia and saw her pet hotel, we were at ease though - Julia really knows what she's doing and you can tell she cares a lot for the animals in her care. The photos and updates we were sent over our holiday were amazing too - the piggies definitely enjoyed their break as much as we enjoyed ours! Will 100% be coming back to Julia next time we have a trip away - thank you!

5 From Andy on

Boarders Response:Hi Andy, Thank you to you both for bringing the piggies to stay. I am glad you were happy with the service and care you and the little ones received. I am glad you would be happy to bring the boys to stay again. I would be more happy to look after them for you again. That's great you had an enjoyable holiday. Take care.

Cannot recommend Julia's Dalarna Lodge highly enough! Julia is so friendly and helpful and clearly loves animals. Our rabbit Joey had a lovely time there this summer when we went on holiday and was very well looked after. We received a lovely email from Julia whilst we were away keeping us informed as to how Joey was and what he had been doing, accompanied with lots of photos of him, which was very reassuring and a lovely touch. She even checked in with us after we took him home to see if he had settled back at home ok. Would definitely use again and would recommend to everyone.

5 From Louise Hitchcock on

Boarders Response:Thank you Louise. I am.glad you are happy with the care Joey received and the service you received. I hope to see you all again soon. Take care.

This has been Bunny Fluff's second visit to Julia's 'small animal hotel'. Once more, he has had first class care. Well fed, and his favourite greens and fruit every day. He has had daily attention, which he enjoyed, as he is a very friendly and sociable rabbit. No hesitation at all in recommending Julia to care for your rabbits or guinea pigs. A home from home. The photographs of your pets Julia sends to you whilst you are away is a bonus. You can see for yourselves how happy and relaxed your pets are. A nice touch. Thank you again Julia.

5 From June on

Boarders Response:Thank you for your lovely review. It was lovely to see you all again. I hope to see you again in the near future.

So pleased Julia looked after BunnyFluff whilst we were away. He had his own food which he was used to eating, and Julia made sure he was offered his favourite fruit and vegetables every day, just as he would at home. All pets in Julia's care have their wellbeing as her priority. Lots of paperwork to begin with, so she knows everything about them and their likes and dislikes. My grandchildren loved the photographs of him enjoying his holiday. Thank you Julia for such a thoughtful touch and for taking such good care of a much loved pet.

5 From June on

Boarders Response:Thank you for bringing Bunny Fluff to stay. A lovely owner and rabbit. I hope to see you again soon. Take care. X.

If you're in any way nervous of leaving your precious pets with a stranger then worry no longer with Julia. From the moment i made the enquiry she was very reassuring and understanding about any concerns and worries you may have. She allowed me to have a look at where the rabbits would stay and asked lots of useful questions for her records. She was very quick at responding to emails and during the actual stay I couldn't of asked for more. She kept in touch and sent lovely photos of my rabbits to show how they had settled in. She made sure they had the food and comforts they were used to which all helped with me feeling at ease. When I collected them they were sunning themselves in the run and fully relaxed. It was great to see how many other happy bunnies and guinea pigs there were too. Would not hesitate to recommend.

4 From Helen Willis on

Dear Julia, We want to thank you for the excellent care you provided for Dexter. He has always been happy with you and got to know you so well. Your care and attention is clearly visible as he always returns to us content, calm and well looked after. Thank you for bailing us out when we needed you at short notice and all the lovely photos. We recommend you highly to anyone looking for someone to care for and love their pet, like they do. Thanks for the information about the new VHD vaccine...you got to us before the Vet !!😊 Best wishes Pam and Barry Cullen

5 From Pam and Barry Cullen on

We highly recommend Julia's pet boarding! Julia is meticulous in checking all of the little details including times for daily feeds and vaccination records and makes sure that your pet's daily routine is disrupted as little as possible. We loved receiving photos and an update of how our rabbits were getting on while we were on holiday. Our bunnies were treated to a whole variety of fresh veggies each day and they enjoyed spending all day in the runs. Julia is really knowledgeable and her passion and enthusiasm for taking care of her guests shines through every time we visit. We have always felt that our pets are in safe hands with Julia and our rabbits have always been content and relaxed when we returned to pick them up. Thank you very much Julia!

5 From Keri and George Blanchard on

Thanks for looking after our two tortoises Mikey and Leo whilst we enjoyed our holiday. Tortoises can be a little tricky to care for and I was put at ease immediately knowing Julia had tortoises of her own. I was pleased to know that they spent the days outside in a safe and enclosed run and were then put back in the house at night safe and warm. We really appreciated the mid week update and photos, my son wasn't expecting this and he loved seeing them enjoying their holiday too. Many thanks again, we'll be in touch for the next holiday.

From Shakira Hiron on

Thank you Julia for taking such good care of my daughter's rabbit, Pancakes, while we were on holiday. I was very impressed with the "admin" before our holiday, all very thorough and organised. The night hutches were clean and spacious as were the day runs. We loved receiving the email and photos midweek showing us how settled and happy Pancakes was with her holiday accommodation. Anyone looking for small pet boarding need look no further - Julia comes highly recommended.

5 From Jackie on

Beyond impressed with the service Julia provided for my bun, Ramona. This was the first time we had left her with non-family members so we were naturally a little bit anxious, but all of our questions were answered and Julia accommodated to her needs brilliantly. Ramona is partially sighted and is usually kept indoors, and the space that is set up for the rabbits at night is perfectly sheltered, safe and warm. When we picked Ramona up after our holiday, she came home very relaxed and happy, and we even discovered she had a new favourite toy thanks to her stay (we immediately purchased a cat tunnel for her). We would definitely bring her back again if and when we next go away. Thank you Julia, and thank you for the dorkiest picture ever of my bunny - we love this!

5 From Jessi Hill on

Our precious bunnies Holly and Rowan and degus Tucah and Ricah had a wonderful holiday with Julia and we will definitely be booking up with her again. Julia is very friendly, organised and knowledgeable and while we were away she kept us informed with emails and photos as to how they were all doing. This was particularly reassuring as one of our bunnies is prone to colic and needed extra monitoring and potentially special care. The accommodation for rabbits is ideal with spacious indoor hutches and outdoor covered runs. Highly recommended!

5 From Krys Bailey on

Thank you very much for looking after my 2 guinea pigs tuff-t and jerry they clearly where very well looked after and I was very happy receiving the photos of them while in your care

5 From Poppy on



Just want to say a big thank you to Julia for taking such good care of our 2 long haired guinea pigs Itchy and Scratchy over the summer. Julia was very welcoming and was happy to show us around the accommodation that our guinea pigs would be staying in. All the hutches were very clean and all the animals had large runs to play in and were clearly very happy. Julia was very professional and asked lots of questions about how we wanted our guinea pigs to be looked after and their individual needs. Having our guinea pigs boarding with Julia just took all the hassle out of going away. In previous years I have asked friends to look after them, but after having to go through all the aggravation of moving the hutch, run etc on the day before going away I realised this year that just dropping them off at Julia’s where she had excellent accommodation already waiting for them, was a far better option – she even emailed photos to us of the guinea pigs whilst we were away! We will definitely be using Julia again for subsequent holidays and would recommend her to anyone. Thanks again Julia.

5 From H Barnes on

Just to say a huge thank you for looking after Spike, Sooty and Sweep for the last 2 weeks. They have come home looking fantastic and well cared for as usual and very happy. I would highly recommend you to anyone looking for someonre to care for their pets whilst they are away. Thanks again Julia and see you next time x x

5 From Mandy Edwards on

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Note: Map only shows approximate location.


I am located on Miller Drive in Fareham, near Fareham leisure centre and the park.

Open Hours

Due to a family bereavement I am taking a break from pet boarding. Sorry for any inconvenience caused. Thank you for your understanding.

Opening times are:

Monday - Friday:

9.00am until 6.30pm.

Saturday and Sunday

9.00am - 12.00 (closed) open again: 3pm - 6.30pm.

There are a few days where I will be closed for bringing and collecting but will be able to have guests to stay during these dates, as below:

-Saturday the 22nd of January 2022
-Friday the 4th of March 2022
-Sunday the 27th of March 2022
-Sunday the 17th of April 2022 (Easter Sunday)
-Tuesday the 7th of June 2022
-Sunday the 19th of June 2022
-Tuesday the 13th of December 2022

I do not take boarder's over Christmas and New year (24th December 2021 - 2nd January 2022) so please wait until the new year to contact me (3rd of January 2022). As with the other dates I will not be available to reply to emails or phone messages over Christmas and New year. Thank you for your understanding and patience.

Please bear in mind the above dates when contacting me, as I will not be available on these days (This means I will not be available to reply to emails or phone messages on these days, aswell as bringing or collection which will not be available on these days). Please contact me on the days when I am not closed. As you can appreciate family time is precious.

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