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About our Small Pet Boarding

We board: RabbitsGuinea PigsBirdsReptilesHamsters, Mice etc.

Home-Stay established June 1999. Very experienced in the care of Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, Hamsters, Mice, Birds, Chickens, Ducks, Tortoises and Terrapins.
Hutches/cages are cleaned daily (twice daily for more than 1 pet per hutch); dogs too, I have 4 of my own! Washed fresh fruit and veg provided daily. Fresh water and dry food given daily. All food given according to your guidelines.


Rabbits and Guinea Pigs are housed in large hutches, some of which have safe and secure runs attached. The hutches convert from single to double or treble hutches, depending on how many you keep together at home. Birds and hamsters inside with me. Also indoor cages available for rabbits and Guinea pigs


Runs are covered and attached to hutches, and, being off ground and bolted to hutches are 100% secure from predators. Approximately 4' * 2' and the rabbit/guinea pig is free to jump from hutch to run and vice versa, giving almost 4' square space.

Health & Hygiene:

Vaccination certificates are required, to ensure the safety and well-being of all visitors. You will be asked to sign a form giving your consent for us to take your pet to the vet on your behalf, if we consider it necessary. Should your pet already have a scheduled trip booked with the vet, whilst you are away we will take it on your behalf.

Animal Health and welfare is our prime concern. Special consideration given to visitors requiring medical care such as injections, medications, ear drops and eye drops.

As a matter of course, all rabbits are wormed for a minimum of 9 days so if their stay is less they go home with sufficient to complete the recommended 9 day course.

Finally, as part of the 'Home-Stay family', all animals boarded with Home-Stay have access to 24/7 365 days a year advice, we are just a phone call away.

Small Pet Boarding Prices

The fee for a single rabbit is £8 per day, a single guinea pig £6 per day, a single tortoise is £6. For two, the cost is £14 for rabbits, £10 for guinea pigs and £9 for tortoises. These costs include worming for rabbits and guinea pigs throughout their holiday and always for the recommended 9 days (for holidays less than 9 days you are given the rest to administer at home). Further discounts apply to multiple pets - price on application. A non refundable £10 deposit required, which is off-set against the cost of your booking.

Other Services

Services: GroomingClaw Clipping

Some rabbits find it hard to keep themselves clean. Special attention is given to ensure their rears are kept clean, and not a Blue-Bottle magnet. Also, nails trimmed as requested all of which is included in the daily rate. Also experienced in triming Bunny's teeth.

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Reviews from Our Guests

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Brilliant service extremely helpful friendly. My guniea pigs were well looked after and cared for. Photos sent to while away.

5 From Jane Cheeseman on

Just picked our rabbit up after 2 week stay with Pat and family. Would definitely go back. Friendly, knowledgeable and caring environment for our pet.

5 From Linda on

Boarders Response:Thanks Linda, your Elmo was a delight to care for, totally chilled and relaxed.

This is the 2nd year we have used Pat Dixon to look after our rabbit, Blu. From when you first arrive Pat takes extremely good care of your pet by showing where your pet will be staying. During our holiday away we were sent various photo's and updates of Blu in various poses. We feel at complete ease with Pat's excellent care, and her costs are very fair & reasonable.

5 From Michille on

Boarders Response:Thanks Michelle, your boy Blu is a real cutie, so chilled and enjoyed exploring outside his hutch 😂 😂 😂

Our furry babies have been holidaying with Pat for 3 years now and always look forward to having a great time with her. She always welcomes them with love and takes great care of them. Pat always gives us great advice on taking care of our guinea pigs and goes the extra mile to look after their welfare. We wouldn't want them to stay anywhere else.

5 From Darren Kampta on

We have used this 'holiday home' for our rabbit on more than one occasion. We would highly recommend this home stay. Our bunny never wants to leave and the service provided is excellent, and we love the photo updates.

5 From Helena Cuccu on

Boarders Response:Thanks for your feedback Helena, it's good to know you and your Bun are happy with the care I provide 😊. 🐰 🐇 🐰 🐇 🐾 🐾 🐾

Pat has cared for Bow for over 2 yrs now. I feel a total ease leaving Bow with Pat as Bow often pulls to go into Pat's house when we are just walking past. Pat is reliable and trustworthy and her passion for animals really shows. Pat has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to animals and goes above and beyond in helping out and doing more research if she doesn't know something. My dog has severe allergies resulting in bad skin irritation and soreness. Pat has gone out of her way to help me out with managing this to a point where she is at the best she's ever been. A happy Bow = a happy dog owner. I highly recommend Pat. Thank you Pat.

5 From Allana White on

Boarders Response:Thanks Allana, it's great to know I make a difference. Your Bow is an absolute delight and I adore caring for her.

Great and safe place to leave your pet. Would recommend

5 From Karen Day on

Boarders Response:Thanks Karen, your tortoises are so chilled, it's great to know they are still fit and well... If my maths is correct Goldie and Lulu must be 95 and 85 years young respectively.

Daisy has been to stay at Pat's a few times now. She always has a brilliant time. I know she's treated as one of the family with lots of love an walkies 😁 Highly recommend to anyone!

5 From Becky on

Boarders Response:Thanks Becky, your Daisy always brings a smile to my face, she just fits in like one of the family, even when I haven't seen her for month's on end

Our three lovely ferrets found a real home away at Pat's place being looked after by the person who is truly a pet lover, fully committed to our ferrets. Our girls got a spacious two levels cage and we were informed about their condition over the phone. We left our ferrets many times with Pat being always very grateful and satisfied. We recommend this place very very much. Thank you Pat.

5 From Jacek & Beata on

Boarders Response:Thanks for entrusting me with your girls' holiday care, I got to know them very well over the years and will certainly miss them.

I boarded two of my rabbits,Patch and Twitch,with Pat for the first time in May 2019 for 12 days. Pat has a wealth of knowledge, on animals in general and is extremely experienced in handling rabbits.I was quite nervous about leaving Twitch with anyone as she is a large or should I say very large English lop ear doe with a big personality.Pat handled her with ease sending me photos of my very happy and contented bunnies. Apart from Pat's caring nature to animals she is very professional in the way that she runs her business which I found most reassuring. I suppose the best recommendation that I can give Pat is that I have already booked the rabbits in again with her for a 9 day stay in July.


Boarders Response:Thanks Robert, it's really good to know you are pleased with the care I provide,; reassurance is so important when leaving a much loved family pet on holiday with someone new for the first time... So glad I was able to provide that reassurance.

Very caring and a wonderful service. You can tell that Pat really loves animals and is totally trustworthy. Our little Monster (tortoise) loves going on his holidays with Pat and we even get update texts and photos of him enjoying himself. Would definitely recommend 🐢

5 From Lynne on

Boarders Response:Thanks Lynne, really good to know you value what I do... and your little Monster is a delight to care for... He really is a little character 😂 😂 😂

We have been taking our rabbit Socks for the past 7/8 years now and she is always well looked after by Pat. The hutches are well maintained and cleaned out every day. She is given fresh food and loving care by Pat. It gives us piece of mind when leaving her that she is well looked after. She is wormed and has a pedicure during her stay. Well recommended.

5 From Jeanette on

Boarders Response:Thanks Jeanette, your Socks always makes me smile...she knows when it's going home day and piles her litter trays so neatly 😂 😂 😂

Pat cares for bunnies with much love and a wealth of bunny knowledge! Our buns have always been noticeably loved and cared for in Pats care. Pat handles the bunnies and shows them lots of affection.

5 From Jodie on

I would and have recommended Pat many times to family and friends. Pat has looked after Elvis both for short breaks and holidays and he is always sad to leave her lovely home. Pat always keeps us updated with Elvis' days while we're away, sending photos of him looking happy, which is lovely for our children who miss him. Pat offers a home from home for our dog and is always so well looked after. Thank you Pat

5 From Vicki on

Would always highly recommend home stay for your small pet boarding needs. Pat is very friendly and knowledgeable and always gives useful feedback when we pick up our rabbit, we have used home stay for about 3 years now sometimes for short breaks and for 2 week summer holidays. Pat gives us that piece of mind that when going on holiday our family pet is going to be well looked after just as if it was one of her own. I don't think I have ever met more of an animal person!🐰

5 From Rob brown on

Thoroughly recommend Home-stay. Our guinea pigs are looked after so well by Pat in a lovely safe, spacious, clean and fresh environment. It's lovely to be able to relax on holiday with no worries about them. We are delighted to have found someone so caring for our small pets.

5 From Sandra Bebb on

Boarders Response:Thanks for your kind words Sandra, so chuffed to know you are happy and relaxed to leave your piggies here with me, much appreciated.

We've had our 2 bunnies for 5 years now and they have always been to home-stay when we've been away. although there are nearer, we wouldn't go anywhere else. We always receive a warm welcome, drop off and pick up is well accommodated and our buns return to us happy and healthy.

5 From verity singleton on

Boarders Response:Thanks Verity, it is so good to know you are happy with what I do, it is always a pleasure caring for your Girls and meeting up with you again when you bring them for their holiday.

Pat has looked after our pet tortoise Freda on a number of occasions. One one occasion, Pat was required to administer some antibiotic injections for 2 weeks as Freda was unwell. We were a little concerned, but need not have worried as she researched a more 'friendly' procedure and Freda has done well since. Pat is always flexible and will always accommodate any special needs. Would highly recommend!

5 From Tony boden on

Boarders Response:Thanks for your kind words Tony, your support means a lot

We are very happy with Pat's boarding service and have already used it several times for our guinea pigs. Pat provided us with useful advice and support regarding pet care. Our guinea pigs were very well looked after and Pat sends us photos while we are on holiday. We would recommend Pat's boarding service without any hesitation.

5 From Egidijus Engelmanas on

Boarders Response:Thanks very much for your support, it means a lot. 😊 🐽 🐷 🐽

My bunny has stayed at Pat's twice now she is well cared for and loves her time there. Pat is a brilliant career and is really like a 2nd mum. I have my bunny booked for three visits this year and I can be away certain my special girl is well cared for.

5 From Sharon on

Boarders Response:Thanks Sharon, really chuffed you and your girl are happy with the care I provide, it means a lot. 😊 🐰 🐇 🐾 🐾 🐾

Our rabbit had his first two week stay with Pat @home-stay, can honestly say he thrived on it, cleaned out with fresh fruit and veg everyday, Pat Looked after our rabbit as if he were her own.... highly recommended, will definitely be using home-stay again...😀

5 From Daren Ward on

My two tortoises have been boarded at Home-Stay several times and I have always been impressed with the standard of care. You can tell that Pat is an animal lover and she is dedicated to caring for animals. I would definitely recommend Home-Stay.

5 From D Finlayson on

Boarders Response:Thanks Dorothy. Really chuffed you are happy with the care I provide.

My 2 bunnies recently had a 2.5 week holiday at Home-Stay. They were very well cared for and Pat was more than happy to give daily medication to one of them. She is very knowledgable about all the animals, and their needs, in her care. I received regular updates and photographs. I felt that Pat really got to know my pets and cared for them as though they were her own. I would highly recommend Home-Stay and wouldn't hesitate leaving my pets there in the future.

5 From DLGP Bexley, Kent on

I have used Home-Stay to board my guinea pigs twice now and highly recommend it. Pat is very knowledgeable and takes so much care of the animals and treats them like her own - the spacious cages are cleaned thoroughly every day and the animals are given a large selection of fresh veg to suit their needs.

5 From Anita on

My 2 rabbits have boarded at Homestay at least twice yearly for the last 5 years for stays between 2 days and 3 weeks. The care is absolutely outstanding and quite often my bunnies come home better groomed than they went in! Homestay are very careful about diet and scrupulous regarding hygiene, even in the hottest weather there has been no fly strike, and during that exceedingly cold winter a few years ago the rabbits were kept warm and cosy. My bunnies are getting on in years and have had health problems; at Homestay they are happy to give medications, including injections, and difficult things such as eye cleaning. The staff at Homestay are extremely knowledgeable and have given me excellent advice about worming, diet etc. Best of all, they really love small animals and provide a home-from-home for pets in their care.

5 From Judith Millard on

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