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About our Small Pet Boarding

We board: RabbitsGuinea Pigs

Welcome to Blackberry Boarding, we are a professional and recommended rabbit and other small animals holiday boarding facility based in Hardwicke, Gloucestershire. We offer a friendly and reliable service and your pets will be given the best care. We welcome visits so please contact us to view our facilities and what we can offer you. Please call to book this as we do have busy periods and need to arrange this with you. You can view recent activities on our Blackberry Boarding Facebook Page.
We are qualified and experienced animal carers and will give your pets the care they deserve whilst you go on holiday, move house, or whatever you need to do then please get in touch and see if we can help. We can also offer facilities for some reptiles including tortoises. We have several tortoise tables with heat lamps and mats available but these do get booked up very quickly so plan ahead if you would like your tortoise to come and stay with us. We are fully insured and supported by Jason Burgess our local Exotics Vet who is a rabbit and other small animals specialist. Please visit our website for further details.

Our standard of care is extremely important to us and this year our business has grown very successfully and we are seeing quite a number of boarders return from previous years along with new clients using our services. We have taken on extra help to ensure that our standard of care is maintained and all our boarders are given lots of attention during their stay at Blackberry Boarding.

We offer peace of mind for you whilst you are away knowing that your pet will not only be taken care of but receive the extra special love and attention they would normally have. We don't charge for cuddles here!

Chris & I are both animal loving people who will genuinely care about your furry friends and you can rest assure that they will be given the best care during their stay with us. If you would like to come and meet us prior to booking your pet in then please let us know and we will be happy to show you around our facilities and introduce you to our bunnies. We have many rabbits ourselves and this certainly gives us lots of experience in caring for rabbits and other small animals.

All pets who stay at Blackberry Boarding are given a selection of fresh fruit and vegetables twice daily and any special dietary requirements are also catered for. Rabbits who require special care and/or medication are welcome but we reserve the right to charge an additional daily rate for this level of care. This also applies to disabled pets.

We offer a range of rabbit pellet mixes including Supreme Science Selective and Burgess Super Rabbit Excel. If your rabbit or guinea pig has a different mix we will get this in for them. This is all included in the price you pay, however, specialist foods including packets of herbs and treats will need to be supplied by you.

We have also recently started stocking and selling Supreme Pet Foods and can now supply this food to our customers.

We will provide your rabbits with top quality farm hay from a local supplier. I can guarantee that your rabbits will absolutely love it. If you would like to buy some from us, we also sell the hay in convenient size bags. We also have Timothy hay available along with dried grass.

For our rabbit's litter trays we use a product called "Woody Pet Bedding" which is an extremely absorbent litter, unless you have an alternative product which you prefer. We do not encourage the use of sawdust due to the fact that it has been known to have a negative and harmful impact on rabbit's (and other animals) respiratory systems. If you would prefer us to use something else in the litter trays then please bring enough with you for the duration of your pet's stay.

We have over 25 years of small animal health experience and access to a rabbit specialist vet for telephone advice and consultations.

Experience and boarding now offered for Degu, who require special dietary care and attention. These fascinating little creatures are becoming very popular and are extremely intelligent and require lots of attention on a daily basis. We also take care of rats, hamsters, guinea pigs and birds, so if you are unsure of whether we could take care of your pet, please give us a call to discuss.

We now offer boarding for tortoise who are fascinating creatures. Many tortoise are difficult to keep healthy in captivity and lack of knowledge among tortoise owners means that they are often not cared for correctly. We can offer your tortoise, a heated and fully ventilated tortoise table giving the proper care so that he/she remains happy and healthy whilst staying at Blackberry Boarding. Please contact us to discuss further.

Recently we have had quite a few enquiries for reptiles and can now take bearded dragons and other small lizards. We have a 3 ft and a 4 ft vivarium all set up with appropriate heating and lighting. Please call first to discuss your requirements.

Member of Rabbit Welfare Association and previously acted as an area co-ordinator for the South West for The British House Rabbit Association, giving telephone advice and support to rabbit owners.

Blackberry Boarding is fully insured and we have recently been assessed from a health & safety point of view. This was confirmed as correct and in order.

General Advice

If you would like my advice on a rabbit related issues then please feel free to contact me on the above email address or telephone numbers and I will endeavour to help. Please note that I am not a vet, my advice is based purely on my rabbit experience. If you think your rabbit is unwell or in need of veterinary attention then you should take them to the vets straight away - rabbits deteriorate rapidly and you should never delay seeking veterinary attention.


I have treated Sharon Maw's rabbits and guinea pigs for the last 12 years, along with numerous other pets whose care she has been entrusted with, whilst their owners have been away on holiday.
I have a high regard for Sharon's ability to care for rabbits. She is very sympathetic to the slightest changes in demeanor and behaviour, allowing any illness to be treated early on and therefore a quicker recovery. Her knowledge of rabbits and guinea pigs is extensive and she has a very caring attitude towards them.
Having visited to carry out routine vaccinations on several occasions and seen how she cares for the animals, I have great pleasure in endorsing Blackberry Boarding.

Sharon and Chris looked after our lovely bunnies Naboo and Poppy for a whole year and we simply cannot fault them!! Because we were leaving the country for such a long time it was really important to us that we left our beloved bunnies in good hands, and we couldn't have found anyone better. They looked after them like they were their own bunnies and showed them all the love and affection that we would have. In terms of medical care, Sharon can spot a poorly bunny before the bunny even gets sick! She is surely psychic! Naboo had a bit of tummy trouble through the stress of the move, but thanks to their speedy attention it was nothing to worry about and Naboo soon settled down. Luckily they have access to excellent bunny vets meaning that if anything does happen while in their care they are in the best hands.

It was especially reassuring for us to have regular updates from Sharon and Chris, including regular blog updates, which meant so much as we got to see them even though we were far away. They were very conscientious in letting us know everything that was going on with the bunnies, such as if a new diet regime had been implemented, or if they were having jabs. This sets them apart from other boarders because the level of their care and communication with us went way beyond what we could have expected. They went out of their way to ensure that the bunnies had a similar life to the one they have with us, meaning that a whole room got rearranged! They took extra care to look after them in the way that we asked and even managed to get our chubby lady bunny to lose a bit of weight, which is no easy task! They managed to do this thanks to scatter feeding the rabbits, which shows just how far they will go for the health of the rabbits in their care. Their food routine was excellent, with lots of fresh veg and hay and our bunnies were definitely very satisfied.

They were extremely accommodating to both us and the needs of our rabbits and we doubt very much that our time spent abroad would have been as enjoyable if we hadn't known the bunnies were being taken care of so well. We will definitely be using their bunny boarding again. Sharon and Chris are very special. They are kind, generous and bonkers about bunnies. We consider ourselves very lucky to have found them and Naboo and Poppy definitely agree. The bunnies will miss their auntie Sharon and uncle Chris and we feel like we have built up a friendship with them over the last year, but we will see them again soon in the future.

Zephie, Dave, Naboo & Poppy xxxx

I recommend Blackberry Boarding to anyone who needs a safe and caring home-from-home for their rabbit while they are away. Sharon and Chris are the only people I want to look after our house bunny, Monty, when we are on holiday, as they make every effort to give each rabbit the highest possible standard of care. For me (and Monty), the 2 hour round trip from home is definitely worth making. While he is with Sharon, Monty is able to behave just as he does at home, particularly enjoying his exploration of her lounge and his evening treats and cuddle session! I always feel totally relaxed about leaving him at Blackberry Boarding, knowing that he will have a lovely holiday while I am gone. Clare Wilson Jarvis, Oxford

Our mutual love of rabbits was how I first met Sharon. I run a rabbit and guinea pig rescue and Sharon came to adopt one of our orphan bunnies. She now has quite a menagerie of bunnies, as well as the additions of guinea pigs and degus. Her excuse for the piggies and degus is that in order to care for other peoples pets properly she needs to have personal experience of them. Well, I will leave you to ponder on her reasoning! I guess Chris is just relieved that she did not decide to board giraffes or something!

Whenever I have a medical crisis at the rescue I always go to Sharon for advice. She has a very in depth knowledge of the complexities of rabbits and will always put herself out to help when she can.

Both Sharon and Chris are very caring genuine people, and I can assure anyone who wishes to leave their beloved pet in their care, that he/she or they will be in capable, loving hands.
Alice Chamberlain, Windwhistle Warren Rabbit & Guinea Pig Rescue.

It's so good not to have to worry about your pets when you are going on holiday, and I certainly don't need to worry when they are in Blackberry Boarding! I'm pretty sure my rabbit, Pickles, gets better looked after there than he does at home. And when a pet has any health problems I can be sure of careful professional attention above and beyond the call of duty - one of our rabbits required regular injections and wound flushing, and Sharon didn't even flinch. I'm confident too that if my pet showed any signs of illness during its stay it would be spotted and treated at once - Blackberry Boarding really know and care about their bunnies.
Helen Kemp, Worcestershire

'Knowing that our rabbit Smudge was being well looked after by experts while we've been on holiday has made going away much easier. We received regular updates about how he was getting on while we were away and when we came back he seemed incredibly contented (we wondered whether he really wanted to come home!)

Thanks to Sharon Smudge also met his true love Suzi and so in future both our rabbits will be spending their holidays at Blackberry Boarding.'
Sam Morecraft, Wotton-u-Edge

I have no hesitation in recommending Blackberry Boarding to all bunny owners - your obvious knowledge of caring for rabbits as well as your enthusiasm reassured me that my pets would be well looked after. I have used Blackberry Boarding twice in the last 6 months, and my only concern is that my bunnies are so well treated they won't want to come home!
Keira Blanchard, Tewkesbury

Ever wonder why you sign those Forms to say that treatment for your pet can be initiated when you are away, well here’s our story....

Our Netherland Dwarf Rabbit, Minnie, has been to Blackberry Boarding for our annual holidays for quite a few years now. Sharon & Chris have always taken good care of her each time we have left her there. So this holiday was no different when we dropped her off.

Unbeknown to us, the same day that we dropped her off, they noticed that she had blood in her urine. As we had gone up to the Lake District where reception for mobile phones is very variable, & being on holiday, I didn’t even look at my text messages for a few days. They had taken her to the vet – suspected urinary tract infection, so had started on antibiotics. However the matter did not improve, but got worse – so by this time we were now aware as Sharon had been texting me all the time & I had phoned so had found out about the situation. To cut a long story short – Minnie needed to have an operation – she had a tumour in her womb.

So from dropping off a healthy bunny, to having these tricky conversations from the Lake District, not knowing whether to come home again, not knowing whether to have the rabbit put-down, with the amazing help and support and absolute caring response that we got from both Sharon & Chris, we were able to stay on our holiday, negotiate things over the phone and have Sharon & Chris take care & love Minnie as if she was their rabbit.

When we got home Sharon also offered to take care of Minnie for a period so that she could recuperate fully. As we both work full time, this was a good option for us knowing that Minnie was in excellent hands.

So a bad situation , but in excellent hands = still being able to have a good holiday & come home to a rabbit that had been through a major operation and was cared for so well.

Our gratitude and appreciation for all that Sharon and Chris did to make this happen for us. And what an amazing testimony to their dedication and care of these little creatures that we entrust into their care. Excellent service – and happy to give anyone a reference anytime.

Chris & Phoebe Bianchi

We've been boarding our bunnies with Chris and Sharon for around 5 years now and wouldn't consider any alternative. We know that when we leave our bunnies in their care they will always be well looked after. Sharon and Chris are extremely knowledgeable but more than that they care a great deal about the animals which for us is so important. Aside from general boarding, Sharon and Chris have also helped us by caring for our bunny Oscar through illness and more recently helped with post operative care for our bunny Moo following major surgery. Moo needed a high level of care which Sharon and Chris were more than able to give to her. Our experiences with Blackberry Boarding have been excellent and we couldn't recommend them highly enough.
Sean & Kathryn - Swindon

For further information please visit

Blackberry Boarding also has its own Facebook page and this gives daily updates and information on all our boarders, please visit

We offer payment by card machine and this service has been very popular with lots of our clients. Small fee payable for credit cards, no fee for debit cards.


We have two, fully insulated sheds which are heated during the winter with frost protection heaters and cooled during the summer with air con units and cool pads.

Indoor Boarding Facility (in our house), we now have two rooms specially set up for indoor bunnies and these have all sizes of indoor cages ranging from 5 ft x 2.5 ft and 4 ft x 2 ft conforming to RSPCA standard requirements. Indoor bunnies have daily exercise and are not kept in indoor pens all the time. We will try to accommodate your pet to ensure that he/she receives as much outside of cage activities as is possible during their stay with us. We appreciate that the majority of house bunnies own a house and allow humans to live in it with them and therefore out of cage activity is very important to them. We have french lops ourselves and both of them have very much taken over our house but obviously at times they have to have time in their cage and will quite happily spends that time snoozing.

All our outdoor hutches are large double or flat base hutches which also conform to RSPCA standards and have runs attached. We have covers on these hutches and at night during the winter we put additional covers on all hutches to keep them dry and warm. The hutches also have insulation fitted to give them additional warmth and protection.

Outdoor exercise runs available and cover provided when raining. Sun shades also provided when the weather is very hot.

If you have special requirements for your pet's accommodation please talk to us and we will do our best to provide a cage or hutch most suitable for your pet. Caring for your special family friend to the best of our ability is what we aim to do.

Your pet is on holiday with us and we want them to enjoy their stay at Blackberry Boarding. Unhappy pets become sick and stressed and this is something we do our utmost to avoid.

Tortoise housing facilities available with appropriate heat lamp and UVA lighting. Please book this facility with as much notice as possible we have a number of tortoises that return on a regular basis and only currently have the one tortoise set up.

We also have two vivariums for lizards. One 4 ft and one 3 ft each has all the appropriate heating and lighting and can be set up with your own accessories if required or we have our own we can use.

We can also offer specialist care for your pet if he or she is recovering from an operation and you are either at work or do not have the time to carry out the critical feeding and administering the medication at the correct times. We have nursed many pets and some have just been from routine neutering to more serious problems such as G I Stasis. Please contact us if you have a pet who needs specialist care and we will discuss this with you and whether we can offer you help. We do of course have the support of our local specialist vet, Jason Burgess who would be over- seeing any pet who was unwell.


We feel daily exercise is a necessity for your pet's health and the extra stimulation this gives prevents your pet from becoming bored, lonely or cause health issues. We have secure runs available for this
purpose so your pets can have a free run in the garden (weather permitting). We also have waterproof covers for all runs along with gazebos and parasols to protect them from the sun.

Health & Hygiene:

All accommodation is maintained to a high standard and good hygiene is very importance to us. All hutch set ups and run areas are thoroughly steamed and disinfected between every visiting pet. All rabbits must be vaccinated for Myxomatosis/VHD1 + the new VHD2 before they can be accepted at Blackberry Boarding.

Part of what you are paying for when your rabbit comes to stay with us is our experience and knowledge of all things 'rabbit'. We believe that rabbits and other small furries are very special
creatures and they have very specific needs which we know how to cater for. We are very experienced at looking after small furries and we can pick up the subtle signs of a poorly animal very quickly which is valuable as, for example, rabbits can become sick very rapidly and dehydrate within 12 hours. Being prey animals they are also very good at hiding the fact that they are sick which isn't the best thing to do when they need help!

We also have the support of Jason Burgess our local vet, who is an expert in rabbit health, so in the unlikely event that your rabbit does get poorly it will be in very capable hands. (Obviously the cost of any veterinary treatment for your rabbits will need to be covered by you, the owner(s).) If you pet is already on medication when he/she comes to board with us and requires extra attention/time we will not refuse to board your pet as some boarders do, but we may need to charge you a slightly higher daily rate to cover our time.

We have considerable experience in caring for EC bunnies and have successfully nursed several back to a good quality of life. This illness can be very stressful for your pet and extremely stressful for owners and we find that some people are just not able to give the level of care that is needed. This is where we can help and will nurse your rabbit and ensure that they receive the medical care needed in a home environment. So often rabbits struggle to get over an illness when they are in hospital surroundings.

Small Pet Boarding Prices

Prices are available upon request, a 25% deposit will be payable. Balance of payment is paid when you collect your pets.

During their stay your Rabbit and Guinea Pig will be provided with the following:

Dried Mix food as normally fed by you
Fresh fruit and vegetables twice daily
Meadow hay and dried grass, Timothy hay
Fresh water, changed daily, can be provided in bottle or bowl
Litter trays changed daily
Bedtime treats (healthy version treats!)
Regular checks for flystrike and bunny conversation/attention and pampering, lots of toys available
Daily access to outdoor runs, weather permitting
Daily grooming if required
Claw Clipping (if required) - Rabbits £5.00 - Guinea Pigs and other small animals £6.00.

If for any reason you need to cancel your booking with Blackberry Boarding we ask that you do give us as much notice as possible and any cancellation fee, if appropriate, will be discussed at that time.

During July and August we are extremely busy so if you require our services please book early so as not to be disappointed.

Other Services

Services: GroomingClaw Clipping

Grooming and Claw Clipping are available. Pet Baths and fly strike protection information available.

A general health check for your pet is offered free of charge.
If you are local to us i.e Quedgeley or Hardwicke we now are able to offer a home visit service and this enables you to keep your rabbit/guinea pig at home and we will visit twice a day to feed/care for your pet. Please ask for prices for this service.

We are very flexible with our approach to caring for you pet and if you have special requirements please do not hesitate to discuss these with us and we will do our best to accommodate your pet's needs.

From time to time we are able to offer work experience placements to students studying Animal Management and Veterinary Science type courses. If you are interested in working at Blackberry Boarding please contact us on

If you would like any advice on your pets health or diet please contact us and we will try to help you or put you in touch with a person who is additionally qualified and able to answer your questions.

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Reviews from Our Guests

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We have been using Blackberry Boarding for years now. Sharon and Chris are the most caring and trustworthy people and most importantly LOVE bunnies. They always keep us updated - dropping a text or picture to let us know our pets are happy. They've administered meds before and always have good advice on diets and other tips. They even bonded our older bun with her new rescue rabbit friend - in a matter of hours. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them - they are the safest pair of hands,

5 From Carol Hobbs on

We have used Blackberry for years with our two Mini Lop rabbits Honey & Robbi. Sharon and Chris run an excellent business & we feel 100% safe leaving the bunnies. They are exceptionally well cared for, given a great diet and given time to exercise outdoors, in a run of course. They really know their stuff and have pointed out to us a few times some good info on the rabbits health we need to know. Definitely recommend them.

5 From David Chittock on

We have known Sharon and Chris for the past nine years and have received nothing but quality care during that time. Their attentiveness and experience has meant that we always feel reassured when leaving our bunnies in their care, and they have even picked up on health issues that our vets had previously dismissed. Furthermore, the bunnies are treated like their own pets and given lots of cuddles and attention, and our disabled/poorly bunnies have always received outstanding care whilst we are away, giving us peace of mind. The set-up is very professional, yet still gives a homely feeling and whenever we visit there are always bowls of fresh veg ready to be distributed. Sharon is always on the end of the phone, willing to give friendly advice on matter of bunny care, which has greatly improved our own personal knowledge of bunny care. We have also previously worked alongside them during the busy periods and have the impeccable hygiene measures and thorough daily clean-outs that take place. We would highly recommend Blackberry Boarding, the service we receive is well worth the trip from Thornbury, Bristol!

5 From Chris and Sally Smith on

I have two pet bunnies and have been using Blackberry Boarding for the last 18 months. It is just the best Bunny Hotel you could ever wish to find! My bunnies are so well cared for that I never have a moment's unease about their wellbeing whilst I am away. The attention to detail in how the bunnies are cared for is wonderful. Sharon and Chris are extremely knowledgeable, kind and caring, and clearly love what they do. My bunnies always return home happy and calm. Originally I only had one bunny and when I wanted to get another one, Sharon was so helpful. Sharon started the bonding process and with her help and advice it was a marvellous success and the bunnies have become the best of friends! I highly recommend Blackberry Boarding.

5 From Eva Bond on

We've been using Blackberry Boarding for a couple of years now to board our two tortoises. Chris and Sharon are really knowlegeable and professional. Chris has gone the extra mile and adapted a run specifically for our needs which we've been grateful for. Communication is excellent, prices very reasonable and they've been able to help us out even at short notice. It really is a weight of our mind!

5 From Tim B on

I can't recommend Sharon and Chris enough - they've been invaluable in helping us with our buns. Not only have they helped with holidays, but also with advice, adopting a new bun and bonding :-)

5 From Jenni on

I hate leaving my pets but I felt totally relaxed boarding my rabbits at Blackberry Boarding.Sharon took Frankie to be castrated and did all after care and when we got Elanore we took her withFrankie to Sharon who bonded them for us.I highly recommend Blackberry Boarding shame they don't do dogs & cats.

5 From Susan Niblett on

My 2 house bunnies have stayed with Sharon & Chris numerous times and I wouldn't take them anywhere else. They are so passionate about animals and I have complete piece of mind while I'm away. They have also offered me lots of great advice with looking after my rabbits as one doesn't have her front teeth.

5 From Katherine johnson on

Alfie our guinea pig has been spending his holidays with Sharon and Chris for almost 7 years (and his predecessor for 4 years before). He is more than well looked after, because pet care isn't just about care its about love, attention and cuddles too. Alfie always comes home happy and relaxed. I thoroughly recommend Blackberry boarding for all small pets. Sharon and Chris are welcoming, friendly and very well knowledgeable.


Sharon and Chris have looked after our bunnies for several years. We first went to Sharon with a bonded pair Clive and Bunny, unfortunately bunny past away last year, leaving us with a very sad and lonely bunny. Sharon was the first person I contacted for advise. She helped us bond Clive again with a gorgeous French lop called Olive. Sharon and Chris are fab with our bunnies and her knowledge comes in very handy whenever I'm concerned about our bunnies. I would highly recommend Blackberry Boarding Kennels. Kerry & James

5 From Kerry Firth on

Blackberry Boarding is a really helpful, clean, friendly, organised and efficient boarding service. I have been using them for a year now to care for my guinea pigs whilst I go on holidays. The owner is hugely knowledgeable about the care of small furry animals and I have 100% confidence in leaving my pets in their care. The premises are spotlessly clean and the animals always return home happy, calm, well fed and clean. I cannot recommend them more highly. Even when I had to leave my sick (with tumour) guinea pig there, they took him to the vet for me and sent me regular text updates as well as obtaining a special food for him to keep him as comfortable as possible. Thank you Blackberry Boarding. Keep up the good work !!! :-)

5 From P J Mitchell on

I have used Blackberry Boarding to look after my rabbits for the last 5 years and I cannot praise them highly enough. Sharon and Chris go above and beyond for each and every one of their boarders. Their wealth of knowledge on small animals but in particular rabbits is invaluable and I know that my beloved pets are in the safest of hands whenever I leave them there. They enjoy my holidays as much as I do!

5 From Gemma Brindley on

Ive used blackberry boardings services twice now and have been satisfied each time. I am very particular as to who looks after my rabbits however they have extensive knowledge and a clear passion for the rabbits health and wellbeing. I wouldnt trust anyone else to look after my rabbits now, i feel as though they are in the best possible care and being made comfortable. They provide huge bundles of hay for them and the hutches are very nice and spacious.

5 From Natalia on

Our rabbits, Rosie and Mr. Carrots, are frequent visitors at Blackberry Boarding. The standard of care is excellent; I leave them with the knowledge that they will be truly pampered and often have the feeling they are a little disappointed when I collect them to bring them home again!

From Pip Elliott on

I have used Blackberry Boarding for a few years when I go on holiday and Rosie and Mango need caring for. I can't fault Sharon and Chris as they always take excellent care of my rabbits. You can always get regular updates on how they are doing, and photos on Facebook. If they are ever poorly or have a change in behaviour Sharon can spot it straight away and solve the problem straight away! My rabbits are always welcome fed and seem very happy when they come back home. Thank you for everything, Chloe, Rosie and Mango x

5 From Chloe on

I have boarded my guinea pigs with Sharon over the years & wouldn't go anywhere else. Its not just the 5star service your pets receive but the care consideration & the genuine love that Sharon & Chris have for all the pets in their care. Recently I had to rehome one of my babies so anyone with pets will know how truly heartbreaking it was but Sharon stepped in & took on my little piggie as her own. For this Im truly thankful to her & it shows what a wonderful dedicated place Blackberry is. Well done Sharon & Chris for your tireless efforts & your love of all animals great & small. XX

From sharon Tyndall on

My rabbits have boarded with Sharon and Chris for the last 5years, having 11 of them, some with various health issues, it takes the worry away when we go on holiday as I know my buns will get the best possible care and if they do fall poorly, this will be picked up straight away and dealt with. I can't recommend Blackberry Boarding highly enough for the care and commitment they provide as it really is second to none. Thanks for all you do from the Hallahan gang!

5 From Rachael Hallahan on

Both Sharon and Chris know their knowledge about small pets. our rabbits love their time with them, they always settle in well and can take they own toys. They have the same food, has they have at home. I highly recommend always using blackberry boarding, I wouldn't go anywhere else. Lisa Macdonald Gloucester

5 From Lisa Macdonald on

My rabbits has stayed at blackberry boarding on numerous occasions and I am very happy to leave them with sharon and Chris care and attention. I fully recommend Blackberry boarding to anyone seeking rabbit boarding. I have seemed advice from sharon and she had always helped and given brilliant advice.. thank again for looking after my bunnies!! Booked in again for this year!!

4 From Di stamps on

Highly recommended. Our four bunnies have had many happy holidays at BlackBerry Boarding over the past 6 years. We leave them secure in the knowledge that they will be well looked. Chris and Sharon have an extensive knowledge of small animals and go above and beyond boarding providing a home from home for the pets they look after. A very special place run by a very caring animal loving couple.

5 From Shirley Toledo on

My two rabbits, Bel and Tasha, are always very contented staying with you. I have peace of mind knowing they are safe and well looked after by friendly staff who know and understand their needs. Highly recommended.

5 From Catherine on

Hi Sharon, thanks for looking after Grace, our bunny, so well again. We have been bringing our bunnies to you regularly for the last six years and they have always been so well looked after I'm not sure they really want to come home! You and Chris always keep a careful eye on them, spotting when they are under the weather and a couple of times have taken them to the vet and nursed them back to full health. They have always come home well and happy and I know I can consult you if I ever have any questions.

5 From Bev Glithero on

I've been boarding my pet house rabbits with Sharon and Chris for the last 8 years. The service Blackberry Boarding provides is far greater than previous boarding facilities I have used. They are so well cared for im pretty sure they don't want to come home! I especially love looking at the Facebook updates and checking what my buns have been up to whilst I'm away. Sharon and Chris are extremely knowledgable when it comes to rabbits and I'm constantly asking them for advice even when the rabbits are with me at home. I've attached a photo of their most recent trip 🐰 (Jasper & Saffron). They can't wait for their next trip in May.

5 From Kirsty Newman on

I have two house rabbits and have always struggled to find boarding facilities for them that ensured they had plenty of room and could stay indoors. Blackberry Boarding was a god send! The owners are clearly besotted with all small furries, and I can now go on holiday without worrying as I'm confident the bunnies will be wonderfully looked after.

5 From Ruth Taylor on

My two bunnies have been staying with Sharon and Chris for a few years now and I wouldn't send them anywhere else! They are house bunnies and love being there. They always come home happy and I can go away and not worry about them! My two were also bonded with Sharon and I was very nervous about it. Sharon was always happy to speak to me when I got them home! She answers. Any silly question I had at any time. I have text Sharon at various times asking for advice on a number of things and she is always happy to help me and it's good to have the advice of someone who knows their stuff! I love dropping and picking up the bunnies as I can see all their lot and they are lovely! It's great to have someone who loves bunnies look after mine as they are a tad spoilt! I would recommend them to anyone. A wonderful bunny hotel!

5 From Kathryn on

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Hardwicke is best approached from the M5 motorway, thereby avoiding the centre of Gloucester.

Leave the M5 at junction 12 and at first roundabout take the first exit left on to B4008. Proceed along duel carriageway to next roundabout (McDonalds on left). At roundabout take third exit on to B4008 and continue until slip road on left B4008. Past the Starting Gate Pub on left and at next roundabout take first exit left onto Fieldcourt Drive. Continue for one mile to next roundabout and take first exit left on to School Lane to mini roundabout. Take second exit into Wharfdale Way and at mini roundabout take second exit right and Rosedale Close is second turning on the right hand side. No 23 is on the left hand side.

Open Hours

Blackberry Boarding can be contacted at any time however collection and drop off times are to be arranged when booking. If you are unable to contact us via our telephone, please email us at

We try to be as flexible as possible to fit in with your plans but have to set time aside for cleaning/feeding/checking etc.

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