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Dandelion Pet B&B


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About our Small Pet Boarding

We board: RabbitsGuinea PigsHamsters, Mice etc.

After caring for small animals and cat sitting on behalf of family & friends during their holidays, I decided to open up my services to neighbours in Cottam and the surrounding areas. I treat every pet that comes to The Dandelion B&B like my own and you can be reassured your small pets will be fully cared for you whilst you are away. All animals will receive individually tailored care as I only board a very small number of animals at a time to ensure they have a relaxed home from home experience. Any other queries, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. More information is available on Facebook.

Over the years I’ve had many pets including, Syrian hamsters, dwarf Russian hamsters, dwarf Roborovski hamsters, rabbits, guinea-pigs, cats, dogs & fish. I am conscious to ensure my pets have long, healthy, safe and happy lives.


We provide home from home family accommodation for rabbits, guinea-pigs, hamsters, gerbils, chinchillas, degus, mice and geckos.

Small rodents are kept inside my home in a secure room with natural light and no loud noises. Rabbits & guinea-pigs are kept in the garden unless agreed separately. Garden stays are not available during the winter. .

There are no licensing requirements for the boarding of rabbits and small animals, therefore it is your responsibility to establish for yourself that a boarding facility is suitable for your pet prior to booking.


I have an enclosed garden with real grass to the rear of my home which is covered by CCTV 24/7. Outdoor hutches have their own built-in runs. Outdoor animals in their own hutch without built-in ground-level runs are offered an exercise pen with shelter as required but is weather dependent.

Indoor animals can be offered exercise and enrichment outside their cage but this needs to be discussed and agreed at booking.

Health & Hygiene:

All guests will be checked at least twice a day.

Dandelion Pet B&B only accommodates healthy animals, unless the condition is long term, managed and non-contagious. It your pet requires any extra care or is on medication please discuss with me when booking your stay.

Our preference is that rabbits are vaccinated however we will take those that have not on certain terms and conditions.

Our own cage/hutch/run/pen will be deep cleaned between guests. Grass rotation for hutch runs & pens to ensure hygiene and a fresh nutritious patch of grass.

Please note I’m not a trained animal groomer, so I can’t do nail clipping or hair/fur dematting. I have owned long-haired guinea-pigs and long-haired hamsters so I am happy to provide some basic combing if needed.

Small Pet Boarding Prices

Hamster in your indoor cage - £4 per night
Hamster in our indoor cage - £8 per night
Rabbit/Guinea-pig in your outdoor hutch - £3 per night
Rabbit/Guinea-pig in our outdoor hutch - £10 per night
No surcharge for cohabiting animals.
Minimum 2 night stay per visit. Maximum 21 night stay per visit.

Rabbits/Guinea-pigs requiring an indoor stay and all other animals not stated above require their own cage from home and price is upon application.

Please contact me on Facebook or via email to read the full terms and conditions.

Dry food, fresh food, treats, bedding and medications must all be brought with your pet on arrival. Food can be provided by Dandelion B&B at a small cost by prior agreement.

FREE - daily raw vegetable / fruit / salad scraps
FREE - daily photo updates
FREE - provide minor medication (eg eye drops)
FREE - pet taxi service* for guests in Cottam, Ingol & Tanterton

*taxi service does not include large cages or hutches

Other Services

Local garden visiting services are available in Cottam, Ingol & Tanterton for outdoor rabbits, guinea-pigs, chickens and ferrets that would benefit from staying in their own environments. Pet visiting for up to twice daily visits to your garden to provide food & water, bedding top-ups, let out/in of runs, photo updates and give any necessary medications. Please note, garden visiting is a different level of service than boarding and I charge per visit (not per animal / hutch / cage). Minor clean-outs of hutch/cages (change litter trays/bedding/food etc) would be done as standard daily. Hutch/cage full clean outs for stays longer than 7 days are also available. Price upon application. In most cases, boarding works out cheaper than garden visiting.

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Cottam (near Ancient Oak Pub)

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