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11 Schofield Road
South Yorkshire

Tel: 07541260838

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About our Small Pet Boarding

We board: ReptilesHamsters, Mice etc.

I am an animal fanatic who has been obsessed since a young age. I started with 'traditional' pets, and more recently moved onto researching reptiles and inverts. I have a good understanding of the range of care needs, and where I'm uncertain I will always do further research and confirm with experts in the hobby. I currently have a number of tarantulas, both OW and NW, and so am confident in keeping a safe eye on any individuals you may wish to have boarded. I am starting a dog training business, and so currently spend a lot of time at home which allows me remain aware of what's going on with all of my smaller pets (as much as a burrowed tarantula will permit!).


Enclosures will be placed in the most suitable space for the requirements of the species housed - these will need to be provided by yourself unless otherwise discussed beforehand. We have plenty of stable temperature space, with the option to provide some darker or brighter living spaces depending on species.


Exercise, again, will depend on species! I am happy to provide time outside for those pets that would benefit - either harnessed or in a secure run - all of which would be supervised, and we do not use pesticides. For those that require free roam time within the house this can also be arranged. Ideally I would like to keep your best friends to their routine as much as possible!

Health & Hygiene:

Of course I'll be washing my hands between individuals, including a long rinse with plain water for many - snails and the likes are obviously very sensitive to soaps and oils on the hands. Any enclosures provided will have been washed with a gentle cleanser and left outside to dry. Individuals from different households will not be housed within a couple of metres of one another unless they are long stay and I have confirmed myself that there are no signs of mites over a 14 day period.
- and have obtained owner permission prior. Similarly, any live food cultures will be separated by household (if provided) and otherwise housed separately from pet individuals.

Small Pet Boarding Prices

Pricing will vary depending on the level of care and space required, from £2.50 per day. For more individuals it will not be the same pricing as the same number from different households, as they can be kept in the same space where they are compatible species, fed at the same time etc. Food will be agreed upon, as to whether it is supplied by the individual, or by myself.

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Open Hours

Best to contact in the afternoons, but drop off and pick up times will simply be as agreed.

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