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About our Small Pet Boarding

We board: Rabbits

My name is Ruth and I've been keeping pet rabbits for over 20 years, since I nursed a baby wild rabbit through myxomatosis and she lived with me in my house. I've worked with three rabbit rescues for ten years fostering and bonding, and have been boarding holiday rabbits for 6 years. It's a small business run by a rabbit lover for rabbit lovers. I'm studying for my NVQ level 3 in small animal welfare.


5 bespoke rabbit houses with attached 12 foot runs. The houses can easily accommodate groups of bunnies. Fully insulated, with plenty of headroom. In winter the floors are insulated with an additional layer of cosy vet bedding and a heat pad, in summer cool pads are provided.
The safe garden is protected by a 12-14 foot stone wall.
Exclusive use of a dedicated room that can be set up in different configurations depending on how many of your bunnies are being boarded/bonded.


Outdoor rabbits have access to a run attached to their house so can come in and out all day. There are tunnels and logs to play on.
Indoor rabbits have access to a separate grassy area for exercise in the day. They also have tunnels and Ikea beds to play on in their runs.
All rabbits are safely shut in their houses/rooms overnight.

Health & Hygiene:

Rabbit areas are cleaned and toilet trays changed daily. Living areas are deep cleaned once a week and between guests.
Rabbits who need special diets and medication are catered for including injections and nebulizing.
Vaccination certificates required.

Small Pet Boarding Prices

Individual rabbit £6 per day
Pairs £8 per day
Trios £10 per day
For larger groups and longer stays please ask for prices.
Pairs £10 per day
For larger groups please ask.

Other Services

Services: GroomingClaw Clipping

If you would like a pamper day for your bunny whilst they come and stay just let me know, and I can make sure they are groomed and have their nails trimmed.

If you live in Frome I can visit your pet bunnies at home, for feeding, cleaning and company whilst you are away.

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Reviews from Our Guests

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Our two bunnies Thumper and Winnie stayed at the bunny bus in October for a week. They loved their stay and settled very well. Ruth kindly kept us updated on how they were doing and sent pictures too. Lovely premises and large hutches. Would highly recommend.

5 From Stacey Cole on

Ruth is an absolute star and enabled the Bonding of my Two buns Bruce and Lumie .. not once but twice. Sadly Bruce got ill and they temporarily fell out of love but with Ruths support they are both happily loved up and together again!! I would recommend for Boarding or Bonding and cant thank Ruth enough for her help!

5 From Chris Meehan on

Could not recommend Ruth more!! She was absolutely fantastic with my 2 boys (Eeyore and Gibbs). They had been separated due to a fight shortly before to being neutered and I didn't think I would ever be able to get them reunited. However, they stayed with Ruth for 7 days over the Christmas period, over which time they were successfully rebonded. I couldn't believe the change in their behaviour to each other and I now have 2 very happy bunnies. Ruth provided plenty of updates and was very thorough in ensuring she knew all the relevant information to keep things as similar as possible to what the boys were used to at home! She provided advice for what to do once home with newly bonded rabbits and is happy to answer queries post bond as you gradually reintroduce your rabbits back into your home! I could not be happier!!!

5 From Kiera on

Ruth looked after my rabbit while I was away for 9 days. She kept me informed and sent photos every day. Ruth knows quite a lot about rabbits - very professional and would definitely recommend.

5 From Maria on

Amazing bonding service! I dropped my two rabbits off for 5 days (due to moving) for bonding, Ruth spoke to me in detail about the process and happily answered all of my questions. She sent me updates regularly and photos/videos and upon collection provided plenty of information/advice for after bonding. My rabbits are now back home getting on very well. I highly recommend The Bunny Bus for bonding services.

5 From Harriet Reid on

Ruth looked after my two buns Ruby and Rolo whilst I went away on a three week holiday. She was so very kind and allowed me to visit her home before their stay as I was anxious to leave my boy Rolo , who was disabled, whilst I was away. They settled in right away and Ruth accommodated to both of their needs and fit them right into her home. Ruth took such great care of Rolo - giving him bum baths, drying him, administering medication etc. Unfortunately Rolo was nearing the end of his life and passed away during their stay. Ruth was incredibly respectful, compassionate and informative to myself and my partner and guided us through this. Ruby became very close to Ruth after this and we're best friends. She was very much well looked after and has come home from an amazing holiday. We will definitely be using Ruth to board again, would highly recommend.

5 From Ellie on

Ruth has been fantastic supporting our 5 bunnies to become friends. I was too afraid to try to bond them as I don't understand the different behaviours and when to (not!) intervene. Ruth bonds the same way as the best person I'd previously met and trusted to do it with a group of mine so I was confident. I felt Ruth got to know the bunnies before I left them with her and I received photos and messages about their activities! So far it's been successful and all 5 are home together still friends! Having a group is so lovely to watch, they snuggle and have a real social structure so bunny tv is even better when they're all together being proper bunnies. Thank you Ruth for bonding them so well and kindly, and for your ongoing support whenever I have a worry!

5 From Kelly Steed on

Nice accommodation. The bunnies seemed really happy there. Ruth was kind and considerate, we would highly recommend The Bunny Bus.

5 From Joshua Dearman on

The Bunny Bus was recommended to us by a local bunny rescue centre. We booked our 3 bunnies in for 5 days for indoor boarding while we were away. Prior to arriving at The Bunny Bus, our son had been nervous about leaving our precious bunnies. But when we arrived, Ruth spent time with our son, asking him questions about the bunnies and what they liked etc. She also showed us around so that we could meet her bunny. By the time that we left our son was extremely happy that they would be happy and well looked after and so were we. Throughout our holiday, Ruth sent us photos and a couple of videos as our son had requested so we would know that they were having a lovely holiday. Ruth (The Bunny Bus) so obviously adores bunnies and gives the bunnies in her care the very best care and attention. We will definitely be using The Bunny Bus again!

5 From The Chaotic Campervaners on

Looking for care for our cheeky diva mini lop, how lucky we were to find Ruth. Our rabbit had had her own amazing holiday, with someone very knowledgable with a clear love for bunnies. Excellent clean facilities, loads of cuddles and play time, also lovely updates whilst we were away. Booked in again already and so relieved to have found someone who has such an understanding of their health, knows what to watch for etc with health if needed. Happy little bun and owner too x

5 From Adeline on

Ruth was very kind and flexible. She clearly knows a lot about rabbits, and we felt very reassured leaving our bunny in her care. She was happy to give him his medication, which was something we were concerned about and one of the reasons we didn't want to ask our usual friends to look after him. I would recommend Ruth's services to anyone who has small pets. She was great. Even allowing us to collect our bunny at quite an antisocial hour. The set-up is also exactly what we were looking for. We would definitely use her again (and I am very picky!! :-)) Thank you, Ruth.

5 From Louise Barton on

The perfect rabbit holiday for my bun! Ruths gentle and warm demeanor, along with the amazing facilities she has, made for total peace of mind while I was away. She had a lovely indoor run with a bed, tunnel, litter tray, soft mat and a ball! Next time I go on holiday I wouldn't consider having her anywhere else! Thank you so much Ruth!

5 From Anna on

Our bunny Toffee stayed with Ruth for two weeks whilst we were on holiday. She is an indoor bunny so had a large run area inside the house & outdoor time each day which she loves. Ruth came highly recommended by a friend, she really does absolutely love bunnies. Toffee was really well cared for with regular whatapp photo/video updates . I would highly recommend The Bunny Bus.

5 From Cath on

Ruth was so freindly and welcoming when taking my 3 girl bunnies to be bonded with her, easy to communicate with and always happy to update me on the process, was very thorough with wanting to know about each bunny individually and their cheeky personalities, would and have reccomended her to other wanting bunny bonding, was a fantastic and stress free experience

5 From Chloe Aldridge on

Home Visit: Ruth is amazing! She came over twice a day to feed and let my rabbit Horlicks out. Very trustworthy and friendly. Would 100% recommend!

5 From Madeline on

I would highly recommend Ruth's boarding to anyone. I felt reassured from the moment we got there as Ruth showed us where the rabbits would be and found out the rabbits' usual routines/food and whether they could have some free roam time. She is clearly very knowledgable about rabbits! Ruth kept me updated with pictures on how they were doing and when we got back it was clear they'd been well looked after and settled in well! Wouldn't hesitate to use again!

5 From Georgia Chambers on

I highly recommend The Bunny Bus, I left my 3 rabbits with Roo during one of the hottest summers on record. I was very impressed with the accommodation and was grateful for the daily updates, showing how my bunnies were keeping cool. I would leave my rabbits with Roo in a heartbeat as I am confident she can provide the gold standard care bunnies need.

5 From Pamela Anderson England on

Ruth was fantastic with our 10yo bunny, Bella. It was clear she was knowledgeable about rabbits and she made us feel comfortable from the outset. Her small business is clearly one of love for the animals over anything else. The accommodation was clean and safe, and we received regular updates on how Bella was doing. I wouldn't hesitate recommending The Bunny Bus to anyone.

5 From Neil on

I first met Ruth a couple of years ago when she rehomed a bunny for me whom proved to be an unsuitable mate for my little female. After sadly losing my most recent boy, I took on another to bond to my girl once more. I contacted Ruth out of the blue having not been in touch for a while and she was as lovely as I remember. My buns stayed with her for a week for bonding and they have come back a very happy (fingers crossed!) pair. It is clear to see how much Ruth loves her bunnies and how much knowledge she has. I wouldn't hesitate to call on Ruth again for both boarding and bonding advice. Very lovely, super knowledgeable and accommodating. Piggy and Marmalade say thank you! 😊

5 From Laura Schofield on

Our bunny stayed with Ruth for a week. Ruth is really nice! She is willing to take time to know about your rabbits before the boarding and will keep you updated. She took a good care of our bunny. Highly recommended!

5 From Chuxuan Xiao on

Ruth was amazing!! I packed off my three rabbits to her for bonding after my two boys had an awful fight, and they came back a week later the best of friends. Ruth gave me regular updates of how they were getting on with photos and videos, and was with them every step of the process. Ruth also made sure I was properly prepared for what I had to do when they came back, and all has gone swimmingly. I would thoroughly recommend the bunny bus and Ruth to anyone looking for help with their rabbits!!

5 From Libby Gaukroger on

Ruth looked after our rabbits last month when we were away for a week, and she was amazing with them. I was nervous about going away, as they've had some medical issues over the last couple of years, and Ruth was really reassuring, very knowledgeable about the signs to look out for, and we left knowing they were in excellent hands. We got daily updates and pictures, she took the time to make sure their routine stayed the same as it would at home, and they were really well cared for with her.

5 From Rebecca on

My three bunnies spend a week with Ruth when unexpectedly our regular boarding person was not available. My trio was look after very well, Ruth was treating them as her own rabbits. They trusted her from the moment we bring them there, all three came to say hello :) We were having regular WhatsApp updates - they weren't missing us at all :) being rotten spoiled! Highly recommended, great service and accommodation

5 From Maria on

I was recommended Ruth as a bonder by word of mouth in the rabbit community. Ruth was amazing with my rabbits, she set up a bed next to the bonding space and cared for their needs and looked after them. She sent me regular videos and images during the bonding process. My 2 bunnies have come back best friends. Ruth is a fellow rabbit lover. I knew they were in good hands. I thoroughly recommend her services and would definitely use Ruth to bond future rabbits or for boarding. Thank you once again. X

5 From Michelle Williams on

We first found Ruth when we were looking for someone to bond our gorgeous pair of rabbits. We call her the rabbit whisperer in our house! They have boarded with her ever since. They are very well loved and looked after when they stay with Ruth and we always have piece of mind. Nothing seems too much trouble and she is always happy to accommodate their little ways. Our rabbits really enjoy a holiday too. We thoroughly recommend Ruth ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

5 From Monty on

We have just returned from our holiday and so have our bunnies from their holiday with Ruth. It really was a holiday, they both loved Ruth from the moment they saw her, running over to her to say their hello's. One of our little buns required Medication to be given whilst we were away and Ruth didn't mind at all. She sent regular updates on how the little buns were doing and put our minds at ease throughout their stay. Ruth cares and loves every rabbit that is in her care and every wish and request is fulfilled and she cares for them exactly as you want. We will genuinely never go to anyone else for rabbit care in the future, no one we could trust more! Thank you so much for everything Ruth!

5 From Ellie on

Ruth truly cares for all bunnies just as much as her own, after getting to know her I felt very confident leaving our Bean in her care while we were away. She made sure Bean was comfortable and made it as homely for her as possible. I loved receiving updates and photos through WhatsApp and seeing just how happy our bunny was! I was very worried about how she'd find it, but she was immediately comfortable and exploring her indoor enclosure Ruth provided. We're very happy with the care that was given and will 100% be using The Bunny Bus for boarding again, and possibly bonding too.

5 From Dominika Domirska on

Ruth has helped us out numerous times with bonding and boarding. Her kindness, care and expertise has been reassuring when leaving our 'challenging' indoor bunny with her. We regularly received updates which always puts our minds at ease. We would not hesitate to recommend The Bunny Bus :)

5 From Lucy & Chris on

We have just returned from our holiday and so have our bunnies from their holiday with Ruth. It really was a holiday, they both loved Ruth from the moment they saw her, running over to her to say their hello's. One of our little buns required Medication to be given whilst we were away and Ruth didn't mind at all. She sent regular updates on how the little buns were doing and put our minds at ease throughout their stay. Ruth cares and loves every rabbit that is in her care and every wish and request is fulfilled and she cares for them exactly as you want. We will genuinely never go to anyone else for rabbit care in the future, no one we could trust more! Thank you so much for everything Ruth!

5 From Ellie on

Such a lovely lady who bonded our lonely Amy to a new husbun, Howie from a local rescue. I'd highly recommend Ruth for her bonding and boarding services for your treasured rabbits- they'll be safe and very well cared for.

5 From Jackie Bradley on

Ruth takes such wonderful care of our rabbit, Clover; she makes sure she has all her favourite food and treats and we like it that she can wander freely in the garden and can stay in the house too. Clover is an elderly rabbit and fell seriously ill last year while staying at Ruth's. Ruth took such incredible care of her including taking her to the vets, staying up with her at night and hand feeding her. Clover pulled through and is doing well; we wouldn't leave her anywhere else.

5 From Karen Duffield on

Ruth genuinely cares about the rabbits who board with her, (all rabbits in fact) my rabbits have been pampered whilst in her care. I am very fussy who I will trust with my rabbits and until I met Ruth I hadn't had a holiday in 7 years because I could never find anyone I trusted enough to care for them all the way I liked it, free roaming exercise, veg, enrichment, cuddles. Ruth will ask how you like them to be cared for, what they eat and toys they like, mine got daily veg and herbs, exercise outside to run about, it was like a big adventure for them. I'm hoping to have a holiday in the summer this year by the sea and because I trust Ruth it means I can drop my rabbits to her en-route and holiday enjoying myself knowing my rabbits are in safe hands and will be having a holiday themselves.

5 From Sarah Meehan on

Our two bunnies cookie (who we adopted from Ruth years ago) and miss Bertie love going on holiday to “auntie Ruth's” every time we go away. Sometimes just for a weekend and other times for longer, it's never any trouble for Ruth to adapt the living space to suit as they are indoor bunnies and so when they stay they have their own room indoors (miss Bertie is very fussy!) but Ruth is always happy to accommodate and make it perfect so both bunnies are relaxed and happy. The outside area is perfect for the buns to run, binkie and enjoy the fresh air, it's very secure so they can hop around exploring safely. Ruth is always happy to give us updates/pics on what adventures/mischief they are both having along with plenty of cuddles being given. We have always felt confident leaving our furbabies with Ruth as she is willing to discuss their care in detail and share advise if needed We would highly recommend.

5 From John yandell on

Ruth is attentive, caring and really takes the time to learn about your rabbits before she even starts looking after them. She is caring and compassionate which really helps put you and your bunnies at east. The video and photo updates are great and they give you reassurance whilst you and your bunnies are apart. She goes above and beyond and we would 100% recommend her to anyone.

5 From Oreo, Donald & Bean on

We are indoor buns and go to Auntie Ruths every time our mum goes away. She knows all our little characters and habits. We get our own space with lots of toys and an Ikea bed. Our littler trays and pens are cleaned each day and we get lots of super fresh hay. Fresh veg arrives every morning and pellets in the evening. If we're good we get our favourite treats too. Our best times are cuddle time (well for some of us!) and free-roam time. If the weather is bad then auntie Ruth knows how spoiled we are so we get to play indoors, if its lovely then we get supervised garden free roam. We love it, especially the game of tag at the end - I think its when auntie Ruth wants us to go back in but we love ‘catch us if you can'!! There are often other bunnies there and we all get our own pens and free roam time. We all get cuddles and individual attention. When Pigimust was poorly auntie Ruth took special care of him and he didn't escape having to have his medicine!! Aoife had a pedicure last time too as she is too wriggly for mum to do. Last summer when we went there auntie Ruth asked mummy if we might like an adventure staying in the outside pen. It was great! We had our own spacious hut with bedding, hay and all meals delivered to the door. We had en-suite grass runs with toys, tunnels, and a shady area for when the sun was out. Much fun! Being indoor buns we wouldn't want it all the time but it was great for a holiday! We go back for our next stay in a couple of weeks and cant wait!

5 From Aoife, Pigimust, Hutch and Meisha on

Ruth goes above and beyond to care for her small furry guests and to make worried owners feel at ease. I sent my male and female rabbits to her for a week in December 2021 to be bonded and they were catered for their every need. We spoke lots before they stayed so she knew their personalities, diet and any specific requirements and she was at hand for advice after their stay. It's difficult to find indoor boarding for house bunnies but she has secure indoor pens with plenty of room and enrichment which is great. Outdoor set ups are brilliant too, very safe. I was able to speak to Ruth whenever I needed to for updates and to see how they were during their stay. I have now booked for boarding in April and June 2022 and wouldn't want to send them anywhere else. I trust Ruth to give them the right care, she treats them like they're one of her own. You can tell Ruth has a real passion for caring for rabbits.

5 From Lucy Heales on

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