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Buns Away Small Animal Boarding

Ashingdon Heights

Tel: 07926690724
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About our Small Pet Boarding

We board: RabbitsGuinea PigsBirdsHamsters, Mice etc.

Hi my name is Linda and I've looked after and loved animals all my life. I've enjoyed very single one of them and getting to know their own personalities and funny little ways! I've owned lots of animals over many years from a tiny hamster to a horse! After working in an office most of my life I now have the opportunity to start a very small but very happy animal boarding company which has been my dream for many years.
We live in a lovely quiet area in Ashingdon so it's perfect for your pets to have a relaxing time on their holidays with me.
I am extremely patient and experienced with administering medications and supplement feeding in rabbits and guinea pigs along with cleaning dirty bottoms too and thanks to my lovely Parsnip I'm used to rabbits that have, lets say, a real 'attitude' to life so grumpy bunnies are welcome at Buns Away!


We have converted a lovely summerhouse into three massive hutches (just under; 8ft wide, 3ft high & 3ft deep). The summerhouse is fully insulated and all hutches are lined with lino on the bases and thick Perspex around the walls so deep cleaning between visitors is very hygienic. I also have room in my house for three hutches (clients will need to bring their own indoor hutches). All visitors will have daily use of individual runs in my garden. The base of each run will be lined and covered with hay as I don't allow grass grazing due to any cross contamination. I do offer trays of pre planted grass to be offered to my guests which they all really enjoy!


I offer all my visitors cardboard boxes & toilet roll tubes filled with hay and grasses for them to play with. Footballs to chase, egg boxes with treats in and anything else I can think of at the time to make sure everyone has fun while they are here!

Health & Hygiene:

Between visitors I steam clean all hutches and any items (litter trays, log tunnels etc) with a solution of 1 measure in 10 of bleach. When I do my daily clean out of the hutches I use a solution of Virkon S tablets, which are made for this type of environment and are completely safe for any of my guests.

Small Pet Boarding Prices

All prices are priced per night/per hutch-space

£8.50 for a single bunny
£9.50 for two sharing (bonded pairs only)

Guinea Pigs;
£6.50 for a single piggy
£7.50 for two sharing (bonded only)

£4.00 for a single Chinchilla
£5.00 for two sharing (bonded pairs only)

£3.00 for a single rat
£4.00 for two sharing (bonded pairs only)

£3.00 single hamster

Parrots £5.00
Love Birds £3.50
Canneries £3.00

Gerbils; £3.50
Tortoises; £3.50

Please do contact me for more information if your pet is not listed here.

Other Services

I can offer a mobile service but this would be very limited due to my time. However, it's ideal for anyone who is away for a night or two and would rather not put their pets into boarding. Please note that I only offer a mobile service for a maximum of two days/nights.

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We're located between Hockley and Rochford off of Ashingdon Road and are easy to find. If you are coming to us along the A127 follow the sigs to Rochford then continue along the Ashingdon Road, you'll find a side road called Clifton Road, turn into this road and Ashingdon Heights can be found at the end.

Open Hours

Monday to Friday; 9am - 5pm
Saturday; 10am - 4pm
Sunday; 10am - 12noon

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