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About our Small Pet Boarding

We board: RabbitsGuinea PigsHamsters, Mice etc.

Little Monster Lodges is a family business. We are now in our seventh year. We felt there lacked any safe boarding facilities in our area and being animal lovers it was the logical decision for us to open one.
We have many animals of our own and have experience with rabbits, guineas, rats, Degu and hamsters to name a few. We have many animals of our own but not dogs.
We can be found on monster lodges
Check out our page. Lots of photos of past clients
We post pictures of your pets on our page and you are free to message at anytime to check they are happy
Book early for the Summer and other school holidays to avoid disappointment.
Limited indoor accommodation. All indoor animal live with us in our home. I have two puppy pens for rabbits and several cages for guinea pigs.


We offer our guests high-quality hutches with access to large runs. The accommodation we offer includes Six foot doubles with run on paving. There are two of these.
The rest are double hutches. Some exclusive for guineas.
All animals have access to grass in good weather in secure runs.

We allocate hutches according to animal type and size. Animal welfare comes first. We provide soft blankets in the sleeping area and cuddle sacks for guineas
We also have a limited number of indoor cages and two puppy pens which are popular.All indoor animals have soft fleece blanket bedding
All hutches are padlocked for security.
All animals are cared for in home environment and interact with my family.
All rabbits must be fully vaccinated or we can’t board them. They must have been vaccinated for a week prior to boarding.


We have large 6 and 5 foot metal runs which can be combined for larger rabbits and smaller wooden runs for guinea pigs.

Again we allocate according to the animal's needs.
Plenty of toys are provided including shelter, rain and shade covers. Cuddles provided free from all the family.

Health & Hygiene:

All rabbits must have up to date vaccinations for Myxomatosis, VHD and VHD2. We require
Proof with their vets card. Now the one combined vaccine.
We require your vets details. All poorly animals will have access to first aid or veterinary care. Owners will be required to pay the fees incurred whilst in our care.
We can also administer medication, clip claws & groom when required.

Small Pet Boarding Prices

We have a different pricing structure for indoors and out.
For a single rabbit outdoors £8.00 per day

For a pair or rabbits. £11.00 per day

For a single guinea pig outdoors £7.00 per day

For a pair of guineas. £10.00 per day

For a single rabbit indoors £10.00 per day

For a pair of rabbits. £14.00 per day

For a single guinea indoors. £9.00 per day

For a pair of guineas. £12.00 per day

If you have more than two rabbits sharing please ask for reduced price if they share.
Degu, rats, chinchilla £4.00 per pair a day. Additional £1.00 a day, Budgies £4.00 per bird
Hamsters, gerbils etc £2.00 a day
For rabbits and Guinea pigs we require a deposit
£20 for rabbits and £10 for Guineas
All degu, hamsters etc must come in their own cage
We accept PayPal, Cash and Cheques

Other Services

Services: GroomingClaw Clipping

If required we can groom and clip your pets nails at no extra cost

Please note we are not taking on any new clients with Tortoise or reptiles.We do not have the facilities

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Reviews from Our Guests

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Jacqui exudes warmth and I always feel total confidence in her when I leave the rabbits in her care. Would totally recommend her boarding services. And visiting her her is a delight as her home is like a wonderful mini zoo!

5 From Jill Desborough on

Our rabbit Pepsi was beautifully cared for whilst we were away on holiday. We particularly enjoyed checking on the website for photos of her as this was very reassuring. I would highly recommend Little Monster Lodges as a lovely safe place to leave your small pet. Pepsi will definitely be coming back!

5 From Sarah Homer on

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We are situated in a village in a rural setting a couple of miles from Colchester North railway station. Near to A12

We have clients from all over Colchester and surrounding areas including Suffolk and London.

Open Hours

Open all year except Christmas Day, Boxing day and New Years Day. Message us on facebook for availability or text. Viewings are welcome by appointment
We can be contacted through our Facebook page
We are open from 08.30 till 4pm in winter
08.30 till 5.30 in Summer

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