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About our Small Pet Boarding

We board: RabbitsGuinea PigsBirdsReptilesHamsters, Mice etc.Ferrets

We are animal lovers in this house, we have a little dog who thinks he's human, 6 parrots & 2 tortoises. We have over 30 years experience caring for animals.


We look after your small animal or bird in our home, very well cared for with reasonable rates, bring your own hutch / cage and we ask you to provide the food and we will look after your pet as if they where our own. We supply daily fruit and veg if your pet requires it. No pets are kept outside or in sheds, all pets are kept in our home.


Exercised in our home on a daily basis, lots of cuddles provided free of charge.

Parrots daily out of cage exercise and tickle time.

Health & Hygiene:

Cleaned out daily and sterilised with F10 veterinary disinfectant.

All pets must be in good health, if something was to go wrong which never has but if your pet should get ill and required vet care we would use our vet which is Toll Barn Vets in North Walsham. We ask you to leave a mobile number so we can contact you should something go wrong and will keep you informed.

Small Pet Boarding Prices

Rabbits/ Guinea Pigs/ Chinchillas £5.00 per night or £8.00 for 2 in the same hutch or cage.

Small cage birds, Budgies/ Canaries/ Finches etc £5.00 per night or £8.00 for 2 in the same cage.

Hamsters/ Gerbils/ Rats £5.00 per night or £8.00 for 2 in the same cage.


Cockatoos/ Amazons/ Greys/ Macaws/ Conures/ Ringnecks/ Cockatiels etc
£8.00 per night per bird, I do have spare parrot cages but would prefer you bring your own so the parrot does not get too stressed with the change of environment.

We ask you supply your parrots daily diet, seed, pellets etc, we supply daily fruit and veg and chop if required.

We have a very large 28ft x 8ft aluminium outdoor aviary for parrots to fly on warmer days should you require. Very safe and secure, no outdoor transporting as the aviary is over an external door.

Other small animals on request.

Reptiles, we can accept reptiles if they do not require heat and can be brought in there vivs, tables etc. All food must be supplied.


I have a few spare parrot cages and indoor rabbit/guinea pig cages that can be used at an additional charge of £1.50 per night.

A deposit of 20% is required for all new bookings paid by bank transfer.

Other Services

I do not board dogs but have a friend that boards dogs in her home and are cared for as she does her own, if you need to board your dog I can pass on her details, she is located at Rollesby.

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Reviews from Our Guests

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What a fab place, not been easy finding someone I can trust with Diva my macaw, both were very confident handling Diva and her care was brilliant. Thankyou! Booked for September 23.

5 From Emily Harding on

Highly recommended, nice environment and my 4 parrots had a great holiday.

5 From Janet Beales on

My two rabbits went for there holidays, very happy with what was provided and the aviary was brilliant, great for my two rabbits. I was sent WhatsApp updates throughout there stay.

5 From Bella Davis on

Stanley rabbit was well cared for by Louise, the daytime aviary was great for him to snooze in the sunshine. Thankyou and see you again in 5 weeks.

5 From Rob Noble on

Very pleased with the care you gave our Tilly while we where on holiday, peace of mind she was getting looked after. See you both again in August.

5 From Derek Ward on

Thankyou for the great care you gave to our parrot Ozzie, lovely people and cared for very well. Will be back next year when we go away.

5 From Emma Longworth on

Thankyou so much for the wonderful care you gave our Amazon parrot Bertie. Would highly recommend Louise and Bertie will be back again soon.

5 From Susan Ford on

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Beautiful rural Norfolk broads village with the white windmill. Approx 3 miles from Potter Heigham.

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