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About our Small Pet Boarding

We board: RabbitsGuinea PigsBirdsReptilesHamsters, Mice etc.

Hello and welcome to Larkfield Small Animal Hotel. Specialising in rabbits, guinea pigs and all other, small animals holiday boarding needs.

Over 30 years of pet care experience. BRC Breeder, RWAF member. Qualified pet care therapist and currently taking a Batchelors degree in Advanced Animal behaviour, specialising in lagamorphs (rabbits).

Animals are my passion and love. I currently own a rabbitry of over 50, show standard mini lops, of my own and rescue animals on top. Plus rescue horses too. As you can tell its become a way of life for me.

As of January 2016 I am proud to announce the arrival of two new members of staff, Chelsea who is training to be an RSPCA inspector and her animal mad older sister Joanne. Both committed to helping me, be able to provide the care and attention your pets deserve.


Indoor and outdoor areas. Indoor stone stabling area has various size hutches available. Our standard hutches are 4 foot x 2.5 foot depth and 2.5 foot added height. Our luxury boarding large hutches are 6 foot x 2.5 foot depth and 2.5 foot added depth. I also have small 2 foot hutches available, for the super tiny furries, as well as indoor stable space of 10 foot x 12 foot, for the larger breeds, to have the choice to free roam, as well as lounge in one if our large hutches. All hutches are handmade, heavy duty and fox proofed.

Outside hutch area is behind a 2 mtr fence, some 200 sq foot, again hutches up to 6 foot by 2 foot in our outdoor boarding area. Well sheltered away from the sun and driving rain.


Within the enclosed outdoor and stabling area I have various size exercise pens, from 6 foot x 4 to 9 foot x 6 foot, equipped with various tubes, balls, hide away houses and dig pits. All have sun and rain covers so runs are available as often as possible, even in the unpredicatable British weather.

Surrounded by acres of open land, set in the grounds of the old farmhouse, where there is a 24 hour presence. Also fitted CCTV cameras located in 6 different areas. Running 24 hours a day, giving you that extra piece of mind. All areas are bolted and padlocked on retiring. Rest assured your furry family are in safe hands.

Health & Hygiene:

They're fed organic hay, direct from the fields. Fresh veg and fruit, which I like to vary, for its different nutritional benefits, pellets and grass too.

Hutches, bowls and bottles etc are disinfected out, after every guest with Defra recommended products. Hutches are cleaned out, every other day. All bottoms are sprayed on arrival with Anti fly strike spray, to prevent fly strike, as well as daily bum checks, vet checked and approved by local practice. As a qualified holistic pet care therapist, I carry a wide range of medications, from antibiotics to pain relief, parasite control to liquid feeds. If any animal is taken sick while boarding here at Larkfield, it will be brought inside with me, for the duration of its stay, so I can monitor more closely and be able to give meds if needed, day and night. I also have a vet on standby in case of emergencies.

Please Note. A South Gloucestershire Licence does NOT need to be held, to run a small animal boarding centre, as some claim to hold. Only if boarding dogs and cats, is it required.

Small Pet Boarding Prices

Guinea Pigs.

Single in standard hutch - £3 per night
Bonded Pair in standard hutch - £4 per night
For groups or luxury large hutch -
£5 per night


Single in standard hutch '
£4 per night
Bonded Pair in standard hutch - £4.50 per night.
For luxury boarding in large hutch -
£5 per night


In their own cage -
£3 per cage, per night. We can only accept small cages. Please call for further information.

Alternative in house rat accommodation.

Staying in our standard hutch -
£4 per night
Luxury Large hutch -
£5 per night.

Mice, Gerbils, Hamsters - £2.50 per night, per cage

Chinchillas, Degu, African Pygmy Hedgehogs, Tortoises and birds £3 per night, per cage. Again cage size dependant. Please contact for further details.

All prices nclude daily organic hays, meadow, timothy, oat and rye. Daily organic veg from farm shop. Fresh clean bedding. Regular health checks and cuddles, as well as plenty of play times in our half acre play area.

Hard feed and pellets must be supplied, to prevent upset stomachs due to changing of brands. Please bring along with you.

N.B A £4 charge will be added to the bill, if I have to supply feed for your pet and buy and collect it from local pet supplies. So please don't forget.

For group bookings, for those with more than two pets needing boarding a discount will be applied. As well as for stays of 21 days or more.

Other Services

Services: GroomingClaw Clipping

Groom - £1.50
Nail clipping - £2.50
Groom and Nails clipped (combination treatment) - 3.50

Administration of drugs NO CHARGE.

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Reviews from Our Guests

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Love this place and so do my guinea pigs too. Been using Sam for about 4 years now. I wouldn't go anywhere else. Great set up. So nice to get fed back while I am away, of how well they both are doing, which does help my girls relax as they do worry. Not got a bad word to say about Sam or Chelsea, who is one of the assistants and Simone too. Lovely bunch and very much small animal experts. Fantastic

5 From Sienna King on

Fantastic service. Very dedicated and knowledgeable team. Spacious hutches for my two bunnies to holiday in, well over 14 ft square. Clean and tidy with loads of room for them to exercise and play. I also find it reassuring to know that Sam works solely with her boarding guests, rescue animals and her rabbit stud. Truly a commited and dedicated animal addict. I can't recommend her enough. Mandy, Bun bun and Harry. X

5 From Mandy Baker on

Sam looked after our two lionhead rabbits while we were on our honeymoon. One of my rabbits - Marley - has always been my little defect bunny. We'd taken him to two different vets and they've never been able to sort out his stomach problems. He'd always been timid, I just assumed this was the way he was. I explained this to Sam and she was instantly planning a bunny detox! When I came to pick them both up Marley was an entirely new bunny! He's so playful now and we hasn't had a dodgy tummy since. Sam is so caring and thoughtful she didn't even charge us for the extra care she gave. I am so appreciative and would recommend her to absolutely everyone. I've had problems with other boarding places in the past and worried the entire time we were away, but I didn't worry once about leaving my two babies (yes. They are my babies) with Sam. She's amazing - I wish I could give more than 5 stars

5 From Amy Edwards on

I would definitely recommend Larkfield Small Animal Boarding! Sam has been absolutely brilliant with our bunny Nala on several occasions and is extremely helpful and accommodating. Its a great set up, with plenty of space for the rabbits to exercise and socialize. I would have no hesitation using Sam again and I'm 100% certain that bunny is probably looking forward to her next holiday at Larkfield.

5 From Matt on

Amazing!!!!!! Sam is simply brilliant with bunnies! My two bunnies have just finished their second stay at Larkfield and I can honestly say that I wouldn't board them anywhere else. From the minute they arrive, they are at ease; they sense Sam's confidence and relax. I highly recommend Sam as she goes the extra mile because caring for animals is her passion.

5 From Kelly on

Very impressed with the service we got from Sam, she is so passionate about looking after the animals and meeting their requirements. She even advised us on a couple of problems that we had with our 8 year old dwarf male, he was practically a different rabbit when we picked him up after 2 weeks. If only we had known about her sooner!

5 From Laura Wallis on

This lovely lady looked after my rabbit whilst I went to America for two weeks... My rabbit has a few health problems so I was very reluctant to leave him with a neighbour.. As soon as I arrived at Larkfield, Sam gave me a peace of mind that he will be looked after. This rabbit boarding place is amazing.. The rabbit have loads of space to run.. And is certainly in safe hands as she Sam knows everything you need to know about rabbits. Highly recommended! X

5 From Katie on

Prior to my bunnies first stay with Sam I was very reluctant about leaving them with anyone else. This was largely due to my eldest Bella having behavioural issues due to being attacked when she was a kit, this has left her with physical scarring and complex trust issues and leaving me feeling over protective. However after dropping them off Sam instantly put my worries to rest, she was friendly, understanding and most importantly her knowledge of rabbits was amazing. During their first stay the extent of Bellas behaviour became apparent. Sam is currently studying pet behaviour and asked if she could keep them on to see if she could help improve the situation, for no extra cost. When we came to pick up the girls, I was so shocked to see my Bella happily hopping around the yard, she looked happy, content and calm. Although Bella is still having problems integrating with other rabbits, she has now stoped cage biting, is much more obedient, less aggresive and so much happier in herself. I am using the advise that Sam has given us, to continue working with her and every day I am seeing improvements. Both me and my partner are grateful and so much happier with Bella after being with Sam. Naturally when we went away again in June we didnt hesitate in contacting Larkfield. Her hutches are a nice size and kept clean and tidy. There is a lovely play area for the animals to hop around and exlore. Sam is very attentive to the animals needs and extremely commited to the cause. To top it all off, her rates are extremely competative, infact the lowest priced in Bristol. I would not hesitate in recommending Sam and Larkfield small animal boarding centre to anyone. My girls will be returning soon. Becky Stevens - Personnel Assistant - Bristol

5 From Becky Stevens on

A fab place to trust your bunnies to. Sam loves rabbits and they seem to love her. Sid and Mabel were very happy there and seemed very chilled and relaxed when I picked them up, unlike the previous pet boarding company I used. They will be going back again to stay in September and when ever we go away. I would fully recommend it.

5 From Julie Hunter on

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Ten minutes from the M4/M5 and M32 interchange. Follow signs to winterbourne, Iron Acton, Frampton Cotterell, Yate. Frampton village is between Winterbourne and Iron Acton. Easily accesible from all major motorways and yet in beautiful country side.

Open Hours

Open to public between 2pm until 7.30pm. Appointments basis only, during opening hours. 7 days a week. However this is not set in stone, I will always try to be as accommodating as possible, around your travelling timetable. I have 35 plus of my own animals and am always about, so I will endeavour to be as flexible as I am able and two members of staff, to assist.

Please note I am not open to the public on Christmas or Boxing day. Anyone wanting to check in on these days are advised to please bring them in a day earlier.

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