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Lovi Pet Hotel

Licensed by Manchester City Council

97 Brandwood Avenue
Greater Manchester
M21 7PL

Tel: 07500691987

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About our Boarding Cattery

Being a cat owner, I struggled to find suitable boarding for my cat which are a huge part of my family’s life.

The idea of Lovi Pet Hotel came because of this challenge and me providing a safe, loving environment for other cats and small pets was born. I have taken time to learn and explore how to address the needs of the cats and their humans and created a special place that will be as close to their home’s comforts as possible.

I am qualified to Level 2 in Feline Care, Behaviour and Welfare. I have completed courses in small pet communication and am currently working towards a level 3 Diploma in Kennel and Cattery Management.


We provide an all-inclusive boarding service to ensure all our guests are looked after to the same highest standard. We offer higher than required staff to pet ratio that will allow us to provide
personalised care.

All our guests get daily health checks, and we provide the owners regular updates and photos.

Additionally, all our five cat rooms are fully equipped with two CCTV cameras with one on the inside.
Pet owners can keep an eye on their pets 24/7.


At Lovi Pet Hotel we understand that enrichment is essential for all cats’ wellbeing and make sure
 Our pods provide enrichment by design
 Cats are provided with choice and variety
 Cats can exhibit all typical feline behaviours
 Cat’s individual enrichment preferences are satisfied
 Environmental enrichment (music, bird feeders)

The cattery is purpose built in way that it provides enrichment by design. The features include:
 Multi level platforms
 Variety of textures
 Sisal step posts for climbing and scratching
 Climbing trees

Every pod offers choice and variety through:
 Access to indoor and outdoor space
 Raised platforms for walking, jumping and playing
 Sleeping areas on floor level, raised beds and hammocks

In out cattery we:
 Make sure cats receives enough mental, social, and physical stimulation to satisfy its
individual behavioural needs
 Provide your cat with safe toys and regular opportunities to play with friendly people and by
 Make sure that your cat can rest undisturbed when it wants to
 Make sure your cat has opportunities to exercise each day to stay fit, happy and healthy
 Provide suitable indoor activities to keep your cat active
 Know how your cat behaves when fit, happy and healthy
 Never shout at, or punish, your cat - it will not understand and will just become more
nervous or scared

Health & Hygiene:

 Our cattery follows the regulators requirements which sets the necessary vaccinations for
boarding provisions. The latest dose of the vaccine should be given at least 2 weeks prior to
start of the stay. The required vaccinations include:
o feline panleucopenia/Infectious Enteritis (Feline Parvovirus, FPV)
o cat flu/feline respiratory viruses (feline herpesvirus/FHV and feline calicivirus/FCV)
 Cats must receive worming and flea treatment within 3 months preceding boarding. We
recommend that all cats receive treatment 2 weeks prior to checking in. In case theirs is
no worming and flea record on arrival we will apply worming and flea treatment at
additional fee
 Our cattery will not check-in any pet with contiguous/infectious condition. We also reserve
the right to decline admission of a pet with any unexplained symptoms that could indicate
communicable disease or parasitic infestation.

Prescribed medicines must be stored safely and securely to safeguard against
unauthorised access, at the correct temperature, and used in accordance with the
instructions of the vet
 Medicines other than prescribed medicines must be stored, used and disposed of in
accordance with the instructions of the manufacturer or vet
 Medication must only be used with prior consent of the owner or after a discussion with a vet

Our policy is that we will seek the veterinary advise in any case of cat in our care showing
symptoms of disease, this also includes non-infectious conditions.

Our registered ver is Harrison Family Vets Didsbury, which is just a 5 minute drive away.

Boarding Cattery Prices

1 cat £25/night
2 cats sharing £40/night
3 cats sharing £50/night
4 cats sharing £60/night

There are no additional charges for any services. As standard we provide:
 2x CCTV cameras per room with live view available for owner 24/7
 Feliway diffuser
 Background music
 Toys and food puzzles rotated daily
 Plenty of human interaction and play
 Medication administration when required
 Daily health checks
 Daily online updates
 Standard supermarket brands foods
 Water fountain for cats that use one

Other Services

Some of our clients will require our pet taxi service to and from the pet hotel. We can provide this
service within 15 miles from our postcode M21 7PL at an additional fee.
The initial check-in will take place at the owner’s home so please reserve 20 minutes for pick-up and
make sure that cat is either in a closed room or in their safe carrier.

We run this service with limited availability so please send your pet taxi requests to

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The Pet Hotel is located in Chorlton, Manchester (M21).

You’re welcome to contact us via email or mobile if you wish to view the Pet Hotel before booking a stay for your pet.

Open Hours

Mon 10AM-5PM
Tue 10AM-5PM
Weds 10AM-5PM
Thurs 10AM-5PM
Fri 10AM-5PM
Sat 12-1PM

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