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About our Small Pet Boarding

We board: RabbitsGuinea PigsHamsters, Mice etc.

Here at BBBB we offer the highest gold standard rabbit boarding.

We have been boarding and bonding rabbits for a long time with a vast amount of knowledge and experience. We are highly qualified and specialise in Rabbit Psychology, Behaviour and Training. We are RWAF members, we have an expert rabbit behaviourist and very rabbit savvy.

We offer the largest luxury boarding accommodation for all rabbits and guinea pigs in Scotland with all our accomodations over and above the RWAF requirements of 10x6ft.

We also run a non profit rabbit rescue centre.

You can find us on Facebook and Instagram too for photos and info.


Our accomodations are large, well thought out and easy to clean.

ALL of our accommodation is Rabbit Welfare approved and exceeds the housing size regulations. We do not believe in small hutches or cages and they have 24/7 permenant run access. All accommodations are insulated, fully covered and completely enclosed during winter.

We offer a variety of styles and types of accomodations to suit different rabbits and offer both indoor and outdoor and some half and half.


All rabbits have permenant access to safe enclosured secure runs with 16g galvanised steel mesh. They are never shut in at any time and can have access 24/7. The runs are floored or on slabs for being dig proof and infection control.

Health & Hygiene:

All rabbits must be fully vaccinated for both vaccines - Myxi, VHD1 & VHD2.
We do not use unsafe woodshavings, bedding etc and instead offer clean accomodations with litter trays and 4 different types of rabbit safe litter for the owner to choose.
All our accomodations are on lino, flooring etc for infection control purposes to clean. We do not let rabbits on grass as this cannot be properly disinfected and poses a risk to your rabbits health. They will also not be able to see or mix with any other rabbits, another essential as this can cause referred aggression and stress for your rabbits.
We are happy to have any rabbits to stay with health or medical issues and are qualified to administer any meds needed. We also have an on site nebuliser and quarentine units for any rabbits with respititory issues. For any vet trips that are needed we use the royal dick vet school (The best rabbit vet in the uk).

Small Pet Boarding Prices

Most of our accomodations are £10 per night for 1-4 rabbits staying there. For larger groups or long term stays contact us for discount and prices. This price includes everything except their pellets.

Other Services

Services: GroomingClaw Clipping

What we include in their stay:
*A variety of 12 of the best hays and grasses from around Scotland and Spain which they get unlimited all day every day
* Fresh forage tray on arrival
*Fresh picked and dried foliage and home grown herbs all grown here including fresh Apple and willow branches
*Toys (wooden, tunnels, balls, cardboard, boredom breakers, hides, castles)
*Treats (100% natural)
*Litter tray & litter (we stock a variety of litters for whatever they are used to)
*Bowls and water dispensers
*Cleaning every day and vet grade disinfectant
*Professional Photo Shoot on their last day
* Daily updates with photos and videos
* Grooming and nail trimming

We also offer advice, professional bonding and diet reviews and feeding plans for rabbits who are overweight or need help to eat more hay or for owners that would like their rabbits diet to be assessed.

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This is a fantastic rabbit hotel and rescue. They are now located in Douglas Lanarkshire but worth adopting, bonding and boarding through them.

5 From Sarah harrison on

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