Barkingham Pet Palace Luxury Hotel.

Licensed by Shropshire Council

Low Bank Farm
Ruyton XI Towns

Tel: 07742062808 or 07890313865
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About our Boarding Kennel

Barkingham Pet Palace - Boarding kennels for the pampered Dog.

We are really sorry but we are no longer in a position to take on any new clients at this time without disappointing our regular boarders due to very limited availability throughout 2022.

However, Please do continue to read my advert for issues to consider when looking to board your pets with any home boarder or boarding kennels.
I can not reccomend this website highly enough.

The Licensed verified marker means this site has actually checked that we have up to date licenses !!
Yes they do check.
So book a visit with confidence, we all must meet the same stringent licensing condidtions, although some of us do go the extra mile.

Questions to ask ;
How many walks/exercise sessions do the dogs have. How long are the exercise sessions.
Broading kennels are not allowed to exercise pets from different families together.

A Luxury alternative to conventional boarding kennels.
We've been so busy dedicating our love and attention to so many fabulous guests both past and new that at this time we are not in a position to take on any new guests.

Please continue to use the Find Pet Boarding website as it's the only site that actually verifies that the advertiser are fully licenced so you can book with confidence.

We're so proud of our Boarding Kennel Licence and overwhelmed by the lovely comments by the Shropshire Council Licensing Inspection team - following the renewal inspection..
See what you think!!

Boarding Licence no 21/00165/AIAL

Shropshire Council Inspection comments/advice
The premises provide an excellent environment for boarding dogs with good space, cleanliness and free from hazards. There is a total of five apartments all being well maintained with individual themes and care taken over the provisions provided for beds and chairs for the dogs to utilise.
They can access an exercise run directly from the apartment and there is a further fully enclosed and secure exercise area with agility equipment, tunnels and bridges for further enrichment, training and play. There are plans to develop the facilities further including tiling outdoor runs, and developing the outside area to provide even more enrichment opportunities.

No dogs were on site during the visit however all the rooms were fully kitted out and clean ready for the next occupant. Dogs will be given at least four separate occasions to exercise out of the apartment and this can consist of walks within the license holders own grounds,, nearby local walks and the exercise area for off lead time. Owners are asked to visit the premises with their dogs prior to them staying to ensure everything is ok and discuss their individual needs. Great care is taken to ensure each dog boarding receives high levels of care and interaction suitable to them.

The licence holders demonstrated an excellent understanding of dogs and their health and behavioural requirements. Demonstrating a positive approach to ensuring all the dogs in their care receive the appropriate enrichment, interaction and health requirements needed.

This was a renewal inspection and an unannounced was carried out in the duration of the previous licence with no issues found.

Three years compliance history is not held on record and this is the only reason a five star licence has not yet been issued.

Boarding Licence no 18/04432/AIAL 4 stars award.
Shropshire Council Inspection comments/Advice in full-

This is a brand new, purpose-built facility in a ‘luxury hotel’ style with large themed rooms, all of which have multiple resting areas, hiding areas and access to an outdoor secure run.

The level of environmental enrichment provided both inside and outside the kennels is excellent. So far, the licence holders have invested in a variety of toys, puzzle feeders and lick mats for use in the kennels. Outside, they benefit from a large property which has its own land for secure outdoor play and access to several footpaths and walking routes off the premises. The licence holders have developed a sensory garden, have a variety of other animals for dogs to experience and plan to develop other play areas, such as an obstacle garden. A great deal of thought and attention had gone into the development of this premises and providing dogs with a high standard of environmental enrichment.

The licence holders are extremely well qualified and have ensured that their experience and knowledge is suitable and appropriate for the service they are offering, and that they keep this up to date. The system from record keeping is very good and attempts to gain as much information as possible about dogs before accepting them as boarders to ensure that an excellent standard of care is provided.

Overall, from inspection of the premises, review of the submitted written documents and discussion with the licence holders it is clear that an exemplary level of attention to detail and care has gone into developing this premises and its operating systems. The licence holders have a clear passion for animals which will allow them to offer an excellent boarding service.

This is a five-star premises which is only prevented from holding that standard of licence by the fact it is a new business and doesn’t hold the required years of compliance history.

Please visit our Facebook page.... Barkingham Pet Palace luxury Pet Hotel.
We regularly add more pictures and have some lovely genuine reviews.

or our website at

Qualifications include:
Pet 1st Aid
Diploma in Pet Dog Care
Animal Training & Pet Sitting
Interactive Playday
T.Touch Workshop
Puppy Training & Animal Psychology
Dog Socialization & Obedience Masterclass
Canine Communication Talk Advanced Observation.

The new Animal Welfare act Oct 2018 affects all home boarders & boarding kennels in the UK.
Home boarding & boarding kennel's are only Licensed by the Public protection officers from the Trading Standards & Licensing department of each advertiser’s local authority.

Anyone providing OVER NIGHT boarding in their own home on a regular basis or in boarding kennels MUST be Licensed by their local council.

Protect YOUR pets by only using licensed home boarders & Boarding kennels.
Find Pet Boarding ACTUALLY DO VERIFY that the advertiser is Licensed!

That's a fantastic free service that protects you.

So book with confidence if the advertiser has been verified by Find Pet Boarding.

Another big bonus You do NOT need to pay a registration or a even booking fee with Find Pet Boarding like many other sites charge!! why pay extra to use facilities that are not Licensed by your Local Authority.


We offer:
Luxury individually themed designer apartments.
Full tiled floors with under floor heating.
Double glazing doors just like home.
Beautiful soft furnishings and accessories.
Vintage beds, Leather chair and sofas to share.
Lavish decor, stylish lighting, chandeliers and feature fireplaces.
Home comforts like you've never seen before!

Just like people, our pets find comfort having familiar items around them while they are on holiday, so you're very welcome to bring your pets feed bowls, favorite toys and blankets too. We also appreciate not everyone encourages their pets to jump on their furniture or sleep on their beds, so please feel free to bring your pets bed to place in their apartment.

If your pet hasn't been away before or your looking for alternative facilities - We always recomend a visit, to bring your pet to see just how much fun they can have with us.

We really do have a huge fully enclosed secure agility playgound for your pets to enjoy !!
We've now uppdated to include even more outdoor safe play with tunnel, platforms and an even bigger agility playpark.

We're here to help and answer any questions or concerns you have .
We want you to be totally happy about leaving your treasured best friend in our care.

For your peace of mind we also include regular photo's and updates on how much fun your pet is having while your away, all at no extra cost !!!


We believe exercise is an essential and a beneficial bond forming part of our guests holiday;
Your pets should have enjoyable exercise at their own pace tailored to meet their individual needs and abilities.

We provide ample facilities and socialisation for puppies to experience new situations, our young energetic guests really enjoy the agility playgound while our older more energetic guests can also take us further afield as well as our much loved elderly guests who just want a quiet amble through the sensory garden at their own pace with a few sit-down points along the way.
We also use recall line to ensure our guests get all the exercise they need.
Your pets definitely don't have a 30 minute walk around the block with us!!

Equally your pets’ safety is of paramount importance to us - It's part of the licensing criteria for ALL boarding kennels that we never ever walk your pet/pets with pets from other families. You should never ever need to worry about how many dogs are out with your pet or that your pet is competing for attention during their exercise sessions.

You pet is never ever placed in a position where they have to keep up with the pack or adjust to the pecking order by engaging in any rough and tumble during the odd disagreement, which can/does happen within a large group of dogs, and just as importantly there is absolutely no rushed toilet stop either.

We have over 6 acres of exclusive private grounds for your pet/pets to enjoy their walks, a huge fully secure enclosed agility playground ( recently extended ) with lots of safe space to have off lead fun just like in your garden. We include new experiences for your pet to meet under supervision to help with their socialization skills. New play equipment with platforms and a telly tubby tunnel !!

Our Sensory Garden is filled with beautiful smells, textures and sounds to excite all of your pets senses.
It's just like heaven as all our guests love having a good sniff around!
These are some of the scented plants which have a beneficial effect that your pet will enjoy in our Sensory Garden this summer:

Clary sage: good for highly strung animals and those with hormonal imbalance

Lavender: helps to reduce anxiety and other nervous conditions

Marigolds: dogs experiencing grief or emotional distress will often sniff out this plant

Mint: good for cooling properties and will often be selected by dogs who suffer from skin irritations

Thyme: chosen by animals with bacterial infections, skin irritations and diarrhoea

Wooden wind chimes provide soothing/relaxing sounds for the dogs to listen to, non-invasive and natural noises such as these have a calming effect making your dog feel at ease.

We include puzzle toys and chews, music, aroma therapy and massage.

We are convienently situated in the stunning Shropshire countryside, nestling within our own private grounds with exclusive walking opportunities, ample access to woodlands , miles of footpaths and of course the very beautiful Nescliffe Hill.......
A truly countryside retreat where your pets will have all the fun and exercise they want.

Check out our facebook page for more pictures and genuine reviews. We don't need to ask friends and family to write our reviews!!!

Health & Hygiene:

Your pets health and welbeing is our priority ;

We really do understand that some pets can find conventional boarding kennels very stressful and may not even tolerate home boarding or doggy day care, many dogs definitely don't like sharing their attention or finding their position in the pecking order amongst a large pack of sometimes bigger or more dominant dogs which can be quite traumatic experience for some pets.
Pet sitting or several home visits throughout the day may not be quite what you're specifically looking for.

If you need overnight boarding facilities while you’re on holiday, a business trip or in hospital these services can only be provided by Fully licenced boarding facilities which means they are fully Licensed by your local Council.
Home boarding and boarding kennels in the UK both come under the new Oct 2018 Gov regulations.

If you have any doubts about the facilities your pet is being offered, always check that Find Pet Boarding have verified that the local authority have issued a License. This site always checks for your benefit.

If you've paid for your best friend to have a walk, do you really want them to share that special time with lots of other dogs!
It's incredibly difficult if not impossible to spot health issues or specks of blood as a dog urinates with lots of other dogs around and missing these early signs could have a detrimental impact on your pets health.
We pride ourselves on noticing any changes in your pets health and welbeing, and we will always bring these to your attention.

At Barkingham Pet Palace - We really are a luxury alternative to conventional boarding kennels !!!

Don't just take our word for it - visit our facebook page, read the reveiws, come for a visit, bring your pet and see just how much fun your best friend can have with what we have to offer.

We cater for pets with pre-existing medical conditions or require medication during their stay.
We can also attend vet appointments.
Speak to us about how best to cater for your dogs specific needs.

As an extra bonus - we are fully Enhanced DBS checked ( Not just the standard Police check ) via Shropshire Council.

Boarding Kennel Prices

Our fees will increase for new booking from the 1st August 2021

We will charge £35.00 per day with an over night stay and collection before 10.30am the following day.
2 dogs sharing from the same family £50.00 per night.
3 dogs sharing from the same family £55.00 per night.
4 dogs sharing from the same family £65.00 per night.

Why pay commission to book with other companies, Find Pet Boarding actual verifies that Boarding Licences are in place and have been issued by their local authority.

We are fully licensed and insured for the facilities that we provide.
If you have any doubts about any services being provided by any facilities you are using always check with your local Trading Standards.

Other Services

At your Bark & Call.
Accessible transport for all your pets needs.
We also provide harnesses and seatbelts for your pets' comfort and safety.
We are insured and approved to provided this service!

Boarding Facility Images

Reviews from Our Guests

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Hi Isla It was a real pleasure looking after Jess, she was an absolute star. Thank you for your lovely review and for trusting me with your beautiful girl

5 From Deanne on

I was very impressed with prompt response to my enquiry, meet and greet session (all questions answered, full tour and careful history taken of Jess). Jess had a stressful experience before so I was really reassurred by all the lovely facilities and attention provided. I received a text and some photos to assure me Jess was okay, this helped me enjoy my day out as I had been quite concerned. When I collected Jess she was happy, relaxed and not at all agitated or stressed. A big thank you Deanne. I recommend this luxury pet hotel and will definately be bringing Jess back again.

5 From Isla on

I was very pleased with the service at Barkingham Palace. My dogs (Millie and Ishka) are not the easiest dogs to look after as they refuse to go for walks with anyone else other than me. Deanne at Barkingham Palace did really well with them. Although they wouldn't go far ( Which was more disturbing for Deanne than the dogs as she likes to take the dogs for good walks) , they were very happy and relaxed in her company when I collected them so I know she had spent time with them . Their room was very clean and the facilities are very good. I would definitely recommend and use again. Thanks Deanne.

5 From Sheryl on

Boarders Response:Hi Sheryl Millie & Ishka are such sweet lovely girls and it was an absolute pleasure looking after them both. Thank you so much

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Welcome to Barkingham Pet Palace.
Our family run exclusive dog hotel provides a luxury Home environment set on the edge of the picturesque village of Ruyton XI Towns, in the stunning Shropshire countryside, amid acres of our own private grounds, with access to woodland walks, miles of footpaths and the beautiful Nescliffe Hill giving us ample opportunities to walk and exercise all of our guests....
A truly countryside retreat - Where your pets have a holiday too!!!

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