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About our Small Pet Boarding

We board: RabbitsGuinea PigsHamsters, Mice etc.

Based in Congleton, Cheshire, Boo Boo’s Bunny Hotel is a very special place for boarding your rabbit, guinea pig or small furry.

Set within 3/4 acre of beautiful gardens, a specially built wooden pavilion can become home to your much loved pet/s while you are away on holiday. As a family business we have bunnies of our own so we have alot of experience of looking after them and most importantly making sure they are happy.

Your pet will enjoy large indoor secure hutches.
We also have excellent facilities for house bunnies - in our ‘bunny penthouses’.

When you’re going on holiday you want to feel relaxed in the knowledge your pet/s are well cared for - thats why we started Boo Boo’s Bunny Hotel where we will look after your pet/s as if they were our own, so you can enjoy your holiday and your bunny can too!

If you would like to receive photos of your pet when on holiday we can send these to you via the WhatsApp application which can be downloaded for free to your smart phone.


The hotel has large comfortable hutches so our guests can relax in a spacious environment.

We also have our own exclusive Bunny Penthouses for house bunnies and larger/giant bunnies


Plenty of room in our Penthouses for running around and enjoying themselves.

Health & Hygiene:

All bunnies must have uptodate Myxi and VHD/RHD certificates which must be shown on arrival.

Small Pet Boarding Prices

Bunnies - £8.00 per day - £56.00 per week

2 bunnies together in one hutch - £10.00 per day - £70.00 per week

2 bunnies together but in separate hutches - £14.00 per day - £98.00per week

Guinea Pigs - £7.00 per day - £49.00 per week

2 Guinea Pigs together - £9.00 per day - £63.00 per week

Chinchilla - £6.00 per day - £42.00 per week

Hamsters/Gerbils/Mice - £4.00 per day - £28.00 per week

Bunny Penthouse - £10.00 per day (single bunny)
- £12.00 per day (2 bunnies)

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Reviews from Our Guests

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Boo Boo's is a wonderful home from home for your pet. The facilities are fantastic and Chris & Bev take superb care of the animals. Our bunny loves having a holiday at Boo Boo's and we can leave him in the knowledge that he will be totally pampered during his stay. We could not recommend Boo Boo's highly enough!

5 From Margo Munro on

Booboo's are the only small animal boarding that I would trust to look after my guinea pigs when I'm away. They are so dedicated to their clients and their pets that I can go on holiday and relax knowing that they are in completely safe and reliable hands. Well worth every penny and I wouldn't let my guinea pigs stay at any other establishment!

5 From Rachel on

We have been bringing our own Boo bunny to Boo Boo's Bunny Hotel for a number of years now. We can always rely on the owners to look after our bunny as if she was their own. They have extensive knowledge of rabbit behaviour and health and we enjoy our regular updates via text, photo and video. Boo always enjoys her time in her spacious penthouse suite which is always clean and with lots of toys to play with. She likes to see the other bunnies in their penthouses and often sulks when we bring her back home!

5 From Charlotte on

Our Guinea pigs have just spent their first holiday at Booboos and i have been so impressed with the wonderful care and attention that they received from Chris and Bev. One of our pigs had had a big operation 10 days before and I was slightly concerned about leaving her even though she was recovering well. Chris and Bev couldn't have given her better care than I was. They were happy to give her her medications when required and sent me regular photos and texts letting me know how she and our other pigs were doing. The accommodation chalet they stayed in was beautifully kept and very clean and their hutches had lots of hay in to hide in, sleep in and eat. Would absolutely and wholeheartedly recommend Boo Boos as their care and attention is incredible. A wonderful place where you can be confident your pets will get first class care.

5 From Clare King on

My piggies are just back home again after another wonderful stay at Boo Boo's Bunny Hotel. We've been boarding our piggies with Bev and Chris for well over 5 years now and wouldn't choose to board them anywhere else. The care is second to none and nothing is too much trouble, even keeping a special eye on my elderly piggies and giving me regular updates. I can't speak highly enough of Boo Boo's

5 From Vicki Acres on

After trawling the web for suitable accommodation for my then 4 bunnies (2 of which were house buns), I came across Bev and Chris by chance. Ever since then having been using this fantastic place for the past 5 years, even though it's a good hour round trip. Simply wouldn't go anywhere else! With plenty of experience and knowledge of animals, they simply give 100% love and attention to every visitor. Happy to also to administer medication which is bonus! Attention to detail is faultless, regular text updates is a bonus (peace of mind) and the care they have for each individual is endless. Now that there is just Carrot, the old lady that loves nothing more than a good fuss, she didn't go without recently. Thank you for everything! Go check them out, you won't be disappointed!!!

5 From Lorraine on

We have to travel a 50 mile round trip to Boo Boo's Bunny Hotel and it is well worth it. There are rabbit facilities closer to home but we would not leave our Bobby anywhere else now. The 'Penthouses' are very spacious, very clean and well equipped with tunnels and stools. Plenty of fresh straw and hay with regular treats. Whatsapp is used to send regular photos and updates to keep you at ease on how your bunny is doing. A fantastic place for your rabbit to stay while you are away. Highly recommended.

5 From Rachel and Mark on

5* wouldn't leave my bunnies anywhere else. I can go away knowing my bunnies are 100% safe and cared for. Bev and Chris treat all the bunnies and guinea pigs as they do their own. Very clean, lots of space to run and regular fact I may book myself in!! Fabulous all round! :-)

5 From lynn sherratt on

We have boarded all our 3 beloved bunnies at Boo Boo's for a number of years. Although it is an hours drive away for us, from our first visit, we knew it was the place we could feel at ease leaving our buns. Bev and Chris are like minded lovers of bunnies and other furries and their attention to detail makes your bunny feel right at home. Regular updates are always welcome, especially of late when our bunny Jasper became unwell whilst we were away on holiday. Bev and Chris went out of their way to make sure Jasper got the treatment he needed and nursed him back to health. Their facilities are always clean and tidy and if I was a bunny that is where I would take my hols!!! Don't hesitate to leave your treasured pets here, they will thank you for it!

5 From Lisa and Andy on

We left our 2 year old male rabbit (Bilbo) at Boo Boo's Bunny Hotel and he seemed to settle in very quickly. He had plenty of space to run around and chill. We received daily updates on how he was doing and he looked very well looked after and happy. The housing environment looked safe, secure and very rabbit friendly. I would highly recommend this rabbit housing to anyone who asked.

5 From Chloe Burgess on

We found BooBoos after trawling the Internet to find suitable holiday accommodation for our house bunnies Sally and Roy. Our bunnies really enjoyed their stay. Top class care with regular text and photo updates. Lots of room for our bunnies to play and really cozy and friendly. I will definitely book Sally and Roy in here next year when we go away.

5 From Amanda Window on

We found Boo Boo's after spending hours trawling the Internet looking for suitable holiday care for 2 house bunnies that have never been caged. Boo Boos was perfect. Bev and Chris sent us text updates and photos of them during their stay. They had so much fun they want to stay again!

5 From Amanda on

Boo Boo's offers superb accommodation and facilities along with faultless attention to details in caring for your fur babies. Chris and Bev are lovely, always very welcoming and caring as nothing is too much trouble. Giving a truly home from home experience for all the animals in their care, whilst giving great peace of mind for you. We would not hesitate to recommend Boo Boo's as the Number One Hotel for boarding your little one's.

5 From The Inwood family. on

"What a wonderful place", we have used Boo Boo's a few time now for our 4 rather pampered bunnies, and they love it. They stay in the luxury penthouses and as soon as they arrive they hop out of their carriers and away they go. Bev always remembers everything about them all, even down to putting the radio on for Rosie to listen to and lots of toys for Bonnie & Clyde to play with. Honey especially loves Boo Boo's and I think she'd be quite happy to stay with Bev & Chris forever. We can now go away on our holidays and know that our little darlings are having a wonderful little holiday of their own too. Thank you Bev & Chris :-) xx

5 From Carol & Michael on

What can I say about Boo Boos, so much ..What a fabulous place ,My two adorable bunnies have just spent their first holiday there ,Chris and Bev are two very lovely caring people and made me feel happy and at ease as soon as i arrived with Milly and Rosie.I have searched for a place like this and I am so happy knowing I have found the most amazing place to leave my bunnies.Thank you to you both and it wont be long before Millie and Rosie are with you again . Thank you so much Chris and Bev. Diane ashford

5 From Diane Ashford on

So pleased to have had Boo Boo's Bunny Hotel recommended to us as we were struggling to find a suitable place and someone to care for our very human friendly and attention seeking bunny Jacob. As Jacob had been through a recent life-saving bladderstone operation, I was hoping to find someone with rabbit knowledge also and it gave me great peace of mind to know that he would be looked after and kept a close eye on whilst I was away. Also, brilliant to know Jacob could get vet care organised quickly if needed! Very pleased to say that Jacob has stayed at Boo Boo's hotel twice now and has enjoyed his time immensely with Bev and Chris. Both are fantastic, very welcoming and Bev has been brilliant, giving our Jacob lots of fuss and attention. Have to mention that the penthouses that Jacob stays in are wonderful. Very well made, excellent size and able to accommodate all his favourite toys and belongings!! The penthouses also offer good separation between each pen but still allows good visibility of the other bunnies. Finally, just to say that the hotel itself is set in lovely surroundings and was great to see the three lovely white duck residents too!! Wouldn't hesitate to recommend Boo Boo's to anyone, excellent value and excellent care!! Sue Baker (04/10/2012)

5 From Sue Baker on

We have a very spoilt but much loved house rabbit named Fudge who is never caged at home. Trying to find somewhere suitable to board him while we were away was a nightmare. When I found Chris & Bev at Boo Boo's I knew instantly that I'd found his 'home away from home'. Chris & Bev look after him, love him & spoil him just as much as we do when he goes to stay and I think they now know him as well as we do. He is not the easiest of bunnys to care for but there is nothing he has thrown at Chris & Bev that they haven't been able to deal with...and believe me he's tried!!! Leaving Fudge at Boo Boo's means we can relax knowing he'll he as happy & relaxed when we pick him up as he was when we dropped him off - if not more so. We have been leaving Fudge with Chris & Bev for nearly 3yrs now and would never consider leaving him anywhere else. Once you've experienced Boo Boo's you've found the best and nothing else will do. I can't recommend Boo Boo's highly enough and I know Fudge agrees. Thanks Chris & Bev

5 From Jane Birt on

My big grumpy bun Luke has a unique personality requiring a lot of time & attention due to his medical conditions. I have never felt so comfortable and at ease leaving him in the care of Bev and Chris. They cared for him (and my guinea pigs) as if he were their own. Just knowing they were happy and thoroughly well looked after (and fed!) really made a difference when I had to spend time away from them. Boo's provided them with so much more than just a place to stay. Having tried other small pet boarding before, it really is unique to find such a wonderful place with dedicated & loving staff, set in the perfect peaceful location. I am sure we will visit Boo Boo's for years to come.

5 From Aimee on

I can't recommend Boo Boo's Bunny Hotel highly enough. I leave my beloved rabbits - Raspberrie and Crackers - there several times a year while I holiday with my family, safe in the knowledge that they are being well looked after and cared for as I would care for them. Bev and Chris ensure that the hotel is spotlessly clean and professionally run and my rabbits have always come back healthy and very happy. My bunnies see Boo Boo's as their second home and Bev as their second mum!

5 From Jo Hall on

I spent a long time searching the internet to find boarding facilities for my 2 rabbits, Albus and Luna. I doubted the cleanliness of some places and after to speaking to another place on the phone, I knew I wouldn't be happy taking my bunnies there. When I came across Boo Boo's website I was very impressed and booked them in straight away. On arrival Chris and Bev were so friendly and helpful, and I knew instantly I had made the right decision. I have used their facilities twice now and would never go elsewhere. It is clear they adore their guests and nothing is too much trouble for them. My rabbits happily jumped into their penthouses and within minutes were chomping on hay and playing in the tubes! When I picked them up they looked so happy and it was clear Bev had spent lots of time with them so I was over the moon. Chris and Bev made it clear I was welcome to check in with them while I was away so we exchanged a few emails about how they were doing, which was so kind. I cannot recommend them enough, and I'm sure my bunnies would think the same! Thanks Chris and Bev!

5 From Kim on

It's hard to describe the dilemma you have when looking for somewhere for your beautiful bunnies to stay. On one hand you dont really want to leave them, but on the other a holiday is sometimes needed. After visiting quite a few bunny hotels, some of which were really impressive, we came upon Boo Boo's. After meeting Bev and Chris and seeing their wonderful facilities we came away feeling we had found the place for our boys to stay. After dropping our Piko and Sooty off for their first holiday at Boo Boos and many tears (us), Bev and Chris could not have been more understanding and caring, they assured us that it was no problem for us to call to see how our boys were doing, and there was just something about them that made us feel we had made the right decision. This was confirmed when we picked up two very happy bunnies, so happy that Bev had to go and coax them into their carrier, Bev and Chris's caring ways and the fact that they have their own bunnies, not to mention the photos given to us of our boys' first hols away from home has made us 100% that when we go away Boo Boo's is without a doubt the very best place for bunnies!

5 From Helen & Keith Steele on

We have a much loved and pampered house rabbit called Sunny, when we had her we searched far and wide for a holiday home for her and we finally came across Bev and Chris at Boo Boos. We went and looked around and met Bev and Chris and instantly knew we had found Sunny's holiday home. It is a Home and not a kennels, there is so much love given to all who reside there and the care is outstanding. The peace of mind it gives makes the 3-hour round trip worthwhile. Nothing is too much trouble and any quirk is dealt with a smile, Sunny’s or ours! We can’t recommend Boo Boo’s enough, wonderful location and wonderful people.

5 From The Grays on

What can I say other than can I stay too ? ( and believe me I have asked !) I have used Boo Boo's now on quite a number of occasions and can't thank Bev and Chris enough for the love and care that they have shown to my bunnies (past and present), nothing is too much trouble .... so much so my rabbits have never wanted to leave! (They have sulked for days after arriving home) The accommodation and the care at Boo Boo's is First Class and I would recommend Boo Boo's to all.

5 From Samara Dale on

Bev and Chris offer an exceptional service at Boo Boo's in fantastic purpose built facilities. They take time to find out all about your pet's habits and routine and make it a home from home for your pet. I have no worries leaving my piggies at Boo Boo's. I can't recommend it highly enough.

5 From Vicki Acres on

We took our elderly house bunny to Boo Boo's for a week. We were a bit anxious as she has a few health needs and thrives on lots of attention at home. Our anxieties were immediately relieved - Chris & Bev clearly love bunnies and treated Bertha exactly as they do their own, nothing was too much trouble. Within 10 minutes of arriving at her holiday home Bertha was completely settled in, with plenty of toys & treats to keep her happy & active. When we collected her we were delighted to find that Bertha was still happy & healthy, and that Bev had obviously spent time with Bertha as she reported little characteristics & behaviour that wouldn't be obvious to anyone who didn't bother getting to know Bertha. They'd even gone out & bought her extra green beans as they discovered how much she liked them! Needless to say, Bertha sulked when we brought her home! We will have no hesitation in taking Bertha back to Boo Boo's again; it's by far the best choice out there.

5 From Ruth & Bren on

We feel so lucky to have Boo Boo's Bunny Hotel. I never thought I would feel happy leaving my bunnies anywhere when I went away, but at Boo Boo's I truly feel that they are card for as if they were their own. Buddy and Cleo always have a lovely time and look really relaxed in their penthouse. Bev and Chris are lovely and so welcoming. I would definatley recomend BooBoo's for Bunny boarding :-)

5 From Heather Pinchien on

this is the most amazing place for bunnies i have 2 coral and billy the picture was taken at boo boos and they love it here,chris and bev who own it absolutely adore there guests and provide pure luxury for them nothing is to much trouble and the premises are outstanding...i pamper my bunnies and im totally at ease knowing there being treated the same when they holiday here its worth every penny and the owners are amazing people cant praise them enough im sure there is no other place that matches up to boo boos :)

5 From shelley louis on

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