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About our Small Pet Boarding

We board: RabbitsGuinea PigsBirdsHamsters, Mice etc.

My name is Denise and I have cared for and learnt about the welfare of small animals for as long as I can remember. Even as a small child my pets were never 'caged'. My house rabbits always had a sitter when I went away as I could never find anywhere that I was happy with. I now have the opportunity to replicate my own pets 'space' for others.

Their mental and physical health has always been at the forefront of my mind whilst they have lived with me and in return it is a privilege to witness their complete trust and faith towards me. I have been approved by my local vet who advertise for me and I also work with Social Services should the need arise in my area to foster pets either short or long term for their clients.


I have indoor accommodations on offer in a temperature controlled room with plenty of natural light and fresh air.

My pens offer a huge 8ft by 4ft ground space with plenty of off floors areas for your pet to explore. This is larger than the recommended floor space for two adult rabbits which is 6ft x 2ft.

There are hiding places, chew toys are always new for each pet and there is plenty of space to run around in and chill out.
If they are used to sawdust, carpet or vinyl underfoot this will be replicated for them.

The above accommodation is suited to rabbits and pigs.

I also have a habitat which offers a 6ft x 3ft x 3.5ft space and has been designed to be multi functional therefore depending on the guest it will be designed to their specific needs i.e. for birds -perches, swings etc For Chinchillas, Hamsters, Degus etc climbing frames, hiding places, new toys, wheels, sand baths etc.


Our guests do not spend time on grass as it is now widely recognised that if multiple rabbits, pigs are allowed to share the same grassy area to exercise there is a high risk of passing on infections as there is no way grass can be adequately disinfected.

Rabbits and pigs are territorial and community animals. They also have a highly developed sense of smell therefore picking up the scent of unfamiliar animals can be very stressful for them also bearing in mind they are out of their usual environment.

The accommodation on offer provides space to run about and explore, however if your pet is very outgoing and curious and wishes to explore outside of their pen they will be given this opportunity with me following close behind!

Health & Hygiene:

Before any pet uses my accommodation it is steam cleaned - I have made sure that the floors are made of rubber matting because wood over time holds onto the odour of individuals especially if they are not litter trained and this can be stressful to the newest occupant.The floor can then covered in whatever your pet is used to.

All surfaces are stream cleaned and then wiped down with pet friendly disinfectant . All plastic toys, wheels etc are washed in hot disinfectant water.

Small Pet Boarding Prices

Prices - I, unlike most, price by accommodation rather than the pet
£6.00 per day
£40.00 for 7 days
£3.50 per day after 7 days.
Offers are available so please contact me for a peice

£1.00 per day for additional pet in the same pen ( to cover the cost of fresh food and hay )
Stays 7 days and over receive 1 night free of charge so you can drop them off in the evening before you go away.

I also have a quiet room in which to house your pets in their own cages. They will be given time out each day under supervision so again my prices reflect this rather than the size of your pet as they are all equally important to me.
1 cage £4.00 per day.
This room can also used for house rabbits.

Other Services

Grooming is provided at no extra cost if you bring along your grooming brushes.

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Reviews from Our Guests

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Absolutely thrilled with the level of care, enthusiasm, friendliness and attentiveness small paws guest house provides. Lovely photo updates and fantastic communication. The buns didn't want to come home from their holiday as much as we didn't want to come home from ours! Enclosure size is fantastic, exceeds minimum requirements, lots of exercise space. Plenty of fresh hay, water and healthy treats. Great bedding and litter as well as pleanty to keep buns active and stimulated such as boxes to forage and hide in, tunnels and ramps and levels to play on. Brilliant and up to date knowledge of rabbit care and welfare. Felt reassured and happy leaving my buns with small paws and could enjoy my holiday to the full safe in the knowledge my buns were well cared for.

5 From Laura b on

My Guinea pig teddy has stopped here with Denise 3 times now and he loves being there he's got a massive cage to run and play but also Denise plays with him and cuddles him which he loves I would definitely highly recommend small paws guest house to everybody who has small pets ,when I go away I always know he is in very good hands 😀

5 From Alex on

We have just picked up our bunnies from Denise after 10 days away. So impressed with how they have been looked after - the space is great with plenty of room for them to stretch their legs. Denise makes sure they have plenty to keep them occupied with treat balls, tunnels and ramps. She has also spent time interacting with them and they both seem to recognise her and feel comfortable around her. The level of attention and care is fab and we'll definitely be asking Denise to look after our rabbits in the future.

5 From Esca on

Thank you Denise for having my piggies at such short notice. Fabulous set up, they settled straight away.

5 From Keilly Goddard on

A fantastic service offered by Denise!! I have two continental giant rabbits that are much larger than average sized rabbits with slightly more complex needs. Prior to booking, I was welcomed to view the accommodation to check suitability. It did not disappoint! After a lengthy chat, I couldn't have been happier to book in. Denise was very accommodating and was happy to adapt anything, if needed, to suit the needs of her guests. When we arrived to drop off our bunnies, the room was ready and it was clear Denise had listened to the 'little details' and had included new things to occupy my rabbits. She sent me regular updates and pictures so I knew they were in safe hands. I would highly recommend the services provided and would not hesitate in booking in again. Thank you so much!! Barney 🐰, Minnie 🐰 and Sam 😁

5 From Samantha on

I Collected my group of 7 rabbits on the 14th feb after their trial stay for a few days as they are normally outdoor bunnies i was a little nervous but denise made me feel relaxed and they will be fine and well looked after plus following my routine with feeding and also brushing Basil's long fur everyday!, I am also very pleased with the care and the size of the pens which gives them different levels to relax and play. Loved getting the updates and seeing photos on Facebook. Will definitely board my rabbits again in the future,

5 From Kasia on

Visited small paws guest house today to make sure the accommodation was right for my bunnies before booking for them to stay. What a wonderful set up! if I could have any set up for my bunnies this would be it. The pens are extremely spacious and offer different levels and activities for pets. Denise and her partner were very warm and welcoming and I can't wait for my bunnies to stay with these lovely people for their holibobs :)

5 From Abigail on

Just picked up my teddy (Guinea pig)from Denise after she has been looking after him while I was on holiday and I'm really pleased with the way Denise has looked after him and she even did me a video of his stay 😀 this boarding house isn't like any others that I've visited.The accommodation is large and it really felt like my teddy was the first one to use the pen its so clean and fresh. Denise obviously knows her stuff and explains how she settles them in and she texted me regular updates with photos. It is a little more expensive than some but is definitely worth it ,with peace of mind knowing he's safe and happy, booked in again for easter🐹 Would highly recommend small paws guest house to everybody Thankyou Denise from me and teddy see u again at easter.

5 From Alexandra on

Looks really professional ..what a great idea..ideal for all small pets..and they look very comfy and happy in their holiday homes🌿🍃🥕and meals look good too..brilliant👌 Jane

5 From Jane on

Thank you so much for looking after my rabbit on such short notice! Great service, very friendly lady owner! I'll be booking again next year for sure!

5 From Sarah on

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