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About our Small Pet Boarding

We board: RabbitsGuinea PigsBirdsHamsters, Mice etc.

*We are planning on relocating to Yorkshire in autumn 2017 so will not be taking bookings for beyond October 28th 2017 in Derbyshire*
*Please Note: we are away from 20th April - 5th May 2017 so we cannot take any bookings for these dates. Thank you*

I started boarding pets in July 2014, I have cared for Guinea pigs since 1998 and Rabbits since 2003. I am most experienced in Rabbit and Guinea pig care although I can also look after other small pets too such as: Rats, hamsters, gerbils, mice and small birds (small indoor caged birds only)

You will be asked to complete a short form on arrival for your pets first visit.
Boarding pets will be given plenty of attention as there will be only 6 lots of outdoor boarding rabbits/guinea pigs and 2 - 3 lots of indoor pets maximum staying at a time. They will be treated as individuals and cared for down to their personal needs.
Please visit our website for detailed information.

Please note that we are hoping to relocate sometime in 2017. When we relocate we are hoping to get a larger summerhouse for outdoor pets, another larger outdoor run and 6ft double hutches which can also enable pets to go up and down two floors if desired. We are also hoping to make other significant improvments which will mean that prices will be altered.


Outdoor boarding pets will be kept safe in a locked shed away from any preditors such as foxes and out of the direct cold, wind, rain, snow and sun.

Please note that as the 6ft 4inc hutches are not priced higher than the cages I cannot guarantee that small/medium single rabbits will be housed in these hutches. I always try to house rabbits in the larger hutches but if there is a high demand for them I house the rabbits according to their size so that larger rabbits and paired rabbits get priority of the hutches. All rabbits kept in the cages will have more exercise time than those kept in the hutches and will be moved into one of the hutches if one becomes available.
Normally rabbits will be housed in the 6ft4 hutches,160cm cage or in my 140cm cages and guinea pigs will be housed in my 120cm cages.

It is important that you let me know the correct size of your bunny for outdoor boarding so I know which cage/hutch will be a suitable for them.
Size guide:
Small Rabbits - e.g. Netherland Dwarf - under 2.5kg
Medium Rabbits - e.g. Dwarf Lop - 2.5kg-3kg
Large Rabbits - e.g. English Lop - 4-5kg
Giant breeds -e.g. British Giant - 5-6Kg+

On busy months:(if not busy small-medium rabbits may be in larger hutches/cages)

Two 6 ft 4inc x 2 ft 2inc x 2ft hutches.

One 160cm x 78cm x 56cm cage. (the largest rabbit cage available on the UK market)

Three 140cm x 66cm x 45cm cages.(the second largest cage available on the UK market)

Two 120cm x 55cm x 50cm cages.

Indoor Boarding rabbits and guinea pigs will be kept in our hallway and will be able to exercise here too. You must bring your pets own cage for indoor boarding, unfortunately I cannot take cages any larger than 120cm long.

Other small pets such as hamsters, gerbils, mice, rats, birds etc will be kept in the house in their own cage.

I offer home boarding to customers within walking distance of my house in Borrowash. If you require home boarding just let me know and we can arrange a time and date for you to come and see me to discuss what you will require me to do while you are away. You will be asked to fill out a short form, leave your address and let me know how how often and what times you would like me to come around & also tell me where I can access your pet's food, water, hay etc. Please leave your payment before I am due to look after your pet.


Rabbits & guinea pigs will get their daily exercise in my home built 8 ft x 5 ft run and 10 ft x 5 ft run if you wish them to. I have covers and domes for the runs so pets will still be sheltered from the direct wind, rain and sun.

Indoor rabbits will not be given free run of the house, they can exercise our hallway or kitchen for a few hours and will be supervised at all times, because of this they will not be out of their cage for all of the day as I have to give my equal attention to other boarding pets. They can also still exercise in the runs outdoors.

Health & Hygiene:

I would be happier if rabbits were vaccinated against Myxomatosis and VHD.

All pets will exercise and be housed separatly unless they are bonded from the same household.

All rabbit and guinea pig hutches/cages will be cleaned out twice a week with disinfectant. Litter trays will be changed daily.

Small Pet Boarding Prices

Please note that we do not charge per night, we charge on the day of arrival until the day that you pick up your pet. This means that you must pick up your pet on the extact date you have given me when booking e.g. if you have booked 1st Jan - 5th Jan you must pick your pet up on the 5th Jan not the 6th Jan. We are quite flexible with drop off and pick up times, this can be any time between 9am-8pm other than if on the off chance I am out or have other customers arriving at the same time.

-1 Hamster, Gerbil, Mouse etc £1.00 per day (per cage)
- 1 Small Bird (small birds only) £1.50 per day
- 1 Rat £1.50 per day
- 1 Guinea pig £2.00 per day
- 1 Rabbit £2.50 per day

Claw clipping for boarding Rabbits & Guinea pigs is £2.00 per pet or free for pets who have boarded here three times or more.

Other Services

Services: GroomingClaw Clipping

We can provide:
Fresh fruit/veg/grass
Large flake woodshavings for bedding for outdoor boarding pets.
Food bowls
Water bottles
Hay racks
Domes to hide in
Cleaning disinfectant
Large hutches and cages for pets boarding outdoors.
Two large runs for exercise with rain covers.

Unfortunatly we cannot provide:
Litter trays/Litter bedding
Toys or treats
Cages for pets boarding indoors.
Bedding for pets boarding indoors.

You are more than welcome to leave me instuctions of your pets personal daily care.
You must bring your pets own food and hay (rabbits & guinea pigs) as switching foods can upset their tummy.

Full payment is on arrival. No deposit is required.
Viewings are welcome.

Please make sure that you have looked at the terms and conditions page website first for all important information.

Thank you

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Note: Map only shows approximate location.


Located on the same street as the Co-op near Ashbrook Junior School.
Accessible by the A52 and Nottingham Road.

Open Hours

9.00am-8.00pm Mon-Sun

Comments from Our Guests


"Excellent service and looked after 7 year old Jasper very well. He was so content when I picked him up and had been brushed every day! Fantastic service, even sending photos and texts to me. We will definitely be back 🐰"

From Pippa Thomas on


"Our pet rabbit (ralph) has stayed with Charlotte quite a few times . The service she offers is absolutely wonderful . Ralph always enjoys her stay & Charlotte is always very attentive & looks after her extremely well , highly recommended! "

From Lindsay fitchett on


"Nellie, our fussy house rabbit, stays with Charlotte on a regular basis and receives exactly the same care and love she gets at home. It is Nellie’s second home and Charlotte always sends regular pictures and texts to let us know all is well. One time Nellie needed a vet ; Charlotte did not hesitate and promptly sorted everything ensuring Nellie stayed a very happy bunny. We know Nellie has fun there, is part of the family and is spoilt. We wouldn’t send her anywhere else. "

From Sheila on


""Our two boys Amigo and Rhino (guinea pigs) stayed with Charlotte for a week, they were well looked after and happy. We will definitely be asking Charlotte to have them again. Thank you Charlotte :-) ""

From Sarah Mann on


"Our rabbit stayed with charlotte for 15 days and was well looked after while we were away on holiday last september,benny is now going away to bunny boarding for is xmas holls (11days) as we are now looking forward to our hols yet again knowing benny will be well looked after."

From dennis sisson on

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