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About our Small Pet Boarding

We board: Guinea Pigs

As a long-term piggy lover and ex-breeder I offer quality care and attention in luxury surroundings for your guineas while you are away. Lots of chats and handling; all shapes, sizes, breeds and temperaments are welcome; fussy eaters are not a problem and special diets can be arranged. In short - nothing is too much trouble!


On arrival piggies are settled into The Guinea Guest House, a bespoke building located in a sunny spot in the garden and designed for all guineas in all seasons. The building is double insulated to protect them from extremes of temperature, either hot or cold, softly lit at night and heated during the day in winter. Accommodation in the Guinea Guest House varies from 4ft to 8ft - perfect for groups of guineas or longer-stay guests.


Piggies are offered as much run time as possible, weather permitting. Runs are large, part shaded and on grass. All runs have hideaways and tunnels for play and are moved onto fresh grass after each use. There is no sharing; each guinea or bonded group has their own run which remains theirs for the duration of their stay.

Health & Hygiene:

A full, healthy and complete diet is provided every day. Hygiene is paramount; piggies have a fresh soft barley straw bed every night and cages are disinfected with Formula H (a broad spectrum preparation to act against viruses, bacteria and fungal spores). When vacated, cages are cleaned out, hoovered, steam-cleaned and disinfected before new guineas are introduced, and all are roomy, warm and safe.
Advice on nutrition, housing, health matters and social interaction is freely given on request. Please note that I cannot accept sick guinea pigs.

Small Pet Boarding Prices

Boarding fees include dry food, fresh veg daily, unlimited quality hay, all bedding and floor litter, luxury accommodation and of course lots of attention. Single piggy £6 per night, two bonded piggies sharing £8.50 per night. Full details of boarding fees and other services are available on my website. Please ask about multiple piggy/long stay requirements; I am understanding and realistic about these matters and am happy to negotiate on terms. Cash payment is required on the day of arrival unless we have agreed otherwise.

Other Services

Services: GroomingClaw Clipping

For long-haired guineas, help is at hand to sort out tangled fur and long nails with a haircut and pedicure. Grooming sessions are available to boarders and non-boarders; full details are available on my website.

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Reviews from Our Guests

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My two Guineas, Daisy and Pippa, recently stayed with Ingrid for the first time at the weekend whilst I was moving house. Ingrid was amazing with them both, giving them haircuts and trimming their nails; it was like their own guinea pig spa treat! I couldn't recommend Andover Piggy Boarding enough. I felt fully satisfied that the girls were being cared for at a 5 star level and Ingrid kept in communication with me the whole time by sending me updates and pictures of how the girls were getting on. Being October I was worried about them being cold, but the boarding facilities are inside and perfect for exactly what my girls need. Will 100% be going back to Ingrid to look after my girls again - thank you Ingrid!!

5 From Amy on

My two guineas recently stayed with Ingrid for the first time, and I felt really confident they would be well looked after. Ingrid shows a great amount of care to the guineas and is very knowledgeable. The boarding set up is ideal , clean and plenty of space. I would not hesitate to come again.

5 From Emma on

Another fabulous stay for Winston at Andover Piggy Boarding. Winston was well accommodated, fed and cared for by Ingrid over a long weekend. NOTHING is too much trouble!! You can't put a price on the reassurance of leaving your pet with someone so trustworthy, like Ingrid. Winston will be back in April for another holiday.

5 From Maria Keating on

Our three piggies had a wonderful time at Andover Piggy Boarding and Grooming, Ingrid looked after them very well. We are so pleased to find this great boarding centre for our piggies and they will be back for many more stays.

5 From Paul Stewart Gillham on

Our guineas had a wonderful holiday with Ingrid. The Guest House was kept warm, dry and very clean and our boys were treated to a ready supply of nibbles and cuddles. Ingrid is very knowledgable. We will definitely be visiting again.

5 From Nic on

Our two piggies had an amazing time at the piggy boarding. Ingrid looked after our boys and nothing was too much work for her. She checked their health on arrival and even clipped little Max's nails for us. And as a little treat we received a picture of the piggies whilst on holiday. Couldn't have asked for a better service and the piggies are looking forward to their next stay with Ingrid in January.

5 From Isabelle on

My first holiday with Auntie Ingrid. I had a fantastic time. Uncle Teddy showed me the ropes. I think I was Auntie Ingrid's youngest ever guest at one month old! I will definitely be back and next time, I will try not to be so noisy!! Love from Tiny Tim and Teddy

5 From Teddy and Tiny Tim on

Our two piggies had a wonderful time with Ingrid. It was lovely to receive a photo and update about how they were getting on during their stay. We were so relaxed on our human holiday, knowing that the guinea pigs were enjoying the best care and facilities in their 5-star accommodation! We definitely had more peace of mind than if we'd asked a friend to pop in and feed, because we knew Ingrid would give them proper checks and attention each day and spot any problems if they arose. Looking forward to bringing the girls back in the future!

5 From Mrs Wilkinson on

We can't thank Ingrid enough for how well she looked after our two little females. She was amazing at keeping in touch and sent us photos to reassure us. We really felt confident leaving them in her care and it was like a proper little holiday for them. They came back looking in great condition and lovely and tame -I think Ingrid is the Guinea Pig Whisperer! Thank you so much Ingrid!

5 From Carla Towner on

Having never before needed boarding for our guinea pigs l am very pleased to have found Andover Piggy Boarding & Grooming. Our guinea pigs recently spent 10 nights with Ingrid and all of our contact, from visiting the premises beforehand and subsequently dropping the girls off gave us total peace of mind while we were away. The boarding accommodation is excellent and it is clear that the enthusiasm that Ingrid has for guinea pigs is matched by her knowledge of them. I can entirely recommend Andover Piggy Boarding & Grooming.

5 From Stuart on

What a haven!! Can not thank Ingrid enough for her kind, caring and hospitable nature towards my piggy Winston, who spent a long weekend at Andover Piggy Boarding. As a first time guinea pig owner I was slightly apprehensive on leaving my guinea while away. On arrival, my apprehension quickly turned into reassurance, I couldn't have asked for a more idyllic, quiet and spacious setting for Winston. Ingrid was extremely obliging to all of my guinea's needs!! Catering for him in every way possible. Huge thank you Ingrid from me & Winnie, for making him so welcome and looking after my little man!

5 From Maria on

Just home from another great holiday with Auntie Ingrid. Thanks for looking after us! Teddy and Wilfie xx

5 From Teddy and Wilfie on

I was very glad to find a place I could leave my two piggies safely whilst on holiday. It was clear that Ingrid loves guinea pigs and is very knowledgeable. Ruby and Pearl had their first exciting experience out on the grass! (they are indoor pigs) I was sent photos of them while away so I could see them looking well and happy. And Ingrid gave me some health advice which was really helpful. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this as a place to board guinea pigs.

5 From Sara on

Our two Piggies Olga and Georgia who are both 4, stayed at Andover Piggy Boarding from Monday to Friday, whilst the family went on a short break to Cornwall. It's in a very lovely rural setting just South of Andover and pretty easy to find with instructions. This was the first time we've ever boarded our two girls anywhere and they are normally quite nervous, however they took to their new spacious accommodation straight away. They both seemed very at home within minutes were exploring their new surroundings. Our pigs are normally kept indoors and Ingrid keeps her guests in a small barn next to her house, which she keeps at just the right 'cosy' temperature. The service Ingrid provided went way beyond expectations, being very clear with communication and instructions and helped us enormously by allowing us to drop off and collect our Piggies outside her usual hours. Ingrid even emailed photographs to us in Cornwall so we could see how much they were enjoying their 'break' and it was clear they were having a better time than we were at Hoseasons :) Ingrid is a real GP enthusiast and clearly knows a very great deal about their care. She's very friendly and provided us excellent customer service. Based on this our first 'boarding' experience, I have no hesitation in giving Ingrid and Andover Piggy Boarding the very highest recommendation. First Class!

5 From Paul Jones on

My 8 year old daughter has three little guinea pigs only 6 months old and was very concerned about leaving them to go on holiday so glad we found Andover piggy boarding very happy with the accommodation and Ingrid is a lovely knowledgeable lady who took lots of time with us and the piggies highly recommend our girlies will be back at the piggy hotel i'm sure . 24/04/2019

5 From Debbie on

I have been taking my lovely boys Lennie and Carl to Andover Piggy Boarding for the last 3 years. Ingrid is great, she really loves Guinea pigs. She always cuddles them when we arrives and checks they are well.we fill out a form for their favourite food. Nothing is too much trouble.Last year while the summer was hot Ingrid was hand picking a special patch of grass to give each boarder fresh grass. My pigs always look shiny and happy when I collect them.she also sends me pictures while we are away to show they are ok. I wouldn't leave my lads with anyone else😀

5 From Kaye Pointer on

Ingrid is an angel! Our three little piggies spent a very happy week being snuggled and spoilt. Ingrid kindly sent photos of them all looking most content munching an abundance of fresh food and hay. Feel blessed to have found such a wonderful spot for them to play while we are away.

5 From Claire on

We're so glad we found Ingrid! I tried to book up for last year but she was clearly in demand and already fully booked. So I got booked in early this year and our two boys loved staying with her this last weekend. She is such a lovely lady and clearly knows a lot about guinea pigs. My daughter felt so happy that her much-loved pets were staying with Ingrid, as she immediately put us at ease and made sure the guineas were all comfortable and had what they needed. The facilities are heaven for guinea pigs I would say and I'd absolutely recommend Andover Piggy Boarding!

5 From Tabitha on

Ingrid looked after my 2 boys over the Christmas period and I'm so glad I found her! The Piggie housing is immaculate (I'm slightly envious :) ) and Ingrid looks after her guest with all the love,care and attention. One of my boys wasn't too well when he came to stay, recovering from filed teeth and weight loss; but Ingrid looked after him and gave me further tips to improve his wellbeing (he's now fully recovered and runs around more then ever! ) I can't recommend Andover Piggy Boarding highly enough!

5 From Arno on

Buddy and Benjamin enjoyed another holiday with Ingrid over Christmas. They always have a great time (Ingrid sends photos so we know what they are up to while we are away) and we know they are really well looked after. Ingrid is always full of useful tips and advise. I cannot recommend her highly enough!

5 From Victoria on

My partner and I have used Ingrid's Guinea Pig Boarding services twice and we have been absolutely delighted with the service she offers. Our guinea pig Clive absolutely adores her (aunty Ingrid) and he loves nothing more than spending time with his little friends. Very very highly recommended.

5 From Carly Read on

Just back from another lovely holiday with Auntie Ingrid. Wonderful time as usual and thoroughly spoilt! Thank you Aunty Ingrid xx

5 From Teddy and Wilfie on

We found the accommodation clean and well organised. We have been delighted with the care and attention given to our two 'piggys'. We will certainly be planning a return stay at this wonderful piggy hotel!

5 From M Jenkins on

What a lovely lady. We Are New Guinea pig owners and my daughter (who is 10 years old) was very worried about leaving her two 6 mth old baby girls while we were away on holiday. We found Ingrid from this web site and couldn't of been happier with the whole experience. I contact Ingrid who said we were welcome to come and have a look around before making a decision. We immediately had a warm and welcoming feeling when we arrived, What a lovely place and we found Ingrid very knowledgeable about piggies and we could tell that this wasn't just a business to her but something she really loved doing. Our Two girlies had a lovely 3 weeks vacation at Ingrid's and she made my daughters holiday by emailing us several times with photos (one which I've included) and funny emails about them and their antics. Our girlies are somewhat difficult to pick up so Ingrid spent time getting them used to being picked handled (picture attached) and spent time showing us when we collected them. We have since booked their next two vacations to Andover Piggy Boarding, would definitely recommend, you won't regret it. Thank you Ingrid x

5 From Grace Baxter on

Even before we left our piggies with Ingrid, I felt reassured that they would get good care. Communication was swift, personal and reliable. Due to some complex bonding, they needed special treatment! The conditions are clean and safe and we even received photos our piggies whilst we were on holiday letting us know how they were getting on. I would thoroughly recommend Andover Piggy Boarding and Grooming.

5 From Jo Anderson on

I can thoroughly recommend Andover Piggy Boarding. Ingrid took wonderful care of our two piggies, and they could not have been in better hands. She was welcoming, happy for us to visit beforehand to look around, very knowledgable, and sent us photos whilst we were away which made my daughter happy. They had lovely spacious hutches, which were cleaned every day, exercise in shaded runs, and lots of fresh veggies. They settled in very well and came home just as happy. Thanks again Ingrid. We will use you again.

5 From Lara Pegorini on

Thank you very much, Auniie Ingrid, for another lovely holiday. We had a great time and really enjoyed the luscious grass! We had a great time! Thank you again.

5 From Marian Brewer on

Absolutely fantastic! Ingrid obviously really cares about, and understands, Guineas. She took real time and effort to get to know them when we arrived and her detailed knowledge of the animals made us feel quite happy leaving them in her care while we were away. Ingrid even sent us pictures and updates on our pigs while we were away so we knew how they were getting on. The facilities were excellent and the pigs had plenty of space to run around, including a run on the grass during the day. We will definitely be asking Ingrid to look after our chaps again in future and would absolutely recommend. Thank you!

5 From Christopher and Vicky on

What a wonderful find! I left my two beautiful girls with Ingrid. It was the first time I ever left them with a sitter and I was nervous. Well this wonderful woman put my mind at ease with her open heart and true love of guinea pigs. She took excellent care of my precious girls. Ingrid is so knowledgeable and is so loving. Ingrid's facility is super clean. She emailed me regularly and even sent me lovely photos of my babies which melted my heart. My girls got personal attention from Ingrid and they were happy and healthy when we picked them up. So happy to have found this wonderful place. I will never leave my girls anywhere else. So happy with this wonderful woman and so thankful I found her. I wish I could give her ten stars.

5 From Sylvia on

Ingrid looked after our two male guineas for just over two weeks.We could tell they had been well looked after, she even sent us some photos while we were away. We would definitely leave our guineas with her again.

5 From Nicki Henry on

So lucky to have found such a wonderful lady to have taken care of our little Clive for five days while my partner and I had our first trip away in the 3.5 years we've been together. Excellent boarding offered at a brilliant price, it was like Clive had his own little holiday while we had ours. Very highly recommended!

5 From Carly Read on

We were so lucky to meet this helpful lady by random as we were buying food for our new pigs. She was helpful in advising us beginner pig owners. Our young pigs have now had their first holiday with Ingrid. The piggy barn is immaculate and the cages comfortable and clean. She clearly loves the pigs and pays every attention to them. We even got an email update with photos during their stay! Ours came home happy and more confident with handling than they had been before. Thank you Ingrid for your good care of our girls.

5 From Leona Puxley on

What a wonderful holiday our girlies have had with ipIngrid, this half term. They obviously got lots of cuddles and came back even more full of popcorn and wheeks than they went! They can't wait to go back and stay again! Thank you so much!

5 From Catherine on

Ingrid is a superstar when it comes to guinea pigs. She really knows a LOT about them, and is happy to share her knowledge on subjects ranging from the best type of hay to the best way to keep their fur lovely. Four of our piggies boarded with Ingrid over Christmas. She was able to accommodate us at relatively short notice (although we managed to nab her last available hutches!). The facilities are bespoke and beautiful, kept in very good condition and heated wonderfully for the winter. My girlies came back smelling and feeling fantastic after chilling out on a spa day during their time with Ingrid. Even Fudge, who freaks out every time anyone touches her back end, had allowed Ingrid to give her a jolly good trim. Ingrid was flexible around timings and gives excellent customer service. She takes the little idiosyncrasies of each piggie into account and it's crystal clear that she genuinely loves the animals for whom she cares. My girls were so chilled when they came back, and that speaks for itself. Thank you Ingrid!

5 From Claire on

Blossom and Nibbles stayed with Ingrid whilst we were away over Christmas and New Year - this was their first visit. They settled in very quickly and it was a such a relief to know that they were being cared for so well. Ingrid also gave Blossom a bath and haircut which was very much needed due to his long hair - he looks amazing and seems so happy with his new look! Thank you Ingrid, we will definitely be returning!

5 From Nicola Bass on

Buddy and Benjamin spent New Year with Ingrid. It was their second stay at Andover Piggy Boarding and Ingrid welcomed them like old friends. Their accommodation was lovely, warm and bright despite the terrible weather outside.when we collected the boys they were chatting away to the other guests and seemed very Happy, clean and healthy. I whole heartedly recommend Ingrid.....and have already booked for Buddy and Be Kami to return.

5 From Victoria McSorland on

Ingrid took excellent care of our two guinea pigs during their stay and sent us some great photos of them enjoying themselves. She is obviously very knowledgeable about the animals she takes care of and dedicated to making sure they receive all their care they need. Booking was easy and the price was very competitive - highly recommended.

5 From Stephen on

Ingrid was really friendly, really accommodating and really knows her stuff when it comes to guinea pigs! The pigs loved staying with Ingrid and looked like they had a great time - I don't think they wanted to come back! We'll definitely be boarding our piggies with Ingrid again, and would highly recommend her services to anyone looking to board their guinea pigs

5 From Rhy Johnson on

Our two guinea pigs Daisy and Poppy recently had a two week vacation at Andover Piggy boarding. They loved it and I know they were spoilt rotten during their stay - especially as it included a spa day! Ingrid (who runs the piggy boarding) is such a lovely Lady and it is so obvious talking to her and seeing how clean the facilities are that she just loves what she does and is very passionate about guinea pigs. We were very impressed the way she handled Poppy and Daisy and we have even found them both much easier to handle since we picked them up after their stay, which has convinced us how well they were looked after. We loved it when Ingrid sent us photos of Daisy and Poppy while we were away - re-assuring us that they were having such a good time and probably not missing us at all! We will definitely use Ingrid again and would recommend her piggy boarding to anyone who loves their piggies and wants to make sure they are well looked after while they are away. Thank you so much Ingrid.

5 From Karen Lucas on

First of all I would like to say a massive thank you to Ingrid for looking after our three pigs whilst we were away. They were definitely spoilt whilst they were there with lots of attention and lots of veggies! The accommodation was really suitable for our pigs, plenty of space for them and in a warm purpose built hut to which they were also able to chat to other pigs on their holidays too. During their stay we were updated with emails and some pictures of them enjoying the rare English sun and also enjoying the cuddle cups! Will definitely be using Ingrid again and would highly recommend her to anyone needing boarding for their piglets.

5 From Sophie on

Ingrid pampered my 3 pigs, Rizzle, Pru and Mo at their spa day and gave them some brilliant R&R, sorting out their shabby summer coats and claws. Having been groomed and preened to perfection, I've now got 3 very happy pigs, and I've found a new boarder when we go on holiday. Ingrid is so lovely; an absolute pig fanatic like myself, who is great at what she does - gentle, attentive and very welcoming. Thank you from us all, and thank you to the photos xx

5 From Helen on

Norman Stanley had never boarded before and he has always lived indoors alone as he is a rescue GP so we were VERY cautious about leaving him. We could not have been more pleased with the pre-care (very detailed questionnaire), the offer of a pre-visit, the welcome when we got there and the care itself. Ingrid is clearly dedicated and he took to her immediately. We got pictures to reassure us and he really enjoyed his spa day. Can definitely recommend - and we're difficult to please!

5 From David F on

Excellent service as always! Teddy and Wilfie thoroughly enjoyed their first ever "big boy" holiday and were pampered all week! Nothing is too much trouble for Ingrid who clearly takes great care of all her small furry boarders. They also came back to me looking even more handsome and super-chilled after their spa day!

5 From Lesley on

Snowdrop and Hazelnut really enjoyed their 2 week stay. Ingrid was attentive, comforting and reassuring in our planning for their stay and our girls certainly came back happy.

5 From Lee Davies on

Mocha and Nutbob were extremely well looked after by Ingrid. Loved the photos sent to us while we were away showing us what a good time they were having! Will definitely use Ingrid again next time we are off on holiday.

5 From Toni Pagett on

Truffle had a great stay with Ingrid at Andover Piggy Boarding. The GP's definitely get top class cafe and attention there and hutches and facilities were all spotless. Truffle came home a very happy and clean boy, courtesy of his spa day which I would thoroughly recommend as an add on. Will be using this service again very soon.

5 From Sam on

Ziggy and Popcorn had a lovely holiday with Ingrid in her country setting and excellent facilities, while we went on our holiday. Ingrid clearly cares about the pets that she is looking after and we were grateful for the time she spent with us talking about guinea pig diet and grooming. We will definately be sending Ziggy amd Popcorn for another holiday next year!

5 From Ruari on

My three guineas were really well cared for by Ingrid. They have come home happy and healthy. Ingrid is very professional and has a lot of experience with guinea pigs. I think she has a real love for them which meant leaving them in her care was not a worry at all. She even sent pictures of them having a lovely time. Would definitely recommend.

5 From Karen on

Andover Piggy Boarding provided excellent accommodation at short notice. The cleanliness and space our 2 guinea pigs were provided was excellent. Ingrid was very attentive and passionate about the care of our and all the guinea pugs staying at the boarding. Thank You!

5 From Brett on

I found Ingrid extremely professional and cannot recommend her highly enough. She treated our guinea pigs as individuals from the beginning and even sent us photos and an update during their stay with her. The facilities were excellent including a more spacious run than the guinea pigs have at home.

5 From Jane Gandee on

Pip was very well looked after during his two week stay with Ingrid in August. I'm pretty sure he would happily have stayed!

5 From Kirsten Scott on

Jeremy went on holiday to piggy boarding for two weeks in July/August. He had a fantastic time and the care he received was amazing. Ingrid looked after Jeremy like he was her own, it made leaving him a lot easier knowing that he would be treated very well and I wouldn't hesitate taking him back in the future.

5 From Louise Lester on

Over joyed with Ingrid and the care my two pigs had over the last two weeks. Ingrid clearly loves guinea pigs dearly which was evident in the care given. One of my very hairy boys had a spa day too and he has come back looking the handsome boy he is. Thank you x x

5 From Nicola Green on

Our guineas have come home looking amazing. They are happy, calm piggies and very well looked after. We certainly had no worries about leaving them with Ingrid and we will be leaving them with Ingrid again. Ingrid has given us lots of great advice and we are all very happy.

5 From Ann-Marie Cooper on

What do you do when you book a family holiday of a lifetime and your 8 year old refuses to go and leave her GP's?! You call Ingrid of course! Ingrid was very patient with my plight and offered us a look around before we booked. Isla asked so many questions but was very satisfied that her GP's would be well cared for. Ingrid made everything very easy. Her expectations are very clear and there is a very comprehensive booking form which asks lots of questions about the GP's. When we dropped the boys off, it seemed like Ingrid already knew them, she had clearly taken the time to read our booking form carefully and all there favourite things were waiting for them. Isla was very happy to leave her boys! During our holiday an update and photos was super to receive....clearly our boys were having as good a holiday as we were! When we picked the boys up they were looking healthy and very happy. Ingrid told us so much we didn't know about GP's. She clearly loves them very much and I couldn't be more confident to recommend her. Your GP's won't just be looked after while you are away, they get there own holiday!

5 From Victoria McSorland on

Our much loved Guineas had a wonderful time at Ingrid's! I was very happy to leave them with her knowing they would be well looked after and cared for. It was very obvious to see Ingrid's love of Guinea pigs and wealth of knowledge about them. Everything was so clean and well looked after - thank you so much - we will definitely be back!

5 From Beth Lowe on

I booked my piggie Simba in for a spa day because he was long overdue a hair cut and I thought that I might as well treat him for a spa day at Ingrids. He came back looking absolutely amazing, Ingrid did an absolutely wonderful job with his crazy fur! I will definitely be bringing Simba and his buddy Flynn over to Ingrids agian for another spa day. I received some pictures of my piggie through email after his spa day and they were so cute. I will definitely making spa days at Andover Piggie Boarding a regular thing for my guinea pigs.

5 From Carla James on

We left our Piggies with Ingrid whilst we enjoyed a break to Newquay. Well the Boys loved it & settled in all okay. What Ingrid does not know about Guinea pigs, her knowledge is immense. Here set up of all the outdoor runs is amazing , the indoor hutches are plenty big enough for all boarders wanting to leave their pets. we will be back in the autumn for sure, again Ingrid is superb for all your Pet needs. We would recommend to all Guinea pig owners. Ingrid thank you, Emma, Dale

5 From Emma Baxter on

I needed to find a carer for my six guinea pigs whilst we went to a family wedding - they had never boarded before. I could not be more pleased at the care and attention they received and at the facilities they enjoyed. As indoor pigs they were treated to the Garden Room and enjoyed a spacious run with quiet and comfortable sleeping areas. Ingrid took particular care to handle each individual and to ask me about their preferences and behaviours before introducing them to their run. Her calm approach and obvious depth of knowledge gave me great confidence and I was happy to leave them in her care. My pigs enjoyed the best of holidays and a spa day which helped me to relax and enjoy the event. When we returned to pick them up they were enjoying the sunshine in a grass run and Ingrid showed me a clever way to get them from the run into their carriers without causing any stress - I have used this method since and it is quite a revelation! I would highly recommend Andover Piggy Boarding - my guineas were obviously cared for and have come back relaxed, happy and looking very glamorous. I would not hesitate to ask Ingrid to care for them again - she has a wealth of experience and obviously cares deeply for guinea pigs.

5 From Margaret on

My daughters GP's spent a week with Ingrid in her lovely surroundings and were cared for perfectly!! We especially loved the photos of them we received while away! Sarah

5 From Sarah on

My guinea pigs spent a few hours with ingrid for their spa day and in a lovely indoor run made for them. They came home with me looking wonderful afterwards. I would highly recommend to anyone.

5 From Hannah on

Our guinea pig spent a very happy week here. He settled in really well and was wonderfully well looked after. He's a loan boar so needs lots of attention and he certainly got it. Will definitely be booking him in next time we go on holiday!

5 From Beth on

Ingrid obviously loves Guinea Pigs and this was reflected in the superb care she offered to our two piggies who had a lovely holiday at Piggy Boarding whilst we relaxed on our holiday.

5 From Stefan Otto on

We couldn't recommend ingrid and her piggy hotel highly enough, our 2 guineas were beautifully looked after, for an extremely reasonable price , meaning we could go away safe in the knowledge our children's pets were safe and sound , will definitely be using this service again x

From elena rolfe on

Piggy boarding is great. We could tell that our guinea pigs enjoyed their time when i picked them up as usually they are shy but where more welcoming after spending their time there. Definitely recommend

5 From Andrew on

Our 2 guineas had a weekend with Ingrid and both came back to us healthy and happy. Ingrid is clearly very knowledgeable about Guinea Pigs and obviously has a love for them. Our 2 will definitely be going back for 2 weeks in the summer. Their spa day left them beautifully clean and soft! Many thanks

5 From Tony White on

I am new in having guinea pigs, and when we went on holiday we took our piggies here. I have never felt so fine with leaving my pets with someone. They got their favourite food, love and attention and we got send a lovely photo of their stay when we were on holiday. Great service, Ingrid is a very sweet and kind lady who clearly loves and cares for her customers and piggies! I definitely recommend this amazing guinea hotel!

5 From Wendy on

Highly recommend using Andover Piggy Boarding. Ingrid who owns this business is lovely, very knowledgeable and adores looking after your Guinea pigs. Fantastic set up , a little palace. We will be returning in the very near future. Helen

5 From Helen on

Thank you Ingrid for taking such good care of my two guinea pigs this week and providing a large, well equiped run. As first time guinea pig owners it has been very useful to receive advice from someone with so much experience. We will definitely be using Andover Piggy Boarding in the future.

5 From Jane on

Ingrid was very friendly, knowledgeable about Guinea pigs and had very comfortable, cosy housing for our piggies. We would highly recommend and will be repeat customers. Thanks Ingrid!

5 From Ellie Morgan on

Ingrid is brilliant. When we first got our little Guinea Pigs, we took them along for a Spa Day. Ingrid not only had a lovely manner with our little piggies, she spent time with our children explaining how to handle the Guinea Pigs and how to care for them. Our little Guinea Pigs have stayed with her twice and we couldn't be happier with the care she gives them. A huge thank you from us. We are so glad we found you.

5 From Joanne Davis on

My two girls loved their first stay with Ingrid, it is such a brilliant set up and Ingrid clearly cares about each and everyone of her boarders. Piggly and Jiggely are looking forward to their next stay.

5 From Jenni on

Beemo and Luna loved there stay with you Ingrid, they were chirping all the way home and are in such a happy mood. It's great to have peace of mind when on holiday and you certainly gave us that. Thank you for all your help and I know the girls will be excited to come and stay again. X

From Mimi and Dani on

My two guinea pigs were booked in for a spa day to have a well needed cut and pamper. Ingrid was so welcoming and friendly. She obviously knows a great deal about Guineas and was very kind in sharing her knowledge with me. So attentive to their needs and they seemed really happy and comfortable around her. They are timid and ingrid made sure they weren't overwhelmed. They had a bath and hair cut and they look and smell beautiful. So happy with the service. Ingrid is professional and absolutely lovely. Recommend 100%

5 From Kelly orford on

My guinea pigs had a spa day and loved it! Ingrid was so lovely and knowledgable and my guinea pigs came back looking beautiful and were very relaxed, the facilities Ingrid has are also amazing I will definitely be booking them in again for another spa day.

5 From Lily on

I am so grateful to have found Ingrid's guinea pig boarding house for our 2 new guinea pigs. Not only is the accommodation five star, but Ingrid is an incredibly caring, knowledgeable and attentive host. The guinea pigs seemed very happy, and I've come away with lots of helpful advice about looking after guinea pigs. This is a great place to bring your pets as you really won't be feeling guilty for leaving them behind: it will be a lovely "home away from home" for them.

5 From Nadia Sajadi-Rosen on

My pigs spent October half term with Ingrid. I hadn't visited beforehand so the first time that I met Ingrid was when I dropped my pigs off. Within 5 minutes of us arriving she had introduced herself as 'Aunty Ingrid' and had wrapped them up in a fleecy blanket and was cuddling them. I felt so reassured and knew that they were going to be very well looked after! They were indeed well looked after. Ingrid sent me a photo half way through which I appreciated. They have come home really happy and well cared for. I would absolutely recommend Ingrid to anyone needing guinea pig boarding. She clearly loves guinea pigs which shines through in her dedication to keeping them happy and well cared for in your absence.

5 From Jenny Gauntlett on

So glad we found Ingrid - she clearly loves guinea pigs and looked after our two so well, that I was a bit worried they might not want to come back home. It gives real piece of mind to know that your piggies are looked after by someone who is extremely knowledgeable and experienced.

5 From Louise Kan on

My girls Molly and Mary have just spent 2 weeks with Ingrid and I truly believe they enjoyed their holiday as much as I enjoyed mine. Ingrid is a wonderful lady with so much experience with guineas offering lovely spacious, clean accommodation and lots of cuddles. Ingrid even sent photos of my girls enjoying their stay while I was away. I have full confidence in leaving them with her again for my next break. Five star Guinea Pig Hotel without a doubt. Thank you Ingrid xx

5 From lyn roberts on

Ingrid looked after our two guinea pigs (Mittens & Hero) over the summer holidays and I was really impressed. She was professional, caring and attentive - sending us updates (including photographs) while we were away! Mittens and Hero came back from their holidays healthy and happy, appearing to have enjoyed their time at Andover Piggy Boarding immensely (my children call it the "Piggy Hotel"). We will definitely be booking with Ingrid again!

5 From Kim Emmerson on

We dropped off our 3 six month old guineas with Ingrid for two weeks, whilst we were away on holiday. Ingrid was so nice and welcoming, and you can tell she really loves to look after all the guineas. A great bonus was the pictures we recieved of the guineas as we were on holiday, and the little updates to know that they were doing great! As soon as we book our next holiday, we will be booking them back in here straight away!

5 From Bethany May on

What a relaxing day I have had. Been thoroughly pampered. I'm so handsome now! Thank you Auntie Ingrid, you spoil me!! Love from Pix.

5 From Marian Brewer on

Our 3 guineas had a fabulous holiday. Pepsi had a spa day - she went in looking very scruffy and emerged looking very glamorous ! Mango and Cherry loved the banquets. Ingrid is obviously rather besotted by guinea pigs and they couldn't have been in better hands.

5 From Zoe Kim Amy on

We left our guinea Edna with Ingrid for a spa day ,and what a wonderful time she had. She had a bath and new hairdo as she was quite matted. It was clear to me that Ingrid has a real passion for guineas and is so loving and gentle with them. She also gave me some useful tips about cages. We will be returning for future spa days

5 From Paula walters on

My guinea pigs have had the best time and look so mush better, their hair is so neat and its helped out alot, but they always love it when i send them there and you always take great care of them im definitely taking my guineas here again. Thank you ever so much Ingrid, Many Thanks Zeta

5 From zeta lofthouse on

Thank you so much for looking after Fizzy and Bubbles - they had a wonderful time with you- it was great to get the update photos too. Would totally recommend and hope to see you again.

From dawn nicol on

We have just returned from leaving our piggie with Ingrid for 4 nights and would thoroughly recommend Andover Piggy Boarding. It is clear that Ingrid has great knowledge and loves all the piggies she looks after, giving a first class service. The photo and email I received whilst away was reassuring she was ok. I would most definitely take our piggy there again. Thank you.

5 From Sally Maryon on

Ingrid took great care of our piggies whilst we were on holiday. The facilities were great and Ingrid was very friendly and knowledgable. The email updates were a bonus too! I would definitely use Andover piggy boarding again.

5 From Imogen on

Ingrid is a lovely and kind lady with a home that I truly believe to be Guinea Pig heaven! I'm extremely happy with the service and my piggys settled in comfortably from the minute we got them in. Having other Guinea pigs around really helped them to become more social. Plus, they even got to play in the grass! I would recommend Ingrid to anyone seeking a trustworthy pet carer.

5 From Lola on

My Boys Carl and Lennie have just spent two glorious weeks with Ingrid. Her accommodation for them is amazing and i'm sure i saw a look off disapproval when they got home. Her Hutches, and bowls are clean and immaculate. Ingrid asks for lots of information when you book in and then uses it to help your pigs be happy while they are away from home. I will not hesitate to book them in again. We had a good holiday knowing they where safe and well.

5 From Kaye Pointer on

I luckily found Andover piggy boarding whilst searching google for local small animal boarding and I am so happy I did. Ingrid is the most wonderful lady who has a very genuine love for guinea pigs, from the first time meeting her I knew I wanted her to look after my guineas, she has super facilities that are very spacious and clean and she takes into account what size cage the piggies are used to. My two guineas were incredibly well looked after and Ingrid even clipped their nails on my request which was a super help to me. I will use Andover piggy boarding for as long as I have my guinea pigs and I absolutely recommend Ingrid to anyone needing boarding for their guinea pigs.

5 From sophie on

We were very impressed with Ingrid's love and care for our piggies and with her set up for boarding. She could not have been more obliging - great communication before and during the stay. We would definitely recommend Ingrid's services and have already booked for our next holiday!

5 From Kirsten Salter on

We could not be happier with the service provided by Ingrid. Both our Guinea Pigs are quite young and very fidgety so we had a lot of trouble trying to give them a haircut, but after spending 6 hours in the lap of luxury both had lovely short hair and nails. They had both had baths and Ingrid even gave me advice on how to get Sweeney and Todd to use the ramp in there new cage. We will definitely be using Andover Piggy Boarding again.

5 From Ben Samways on

Ingrid is absolutely fantastic! She looked after our six guinea pigs for a whole month and I didn't have to worry at all because I knew they were in very safe hands! Ingrid sent us regular updates with photos which put us at ease as we knew they were being looked after so well. The facilities are excellent and Ingrid's passion for guinea pigs is truly amazing. I highly recommend her and will definitely be booking the piggies with Ingrid again!

5 From Saidhanya on

Ingrid is absolutely amazing! She really took care of our boys and I could tell the moment I dropped them off how much she loves Guinea pigs. She kept me updated throughout with emails and photos and when I picked them up I saw them both snuggled up sleeping! I noticed how relaxed they were when we got them home and they both looked very well groomed and gorgeous after their spa day! Ingrid is very knowledgeable about Guinea pigs and gave us some helpful tips too. Excellent prices. I'll only ever ask Ingrid to look after my boys. Thank you very, very much. Dean, Poppy, Ralph and Robbie.

5 From Poppy Webster on

Another great holiday with Ingrid. Thank you. Looking forward to my next spa day!

From Pickle on

Ingrid is obviously devoted to Guinea Pigs and we had no hesitation in leaving Heidi and Gracie in her capable hands for a week. We had photo updates during the week and it was clear that they were being extremely well cared for. Recommend highly and we will certainly be booking the girls into Ingrid's 'Hotel' again.

5 From Gary Torbuck on

It's holiday time and my 3 little piggies have gone to spend it yet again with Ingrid at Andover Piggy Boarding. They will have a spa day and their much needed summer hair cuts. We can now go on holiday secure in the knowledge that our 3 little girls are being given the best care and attention possible. Excellent boarding facilities, nothing too much trouble, would thoroughly recommend.

From Christine Evans on

I would highly recommend ingrid to look after your guinea pigs.. I boarded my two with her for the first time and I felt very reassured that they would be well looked after.. I especially liked the fact she went out of her way to send me pictures and updates... I will definitely use ingrid again in the future.. Thanks again ingrid Rachael, Derek and missy x

5 From Rachael fuller on

Fabulous service. Sorted out a big fur ball for us and Boo thoroughly enjoyed her spa day !

5 From Sarah Hollingshead on

My piggies had a lovely spa day with Ingrid! As two young long-haired piggies, they are very difficult to keep still long enough for a good trim! But within just a few hours with Ingrid both piggies were relaxed enough to have a proper bath, hair cut an nail trim! When I collected them they looked so smart and relaxed. I can't thank Ingrid enough for working her magic on them. I will be sure to bring Coco and Loco back for a pamper day soon!

5 From Hannah on

Ingrid took wonderful care of our two guinea pig girls Poppy and Honey while we got married. We could not have asked for someone better and the girls thoroughly enjoyed their pampering spa session. Will recommend to friends and be using your services in future. Thank you Ingrid. Victoria and David Farrar

From Victoria Bartlett on

We left our piggies for the first time and we couldn't have wished for a more perfect holiday home for them. Ingrid is an excellent host and also very responsive to queries and emails. She has an in-depth knowledge of all things guinea pig and our girls settled straight in to their new environment. We couldn't be happier. Thanks Ingrid!

5 From Rosie Wyatt on

Our guinea pig Dandellion spent a lovely fortnight with Ingrid. Ingrid took great care of him and (since he had just lost his brother) she put him up especially in her front room so that he wouldn't get lonely. He came back a happy and well-rested pig! Highly recommended guinea pig boarding!!

5 From Brendan Robertson on

I've had another wonderful, relaxing spa day. Much needed after my recent poor health. A great way to recuperate! Looking forward to my holiday with Ingrid!

5 From Pickle on

Can't recommend highly enough! Our two pigs each had a spa day - both came back relaxed and looking great. Ingrid is knowledgable, friendly and obviously very good at what she does. Looking forward to next time. Thanks!

5 From E Saddington on

Ingrid is a lovely lady who obviously loves guinea pigs! She looked after our two guineas for five days and they looked very happy and well taken care of when we got them back. The house has a large garden with several runs where the guineas can run and eat grass. The indoors facilities are also very good, with a large run for them to do some exercise and many warm fleeces and cushions. We are very happy with Andover Piggy Boarding and will definitely use Ingrid's services again in the future!

5 From Alexandra on

Our piggies have had the most wonderful 10 day stay at Andover Piggy Boarding. They also had a spa day and they are looking beautiful. I'm sure when they arrive in the summer they will be more than pleased. The facilities are outstanding and Ingrid is so lovely with the piggies. Highly recommended.

5 From Sarah on

Sage and Chia went to have a spa day and really loved it. They first went into the indoor run with plenty of snacks and toys to play with and were soon "pop corning". They had their first bath and nails clipped and looked so relaxed and fluffy when It was time to leave. I would recommend bringing your guinea pigs for a treat.

5 From Siri Hamill-Stewart on

Many thanks Ingrid for taking such great care of Cedric during our long weekend away, we always know that he will have a lovely time with you and probably dread us picking him up! He also looks fabulous following his spa day and obviously loved it judging by the photos!

5 From Charlotte & Stuart on

We have now used Andover Piggy Boarding twice, one for our girlies to have a week's holiday and most recently for a spa day! And they loved it! We get back such well-behaved relaxed little girls when they visit APB. They never have any problems and love the care and attention they receive. I also thank Ingrid for all her advice on grooming tips for a very nervous piggy mummy to trim their claws. We definitely would recommend APB and will be using them again in the future.

5 From Suzanna & Brad on

Thank you, Ingrid for another wonderful Pamper and Spa Day. I look so handsome now! Already booked in for my summer holiday. I can't wait!!!! Pickle

5 From Marian on

We were very relieved to find a lovely home for our guinea pigs to stay in for 2 weeks! Our guinea pigs came back so relaxed and happy, and even had a spa day. Ingrid sent us photos while we were away, and just has a real love for guinea pigs. We will have no hesitation in booking them in again when we are next on holiday. Thank you Ingrid!

5 From Brown Family on

My 2 little piggies were looked after by Ingrid for three weeks. Fetched them and they were calm, clean and well groomed. I was sent beautiful photos of them while I was away. Ingrid is clearly an unpretentious animal lover, and I will definitely board them with Andover Piggy Boarding again. Thanks for looking after them so well!

5 From Pat Buchanan on

Bertie and Nibbles visited for a spa day. They arrived a tangled mess and left later with very smart (and manageable) haircuts. Ingrid had a lovely indoor area ready for them to enjoy and some favourite fresh foods. I was really impressed with the environment and the care offered by Ingrid. It felt so reassuring leaving the piggies with someone who so obviously loved guinea pigs! 100% would book again.

5 From Kathy steward on

I found Ingrid via a Google search when searching for boarding for my two Guinea pigs, due to a weeks holiday away. Right from the off, Ingrid was fantastic, informative and approachable. I absolutely knew this was the right person to leave my Guinea pigs Boris and Trevor with - they both had a brilliant time away, with a wonderful selection of fresh home grown vegetables and fresh hay everyday. The only thing I had to provide was the hard food, every thing else was catered for. It was not just a boarding place for my boys, you could tell at once Ingrid has a real way with Guinea pigs and they were extremely happy and relaxed in her company. I can't recommend Ingrid enough - as a Guinea pig carer she was fantastic, the food given was a wonderful quality and the outdoor living arrangements wonderfully roomy and fitted out with their very own "hottie". If I could give ten stars I would!

5 From Becky Horn on

When I was unable to place my 3 little piggies at their usual boarding place I took to google for some alternatives. I was taken by Ingrid's website and from our first conversation I knew this was the one. My girls were with Ingrid for 13 days and had their much needed spa day. All with very long hair I find keeping them neat and tidy a challenge to say the least! Ingrid gave me some welcome advice about grooming and gave the girls lovely hair cuts (Ingrid did ask my permission to do so). I was in Dubai for ten days and Ingrid kept me up to date with news and pictures. I was secure in the knowledge that not only were my piggies well looked after but safe and secure. I live almost twenty miles from Ingrid, so therefore a forty mile round trip. It was worth every mile. Thank you Ingrid, it is a pleasure to meet someone who gives a 100% to the care of the animals their charge.

5 From Christine Evans on

We can't thank Ingrid enough for caring so well for our two guinea pigs over the half-term holidays. She was very kind in sending us photos of their antics whilst we were travelling and my five year daughter loved this. Thomas and Charlie enjoyed themselves so much I suspect they would rather have stayed with Ingrid. Thank you and we will definitely be back in touch the next time we go on holiday.

5 From Rachel on

My two Guinea pigs Zazu & Meeko have just had their first spa day with Ingrid, and what a lovely time they had! They were both very relaxed when I collected them, and my long haired Guinea pig looked so much better after his hair cut! Ingrid made us feel welcome from the minute we arrived, she is a kind lady who really knows her stuff when it comes to animals! All Guinea pigs deserve treats and the spa days are definitely one I would recommend! I also wouldn't hesitate to leave my Guinea pigs with Ingrid if we were to go away on holiday as I know they would be so well cared for, we would have nothing to worry about!

5 From Alloe on

Sage and Chia are only 13 weeks old and had their first week away to stay with Ingrid. I have never met anyone so passionate and caring about guinea pigs. I would most definitely recommend Ingrid's piggy boarding. The facilities are meticulously clean and very spacious, with outside runs in the gardens as well as fun toys to play with in her living room! We were sent daily holiday snaps and an up date of their well being. They looked so happy when we went to collect them, pop corning and purring, being thoroughly pampered. Ingrid also makes sure your guinea's are given their favorite food.Sage and Chia are looking forward to spending their first Christmas there.

5 From Annabel Hamill-Stewart on

We stayed at Ingrids for the weekend whilst our Mum went away for the weekend. Both of us thoroughly loved our stay and nothing has gone unnoticed in making our holiday as wonderful as possible. We both had a spa and arrived home smelling fabulous and both very relaxed (so much so we fell asleep on our blankie for ages) we definately would love to stay at Ingrids again- all the love and attention we piggies should be given was in abundance. Our favourite foods were supplied fresh from the garden and were so tasty! Mum even said she had some emails with some photos giving updates! (That was a lovely touch) Take our word for it, Ingrid is the best for us piggies and we would like to thank her for our stay at Andover Piggy Boarding. We would say 10/10 piglet stars!!! Hope to see you again soon! Cuddles and squeeks, Patch and Ron Piggy xxxxx

5 From Patch and Ron on

Andover Piggy Boarding in one word AMAZING. The set up Ingrid has is brilliant. The care and attention she give to the piggies is outstanding. Lovely big hutches for them to sleep in and their own individual runs for daytime grazing. She even offers a pamper day for the piggies, which my piggies loved. She will always go that extra mile and has loads of advice to give. If you are ever looking for someone to look after your piggies whilst you away Andover Piggy Boarding is definitely the place to go.

From Victoria Durbajlo on

Ingrid looked after Chloe, our guinea pig, for four weeks this summer and we couldn't have chosen a better place. We felt that Chloe was also on holiday while we were away. Ingrid kept us updated with emails and pictures of Chloe and when we picked her up Chloe looked very happy. Ingrid is clearly a very caring person who loves looking after the guineas and she is very organised with runs, sleeping places for the guineas and home grown vegetables. She was also very kind to look after our goldfish, Nemo, while we were away. Many thanks Ingrid and we will definitely be coming back.

5 From Theo and Rania on

We cannot thank you enough Ingrid for looking after our girlie Caramel in such a caring and expert way. She was so well looked after and pampered, loved the cuddles and being around other Guinea Pigs again. The accommodation and environment is wonderful and the host second to none. We highly recommend Andover Piggy Boarding and are so glad we found this fantastic place :D

5 From Karen & Hal Kirgin on

I can't recommend Andover Piggy Boarding highly enough. Ingrid took amazing care of our two guinea pigs (Fluffy and Ginger Nut), while we were on holiday. She even e-mailed us while we were away to update us on how they were getting on and sent photos of the great time that they were having. When we picked them up they had been groomed, cleaned and their nails cut. They had obviously had a great little holiday themselves. I will definitely be using Andover Piggy Boarding every time we go away.

5 From Charles Sheppard on

Guinea pig boarding is fab. I left my two guinea pigs, Daisy and Brie for two weeks, they came back calm and relaxed. They had a super spa, they had their nails clipped, fur cut and a wash which made their fur super soft. Many thanks for Ingrid.

5 From Matylda on

We booked our 2 Guinea Pigs (Bubbles and Squeak) in for a 12 day stay with Ingrid. As this was a long break, they were entitled to a free pampering session which we took them to Ingrid prior to our holiday, whilst they were there our Long Haired Pig was given a hair cut (as trying to do it ourselves was stressful for all concerned). Literally within in seconds of Ingrid picking her up, she was cutting away her excess hair, and Bubbles didn't have a care in the world. If you are looking for someone who truly cares about your Pet, then look no further than Ingrid and Andover Piggy Boarding. We will definitely be booking them in again for a pampering session and when we go on holiday again. A massive thank you to Ingrid.

5 From Debbie Wilson on

i love piggy boarding my guinea pigs where so happy and its an amazing price and its like luxury for them im going here for my guineas more often because its just amazing from Zeta on 30/08/15 sorry no pic

From Zeta on

The minute we met Ingrid we knew our precious guinepigs would be well taken care of and we were right. The location is in a fabulous area with ample room and entertainment by Ingrid and fellow guests. The guinea pigs must have been spoilt as they looked healthy and happy on our return. Excellent grooming and spa facilities for the guineapigs as well as as personal care. I would highly recommend this established facility and would love our ladies to be sent there each time we were away. Well done n thank you Ingrid

From Maria Figueira Jones on

Many thanks for taking such excellent care of Nibbles and Minty -- they've clearly enjoyed their stay at Andover Piggy Boarding and seem to have grown in confidence too! We were worried about moving such young piggies (only 4/5 months old) into unfamiliar surroundings whilst we were away on holiday, but Ingrid did a super job at making them feel happy and comfortable in their new surroundings. And, as first-time guinea-pig owners, it was wonderful to get advice from a real expert in the field! Thanks again, Ingrid -- we'll be back!

5 From Michael Gale on

We think Ingrid should add another name to her belt - the guinea pig whisperer. Our two boys have come back totally relaxed and happy after spending nearly 2 weeks in 5* accommodation getting lots of love and attention. Not only has Ingrid adapted the hutches to give the boarders ultimate luxury and fun, when I needed to add on a day because of change of travel plans, Ingrid came up trumps. I have no hesitation in recommending Ingrid and will most definitely be booking the boys in again in the near future.

5 From Victoria FitzGerald on

Ingrid, looked after our two guinea pigs whilst we were away on holiday. She took fantastic care of our spritly two. They seemed to settle in quickly and throughly enjoyed their own little holiday with cuddles, exercise and even a trim. My children loved the photo updates that came through to us whilst we were away too. They came home and settled straight back into our family life. We will definitely be contacting and using Ingrid again for future holidays. What a lovely lady :)

5 From Naomi on

Ingrid was such a kind, caring and knowledgeable person who we felt would take great care of our 3 guinea pigs - we were not disappointed!! Our 3 girls stayed with Ingrid for 17 nights and throughout this time we received regular photos and updates about their stay. They all had their nails clipped and our sheltie, Mabel, had her own spa day! I will always use Ingrid if we go away again as I know the girls will be thoroughly pampered and we can go away worry free. I cannot recommend Ingrid enough! Thank you Ingrid for your amazing care and obvious love of guinea pigs!!

5 From Lisa on

We picked our two guineas up yesterday after a 6 night stay with Ingrid and they looked so happy and content in their run with their freshly grown veggies! Ingrid is a lovely lovely lady who clearly has a passion for guinea pigs and loves each and every one of them. She cut their claws too and gave us advice on keeping them nice and short. I don't think that there's anything that Ingrid doesn't know about guineas! The grass in the garden is gorgeous and the piggies love grazing on it during the day, both of mine had nice full tummies when we collected them! Ingrid was also kind enough to email us lots of pictures of them while we were away so that my daughter could see how happy they were. We will be using Ingrid again in October and any other future holidays etc and I highly recommend her. 5 star hotel for piggies!

5 From Sarah on

Ingrid is a wonderful caring person. We have just returned from our holiday to find two very happy piggies. They are my daughters and she was worried about leaving them( she has autism). Ingrid's love for piggies is amazing and once my daughter had met her and seen the place, she was happy to leave Bubbles and Sparkle. The location is lovely. I will be using Ingrid again. Lovely lady, great location, great holiday for your piggies.

5 From Rebecca Butcher on

Our two guineas enjoyed a lovely day with Ingrid, having had claw clipping, wash, de tangle, cut and dry (spa day). They have been very well looked after and spoilt. Our long haired guinea had rather long hair and alot of matting at the back, she has returned clean, happy and very pretty! Will defiantly be returning with Rosie and Gingernuts.

From Jo on

Just collected our two guinea pigs after a week's stay with Ingrid. We are fairly new to guinea pig ownership, and had dropped them off with long nails, matted hair, and since the adoption of a puppy, very shy through lack of handling. After Ingrid's spa treatment (hair cut, wash, manicure and pedicure), and obvious frequent love and attention, they have returned to us completely different animals. Much more chilled and happy to be handled, as well as cleaner and much more handsome! Here's a photo of them after their spa treatment. I call Ingrid 'the Mad Guinea Pig Lady' because she really is - she's mad about them and it shows with all the emailed updates and enthusiastic way she talks to you about them. Thanks for all the care and advice, Ingrid. Humphrey and Elvis will be back!

5 From Jules on

Pickle had another pamper day with Ingrid recently. Thoroughly spoilt again! He looks so handsome and smart! Loves his time with Ingrid!!

5 From Marian on

I have just bought back my two little girl guineas from Andover piggy boarding - they stayed for two nights and had a bath, hair cut and nail clip. Ingrid is a lovely lady who looked after the girls so well - we got regular photos during their stay and nothing was too much trouble! We will definitely be boardig our guineas here again as it is so reasonably priced. I can't recommend enough!

5 From Penny on

I have just collected my four little pigs from Ingrid where, yet again, they have been loved and cared for. After ten days' holiday the three young girls and the 8 year old boar are calm, clean and healthy. Thank you Ingrid.

5 From Sarah Hobley on

Chocolate and Dixie are so happy that we found Ingrid. They had a wonderful fortnight at Andover Piggy Boarding - thoroughly pampered (e.g hand-cut grass when the weather was too damp to go out in a run; a vast array of different veges and fruits to tempt any taste buds). Bath and nail- clipping an extra bonus. Ingrid's love and understanding of guinea pigs is apparent and we learnt a lot about our cavies. I couldn't recommend Ingrid and her facilities enough. She is a dab hand at inventing super guinea equipment too! Wish we had found her last year when we first got our guineas. We shall certainly use her again, and think you should too!!

5 From Sam on

Took Pickle (long haired sheltie) for a pampering session as he was in desperate need of a bath and detangling. He had a great time, thoroughly spoilt! He is such a handsome boy now, didn't want to come home!! Will definitely be going back, no more bathing at home! Ingrid gave such care and obviously loves guinea pigs enormously. Would definitely recommend!

5 From Marian Brewer on

A huge thank you to Ingrid for looking after Bertie and Barney for 6 nights. Ingrid is clearly a very knowledgable piggy lover and this put my mind totally at rest when leaving them. She was very accommodating as my piggies have been indoors so she was able to pop them in an indoor cage where they would be cosy. I felt very confirtable leaving them as I knew they would be looked after and that I could trust Ingrid's expertise. She even emailed us an update complete with photographs! Unfortunately I forgot to pack my piggies nuggets but nothing was too much trouble and luckily Ingrid had the same type that I used. An excellent service and the boys are looking forward to their next stay :)

5 From Sarah Rose on

Andover Piggy Boarding is like a second home for little Florence, she has stayed with Ingrid a few times over the last year as well as a couple of weeks over christmas. I would never want take her anywhere else when we go away, she is so well cared for and loved by Ingrid. Ingrid will think of everything to keep your piggy's happy and comfortable during their stay. Thank you so much Ingrid, we are so happy to have found you!

5 From Lou on

We cannot reccommend Ingrid enough, we needed someone to look after Marmite and Honey at the last minute and Ingrid's nothing is too much trouble approach was very refreshing. She clearly loves Guinea Pigs and the care and attention to each animal is second to none. Would definitely use Ingrid again and recommend her to anyone. Thank you and Marmite and Honey look forward to their next visit.

From Dylan and Isla on

Ingrid looked after our guinea over the Christmas period and he was extremely well looked after, think he was disappointed to come home! Will definitely be using Ingrid again as she is very accommodating with all your needs.

5 From Linda Pittendreigh on

Thank you again for looking after Barry and Marmite so well this Christmas. We always know they are in good hands at Andover Piggy Boarding. Ingrid is wonderful at remembering all her customers individual guineas requirements. We will be booking their next stay very soon!

5 From Lucy Thorpe on

Zing and Fluffy checked in for 2 weeks of holiday with Ingrid who is an expert on all things guineas and was very happy to share her knowledge with us. The regular updates with pictures on their stay made my daughter particularly happy. Many thanks Ingrid and see you next year.

5 From Rudolf Ivanka on

Highly recommend the great service Ingrid provides, Cedric had a lovely holiday with her, enjoying VIP treatment! Many thanks.

From Charlotte Foord on

Barry and Marmite enjoyed their second stay with Ingrid this summer hols! They had a lovely week, really enjoyed their cage and fresh run of grass everyday! Both of them had a lovely bath, nail trim and Barry had a super haircut. Thank you Ingrid it is so nice to leave my Piggies with someone who is so passionate about them! We will be back again next holiday!!

From The Thorpe's on

Thank you looking after my daughter's pigs so well. Nothing was too much trouble and it was great that they had the use of a run every day. Highly recommended.

5 From Emma Myszor on

We used Ingrid for the first time with our 2 year old Guinea Dale and would highly recommend her. He was well looked after and fed and it was lovely to receive pictures for the kids to see how he was doing.

5 From Linda Pittendreigh on

I am a 5 year old guinea pig and spent a week with Ingrid. I had a very clean and well prepared hutch with 3 different kinds of hay, my own run on good grass. During my stay I had a shampoo and nails cut and a great choice of food. I was very well looked after and hope I am going back as I would highly recommend it.

5 From Jerry on

I can't recommend Ingrid highly enough. She looked after my family's guinea pig, Nibbles, when we went on holiday, and she was so welcoming and helpful. She took the time to show us the hutch and run he would be staying in, asked us what his favourite foods were, etc. She was even kind enough to e-mail us an update while we were away, which included some lovely photos of Nibbles enjoying himself! Will definitely use Ingrid again :)

5 From Sonia Davis on

As soon as I met Ingrid I knew my guinea pigs would be well cared for while we were away, giving me one less thing to worry about. My 5 male guineas stayed for 18 days, in four hutches - a lot of work. Ingrid was interested in them all as individuals. Ingrid has years of experience, the accommodation is excellent, and the boys had lots of exercise on good grass. I have no hesitation in recommending Ingrid's boarding. Incidentally, the web site is full of good advice given in a witty but no nonsense way.

5 From Catrina on

My 6 guinea pigs stayed with Ingrid for 9 nights, all of which are of different ages and different levels of health. Ingrid was fabulous, keeping in touch with me several times whilst I was on holiday to put my mind at ease! Ingrid is knowledgeable, caring, super friendly and tailored the care my pigs received superbly so that they received home from home treatment. Would recommend and will definitely be back :)

5 From Gemma Brown on

My piggies have just returned from a few days at Andover Piggy Boarding. They were very well looked after, particularly Beanie who was recovering from an operation and in need of some special attention.

5 From Jane Brown on

We just had our three guinea pigs groomed, trimmed and washed by Ingrid. They came back gleaming!! They were so gently handled and cared for and we were made to feel very welcome too! We would definitely consider boarding our guinea pigs there if needed. Thank you Ingrid for all your expert advice and tips too.

5 From Maggie Broadberry on

My four guinea pigs have just had another holiday with Ingrid. As always, when I collected them they were clean, healthy and happy. I feel totally confident leaving them in her care.

5 From Sarah Hobley on

Thank you so much for looking after our guinea pigs, especially at such short notice. Care, attention and expertise couldn't be better - we'll definitely be back. Totally recommended fabulous!

5 From Tony Shaw and family on

Thank you very much for looking after our guinea pigs and gerbil Fantastic service!! Will definitely use again and recommend to any one looking to board guinea pigs!

5 From Ryan & Cerianne on

I have known Ingrid for many years. She has a genuine love for all animals, and I know that when my guineas holiday at hers there is no doubt in my mind that they are in the best place. She treats my guineas as her own. They are fed, cleaned, and regularly observed and cuddled. They always come back looking happy and refreshed after their break. Nothing is ever too much trouble, and Ingrid is always happy to advise and help when required, as she is very experienced. I highly recommend her, and can assure you that your guineas will have a very happy time and will be in safe hands at Andover Piggy boarding.

5 From Louise Davies on

My guinea pigs have holidayed here for the past 14 years. I have remained confident that they will be clean, fed, watered and regularly observed. When I collect them they are as calm and healthy as when they arrived. The owner is an experienced, honest and caring pet handler - a rare find.

5 From Sarah Hobley on

Having a piggy who was picked on by others, Alfie now has a very happy life here! Friendly staff, who know how to care for your pet! Highly recommended!

5 From gbmarianne on

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Country location approximately 3 miles outside Andover on the A343 midway between The Wallops and Abbotts Ann crossroads.

Open Hours

Specific appointments are made for dropping off, picking up, visits and guinea grooming. Please email to arrange a suitable time.

Appointment times:

Dropping off and picking up: (on the hour or half hour)

April - October inclusive
Morning: 6.30am - 9.30am
Afternoon/Evening: 3.00pm - 6.00pm

November - March inclusive
1pm - 4pm

By agreement

Guinea Grooming (weekdays only)
Morning 10am
Afternoon 2pm

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