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Tel: 01274 690133 or 07817079260
Email: bunniesonholiday@hotmail.co.uk
Web: http://www.bunniesonholiday.co.uk
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About our Small Pet Boarding

We board: RabbitsGuinea Pigs

We have many years experience looking after rabbits and guinea pigs, and are members of the Rabbit Welfare Association (RWAF).

Bunnies on Holiday is a peaceful place, this is our only occupation and we have no children, so most of our time is dedicated to the rabbits and guinea pigs in our care, so your pet will get loads of love and attention when they holiday with us. Our aim is to give your pet the best holiday possible, while your away.

Arrange a visit to see how much we spoil our furry friends.

Please visit our web site or Facebook page for more information, reviews and pictures of our facilities.


Rabbits and Guinea pigs can be either housed outside or indoors in our dedicated rabbit/guinea pig rooms.

Our indoor pens and hutches are within the house, so if your furry friend is used to living indoors, this will be a home from home experience. We have 2 dedicated indoor rabbit and guinea pig rooms.
The 'Dandelion room' as large 8ft hutches; and 3 pens Dandelion, Daisy & Buttercup, this room is located at the rear of the property which is always in the shade, so it is cool in summer, and in colder weather it is heated making it warm and cosy.
Our other bunny room is the 'Willow room', it has 3 pens/enclosures Willow, Fern and Bramble; all pens have toys to keep your bunnies entertained. The room as been designed for the purpose of housing rabbits and guinea pigs and is heated in the colder months.

All our outside accommodations have runs attached, and are equipped with toys and tunnels, and have been designed to our specification; the aim is to give the bunnies in our care lots of room to bink and play so they have the best holiday possible.

The 8ftx8ft 'Bunny Cabin' is in the garden; it is insulated, double glazed and heated. It has been built to our specifications; to be a free range home for rabbits.

Carrot Cottage is in the garden; it is a 7ft x 7ft insulated and heated shed with an 11ft run attached.

The Bunny Lodge, is also in the garden. It is a 7ft x 5ft shed with a 14ft x 4ft run attached.

We will not mix other rabbits or guinea pigs with your pet.


All our accommodation is spacious. For those housed in indoor hutches outside runs are available in an enclosed garden that backs on to fields, making it a peaceful environment. The runs have tunnels and toys and are cleaned out daily, all have covers to protect against the rain and the sun.

Health & Hygiene:

All rabbits must be vaccinated against Myxomatosis, RHD1 and RHD2, vaccination cards must be shown when your bunny checks in.

Hutches, cages and runs are cleaned daily.
Unlimited fresh hay.
Fresh fruit/vegetables everyday.
Burgess Excel Pellets (we also provide Science Selective or you are welcome to provide your own dry food)

We provide everything your pet will need to enjoy their holiday and keep them healthy and safe.

If your pet requires the services of a Vet, we will take your pet to the one that we use (Brighouse Vets).

Small Pet Boarding Prices

Outdoor Accommodation
The Aviary - Outdoor 6ft x 3ft hutch within 7.5ft x 7ft walk in aviary run - 1 rabbit £10/day, 2 rabbits £12/day, additional rabbits £1/day each.

The Den's - We have two outdoor 5x5ft sheds with 6ft runs attached -1 rabbit £10/day, 2 rabbits £12/day, additional rabbits £1/day each.

Pixie Den - this is a 10ft x 3.5ft area. Half of it is a shed and the other half a fully covered run with a wooden floor - 1 guinea pig or rabbit - £9/day, 2 guinea pigs or rabbits - £11/day, each additional pet £1/day each.

The 'Bunny Lodge' - 7ft x 5ft shed with a 14ft x 4ft run, rabbits £12, 2 rabbits £14, additional rabbits £1/day each.

The Bunny Penthouse - 10ft x 4ft shed with 9ft x 6ft run, 1 rabbit £12, 2 rabbits £14, additional rabbits £1/day each.

Indoor Accommodation

Willow, Dandelion & Bramble Pens - 1 rabbit £11, 2 rabbits £13, additional rabbits £1/day each.

Daisy Pen - 1 rabbit £10, 2 rabbits £12 additional rabbits £1/day each.

Fern pen - 1 rabbit £9, 2 rabbits £11 additional rabbits £1/day each.

Buttercup pen - 1 pet £8, 2 pets £10 additional rabbits £1/day each.

8ft hutch - £7 for 1 pet, £9 for 2 pets.

4ft cage - £6 for 1 guinea pig, £8 for 2 guinea pigs.

Heated Cabins

The 'Bunny Cabin' - 1 rabbits £12, 2 rabbits £14, additional rabbits £1/day each.

Carrot Cottage - 1 rabbits £13, 2 rabbits £15, additional rabbits £1/day each.

Minimum charge £15.

Payment to be made by cash on arrival. We do not ask for a deposit when you make your booking so all bookings are held in good faith. However, this does mean a cage/hutch is reserved for you so please inform us asap if you need to cancel a booking. Cancellations within 48 hours must be paid in full.

All pets boarding at Bunnies on Holiday are left at the owners risk and Bunnies on Holiday accept no responsibility whatsoever should your pet become ill or death occurs.

Other Services

Claws clipped £5 for one pet and £8 for two.

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Reviews from Our Guests

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At short notice we booked a last minute holiday after finding they had space to care for our piggies whilst we went on holiday, our piggies were well cared for and we have no problems letting them board again. We were shown to their hutch, there was no rush for us to leave, it was very clean and tidy. Nicole and her daughter provided a fantastic service. Highly recommended. Thank you once again for looking after Frank and Stan x

5 From Kathryne on

I left my 9 month old rabbit for 10 days whilst i went away ..he was well looked after ..and had regular exercise ...i will defo be using u again thank u so much x

5 From jo western on

My piggies stayed here for the 1st time in April.They had a lovely stay and came back happy and healthy. They were housed indoors but also had plenty of exercise in a run .I would definitely recommend you board your piggies here.

5 From Pam on

This is a wonderful bunny and guinea pig hotel and my 2 precious bunnies Charlie and Daisy have just come home after spending 9 days there whilst we were on holiday. The whole place is beautifully clean and the hutches really spacious , lots of toys for the bunnies to play with and exercise daily in lovely big runs in the garden. Both my buns have come home really happy after a great stay. The ladies who run it are lovely and reassuring and obviously love bunnies and guinea pigs. I would recommend Bunnies on Holiday to anyone.

5 From Carol Bradman on

Cookie stop with Bunnies on Holiday for 2 weeks in august and it is like a bunny heaven, he settled in almost instantly, it is so amazing and the people are so friendly and treat every rabbit as though they are their own, he came back completely hyped and happy, the accommodation is 5* he had exercise everyday and the pictures were lovely and he looked like he was really enjoying his stay with Nichole and the team, Cookie will be Returning to Bunnies on Holiday at the end of September to see all his friends again, we are looking forward to bringing him again and Cookie is looking forward to it too thanks !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

5 From Raychie Fisher on

My two house rabbits Rosie & Oliver have been to stay at bunnies on hoiday twice in the space of ten weeks. I was very worried about whom to trust with the care of my buns as I have never really left them for more than a weekend and had a bad experience elsewhere last year. We came to visit first and immediately felt at ease when we met Nichole & Linda. The rooms where the bunnies are kept are lovely and very clean, it is obvious that great care is taken. Nichole posts pictures of the bunnies whilst you are on holiday which was great as i got to see my bunnies and see that they were happy & well. The 2nd time they stayed they were in the new 9ft pen and absolutely loved it! As they are pretty much free range house rabbits they are used to having lots of room to play and soon settled in after their journey there. Rosie and Oliver are creatures of habit and Nichole & Linda were happy to oblige to their specific feeding routine despite it not matching theirs. They also got taken outside in the garden into a secure pen for playtimes when the weather was nice which was lovely for them. I wouldn't trust many people with the care of my babies but Nichole and Linda are absolutely fantastic, very caring and I have no worries leaving Rosie and Oliver with them, they were in the best hands.

5 From Jayna on

Left our two baby rabbits Honey and Herbie in the care of Nichole for a week whilst we went away on holiday as she was local, good value and had shining reviews and lovely photos on her website. It was definitely the correct decision to make! We received regular updates and photos; knowing our rabbits were happy too made a huge difference and stopped me worrying! Don't doubt choosing her service, she does an excellent job! X

5 From Emma Victoria on

We have just come back after a two week holiday and Horace has had his wonderful holiday! Like all other dedicated bunny owners, it has been difficult to find a holiday home for your beloved bun, someone who would look after them just like you would! From the moment I met Nichole and Linda I knew Horace was in safe hands. It was fantastic to see photos and updates of him whilst we were away. In fact I was starting to get worried he was enjoying himself so much that he had forgotten about home!! This was the second time Horace has been on holiday to "Bunnies on Holiday" and I doubt it will be that last! Thank you Nichole and Linda, keep up the good work!

5 From Sin & David on

We have driven past a few times and wondered what it would be like to place our well loved bunny here while we went on holiday. After a visit about a week before we left we were very impressed by the space afforded to the bunnies - with indoor and outdoor runs - the spacious cages and the obvious dedication of the owners of the holiday home. After leaving our bunny for two weeks,for the first time, we found that he was happy and well adjusted with the other bunnies in the home. Would we take him there again ? You bet ! He will go again when we go on holiday in the future. Thanks.

From Maureen Beach on

My rabbit Bobby stayed here for 8 weeks as I am touring with a theatre show and my digs didn't allow pets. He was so well looked after and every time I visited him he was very happy. The cages and runs are huge so the animals get plenty if exercise. They also get fed fresh veg daily and with the experienced and loving owners I was more than happy leaving him here. I highly recommend a stay, short or a little longer term.

From Hannah on

We left our two rabbits Lucy and Wombat for a week over Easter. From the first moment I spoke to Linda she put my mind at rest and I knew that our rabbits would be well looked after. When we arrived we were shown around the accomodation, inside and out and we were so pleased with the high quality, spacous hutches and runs. After talking to Linda and her daugher Nicole about all things rabbit we left knowing that not only would they be extremely well cared for but by people who were so passionate about rabbits and their care. Seeing photos as the week went on showed two rabbits thoroughly enjoying themselves and we arrived back to two very happy bunnies. We will most certainly use Bunnies on holiday again for thier 5 star service. Thank you Nicole and Linda

5 From Jill and Tom Goodwin on

We left our two dwarf lops, Katy & Perry at Bunnies on Holiday for 2 weeks. This was the first time we'd left them and I would definitely recommend them. Nichole & Linda clearly love bunnies and have cared for our two as if they were their own. We also loved the photos Nichole posted on Facebook whilst we were away which showed our bunnies enjoying their time playing in the outside runs - it was reassuring for our children to see their 'babies' having fun. Many thanks ladies for your kind care for our bunnies - we'll definitely book again x

5 From Kate Slade on

"Our bunny Fluffy stayed here over Easter. I was extremely happy with the amount of care provided. Fluffy was well looked after & loved. Bunnies on holiday take great care of rabbits. We didn't have to worry when we were on holiday and I love able to see pictures of fluffy playing in the garden run. I will definitely use the boarding service again & would recommend this service to anyone."

5 From Mamta Mistry on

Our little bunny oscar stayed here over Christmas. She (yes she) even got to go outside for the first time. We realised that oscar wasn't getting the attention she deserved and we wanted oscar to have a friend so Nichole very kindly helped us find her a new home. Nichole is incredibly caring towards the bunnies and has been so helpful in finding oscar a new home. We couldn't have done it without her! Thanks Nichole. Highly recommended to anyone looking for a bunny hotel!

From Monica on

We've tried a few different rabbit hotels when we've been on holiday and we've never had a better experience than with bunnies on holiday. We know they love our bunny Ned to bits too, so we're happy to trust them with him - because we know they take fantastic care of him. He always comes home happy and Nichole even snaps a few photographs so we can see how he is doing while we are away. There is no other bunny boarding service I would rather recommend!

5 From Jasmin & James Chadwick on

Our bunnie 'Rufus' has stayed here several times. We are a childless couple therefore he is our little spoilt house rabbit! Our first contact was that we wanted to see where he would stay and do a pre-visit - this was absolutely no problem and we visited that afternoon. Straight away we knew this place was right....the most important thing to us was that Rufus was indoors and here you have the choice of in or outdoors if you wish. Both Nichole and her lovely Mum Sue are more than willing to cater to your animals every need. I can't rate 'bunnies on holiday' enough xxxxxxx

5 From Hannah Curtis on

My two bunnies went to stay for 11 nights whilst we wet on holiday. The hutches were in fantastic condition, they were let out into the runs daily and Nichole took great care of them which made our getaway more enjoyable as we did not need to worry. I will be booking them in again whenever we need to travel in future :)

5 From Y on

Our two adored bunnies stayed for 10 nights over Christmas while we went away 20th to 30th December. Betty is a continental giant that likes to be on the go constantly and the centre of attention and Bailey is a three legged lionhead that prefers the quiet relaxed lifestyle in his senior years . Both our babies were looked after fantastic, they both have different needs which were catered for perfectly. We have already booked both bunnies to stay again. We had regular updates and to see them Christmas Eve via pictures was lovely for our children to see them. Fantastic arrangements for boarding and our two were abke to stay together throughout their stay. Our holiday was all the more enjoyable knowing our bunnies were having a happy holiday too :)

5 From Mrs Berry on

My two rabbits stayed here in November for a fortnight, and returned happy and healthy. Cages are cleaned every day and Nichole and Linda are obviously bunny-mad people who spent a lot of time making a fuss of them. We'll certainly be back next year.

5 From Alison Bilton on

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Wyke, Bradford
A few minutes from the M62, junction 26

Open Hours

Open 365 days a year.

Check in and pick up times are as follows:
Monday to Thursday 9am to 11am and 5 to 6:30pm
Friday 9am to 11am and 5 to 6pm
Saturday 11am to 4pm.

Ring 01274 690133 or 07817079260 to arrange to view our facilities, or to make a booking for your pet to stay with us.

Local pick up and drop off available (within 5 miles) at an extra charge.

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