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Email: info@poppysholidayhutches.com
Web: http://www.poppysholidayhutches.com

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About our Small Pet Boarding

We board: RabbitsGuinea PigsBirdsHamsters, Mice etc.

We are based in Norwich and offer luxury boarding for your rabbits, guinea pigs and other small animals. A quality personal service with reasonable prices is guaranteed.


Large, safe indoor and outside hutches with full facilities for looking after your pets. Indoor hutches are air conditioned and all outdoor hutches have large runs attached. Please visit our website www.poppysholidayhutches.com for full details of our accomodation.


Rabbits and guinea pigs will receive daily exercise in an outdoor run, subject to weather conditions.

Health & Hygiene:

Rabbits must be vaccinated against Myxomatosis before coming to us. This is for the safety of your own pet as well as our other guests. Your pet will not mix with any other animals whilst in our care, except for their own hutch mate, should they have one. Hutches are cleaned regularly and pets checked daily.

Small Pet Boarding Prices

The boarding price is per day (or part of day), and includes standard dry food and a selection of vegetables and fruit. If your pet is on a special diet, we would ask you to provide their food. We would also ask you to provide any treats your pet may have.

Please visit our website for full details of our tariff.

Please note our rates do not increase during Bank Holidays or Christmas/New Year periods.

Other Services

Services: GroomingClaw Clipping

Nail Clipping:

Rabbits £3.00 each
Guinea Pigs £2.00 each

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Reviews from Our Guests

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Our Quaker parrot (Jack) stayed at poppy's Holiday Hutches. We would highly recommend this company to anyone that is thinking about leaving there pets with Steve. Not only was the service that we received great but also the prices were the cheapest we had seen anywhere. We will definitely be using Poppy's Holiday Hutches again and as said we highly recommend this company to anyone thinking of doing the same. We want to say a big thank you to Steve and we look forward to using him again soon. Martin and Julie

5 From Martin Harris on

My 2 guinea pigs (molly&roxy) stayed at poppy holiday hutches for 3 nights in the lovely summer house which was cool and spotlessly clean.. Steve also kept me updated with a reassuring message and picture of my 2 very happy piggies! I would ðŸ'¯% recommend this service and i will be back. 🤗

5 From Jenny on

First time I have used a bunnies boarding house.There were two does and a buck ,Steve had to alternate the buck between the two does for me so not to leave one on its own for too long.They were well looked after and the hutches were kept spotlessly clean. Would definitely recommend and would use again.

5 From Jan Baker on

We can't thank Steve enough. He looked after our bunnies and tortoise for 9 nights for the first time and the care and love they received whilst we were away was 10/10. When we dropped them off I got shown where they were going to be staying and all other animals there looked happy and very well cared for. We even got a message with photos after a few days to say they were settled and happy. We are using Steve again in July and then for 3 weeks in August and I have no worries about their care. So pleased we have found somewhere as good as here. Can't thank him enough.

5 From Becky Harris on

Our rabbits Reyn & Ayda stayed at Poppy's Holiday Hutches for 2 nights over a weekend and I couldn't recommend Steve enough, seeing photos of them looking happy and relaxed was great and shows they were in good hands! They will definitely be visiting again soon.

5 From Jake on

Beau stayed at Poppy's Holiday Hutches for 9 nights and I would absolutely recommend Steve for anyone looking for a holiday home for their small animal. Immediately Beau was relaxed in his hutch in the Summer house, and Steve took amazing care of him while he was there. All the animals there seemed relaxed and at home when I visited, and the updates I received while I was away really put my mind at ease. 12/10 service, Beau will be visiting again and I would recommend Poppy's to everyone.

5 From Beth on

My 2 guinea pigs stayed at Poppy's Holiday Hutches for 6 nights, and I would 100% recommend them to anyone with a small animal. Steve was very informative and reassuring, and I was kept up to date with how the pigs were getting on which was lovely. My piggies thoroughly enjoyed their stay and will be back again soon!

5 From Jodi on

Our big bunny Morpheus is currently staying here and I am impressed by the service - particularly the friendly updates from Steve and the complimentary photo! I will definitely use again, and will bring my tortoise too next time!

5 From Emma on

Our guinea pigs, Daisy and Gingernut, stayed for a week recently in the summer house. They were really well looked after in a good quality, well apportioned hutch. We felt safe leaving them with Steve as he clearly is experienced in looking after pets and wants the best for them. We were a bit worried that they wouldn't want to come home! Would strongly recommend to others and would certainly use again.

5 From laura on

Had my rabbit fifi stay with Poppy's holiday hutches and I am so happy with the service. Steve kept me updated with how she was doing which really put my mind at ease. The garden and the facilities for the rabbits are brilliant. Cant wait to use this service again and I'm sure fifi can't wait either.

5 From Stacey on

Would 100% recommend Poppy's holiday hutches for your small pet to stay. My rabbit stayed here for a week and I had no worries at all. Her rabbit hutch size was beyond amazing, she had such a lovely time and was so happy and content when I picked her up! Customer service was great with even getting a photo sent to me whilst being away of how she had settled in. Would definitely use Poppy's holiday hutches again without a doubt!

5 From Sinead on

My rabbits, Roger and Jessica were so well looked after by Steve. He provides excellent facilities, their hutch and run were a great size and they were given access to grass as well. He cared for my buns as if they were his own and even sent me a text to let me know how they were getting on. They are already booked in to stay again!

5 From Carly Rushmere on

Our guinea pig Antoosh just today returned from his luxurious 20 days stay at Poppy's holiday hutches and he will be going back there happily next year!! We are very satisfied with the service and accomodation provided. It was very easy to communicate with Steve prior to and during the stay. My son was so happy to see Antoosh in the gallery of guests! Steve, thank you very much!

5 From Aleksandra and Azaan on

my two rabbits oreo and gizmo stayed for 4 nights at poppy's holiday hutches,and the care steve gave them is remarkable, they were looked after very well and steve loves all the small furry animals that come in to his care like they are his own. Very reasonable price. I will definitely use poppy's holiday hutches again. Thankyou steve.

5 From Suzanne Stearman on

Our little mouse, Daria, stayed with Steve for more than 3 weeks when we went on holidays in July-August 2020. When we got her back, she looked very well cared and fed and her cage was very clean as well. We felt so lucky that we found Steve because he is a very thoughtful and caring person who sent us photos and updated of our mouse during our holidays. Thank you so much Steve, we hope we will be able to book Daria in for our next holidays!

5 From Nikki on

We recently used Poppy's Holiday Hutches for our two guinea pigs, Rosie and Tulip. We are new to Guinea pigs and these are our first two, they are only 6months old so were unsure what to do when we went on holiday. Found Poppy's holiday hutches online and found Steve to be very helpful and quick to reply to my queries. Dropping off and picking up was easy and it's amazing that Poppy's holiday hutches supply everything so all you have to worry about is taking your pets as our car was already so full with our holiday luggage when we dropped them off! Steve sent me a lovely update while I was away which was a really lovely touch and it put me at ease. Steve was very accommodating with pick up and drop off times and when the girls returned they looked well looked after and were just as happy as when they left. I would recommend Poppy's holiday hutches to anyone with small animals needing a lovely holiday when you take yours!

5 From Connie Vallis on

I have never left my rabbit, Professor Higgins, with anyone before and was a little apprehensive to do so. However, Steve was fantastic, my rabbit had a massive outdoor hutch and run (bigger than his one at home) and was more than looked after. The care was second to none and the hitches were exceptionally clean. Will definitely use Poppy's Holidays Hutches again!!!

5 From Lisa on

Our 5 guinea pigs stayed at Poppy's for 10 nights. We have used Poppy's for many years now and know that our guinea pigs are well looked after and cared for. Steve is always very helpful and took the time to let us know how they were doing and sent us a photo while we were away.

5 From Michelle on

Maple and Lily, our two precious guinea pigs, stayed happily at Poppy's Holiday Hutches for the first time during February half term. It was a very successful experience for them and us! Steve's organisation, care and attention was excellent and we felt reassured in leaving our pets in his capable hands, which meant a lot to us, as did the text we received to let us know how they were getting on. The accommodation is extremely clean and everything well set up and organised. Also, Steve was able and happy to administer medication to Lily for a long term condition (non contagious) she has. Steve clearly enjoys looking after all the small animals that stay with him and he is very good at it - all really great, thank you Steve! Hope to see you in July! From the Crawford family.

5 From The Crawford family on

Our bunnies Molly and Pop stayed with Steve for 10 days when we went on holiday in February 2020. It was a great peace of mind to know that they would be looked after especially during the storms that we had. Steve is lovely and he loves what he is doing. We'll definitely be coming back.

5 From Anna on

Once again I felt completely at ease leaving my bunny Popcorn with Margaret and Steve. This was his first time on holiday with his new partner Mavis and I believe they both had a lovely time. Thank you.

5 From Alison on

Margaret and Steve did a great job looking after my 3 rabbits and my one guinea pig, They really have a passion for all these animals that they look after. They have time and the love to give to each and everyone of the animals, plus they know all their names. Would not hesitate of taking my furry friends back to these 2 lovely people. Would recommend Margaret and Steve very highly. Once again thank you Margaret and Steve such lovely people.

From Lesley Bunn on

Our little roborovski hamster Sneferu has just returned home after his first holiday with Margaret and Steve. He clearly felt at home in their company as he came out to say hello to us when we picked him up - he's not normally a daytime person and appeared to be very comfortable and at ease to make such an early appearance! He'd been so lovingly looked after, from being given treats through to having his cage cleaned out. Margaret and Steve are such caring people and their love of animals is heart-warming. The text update we received was so thoughtful, as was Sneferu's photo shoot. They had observed Sneferu's quirks and routine and kept such an attentive close eye on him throughout his stay. Thank you both so much for your kindness. Sneferu is eager to book another holiday with you ASAP!!

5 From Jones Family on

A huge thank you to Margaret and Steve for taking such good care of guinea pigs, Twinkle, Tempo and Pitch for a week's holiday. We found the girls relaxed, happy and very well fed on our return and will be hoping book them in for another stay next year.

5 From Hazel Gill on

First visit for Ernie budgie 😊 was extremely pleased ,I was not able to see the the place she was going but steve and Margaret invited me round for tea to see where she would be.could not meet nicer couple . This will be Ernie's future holiday home 🐦

5 From Gloria on

Rico and Rascal have just returned from spending 3 weeks with Margaret and Steve. The bunnies have become quite regular visitors and each time they have been well cared for and have been healthy and happy when we have collected them. Thank you for looking after our boys so well for us and enabling us to have a worry free holiday.

5 From Helen on

The service we received from Margaret and Steve while looking after our bunny was excellent.Communication was great throughout and we went away for the weekend feeling confident that she was in safe hands and would be well looked after.On our return we could tell that Willow had enjoyed her stay at Poppy's hutches as she was happy and content.We will definitely be using them again and would highly recommend them.Thankyou so much Margaret and Steve xx

5 From Lisa on

Our 3 gerbils stayed with Margaret and Steve for 3 weeks over the summer. We were apprehensive to leave them for such a long time but needed have worried at all. Margaret and Steve clearly love animals and they couldn't have been in better hands. I would absolutely recommend Poppy's Holiday Hutches. Thank you for taking such good care of them!

5 From Rachel Sharman on

Thank you so much for taking such good care of our hamster. It was a comfort to go on holiday knowing that he was being well looked after. We were particularly impressed with the settling in message you sent as well as the photo on your website. Those were really nice touches. Thank you for showing around your facility and introducing us to your other guests - that was quite an education! We will not hesitate to use your services again in future. Thank you

5 From Melanie on

Thank you Margaret and Steve for looking after our rabbit Byron so well. It was very reassuring to know that he was happy and being well looked after and to receive a text update about him. We would highly recommend Poppy's Holiday Hutches.

5 From Layla Moore on

Our gerbils, Nibbles, Albie and Gangsta, spent their first holiday at Poppy's Holiday Hutches. They were well cared for and very happy. The cage was immaculate when we collected them. We were extremely pleased that we had a text saying that they were all ok, giving us reassurance. We would certainly recommend them 👍

5 From Joanne Harper Brown on

Our two guinea pigs, Rainbow and Queen, had a holiday at Poppy's Holiday Hutches whilst we went camping for a week. The hutch was clean and spacious and the shed is air-conditioned! It was very convenient that everything was provided so we only had to bring the guinea pigs. They had lots of cuddles whilst they were there and returned content with full tummies. Margaret and Steve are very kind and clearly love animals. The service is highly professional and very friendly. They showed my children around and reassured them that their pets would be taken care of. The text update and photos were a lovely reassuring touch. It's so good to know that we can enjoy breaks away and we have caring, professional and trustworthy people to look after our family pets.

5 From Teresa on

I left my kakariki for the first time at poppy's and i couldnt have been happier! He was very well looked after and i received a text letting me know hes settled in. They had cleaned the cage and i came home to a happy bird. Definitely reccommend and will definitely be using again! :)

5 From Leanne on

First time for Chocolate and Fog, my hamsters, to stay at Poppy's Holiday Hutches and they were really well looked after. Will certainly be taking them there again for their next holiday. Should definitely have 10 stars

5 From Alison on

Once again, Gordon and Graham (guinea pigs) and Roger (the rabbit) have enjoyed a great week being pampered by Steve and Margaret. Cannot rate them highly enough! Should be 10 stars at least!

5 From Andy Mace on

We left our three ratties Nebula, Cotton and Snowflake with Margaret and Steve for two weeks this summer and they were well looked after. We received updates on how they were settling in and photos of them were uploaded online for us to see whilst on holiday.

4 From Richard & Chiara on

Our little parakeet Jonah stayed at Poppys for a week whilst we went on holiday, and he had a great time, Margaret and steve are so kind with their guests. Our Jonah even made it onto the gallery of guests. We were so pleased to receive a text a few days later letting us know he was all settled and doing ok, we would highly recommend Poppys and Jonah will certainly be returning very soon, thank you so much Margaret and steve you done a great job.

From Julie and Keith on

My 5 year old bunny Cas stayed with Steve and Margaret for the first time this week, I was worried as he'd never been away from home before but my worries were quickly gone after meeting Steve and Margaret and seeing how happy all of the other animals were. I got a message to let me know Cas had settled in and they posted a picture of him on the website so I could see him which was lovely. I will recommend Poppy's Holiday Hutches to everyone!

5 From Katy on

Margot, my hamster, stayed with Poppy's Holiday Hutches whilst we were away and I could not have been more happy with the way she was treated. We received a text a couple of days into our trip to let us know she was settling in well and I thought that was wonderful. Will definitely visit Poppy's Holiday Hutches again.

5 From Harriet on

Mr Popcorn Rabbit has now stayed with Margaret & Steve on three separate occasions. I know he is always well looked after and it makes leaving him a little easier knowing he is always in good hands. Thank you.

5 From Alison Coward on

I left my 2 Guinea pigs with Margaret and Steve for a 2 week holiday. The hutch where Toffee and Apple stayed was in the air conditioned shed and was spotlessly clean. My 2 instantly got cuddles which was great as it reassured me that they wouldn't be hutchbound and left alone for 2 weeks. I recieved a text to let me know that they had settled in well and photos on the website. I have already booked in for later in the year. Margaret and Steve are lovely people and obviously care a great deal about all their animal guests! Highly recommend them!

5 From Cat on

Brian had a lovely week's holiday with Margaret & Steve. He was very well looked after & his accommodation was large & clean. He would definitely like to stay again!

5 From Sara Smyth on

Very pleased with how well they were looked after. Margaret and Steve kept us informed during our holiday about how our rabbits had settled. Already booked in for 2 more visits this year! Would highly recommend. Thank you

5 From Lee on

Our bunnies Queenie & Ernie had a lovely holiday with Steve and Margaret whilst we were away getting married. They definitely lived a weekend of luxury and I was happy leaving them as I knew they were being well looked after. Communication was excellent both before and during their stay. We were recommended to use Poppy's Hutches by a friend whose rabbit had stayed there and I would now also highly recommend Poppy's to other people. It's never nice leaving your pets, but it's made much easier when you know they're in good hands and they're having a lovely time.

5 From Jessica on

I was really nervous about leaving my hamster for the first time but when I got there Margaret and Steve were extremely helpful and kind. When I got back I was happy to see that my hamster`s cage had been thoroughly cleaned and that they had done a great job of looking after him, I will definitely use Poppy`s holiday hutches next time I go away! Sam aged 10

5 From Sam Smith on

Rico and Rascal have just had the first of 3 holidays this year with Margaret and Steve. As usual, they have come home healthy and happy. Thank you once again for taking good care of our bunnies.

5 From Helen Dixon on

Our two Bunnies, Patchy and Messi have just returned from stay at Poppy's Holiday Hutches and have been very well looked after! This is the first time they have stayed here and the whole process from my first enquiry to their first stay has been brilliant. On my first visit I was made very welcome and was shown all the areas that they have for the Bunnies, and answered all my questions with no problems. On drop off and collection it was easy and stress free. The hutch Patchy and Messi stayed in was huge and they look like they've been well looked after. Thank you to Margaret and Steve for taking such good care of them whilst we've been away.

5 From Rachel on

We left our two bunnies(franky and jazzy) with Margaret and Steve for 2 weeks. We were offered a viewing first so we could see what the cages are like. We could tell straight away Margaret and Steve are animal lovers and every single cage was spotless. When we dropped F and J off straight away Steve got them out their boxes and you can tell he is confident with the animals- which is great as our bunnies are quite flighty so need a confident handler! The hutches all have really good sized outdoor areas Originally we had booked 1 cage but due to a fall out F and J needed separate cages which luckily could be accommodated. While we were away we got a text update on how they were doing and saw the pics on the website which was great as our 7yr old was missing them so that was lovely. I would definately recommend Poppys Holiday hutches and am so glad we have found them. Franky and Jazzy are already booked in for several more occasions!! As well as the boarding Margaret and Steve also were able to recommmend a bunny bonder which we are hoping will make our boys friends again! Massive thank you to Margaret and Steve and we will see you soon!

5 From Serena on

I have recently left my 2 guinea pigs with Margaret an Steve for a short holliday. They have looked after them in a very lovingly way, I was sure they were in good hands when I left. They have an amazing accommodation for both guinea pigs and rabbits and I would not exitate to leave them there again.

5 From Ines on

My partner and I brought our four bunnies over to Margaret and Steve for an overnight stay. Immediately, I could tell that they were all going to have a nice time as Margaret and Steve are very lovely people. They have very clean and safe environment for all of the bunnies/guinea pigs, and they give each animal a lot of care and attention. When we picked up our rabbits, they all seemed very happy and relaxed, so we know they had a good time, and they all went straight to sleep when they got home! I highly recommend Poppy's Holiday Hutches to anybody needing a safe, relaxed environment for their small animals to stay.

5 From Emma Reddington on

Nelson and Coco spent a week with Steve and Margaret over half-term - their first holiday away! From the first phone call I made, Margaret was really helpful and interested in the bunnies and when I went to visit, it was clear that she and Steve really care for the animals. Nelson and Coco happily hopped out of their carrier and it was lovely, after a couple of days, to receive an email to say that they had settled. The hutch they were in was lovely and big and now that we have them home, it is clear that they have been well looked after. Already booked in for another week later in the year - many thanks Margaret and Steve.

5 From Rachel Prior on

Thank you so much Margaret and Steve for caring for our bunny Cupcake so soon after losing her litter sister Muffin. Everywhere is so clean and well maintained. We are so impressed with Poppy's and look forward to bringing Cupcake back in May hopefully with a new bunny friend.

5 From Linda Howe on

Our guinea pig crew....... Gary, Dash, Violet, Pearl and Browser have just returned from a weeks stay with Steve and Margaret. We couldn't be more pleased with the level of care our pets were given. A fantastic service all round and we will definitely use Poppy's Holiday Hutches again.

5 From Jo and Steve on

Thank you very much to Margaret and Steve for looking after my elderly lady-bunny Lula. She stayed in a Summerhouse which seems like a 5star hotel for indoor rabbits. All looked well organised and Steve and Margaret were able to administer a daily medication too. I would definitely trust them with all furry creatures. I wouldn't hesitate to bring Lula here again. I would heartedly recommend Poppy's Holiday Hutches.

5 From Martyna on

An enormous thank you to Margaret and Steve for looking our furry family: Sidney (rabbit) and Buttons, Toggles and Lace (guinea pigs). My wife and I were a little worried leaving them for a week, however after meeting such a kind and caring couple, we were instantly put at ease. The facilities are simply fantastic (kept very clean, warm and good sized hutches), they are clearly passionate about looking after animals. We also very much appreciated an update on how our four were doing whilst we were away. When we got back home our four were relaxed and very happy; they enjoyed their time away as much as we did! Absolutely would recommend Poppy`s Holiday Hutches for anyone needing pet boarding for small animals, we will certainly be using them again!

5 From Michael and Terri on

I would like to thank very much to Margaret and Steve for looking after my cheeky little Bonnie so well. I cannot praise enough how lovely couple they are and how greatly look after pets. They clearly show loving towards them. Bonnie has stayed one of the indoor hutch in the summer house which was super clean, room temperature was lovely warm. As she stayed at Christmas periods, the guests in the summer house could enjoy Christmas lights, Christmas tree and radio on as well! It was amazing! And the selection of bunny nuggets they are able to provide is very vary. Bonnie, even if she hates being picked up, she remained so calmed and when we took her home she settled down so quickly. I definitely, more than 100% recommend Poppy`s Holiday Hutches to all who are looking for a safe and loving place to board your pet whilst you`re busy or away.

5 From Zita on

Thank you Margaret and Steve for taking such good care of Millie the cockatiel. My happy little bird still has no cares in the world after her stay and has been showing off a new sweet coaxing sound she learned. Lovely accommodation with a kind and caring couple who took the time to reassure and comfort me while I was away.

5 From Celka on

Thank you Margaret and Steve for being so lovely and caring. Pinky and Pepper seemed so settled and happy, I'm not sure they wanted to leave. I couldn't have asked for anyone better to have looked after them whilst I was away. I was worried about leaving them but you put me completely at ease

5 From Katie on

Our guinea pigs (Gordon and Graham) and rabbit (Roger) have returned from their Xmas stay with Margaret and Steve. Needless to say they were reluctant to come home, a tribute to the standard of care provided by this lovely couple. Look no further for boarding your small animals!

5 From Andy Mace on

Margaret and Steve are lovely, kind and caring people.My daughter was so worried about leaving her bunny ,she refused to travel anywhere.Margaret and Steve Kindly show us round .Accommodation is lovely, clean with Christmas tree and air-conditioning .They are clearly animal lovers .It would be very hard to find better holiday plaice for our bunny.Thank you so much for your loving care, you give to our bunny .We will recommend you to everyone and will be very happy to come back.Thank you.Ali and Olivia

5 From Ali and Olivia on

Margaret and Steve recently looked after our 2 bunnies whilst we were away. They provide first class care and love and look after them as if they were there own. I will always continue to use them for any future holidays. Thanks both!

5 From Charlotte Jones on

Thank you for looking after my daughters 3 guinea pigs for a 9 day holiday in October. The accommodation was clean, warm and safe. Margaret and Steve seem like genuine animal lovers and kind caring people. We would recommend Poppys Holiday Hutched to our friends and will definitely book again when we need our guinea pigs looking after.

5 From Kelly Richardson on

I was really worried about leaving our rabbit with someone while we were on holiday but Margaret and Steve instantly put me at ease. They are both lovely people who clearly care about all of the animals in their care. I truly believe that Popcorn thoroughly enjoyed himself with them and he is probably marking off the number of sleeps until our next holiday when he will return. Thank you.

5 From Alison on

Although the first visit for our 2 rabbits, Binky and Stripe and our guinea-pig, Yoshi, we have used Poppy's Holiday Hutches several times before for our previous pets. As ever, our animals were very well cared for by Margaret and Steve. The accommodation is excellent and they took into account our rabbits' ages and provided our almost 9 year old rabbit with 'bungalow boarding'. Both rabbits had runs and our guinea-pig enjoyed a lovely hutch in the fabulous summerhouse. Thanks again, Steve and Margaret, for your care and we hope our animals will be able to board with you again in the future. I can wholeheartedly recommend 'Poppy's Holiday Hutches'.

5 From Rachael Oxbury on

Contacted poppys holiday hutches when looking for somewhere for my hamsters to stay, easy, informative and reassuring booking. Offer of home visit before booking. Arranged drop off with handover to ensure they knew all about our hamsters to enable them to be looked after. Thank you to Margaret and Steve for a reassuring update on their wellbeing while away. Easy pick up. Our hamsters were clean, well looked after and happy. Thank you so much, I would reccomend to all.

5 From Nicky shaw on

My bunny had excellent care while staying with this lovely couple. They care about the animals a great deal and i trust them totally. They have high quality feed and you simply have to bring your pet and they take care of the rest. Would definitely recommend

5 From Rach on

Our rabbits Chips & Wiggles have stayed with Margaret and Steve twice now. Both Margaret and Steve were friendly and you can see they care about the animals in there care. Im sure our rabbits were disappointed to have to come home. Would definitely reccomend to anyone.

5 From Andrew Rust on

My two guinea pigs bubble and squeak stayed for a week with Margaret and Steve at poppy's and i was very pleased with the hotel .Bubble and squeak seemed very happy and well looked after ,will be using them again .

4 From Diane on

Margaret and Steve have hearts of gold. You can see how much they adore animals. The accomadation is kept clean, the right temperature and is a good size. My guinea pigs were truely spoilt! Top quality cereal and hay was provided within the cost. l would highly recommend Poppy's holiday hutches. Thank you so much.

5 From Jo on

Our two bunnies Phoebe and Rolo stayed with Steve and Margaret for just over a week recently and were cared for brilliantly. They had the family enclosure which suited them down to the ground. Think they were sorry to come home. Rolo made friends with another guest whilst there and seemed settled and Phoebe also seemed relaxed. Will be using Poppy's holiday hutches again soon

5 From Janet Woodcraft on

Our guinea pigs were very well looked after by Margaret and Steve - they have a very ordered routine combined with a genuinely caring environment and we knew straight away that Rosie and Froakie would be in good hands. The guinea pigs did not seem at all bothered by the transitions and if anything are a bit less timid than when we left them! It was also lovely to get a message after a couple of days to say how they were getting on, especially for our children, who were missing them. We feel lucky to have found somewhere so nice to leave our pets, it was a real home from home for them and we wouldn’t hesitate to bring them here for their holidays again.

5 From Cindy on

We left my 2 bunnies with Margaret and Steve for 2 nights and we were so impressed by their dedication and care they showed them. I felt so comfortable leaving them and they were just genuinely lovely people who were really helpful and efficient. Will definitely use them again in the future.

5 From Rachel Devonshire on

Thank you for looking after out guinea pigs so well and in such great accommodation. We would thoroughly recommend you.

5 From Fiona Flavell on

I think our guinea pigs, Pepper and Nutmeg, had a better holiday than we did - although they didn't get to go canoeing or play badminton ;) A very friendly place to leave them where they were so well cared for.

5 From Elizabeth on

Would totally recommend without a doubt! Both Margaret and Steve were friendly and accommodating. They where quick to respond to my emails and it was obvious that they care! If you need someone to look after your small pet, defiantly choose Poppy's holiday hutches! There is nothingmore I can say. As you can see from the load of positive reviews, nobody can fault them! You will see for yourself if you choose Poppy's.

5 From Maria on

Thank you Margaret and Steve for taking such good care of our bunny Rocky. It made going away easier knowing he was well looked after.

5 From Tazim on

Thank you Margret and Steve looking after my hamster nibbles whilst I was on my holiday! Also liked my update text halfway through the week! Highly recommended and nibbles will be back again!

5 From Vicky on

Thank you Margaret & Steve for looking after our Chinchilla Charlie really happy with your care and was especially pleased with the text after a few days to let us know he had settled in ok. I’m sure we will see you again in the future

5 From Clare wright on

We were very pleased with the way Margaret and Steve cared for our rabbits and bird in July it had been extremely hot but the rabbits were very well looked after. We thank them very much and hope to use their hutches again.

5 From Jean Simper on

Thank you Margaret & Steve for looking after our rabbits Munch & Nibbles while we were on our hols for the week, would definitely recommend you both as u took great care of them. They will be happy to come back to you next year thx again

5 From Andrea Mortlock on

Thank you to Margaret and Steve for looking after Rico and Rascal again. I know that both our bunnies were well looked after while we enjoyed our holiday.

5 From Helen Dixon on

Margaret and Steve took great care of Mr Waffles the hamster and were very thoughtful in sending us an update on his wellbeing during his stay. Thank you for taking great care of him.

5 From Rachael Breed on

Once again, our Guinea pigs Gordon and Graham and our young rabbit Roger enjoyed a fantastic stay at Poppy's. Steve and Margaret have our total confidence when we leave the "youngsters" with them, and I strongly suspect they are looking forward to their next visit. Cannot recommend highly enough. P.S Roger also enjoyed a (chaste) holiday romance with a delightful young female bunny, and apparently was quite put out when she went home before him!

5 From Andy Mace on

We took our rabbits Timmy & Toby to Poppys Holiday Hutches as a very last minute thing but Margaret and Steve couldn't of been better! Steve was sooo good with our grumpy rabbit Toby which put us at ease straight away! We also had a text to let us know how they were getting on. The accommodation for the animals is perfect, im surprised my bunnies wanted to come home! Thanks again Margaret and Steve for your great work and for fitting us in! 110% would recommend and use again!

5 From Chloe on

Our guinea pigs, Gordon and Graham, have visited Poppy's twice before, and recognise the high standards of care and attention provided by Steve and Margaret. We genuinely believe that they are reluctant to come home! For this holiday they were joined by our newly acquired rabbit, Roger, who also enjoyed a splendid stay. Cannot rate Steve and Margaret highly enough, definitely 5 stars +++!

5 From Andy Mace on

Our rabbit Clarence had his first holiday with Margaret & Steve at the beginning of June. Margaret & Steve were very kind and informative and they certainly know their buns. Receiving a text message update the next day and also seeing his picture on the website was very reassuring, and since he’s been home we’ve had follow up correspondence. Clarence was super happy with his holiday at Poppy’s and will no doubt enjoy his next visit!

5 From The Blowers on

We sent our two guinea pigs to stay with very short notice. You were so helpful at fitting them in and when we picked them up, it was obvious they had been incredibly well cared for and you were great handling them- I think they came back tamer than when they went in! We will happily use you again!

5 From Laura on

Reggie our rabbit has just spend a week with Margaret and Steve, poppy holiday hutches. And honestly we are thrilled with the care and extra love Margaret and Steve have for all the animals. The set up they have for the animals is fantastic, spacious very clean and very well organised. I felt at ease with leaving Reggie at the holiday hutch straight away. Highly recommended. Thank You Margaret and Steve for taking care of Reggie while we could relax on holiday. Xx

5 From Tracey Fillingham on

Wow what can we say, our African Grey and our two degus have just been to stay with Margaret and Steve a trial run for August, if they could speak they would be saying they can’t wait to get back. The love and care these two exceptional human beings show the animals they look after is second to none and we can not recommend them highly enough and we will definately be recommending them to others looking for animal sitters. Thanks Margaret and Steve you are amazing

5 From The Logans on

Thankyou to two special people, Margaret and Steve, for caring for my guineas Astern and Badger. Their accommodation was first class and I went away without any worries knowing they were in the safest of hands. I highly recommend Poppy's Holiday Hutches and have no doubts about taking the boys there when I go away next time. Thanks again Margaret and Steve from Sue, Astern and Badger

5 From Sue Clayton on

It was our rats’ first stay away from home and they were lovingly welcomed and cared for by Margaret and Steve, who managed them admirably despite their lively tendencies! Thank you for giving us peace of mind whilst we were away

5 From Eleanor Brown on

Thank you Margaret & Steve for looking after Hamish for us while we were on holiday he is very happy

5 From Anne & Bernie on

Thank you to Margaret and Steve for taking such good care of our two bunnies for the last two weeks. I went on holiday confident that they would be well looked after and will definitely be in touch again when Rico and Rascal next need a holiday.

5 From Helen Dixon on

Poppy's Holiday Hutches looked after our three guinea pigs and rat for three weeks while we were abroad for our wedding/honeymoon. We really appreciated the text messages sent to us with a "status update" and the animals were all happy and healthy when we picked them up. We had a very warm welcome and the hosts were extremely friendly and accommodating. Wouldn't hesitate to recommend these guys for small animal boarding and would definitely use again! Thank you.

5 From Aaron Cornell on

Bugzy and belle really enjoyed their stay. They can't wait to come again. Big thanks to Margaret and Steve we know our bunnies were in great hands

5 From Karen on

Sooty thoroughly enjoyed his stay at Poppy's Holiday Hutches. Extremely friendly couple who took great care of him. I can highly recommend and would absolutely use again in the future. Thank you for genuinely caring for my pet. It always helps knowing Sooty is in good hands. 5 star +++

5 From Melanie on

It was Peppers (my little hamster) first time away from me, at first i was slightly hesitant of leaving him. But i couldn't of been more welcomed with reassurance, care and love. By a lovely couple who show compassion in what they do and i will definitely be returning. I highly reccomend using Poppy's holiday hutches. Thank you very much.

5 From Vlad on

I am so happy that i found poppy's holiday hutches on findpet boarding. Freya spent a happy long weekend there. The first time we had boarded her. Our greeting was so professional and reassuring. Welcoming and friendly too. Being sent feedback and a photo the next morning so good. Will be using them again and recommended them to my daughter for her guinae pigs even though she's about 40 miles away, I'm sure this will be just right.

5 From Christine on

I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Poppy's Holiday Hutches to anyone looking for a holiday home for their small pets. My two guinea pigs had a four day stay with Margaret and Steve. I was shown the hutches in the summer houses, which were all spacious with lots of hay and veggies. Margaret and Steve are clearly very experienced and knowledgable about small animals and treated the piggies like they were their own. I'll definitely be using Poppy's Holiday Hutches whenever I need boarding in the future. Thanks Margaret and Steve!

5 From Hattie on

It was Bruce's first time staying away from home and I couldn't have picked a better place! Filled with confidence as soon as I stepped in and shown around. Bruce was well cared for by a lovely couple. Thank you very much.

4 From Jenni on

Left my bunny Cadbury at Poppy's Holiday Hutches for two weeks and the accommodation was wonderful. He stopped eating due to his change in diet but within a day or two he was back to normal thanks to the care and attention Margret and Steve gave him. Would definitely recommend this to anyone who has a small pet as their service is outstanding. So much love for the animals they care for. Will definitely be bringing Cadbury and his future girlfriend back next holiday!

5 From Kelsey on

A big thankyou for the wonderful care given to my furbunnies ,Ellie and Billy being RSPCA rescue rabbitsi love my furbabies very much ,i needed people that loved and cared for them ,and i could not have found better ,my worries were needless as to leaving them .Carol

5 From carol on

Our bunnies Brambles and Snowy stayed here in September! Their accommodation was fantastic and both Margaret and Steve were lovely! Highly recommended and looking forward to our next bunny holiday !

5 From Karen on

This was Lily's first time away from home but as soon as I met Margaret & Steve I knew she was going to be fine, they gave me a tour of the holiday homes, Lily's cage look comfortable and inviting, she was given a couple of toys too :) Steve handled her straight away, I could tell Margaret and Steve were so confident and knowledgeable with their little visitors...They also clipped Lily's nails for her (I hate doing them) . I got a lovely text halfway through my holiday with an update of how Lily was doing. This is an amazing place to send your small animals for a holiday while you holiday, I would recommend it to anyone.

5 From Kathy on

My two guinea pigs Pickle and Chilli were really well looked after by Margaret and Steve. Their hutch was very cosy and they settled back in at home with no problems, a sign that they were happy during their stay. They will definitely be staying again!

5 From Tammi on

A home away from home for my piggies, as soon as I met Margaret & Steve I knew my girls would be in safe hands. They sent me a text to let me know they were ok and settled in fine, thank you for care and love you showed them. I would highly recommend them so thank you from Doris & Marley xx

5 From Jaime on

Thanks for looking after our rabbits! I'm sure Cleo and Pete enjoyed the huge hutch and run and your loving care!

5 From Marco on

Our bunnies Smudge and Muffin had a lovely time and were very well looked after. Smudge had recently had an operation so we concerned about going away. However Margaret and Steve looked after him so well and gave us updates to how he was. The facilities were very good and our bunnies were well loved and looked after. Will definitely use Poppy Holiday Hutches again. Many thanks Rosie, Paul and Boys

5 From Rosie Brown on

What a fabulous place! Our pets were so well looked after I'm not sure they wanted to come home. Thank you so much for all the time and attention you gave to Barney & Daryl. I would highly recommend to all my friends.

5 From Michelle Stocker on

Our rabbits Snowy and Brambles had a great time with Margaret and Steve, we are already booked in for next time!

5 From Mark Chapman on

Scooby and Tallulah had a lovely time and came home relaxed and chilled! Tallulah tends to hog the feeding bowl but Steve and Margaret checked that Scooby was getting his share; many thanks for that. I've booked them both in again for Christmas as I know they will be well looked after and very comfortable. The hutch was lovely with a nice big run (Tallulah is a Giant Lop so needs lots of space). Would definitely recommend

5 From Anne on

My rabbit Rosy really enjoyed her time being here. She loves staying here so much that she didn't want to come home. Margaret and Steve were very friendly and nice and they took very good care of Rosy for me :) I can see how Rosy was doing was Margaret and Steve kept me posted with Rosy's pictures :) Great service

5 From Hang Nguyen on

We have twice used Poppy's Holiday Hutches to look after our Guinea Pigs, Pepper, Fudge and Chocolate. We are very impressed with the care take with all the guests that stay. The love of animals is very obvious. On the first stay we received a text on their second day letting us know the Piggies were doing fine, this helped my daughter (7 years old) feel relaxed over leaving her "babies". The cost of boarding is very reasonable and drop off/collection is very simple. Thanks for looking after our girls.

5 From Olivia O'Connell on

We were really happy to connect with Margaret and Steve. They obviously have a great love for all the happy critters at their boarding home. Everything was nice, clean and all the settings were comfortable for diverse pets. We will be coming back again.

5 From Levi and Sian on

Thank you so much for looking after our guinea pigs so well! Great service all round.

5 From Jayne Hudson on

Thank you once again for looking after our extended family of guinea pigs. As usual we knew they would be happy and well looked after while we were away. We'll be back next holiday. Thank you. Timmy, Tuppence, Daisy, Pebbles & Lucy

5 From Michelle & Mark on

Our rabbits Apple and Fudge have just had their first stay at Poppy's holiday hutches. Margaret and Steve are lovely and made them, and me, feel welcome instantly. The update text half way through the holiday was a lovely touch too! They are already booked in for their next stay, see you then, thank you 🐰🐰

5 From Esther dunn on

Another wonderful stay for our guinea pigs, Gordon and Graham. Absolutely first class!! Steve and Margaret are superb hosts.

5 From Andy Mace on

Our bunny Cloud stayed for a long weekend break with Margaret and Steve and we picked up a happy bunny on our return. We received a text message to say that Cloud had settled in and was eating well. Will definitely be booking Cloud in again soon.

5 From Lisa Clark on

Pigwig & Hogwin had a great holiday thanks to Margaret and Steve. They settled in and were eating before we left. Would definitely recommend and will be returning. Many thanks.

5 From Kendal on

We left our two rabbits Norman and Basil with Margaret and Steve for just over two weeks. Initially we were nervous as our rabbits had never been away from Home so we weren't sure how they would settle in. Our fears were immediately calmed after meeting Margaret and Steve and having a lovely tour of the hutches. We recei ed updates and photos of the bunnies so we knew they were in experienced hands. I don't think Norman and Basil wanted to come home as they had such a good time! They will definitely be visiting again. Thanks so much again!

5 From Robyn Fisher on

This was the first time I'd put my rabbit (dolly) into holiday hutches, and I was worried that she'd be stressed being in an unfamiliar environment. However, I had no need to worry from the way Margaret and Steve greeted dolly and from having viewed the holiday hitches before dropping her off. I also received a text half way through dollys stay to tell me that she had settled in completely fine. When I picked her up I don't think she wanted to come home as she loved her holiday hutch so much. I will feel completely comfortable to leave dolly in the care of Margaret and Steve again.

5 From Amy Tinker on

Absolutely fantastic place our bunny was so happy there. Definitely would be going back and very highly recommended.

5 From Sylwia Jordan on

We love our Guinea Pigs to bits and were so worried about them if we had to go away. Now we have found Poppy's Holiday Hutches we have no anxieties at all! Margaret and Steve are truly wonderful and just love every animal that comes into their care. They really do love each animal as their own, ensuring they have everything they need, super clean hutches, wonderful runs and lots of cuddles and tlc! On arrival our Guinea Pigs were greeted with a lovely hutch, fresh fruit and veg and the food they normally have. They had this care all week and by the end of their stay Steve and Margaret knew exactly what our piggies liked and didn't like to eat!! Steve and Sue are so organised too and have a wonderful system for checking the animals in and out and who is staying! I completely recommend this Holiday Home for your pets! Ralph and Fuzz are back to stay this week, this summer and are already booked in for next year! And I know they will have the best holiday too.

5 From Jenny Wenn on

We had never left our rabbits Marcel and Isabella before and we were nervous about doing so until we met Margaret and Steve who instantly made us feel at ease. We had no worries at all when the time came to drop them off and we were able to enjoy our holiday safe in the knowledge that they were being well cared for. We loved the picture that went on the website and the email we received was lovely. I would not hesitate to recommend Poppy's to anyone, we will definitely be using them again in the future. We can't thank Margaret and Steve enough for looking after our bunnies so well and giving us the peace of mind to fully enjoy our holiday.

5 From Claire and Tom on

This was the first time I had left my two guinea pigs, Joey and Jerry, with Poppy's Holiday Hutches. I was instantly put at ease by how friendly Margaret and Steve were. They are very dedicated to the job and clearly enjoy every minute of it. I had two very happy guinea pigs on collection. I would absolutely use Poppy's Holiday Hutches in the future and will be sure to recommend them to others.

5 From Kerry on

It's very difficult to add something original to the raft of positive reviews this excellent establishment has received already. However---- We were invited over to see the accommodation for our Guinea pigs, Gordon and Graham. Very impressed by the chalet with air conditioning and ClassicFM. When we dropped the "boyz" off last Sunday, Margaret and Steve took great care of them. Midweek, we received a text saying that all was well, and we were able to access a picture on the website. Needless to say this was shown around. Steve and Margaret are totally devoted to their small animals, and in the future we would trust nobody else!! Much love from Ros, Andy, Gordon and Graham xx

5 From Andy and Ros Mace on

Would recommend Margaret and Steve to anyone. First class, professional and personal service. We had to make a few changes to our dates and requirements and this was dealt with brilliantly. Received text updates on our bunnies which certainly put our minds at rest. Would certainly use them again!

5 From Anna Barraclough on

We used Poppy's Holiday Hutches for the first time this month for our two parrots Basil and Ricky. We were very impressed with the care they were given. Their cages were kept very clean and it was obvious they really liked having them staying by the comments they made about them. The birds looked very comfortable and at home when we came to pick them up. They were also let out of their cages every day and Steve and Margaret also took time talking to them, which our parrots really like, especially our talkative Ricky. As we are often away we are so relieved to have found such a good holiday home for our birds. We will definitely use them again and would recommend Poppy's Holiday Hitches to anybody with smaller animals. Steve and Margaret are doing a great job and they really care about the animals they look after!

5 From Helle Feeney on

We highly recommend Poppy's Holiday Hutches! This was the first time we've had to leave our bunny with someone else and we couldn't have asked for nicer people than Margaret and Steve. They genuinely care about each and every animal they look after. They completely put our minds at rest when we were invited to visit to see where our bunny would be staying and answered all our questions. They also took the time to send us a couple of emails over the three weeks we were away in order to update us on how our rabbit was doing, which was was lovely and much appreciated. Our bunny really enjoyed her stay and will be returning again in the future!

5 From Laura on

First time I have left my rabbit and could not have found a better boarding place Margaret and Steve are dedicated to taking care of all their guests and you can see how they are with them they are happy to show you around and introduce you to all the rabbits etc yes very good indeed.

5 From Shirley Parsley on

Thank you Margaret and Steve for your brilliant care of my mice. I am so pleased with all that you have done.

5 From Paul Shreeve on

It was the first time leaving my bunny with anyone and I was quite nervous but Margaret and Steve were lovely and encouraged me to visit before hand and to ask any questions. My little rabbit, Ralph, is only 5 months and I completely trusted them with such a young bun. They have a list of dietary requirements and know each pet by name. They even sent me a text half way through to let me know how he was doing. They spent enough time with him for him to trust them enough to be petted. I'm leaving him with them again for a long stay happy in the knowledge that he's well loved during his stay!

From Jessica Simpson on

Margaret and Steve are both lovely and clearly care for all of the animals boarding with them. Our hamster nugget needed somewhere to stay at short notice, he was well looked after and we received an update which was a nice touch, along with a nice cleaned cage for the journey home. Will definitely use poppy's again.

5 From Rebecca Winter on

Excellent care, will certainly be using again. One of our rabbits is difficult to handle, but felt confident leaving them. Very happy well cared for rabbits on our return. Thank you again.

5 From Hayley Moore on

I could not recommend Poppy's Holiday Hutches more! This was the first time we had left our bunny Ginger, and my son cried when he said goodbye, but Steve and Margret couldn't have been lovelier! Gentle, friendly, and reassuring. They took wonderful care of Ginger for his stay, and he is looking forward to go and visit them for his holidays again soon!

5 From Victoria Hampton on

I would highly recommend Poppy's Holiday Hutches. Our two guinea pigs stayed for the first time over Easter and were extremely well looked after in excellent accommodation. Lovely to receive the update and photo for peace of mind. Will most certainly be using again. Many thanks to Margaret and Steve.

5 From Jeanette on

I have left my two male degus for a period of 20 days. I am very happy with the service. I can tell that my degus were well looked after. I asked in advance if they could run outside their cage for a period of two hours and when I came to leave them at Poppy's Holiday Hutches, the play area was already prepared, it was big and perfect for them. I am also pleased that I could see the photos of them on the website and that I received updates via email. I would definitely recommend Poppy's Holiday Hutches. My degus came back to me very happy and full of energy. When I picked them up, the cage was already cleaned and prepared for the journey back home which was a great touch.

5 From Diana on

A wonderful place; Margaret and Steve are very friendly and love all of the animals in their care. Clean and tidy hutches and hutch area, professional and efficient service, excellent cost too. A relief knowing my five guinea pigs are well looked after in my absence! Would give more than five stars if I could.

5 From Annabel on

Our rabbit Poppy has been a visitor many times to Steve and Margaret's over the years and you couldn't have anyone better to take care of your fur babies, in fact I don't think Poppy wanted to come home with us this morning!! We know she is with people that genuinely care and look after her and it always puts our minds at rest.

5 From Sharon Long on

I would highly recommend Poppy's Holiday Hutches and would use them again in the future for my two rats. They were clearly given lots of love and attention, the update during the stay and picture of them on the website was also a lovely touch. Couldn't ask for anything more!

5 From Kylie on

We took our two ratties here over the Christmas period, and I will definitely be bringing them back next time we go on holiday. They were clearly very well looked after and I was very pleased with the how friendly you both were and I greatly appreciated the updates I received.

5 From Tilly Edwards on

Margaret is really lovely and looked after my two chinchilla boys Bruce & Chuck as if they were her own. It was the first time I'd left them and felt reassured that they were in good hands so I could enjoy my break away this Christmas.

5 From Martin on

I would highly recommend Poppy's Holiday Hutches. Our guineas stayed with Margaret and Steve in October and they did such a great job with them, they're booked in for Christmas and again in January. Both Margaret and Steve are very friendly and kind and it's clear they care deeply for all the animals boarding with them. They kindly let us come and visit before deciding whether to board our pets with them and it was clear straight away that this was the correct decision for us to make. One of our guineas, Ernie, had an operation just before staying at Poppy's and Margaret and Steve were great with the extra level of care he required. They kept us updated on their progress and let us know when they'd been featured in their gallery. Their correspondence is very prompt and very clear. Overall a very friendly and professional service, thank you very much to both of you.

5 From Lynn Cudmore on

I was very pleased when I phoned up Margaret to book in my two guinea pigs, Gordon and Gavin, as she sounded very kind and immediately referred to Gordon and Gavin by name. I was even more pleased when I saw the accommodation and the care and attention regarding food requirements, outdoor play and handling. Gordon and Gavin hada a great time and they are all booked in for Christmas.

From Lindsay Maclean on

We left our two guinea pigs, Bob & Monty with Margaret & Steve for 2 weeks and are very happy with the care they received. They had a lovely big hutch in the summer house and had the very best of fresh food every day. Margaret even sent us a message to let us know how they were settling in. We would definitely use Poppy's again and would recommend them to other pet owners. Thank you, Margaret & Steve.

5 From Margaret Wink on

We left our bunnies, Bella & Honeycomb with Margaret & Steve for a week, and received updates whilst away to let us know that they had settled in well, and had been in a photo shoot. Hutches were clean, with plenty of room for the bunnies. Bunnies are looking forward to another stay!

5 From Rebecca on

My biggest worry as it is most pet owners was where do we leave them when we go away ? I did my research before i could say yes to my son haveing small pets. I came across Poppys holiday hutches so i gave them a ring I felt comfortable as soon as i spoke to the kind lady Margaret. So i bought two guinea pigs for my son & We left our 2 baby guinea pigs at poppys holiday hutches when they were only 14 weeks. I can honestly say What lovely people Margaret & Steve are. Our guinea pigs were well looked after. They enjoyed staying there. Margaret & steve are so good with the animals and really love and care for them well. Not only just looking after them so well but can give you good advise about your new pets if you need to ask them anything. Reasonably priced includeds all the food ect We are So pleased we found poppys holiday hutches. I would recommend them 100% I want to say a Big thank you to margaret & Steve for looking after them so well Look forward to seeing you again soon

5 From Cherry mortimer on

I would highly recommend Poppy's Holiday Hutches to anyone in need of a pet sitter. I put my rat splinter into Margaret and Steve's care whilst my family and I went away on holiday. I was a bit nervous about leaving him as he hadn't been well and was on antibiotics for a skin complaint. Margaret and Steve very kindly carried on the antibiotics treatment for splinter on my behalf. They messaged me whilst I was away saying how splinter was which was a big help!! I will be using their services again in the near future for certain!! Thank you again!!

5 From Tara Cassim on

We are so lucky to have Poppy's Holiday Hutches in Norfolk! This is such a well organisied, well run set up combining good quality,affectionate care for your pet. We have two elderly rabbits that need regular care and Margaret and Steve are the perfect carers for them. Our pets are a bit anxious but Steve's a natural pet handler and within minutes our pets relaxed in their new environment. The hutches are spotless and ideally laid out for each pet. Margaret has fresh veg and best quality feed ready to go daily for each pet. The summer house hutches are temp controlled and spacious. Margaret and Steve kept in touch with us as we had agreed whilst we were away. Thank you!

From Claire on

They took care of my giant french lop, Lily and when we picked her up after our holiday,she was happier than ever. The Hutches were nice and clean. Definetly would recommend Poppy's Holiday Hutches to every small pet owners.

5 From Emese on

This was the 1st time I've used Poppy's holiday hutches for my 3 Guinea Pigs, Cookie, Rocky and Diego. Margarat was so friendly and welcoming I could tell strait away that she loved little animals and would look after them with real care for us. Which she did. There both such nice and easy to book with. I will definitely be using them for my piggies holidays Again !

5 From Gemma Bennett on

Picked up my two rabbits yesterday and they've been looked after impeccably! I'm truly impressed by Margaret and Steve, you can tell that they love what they're doing and the animals love them back! I've already booked them in for our summer holiday next year and I know they'll be well looked after. Thank you Margaret and Steve, you're the best!!

5 From Malin on

I have just collected my two tortoises after leaving them for two weeks. Despite the fact it was a last minute and the first time I had to leave them in someone else's care I was put at ease after one phone call and very happy that all my demands for them were no problem and they seemed to become part of the family


Upon arrival, Margaret and Steve were very friendly and welcoming. We were immediately showed Bella and Gizmo's spacious and impeccably clean hutch that they would be staying in, and we knew that they would be very happy there while we were away. While on holiday we were updated on how our bunnies were doing and even got to see photos of them enjoying their stay, which was so reassuring. We were so impressed with Poppy's Holiday Hutches that before leaving we booked our bun's next stay. Thank you Margaret and Steve for looking after them so well.

5 From Carole on

My grandson's guinea pigs stayed with Margaret & Steve for two weeks. On return we collected them in splendid health and a lively state. While holidaying thousands of miles from home Giles was reassured to tap into Poppy's website to see the pictures of his two pets.

From stephen peart on

Our bunnies were well looked after for 2 weeks by Margaret and Steve. It was also lovely to see their photo enjoying a run around in the garden enclosure on the website. Thank you and we'll definitely see you next year.

5 From Alex Bagnall on

Three weeks of not worrying about our guinea pigs. Margaret was great with them and even emailed us when we were away to reassure my daughter they were ok. Will definitely use again. Thanks so much.

5 From Miss Lisa Palmer on

Thanks so much for looking after our Guinea pigs so well. We really appreciated the reassuring text message and being able to see photos on the website. It's obvious you both love animals and we will definitely be using your services again.

5 From Sally on

We are really pleased with the service given by Margaret and Steve. Chilli the hamster was very well looked after and Margaret and Steve are very welcoming and reassuring, keen to show us all their other guests and how the pets are looked after. They are very flexible with arrangements for dropping off and collection, and Cleo was very pleased to receive an email while we were away letting us know that Chilli had settled in well. We will definitely use Poppy's Holiday Hutches again and highly recommend!

5 From Jo & Cleo on

Thanks so much for looking after Sparkle for us while we were on holiday. Would highly recommend. We have already booked for next year! Many thanks Margaret and Steve from all of us and also from Sparkle, who we are sure had a great time! See you next year😀

5 From Robert Turner on

First class care for our torty, happy to recommend and will most certainly re visit. In fact he is already booked in for a further luxury holiday shortly.

5 From Wendy Betts on

Thank You so much for taking care of MR.Rabbit! I was surprised of the space he had, very spacious. The moment he was released from carrier he looked happy.

5 From Evelina on

Thanks so much Margaret and Steve for taking such good care of our Snoopy Bunny!!! It turns out he had a fantastic holiday too!! Would not hesitate to recommend Poppy's holidays to all small pet owners - v happy. The Miller Family

5 From Emma Miller on

Very happy with the warm welcome. Margaret and Steve are very friendly and knowledgeable. The hutches were very clean and well organised. We were confident that our guinea pigs would be well looked after, which they were. We will be using Poppy's Holiday Hutches again soon.

5 From Michelle on

Margaret & Steve are just the nicest couple, they made us feel very welcome and reassured when we came to view Poppy's Holiday Hutches. We knew then and there that we would definitely be boarding Alfie (our giant bun) in the future! I dropped Alfie off on the Thursday and he settled into his huge hutch immediately, the accommodation was very clean, tidy and welcoming for Alfie. I checked in on him once via email and Margaret and Steve told me not to worry he was having a whale of a time and sent me pictures of him outside having a run on the grass :) He's home now and settled straight back him but he told me he is missing cuddles at Poppy's already! He will be back soon X

5 From Amy on

We recently put our mature rabbits Stavros and Clover into Poppy's for 2 weeks whilst we were away on holiday. From the minute Margaret and Steve welcomed us in, I felt completely reassured, by their absolute warmth, friendliness and genuine love of animals, that the rabbits would be in safe hands. Margaret & Steve quite clearly love the animals and enjoy caring for them, which was evident by the absolute interest that they both demonstrated in both our rabbits and the others being cared for at the time. We would highly recommend Poppy's and will definitely be booking our 2 rabbits in again. Thank you Margaret and Steve!

5 From Jane Brook on

We left our bunny in Steve and Margaret's capable hands for the first time this month. She received excellent care and I was really impressed with the organisation and lots of little touches to make our rabbit's stay a happy one. Thank you both!

5 From Vicky Gaskin on

I put my rabbit, Marge, into boarding with Poppy's holiday hutches for 9 days. Whilst I was on holiday, they very kindly text me to let me know that Marge was doing good! When I came back Marge was very happy and had clearly been very well looked after, especially as she is a special needs rabbit. They very clearly love what they do and I would be more than happy to use them again and recommend them to anyone.

5 From Cein on

Our guinea pigs Anna and Elsa stayed with Margaret and Steve while we were on holiday. The service was brilliant, and my 4 year old daughter was very excited to see them on the 'gallery of guests'. It is obvious how much Margaret and Steve love and care for all the animals they look after, and out gps had a great stay with them. I will definitely use Poppy's again, and cannot recommend them highly enough.

From Madeleine Coupe on

I would like to say a huge thank you to margret and steve for the wonderful care my little bunny wallace recieved while in thier care this weekend. A last minute booking meant there was no room in the summer house so he was welcomed with lots of love into thier home and catered for perfectly with an indoor cage , run and toys. Highly recommended for the love and care put into giving your little fluffies while you are on holiday. THANK YOU x

5 From Liz on

A real home from home for my rabbits Molly and George. Margaret and Steve were really friendly, organised and efficient throughout the whole process of booking, the stay and pick up. It was clear to see how much they love all the animals in their care and could be flexible to their needs. I won't hesitate to book my rabbits in again . Thank you Margaret and Steve 😀

5 From Lucy on

I have 3 rabbits and they spent time at Poppys Holiday hutches several times Margaret and Steve are lovely caring people and I always feel comfortable to leave my bunnies in their safe hands. Highly recommended quality services.

From gabriela on

Our bunnies Maisie and Basil were well looked after at Poppy's holiday hutches and I'm not sure they wanted to come home! We really appreciated the updates received whilst we was away. They are going back next week for a three week stay. We will miss them but I know they will be fine :-)

5 From Abi and Dale on

We have now left our little rats with the Poppy's twice and they have always been looked after to the highest standard. It's obvious that they are deeply cared for and it's so wonderful to be able to go on holiday and not worry about the boys. In fact, most of the time they don't' want to come back home!! Thank you as always and we're booked in again so we'll see you very soon ;)

5 From John and Cristina on

It was the first time we left our guinea pigs, Ginger and Nutmeg, at Poppy's Holiday Hutches, we were probably more nervous than they were! They were looked after wonderfully by Margaret and Steve, and so were we. They sent a lovely text to reassure us they had settled in well, and their photo was put on the gallery. Thanks so much for taking such good care of them, they'll definitely be back for another holiday soon!

5 From Grace Clarke on

We were delighted by the standard of care and love that Margaret and Steve gave our Guinea Pigs Jessie, Patch, Amber and Daisy. We would highly recommend Poppy's Holiday Hutches to anyone who needs small animal boarding. Our Piggy's are looking forward to their next holiday with Margaret and Steve!

5 From Kari an Shane on

We are very happy with the service received from Margaret and Steve at Poppy's holiday hutches. Our rabbits Billy and Daisy and our Guinea pigs spot and stripe were very well looked after. We were reassured that all pets were doing fine and were able continue their routine of playing together. On collection they all were happy and content. We would not hesitate to use this service again.

5 From Caroline and Jon on

Steve and Margaret were brilliant they looked after our 2 rats pocki and ash and our budgie yoko would never leave them with anyone else,they are true animal lovers,thank you

5 From Sue Sandell on

Thankyou so much to Margaret and Steve for looking after my two rabbits. They had everything thing needed. We had a lovely time at the wedding knowing that everything was ok. We will see you again soon.

5 From Loraine Auld on

A lovely place who love our furry friends just as much as we do! Dora and Eric had a great stay and can't wait to return! Thanks Margaret

5 From Zoe and Matt on

This is a fabulous place to trust your much loved Bunnies. Steve & Margaret are absolutely brilliant at providing a safe place with all the creature comforts your pets deserve. Our only fear was that they wouldn't want to come back home :) A great holiday for your rabbits whilst you have yours

From Jezz & Julianne on

Daphne and Gloria had a lovely time during their recent visit. They are looking forward to another holiday soon.

5 From Colin, Jane and Eveleen on

Wilson and Wilma very much enjoyed their stay at Poppy's Holiday Hutches. Steve and Margaret loved the buns as if they were their own. We loved receiving the text message to say the bunnies were doing well and that their photo had been uploaded to the website. When we arrived to pick them up they were both outside enjoying the spring weather. Highly recommended!

5 From Chloe Miller on

Sooty and Sweep have had a lovely holiday at Poppy's , so much so that Sooty was reluctant to leave! I was very impressed with the care they received and have happily rebooked them in for another stay. I also liked the text message I received a couple of days into their stay letting me know they had settled.

5 From Samantha Grainger on

It was Snow's and Gary's first time at Margaret's and Steve's. I was very impressed and grateful at how quickly they were able to take my boys in, despite the short notice (I called in the morning and dropped them off in the afternoon on the same day). It was my first time away from them so I was a little anxious by how all this would pan out but they were very well cared for. I received a text the next day saying that they settled in well and that put my mind at ease. When I went to pick them up they didn't want to leave! Margaret & Steve are lovely hosts and I would like to say a huge thank you. Highly recommended.

5 From George on

Keith and Kevin's (guinea pigs) first visit to Poppy's. We were impressed with Margaret and Steve's organisation, everything was written and communicated in advance. But most of all we were impressed with the genuine care that they lavish on their guests. They truly do have a love for small animals and can recount the story of each and every one of them in their care. We are booked in for later in the year!

5 From Paul Swift on

My little munchkins, Pixie and Cinnamon, have had a wonderful time at Poppy's! The owners listened to all our requests and were very kind.The area where they where staying, the sun house and outside hutch, was clean and well organised. We would come here again!

5 From Pixie and Cinnamon on

It was Snibbly's first time at Margaret and Steve's and she absolutely loved it! She was well looked after and fussed over with lots of cuddles. The text message to say how she was getting on was much appreciated and offered peace of mind. We will definitely book her for her next holidays!

5 From Brigitte on

My rabbit Basil stayed with Margaret and Steve over the xmas period. He had a lovely stay and was a very happy rabbit when I picked him up. You could see all the animals are well cared for and it was a real peace of mind knowing Basil was amongst animal lovers. Great place thank you.

5 From Sally Webster on

My two French Lops stayed at Poppy's for a few days over new year, had email from Poppy's to say they had settled in well. They had quite a menagerie of small animals which they obviously had an affection for. Would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone.

5 From David Hewitt on

Our house rabbit, Misty stayed at Poppys for a long weekend. Made her feel like one of their own rabbits and certainly made us feel totally confident that she was being well looked after and having a holiday herself. We received a text the day after we dropped her off saying that she had settled in and all was well. Certainly lovely to receive. Would certainly recommend others to Poppys and will be booking up for any future holidays we may plan. Many thanks.

5 From Michele on

Would like to say a massive thank you to Poppy's Holiday Hutches for looking after my little hamster, Bilbo. He's an incredibly nervous animal but was very at ease when I picked him up and had clearly felt at home during his stay. Margaret and Steve were lovely, very welcoming and helpful with all of my queries. They also texted me during Bilbo's stay letting me know he had settled in and was getting on fine - was so nice to hear whilst I was away! Can definitely recommend Poppy's to all, especially if you are looking for somewhere that little bit special where you know your pet will be treated with the love and care if deserves :)

5 From Rose on

My three guinea pigs Alfred, Milo and Bailey stayed at Poppy's Holiday Hutches over the Christmas period and they couldn't have been looked after any better. Margaret and Steve are lovely and very friendly and you can tell that they enjoy all the animals company and spend time with each and every one of them during their visits. This was my guinea pigs first visit but definitely not their last! It makes such a difference knowing that your pets are being looked after well whilst you are away. Thank you again - hopefully see you soon. Rebecca.

5 From Rebecca on

This is the second time our gerbils Billy and Nova have stayed at Poppys Holiday Hutches. The first time they stayed for 3 weeks and then for a week on their second visit. When we were away for 3 weeks Margaret sent us a text message to reassure us that all was going well and Billy and Nova were having fun. On their second visit we gave Margaret very little notice but she was more than happy to help. Both Margaret and Steve are lovely, genuine people and they care lots for all small animals. We will always use Poppys Holiday Hutches now we have found such a great place to take our pet gerbils as we know they are in very safe hands. Very Highly recommended!

5 From Zara & Ann on

Our rabbits Twitchy and Tiger-Lilly certainly were in safe hands with Poppy's Holiday Hutches. They were well looked after during their 10 day stay in lovely spacious hutches. The text message update was a really nice touch and gave us peace of mind while we were away. We will use Poppy's Holiday Hutches again and will recommend them to others.

5 From Jo & Chris Satterley on

Our Guinea pig bibble stayed here when we went away such a lovely place and friendly people will definitely go back again !!

5 From Heidi dew on

Our little hamster Wendy stayed in Poppy's Holiday Hutches for 15 days. The place is clean and warm. Margaret is a lovely hostess. She did take care of our hamster. When we were enjoying our holiday, our hamster also had a great holiday. We very much appreciate Margaret's help.

5 From Lan and Zhou on

Poppy's Holiday Hutches are absolutely lovely and took great care of our little ratties...I don't think they really wanted to come back home! I would use Poppy's again in a heartbeat, just a fantastic experience all round for us and the rats. Thank you very much!

5 From John and Cristina on

Great place for looking after small pets and would recommend them to anyone

5 From Gill and Emma on

We've been taking our Guinea pigs to Poppy's holiday hutches since 2012. It is absolutely fantastic and our piggies love it too. Margaret and Steve are great and genuinely love all of the animals in their care. All animals are given personal love and attention and given lots of cuddles. It gives us total piece of mind when we go away to know that our boys are with them and we don't have to worry at all. They always let us know with a text message that the piggies have settles in and add a photo on their website. We highly recommend Poppy's holiday hutches to anyone that wants to leave their small animals in a safe and loving environment while they are on holiday.

5 From Lindsey and Ben on

Great to find somewhere so friendly to board Truffle while I was on holiday. Getting a text while I was away to say she was fine took away the worry of leaving her. Thank you Margaret and Steve.

From Karen on

Thank you so much for taking such good care of my daughter's beloved gerbils. They are happily settled at home now built next time we go away we will definitely be using Poppies Holiday Hitches again. Thank you! Anna and Ellie (and Fred and George! )

5 From Anna Simon on

Would highly recommend Poppy's Holiday Hutches. We used them to look after our rabbit Smudge who when we picked him up was having a great time playing in the pen and tunnels! Will definitely use them again.

From Alison on

My Bunnies had a very nice holiday. The bunnies are well fed and handled and kept in large clean hutches. Would definitely recommend

5 From Holly on

Our two little hamsters came to stay with Margaret and Steve for the first time this year. They were looked after so well and had a lovely stay. I'm sure they would love to come and stay again.

5 From Margaret on

Our guinea pig Nibbles was well looked after and I would highly recommend this service. Thanks again

5 From Charlotte on

I have used Poppy's for several years now and have found them to be the best there is for small pet boarding. Both Margaret and Steve are lovely people and genuinely care for all the pets they board. They have taken our pets in on short notice, managing to find a space for us and always keep to the same routines that your pet has at home. I could not recommend Poppy's enough.

5 From Charlene on

This is the second year we have used poppy's, and it is a fantastic place for our two guinea pigs to stay , it offers great piece of mind whilst we are on holiday, knowing that they are staying with such lovely people that care for small animals so well. we will definitely be using them again next year.

5 From john on

Margaret and Steve have looked after our various guinea-pigs and rabbits for several years now - whenever we go away for holidays and weekends. And they have always provided excellent care and attention. They seem to genuinely care about the pets and have a real love of small animals - so their business is also very much their pleasure. Lovely, kind and genuine people! When we go away, we are always reassured that our pets are in the safest of hands - and know we have nothing to worry about. Highly recommended.

5 From Ian Bullock on

Left our little rabbit Emily. Couldn't of asked for better caring people to look after her. She didn't seem to want to come home which was lovely to see :-) Would highly recommend and we will be definitely using again

5 From Danielle on

I left it far too late to arrange for my girls Misty & Molly (2 bunnies) to be looked after while I went away. Poppy's holiday hutches were recommended to me and I was so lucky that they had room! Margaret is such a wonderful person who clearly enjoys looking after all the animals. I couldn't have been happier!! I will definitely board my girls with Margaret again.

5 From Sarah on

Margaret and Steve have looked after our rabbit Twinkle several times now, they are both very welcoming and extremely kind. Their love of animals really shines through, nothing is too much trouble. I can't recommend them highly enough!!!

5 From Jo Whitbread on

From the moment I spoke to Margaret on the phone I felt reassured that my guinea pigs would be in safe hands. Her love of animals and enthusiasm for what she does was great to hear. I had complete peace of mind that they would be well looked after and cared for whilst we were away. We'll certainly be using Poppy's Holiday Hutches again.

5 From Gail Yerby on

Over the last 3 years our guinea pig PIP has boarded at Poppys holiday hutches many times. We have been so very happy with the kind care that she has received and cannot recommend it highly enough. I genuinely feel that she feels she has had a holiday too!

5 From Katie Davis on

Our two guinea pigs Joe and George have stayed with Steve and Margaret several time over the past few years, and we have always been very happy with the care and attention they have received. The hutches are roomy and well kept, and the summer house air conditioned and cool in summer, and snuggly heated in colder months. I also like the fact that there is a radio left on for the "guests" to keep them company too! My boys always get a welcome bowl of fresh veg goodies when they arrive to help them settle in too.

5 From Deborah Stockings on

We have been so happy with Poppy's Holiday Hutches and have used them many times. Steve and Margaret are so good with all the animals and really love what they do. Our two guinea pigs have just enjoyed a long weekend with them and will be going back for two weeks in August. It's great that we can relax knowing that they will be getting the utmost care and attention.

5 From Helen Tomlinson on

My boys, Walter and Maurice, were back for the second time this year. It was wonderful walking into airconditioned hutches. My piggies settled very quickly, knew where to find their bowls of food and water. They came home the following week happy and healthy. thanks Margaret and Steve

From Helen on

Both Margaret and Steve love animals and so we know our rabbits are always looked after well while we are away on holiday. Highly recommeded!

5 From Rachel and Mark on

Our family rabbit has stayed at Poppy's Holiday Hutches a couple of times now and is booked in again in October, I have to say Margaret and Steve are lovely people and take great care of our rabbit, they really treat him as their own, we even got a picture and upodate sent via text to let us know he had settled in well, which enabled us to relax knowing he was taken great care of. Thankyou to you both. I would highly recommend Poppy's Holiday Hutches!

5 From Tanya Smith on



I have used poppy's for about 3/4 years now and i now have 4 rabbits in totak that are very well looked after each time. Margaret and Steve look after them as their own and it shows how much they love all the animals that go there. I have peace of mind when on holiday and would definitely recommend them and keep using them for my rabbit's holidays!!

5 From michelle on

Our rabbits have been staying at Poppy's Holiday Hutches for some years now. Margaret and Steve look after them really well - hutches are always very clean and rabbits well cared for. Our bunnies enjoy their holidays as much as we do!

5 From The Jacksons on

We have used Margaret and Steve to look after our guinea pigs for many years now. Their loving care and attention enables us to go away and enjoy our own holidays without any concerns. Not only that but they run a truly professional business. Thoroughly recommended to any small pet owners.

5 From "Team Doney" on

I can't recommend Poppy's Holiday Hutches highly enough! Margaret and Steve have been looking after my house rabbit when I go away for the last 4 years and the peace of mind knowing how well looked after he is is priceless. They clearly love their little guests. My bunny can get quite nervous but watching him explore his cage then lie down calmly within seconds of being there is so reassuring. Brilliant facilities and in excellent hands!

5 From Charlotte on

We have used Poppies Holiday Hutches for 5 years now, our two house rabbits get the best treatment and digs that money can buy in the Norwich area, Margret and Steve go all out to ensure every individual detail for each pet is catered for, you can relax and enjoy your time away knowing that your pet/s are in the best company...thanks again

5 From Barry on

I have use poppys holiday homes for the last 5 years Margaret and Steve are excellent they look after the rabbit as if it's there own, I have no worries at all whilst am away on holiday.

5 From Lesley allman on

This was the first time that we had used Poppy's Holiday Hutches for our 2 Rabbits - Fudge and Blaze. They were very well looked after by the owners, Margaret and Steve, who are very kind and gentle people and so obviously love all of their guests! Whilst we were away we received a text from them to let us know that our bunnies were settled and feeding well. It was a nice touch. I would not hesitate to use Poppy's again in the future to board my 2 Rabbits.

5 From J White-Miller on

We have used Poppy's Holiday Hutches for our two rabbits since moving to Norfolk in August 2015. Margaret and Steve are wonderful as they nurture and care for our rabbits as if they were their own. It is clear immediately you visit that animals are their focus in life. They also take time to chat about the other boarders with my animal loving daughter!

From Jean Pursehouse on

This was the first time we have used poppy's holiday hutches for freddie the hamster and bubble and squeak the piggies. Steve and margaret were very friendly, we even got a text to say they had all settled in well. would highly recommend.

From Amanda Daynes on

Margaret & Steve are simply wonderful! They take the best care of my bunny, Crunchy. The accommodation is perfect with a heated summerhouse if your little one needs warmth in the colder months & a lovely secure garden for exercising. No detail is forgotten, I can't imagine a better holiday home for a small pet.

5 From Maria Campbell-Green on

I have used Poppy's Holiday Hutches a few times since moving to Norfolk last December. Margaret and Steve are always friendly, welcoming and go out of their way to be accommodating when I have had to change arrangements. I can relax whilst away knowing our 4 guinea pigs are being well cared for. The boarding house is great - clean and kept warm and snug in the winter! Margaret and Steve obviously love having their guests!

5 From Andrea Cunningham on

Booked my bunnies in for 10 days and it was their first stay. Margaret & Steve text me to say the bunnies had settled in and put their pics on the gallery. Clearly they care about the pets in their care and were pleased to let me visit their bunny accommodation before I booked - which was reassuring. Lovely people, very helpful. Would recommend without hesitation - would definitely use their service again.

5 From Jasmine on

Highly recommended! Latte and Marshmellow were well cared for. The owners were very friendly and accommodating to the individual needs of our rabbits Latte and Marshmellow's physical needs were catered for as well as social interaction.

5 From Melanie Smith on

My two buns loved their time at Poppy's Holiday Hutches, their hutch was spacious, clean with plenty of hays and toys to keep them happy, as well as lots of fuss and company with other furry faces around. Margaret and Steve really have the set up sorted with accommodation available in the summer house or outside depending on your bunnies preference, they also have a wide choice of food and of course fruit and veg to suit the buns needs! Bunny boarding is hard to find in Norwich so will definitely be booking the buns in again for a lovely stay.

5 From Sophie on

Poppy's Holiday Hutches are a very caring small pet boarder. Their understanding and care for pets is quite inspiring, to them pets are a very important part of life and they treat them with care, respect and friendship. As a family we simply could not send our rabbit anywhere else, she loves it and the company of Poppys and the other happy pets.

From Carl Byrne on

Excellent facilities for rabbits, guinea pigs etc. Our rabbit was well looked after and happy. Very good communication too would definitely recommend.

5 From Scott Burkey on

My bunny was staying for three nights at Poppy's Holiday Hutches. He was well looked after. Spent time on grass and had met bunny friend. He came back home happy.

5 From kat on

Left Ziggy, pet hamster, for a week. Absolutely no problems since Poppys obviously take very good care of the pets, clean and caring. They even sent a text to tell us that the hamster had settled in well!!

5 From Robert Green on

Maurice and Walter, 2 boar guinea pigs, spent a week at Poppy's Holiday Hutches. the hutches were large with plenty of room for the two of them and there was a bowl of fresh food waiting for them. The text and photo mid way through their stay was a nice touch as I had been wondering how they were. Both came home happy and healthy. thank you Poppy's Holiday Hutches

From Helen andrews on

We have used Poppy's holidays Hutches for our chinchillas for the last year and we cannot praise them enough. They are very friendly and look after Tom&Abilio with lots of love as if they were their own. It is comforting to know that you are leaving your pets in such good hands.

5 From Ricardo & Armanda on

I have used Poppy's Holiday Hutches twice, and have received excellent service both times. Margaret and Steve take excellent care of my hamster, and when I collect him he is always in excellent condition. I would definitely recommend them to other small pet owners.

5 From Penelope on

My two rabbits Martha and Trevor have been looked after by Margaret and Steve for several years and it is so nice to go on holiday and know the bunnies are so well cared for. I would certainly recommend Poppy's Holiday Hutches.

5 From Philippa Bunting on

I just picked up my hamster Quorn up from a three week stay. Apparently he loved it so much that he didn't want to come out the cage to come home. Margaret and Steve are lovely and clearly dote on all the animals. Really professional and I would recommend to all. I felt confident leaving my animal in there care and would definitely use them again.

5 From Katie Scott on

Excellent service! I have been using Poppy's several times and I am extremely happy. All animals are very well looked after and loved. I strongly recommend using the service if you want your pet looked after properly.

5 From Charlie on

We have been using Poppy's for a couple of years now and Margaret and Steve are only to kind and accommodating when we go away - thanks to them!

5 From Tony Davies on

Our rabbits, Polo and Kia recently stayed at Poppy's. Margaret and Steve really look after your pets, they take the time to get to know their characters and spend time with them. We received a lovely text whilst we were away updating us on their stay. Would not hesitate to recommend Margaret and Steve, lovely people who really care.

5 From Carol & Andy on

My guinea pigs: Peppa and Teddy, thoroughly enjoyed their stay. They had a lovely hutch, a time to run around and (most importantly) LOADS OF CUDDLES!!! Peppa and Teddy are most likely to go back there because of Margaret's and Steve's excellent job!

5 From Libby on

My two bunnies have stayed here on two separate occasions now, each time for a week. There is no doubt that the owners love their guests, my two bunnies were clearly very well cared for and I had no worries about them while I was away. On the first stay I even received a text update to let me know they were doing ok. Dropping them off and picking them up has been very straightforwward and the rates feel very reasonable considering the care they receive. No doubt my two bunnies will be staying again!

5 From Rachael on

I cannot recommend Poppy's highly enough. Margaret and Steve are brilliant hosts and I can always trust them to take the best care of Sookie my guinea pig. They are very attentive and the hutches themselves are very accommodating and there has been a lot of thoughtful planning gone into the whole set up. I only ever take Sookie to Poppy's because I know she will be well looked after.

5 From Debbie on

Home from home for small animals. Reggie loves staying here. Margaret and Steve are friendly and I wouldn't hesitate to use them.

5 From Amy Richardson on

I have used Poppy's Holiday Hutches on many occasions, to board my hamsters and rabbits. The quality of care is excellent. The animals are well looked after and are also given individual attention. It is a very caring service and my rabbit Willow seems to really enjoy her stay at Poppy's. I can relax on holiday, as I know that she is in safe hands.

From Kathryn Hollingworth on

Dylan and Marley are always well looked after at Poppy's. Steve and Margaret give them lots of cuddles and runs in the garden. We love to see all the other pets staying there when we collect them from their holiday home.

5 From Alan & Jackie on

Our two bunnies have a lovely holiday at Poppy's hutches when ever we go away. Margaret and Steve are very attentive to their needs, following any care plan or feeding plan you have and are very accommodating even at short notice. When sadly one of our bunnies passed away just before going to stay with them they did everything they could to ensure us that our existing elderly male bunny would be well looked after and they made sure he had regular human contact by housing him in one of the main outdoor hutches more suitable to his needs. We wouldn't consider anything else for our bunny when we go away. We always pick up a happy content bunny.

5 From Hannah on

We've boarded our chinchillas at Poppies for several years now and they provide a excellent service at a good price. I would certainly recommend them to other small pet owners.

From Helen Brown on

I have been booking my rabbit Poppy into Poppy's Holiday Hutches for several years now. Margaret and Steve are always very caring towards all of the animals, making sure they are happy and in good health and short notice bookings are not a problem. I would definitely recommend Poppy's Holiday Hutches

5 From Mrs Rowlands on

I leave my daughters guinea pigs at Poppy's Holiday Hutches with every confidence that they are cared for and looked after to a high standard. It is clear that the owners adore the animals and they are happy for my child to look at the others they are looking after! Would recommend without question.

From Lisa on

They are lovely people that care about all pets. I have been leaving my guinea pigs with Poppy's Holiday Hutches for the last 5 years or more. They are fed freshly chopped peppers, cucumber, broccoli and carrots amongst other things every morning and dry food later. The pigs are cuddled, kept warm. There is heating and air con provided and even gentle music and toys. If warm enough they go out and play on the grass in a run.

5 From Louise Thomas on

We have used Poppy's for two years now for our 3 guinea pigs Lola,fudge and Peppa have always been very well looked after. The owners go the extra mile in their care of the piggies and have always been professional and flexible. I have no problems in recommending them

From sue on

Very friendly, and provide a great service. We have already booked our Guinea Pig in again this year.

5 From Roger on

Great pet accommodation. Margaret and Steve are welcoming and dedicated to give your pet a homely experience.

5 From Xavier on

Maragret and Steve have been excellent hosts to our many Guinea pigs over the years whilst we have been away on holidays. They look after the pets they care for so well, giving them lots of love and attention. I wouldn't recommend anyone more highly than Poppys to board small animals.

5 From Katherine & Kieren on

Our Messi rabbit spent a week in Poppy's Holiday hutches, the owners are lovely people, they sent us updates and photos during our holiday, they have treat him as we requested. We have already book him in for our next holiday.

5 From C Miranda on

Very lovely people! The interest and affection they have in your peers is absolutely genuine. They always take the time to say hello to each one on arrival and they'll accommodate for just about anyone. Every time my pets have stayed they have come home happy, warm and well taken care of!

5 From Heather on

Margaret and Steve are fantastic. You can feel they really love the animals. It is very comforting and remove any guilt feeling from leaving our little guinea-pigs behind when going away on holiday. Their whole set up is immaculate, the food is fresh. They are extremely professional alway replying to emails very quickly and sending detailed estimate for the boarding. In other words I would warmly recommend Poppy Hutches to any rabbit / guineapig owner.

5 From Caroline Stacey on

I have been using Poppy's for several years for my pair of dwarf lops and my giant house-bunny. They are the only place I know that can accommodate a giant in the area. I can go away knowing that my bunnies are being well cared for, and will be enjoying their own holiday as much as ourselves. I often think the bunnies don't want to come home.

5 From Kerry Turner on

Steve and Margaret could not be more enthusiastic about looking after Bugsy, I go away knowing that he is in safe hands. I would highly recommend Poppy's and I know I will be using them again very soon..

From Julie on

I have used Poppys Holiday hutches for the past 4years whenever I go away. My rabbits are spoiled house rabbits and they are always well looked after when they stay here. Margaret and Steve know a lot about anything small and furry and I trust them 100%. The rabbits get fed an array of veg and get plenty of run around time and always come back happy (Lola never wanted to leave and is better behaved for them than she is me!!) The prices are also very reasonable compared to others in the region. I would definitely recommend them

From Kathryn on

I have used Poppy's Holiday Hutches for a number of years. 5 guinea pigs (over time) have enjoyed their times there - some for weeks at a time. They have been well looked after and probably have a better time there than at home! The cages are large and anything I have requested has always been accommodated.

5 From Rebecca M on

Quite simply the best holiday home for small pets anywhere in the East of England. I suspect that if our rabbits and guinea pigs could speak they'd say that they didn't want to return home with us! Margaret and Steve's passion for the comfort and wellbeing of their guests is unsurpassed.

5 From Richard Parr on

I can't recommend Poppy's Holiday Hutches enough! I have been using them for four years and during that time my guinea pig(s) has been to stay there on numerous occasions. The care the animals receive is second to none. Their hutches are cleaned every day, they are provided with clean water and appropriate food (any special requests always taken care of) and given lots of loving care and attention. Drop off/collection times are at your convenience and everything is organised in a very efficient and friendly way. I would be happy to recommend Poppy's Holiday Hutches to anyone - and have certainly already done so.

5 From Judith Salter on

Our pet Rabbit Gizzy really enjoys her holidays as much as us when she stays with Margaret and Steve at Poppys Hutches,she has stayed with them the last 3 years and gets plenty of exercise and attention, fully confident with their love and care.

5 From Jill Martin on

Poppy's Holiday Hutches is absolutely amazing and the lovely people there have always taken excellent care of my pet hedgehog (which makes me even happier since hedgehogs are not as common as e.g. hamsters and guinea pigs and they are still able to provide that high level of care). It really shows how much they love animals at the Holiday Hutches and how good they are at taking care of them. I always feel safe leaving my pet to their care. My number one choice every time without a doubt, definitely recommend this place!

5 From Nora on

I have used Poppys holiday hutches twice now. Margaret and Steve are both lovely. My rabbits have enjoyed their stays and i wouldn't hesitate to leave them in their care again. Poppy is soo sweet and friendly too!!!

5 From Katie on

I would highly recommend Margaret & Steve at Poppy's holiday hutches, they are very caring, very well organised, and even update me on how my bunnies are doing during there stay ! I have booked them in for August this year already as they do get booked up fast .

5 From Joanne on

I have used Poppy's Holiday Hutches for over 4 years and have been constantly been impressed by the love that Margaret and Steve have for all of their guests and the professionalism with which they run their business. It is reassuring to leave my rabbit Thea, with them when I'm away and I can relax on holiday knowing that she is being well cared for. Highly recommended

5 From Alison on

Having never had small animals before, and being reluctant to leave the responsibility of our three new guinea pigs with our kind cat feeding neighbours, we were delighted to find Poppy's Holiday Hutches very near the city centre. From the start it was obvious that the piggies would be well cared for - all the hutches and runs are beautifully clean and in excellent repair, the admin side of things is efficiently dealt with, prices are fair etc but most of all it is clear from how the animals are greeted that they will be well loved during their stay! Our guinea pigs had many happy holidays at Poppy's.

5 From Kate on

I always use Margaret and Steve at poppys holiday hutches for my rabbits. They get the best care and are so well looked after. All is clean and tidy in the back garden and all the hutches and you have a selection of different ones they can stay in. Would never go anywhere else!

5 From Charlotte Perry on

I can highly recommend Poppy's Holiday Hutches. My buns have been boarding with Steve and Margaret for 7 years. They really care about bunnnies and look after them as their own.

5 From Debbie H on

I have used Poppy's for the past few years and board my rabbits about 3 times each year. Margaret and Steve are always very friendly and professional. They have lots of experience with bunnies and I know mine will be very safe and well looked after during their stay. They are very efficient when dealing with booking enquiries and flexible with drop off/collection times. I would definitely recommend Poppy's for pet boarding.

5 From Denise on

Poppy's Holiday Hutches is a reliable, safe and caring place to leave your rabbits whilst you are on holiday. We have been using them for our two rabbits for the last three years. The indoor and outdoor facilities are fantastic, always clean and full of happy little furry bunnies. Margaret and Steve are caring, attentive and knowledgable. They even provide the food and toys as well as outside exercise time for the rabbbits in the warmer weather. I would highly recommend them as affordable and luxury holiday breaks for your rabbits (so you can get away!)

From Debbie Austin on

"I can't express how much I trust Margaret and Steve with my rabbit "Dave" at Poppy's Holiday Hutches. On visiting for the first time, I knew instantly that Dave would be in very safe hands and very well cared for. Margaret and Steve were very friendly and welcoming and are quick to replying to all emails. They are flexible with pick up and drop off times and the prices are fab! Every time I have dropped Dave of all the other rabbits they have look very happy and well looked after. If you are like me and concerned about leaving your rabbit for the first time I wouldn't be leaving them with Margaret and Steve as you can't go wrong, I highly recommend Poppy's Holiday Hutches. You know that they are happy and cared for and that you will be contacted if anything changes. High five to you both.. Zoe, Rob, Luke and "Dave"

5 From Zoe Dean on

The owners have been marvellous hosts to our rabbits over the years, so much so that they often don't want to come home! Top class accommodation and great care taken of every pet's needs. Nothing is too much trouble - a friendly, affordable home from home.

5 From Mrs Amos on

Our rabbits and Guinea pigs recently Stayed at Poppy's Holiday Hutches, and the service we received was impeccable. There is room for lots of animals to be boarded but that doesn't remove the loving family feel of the business. Would definitely recommend Poppy's Holiday Hutches

5 From John & Sarah on

Our two guinea pigs board at Poppy's Holiday Hutches about three times a year. We've always been extremely happy with the service. Margaret and Steve are clearly very dedicated and do everything to make sure their little guests have a very enjoyable stay. I can thoroughly recommend Poppy's Holiday Hutches and will definitely continue using them in the future.

5 From Brigitte on

The best rabbit hotel ever. The rabbits get such love and attention it makes my holidays knowing they are being spoilt.

5 From Amanda Smith on

We have been sending our much loved bunnies to Poppy's Holiday Hutches for nearly a year and have found them to be reliable, professional and most of all, very loving towards our family pets. We can highly recommend Margaret and Steve to look after your animals whilst you are away.

5 From Andra Williamson on

I would not trust anyone else with my bunnies other than Poppy's Holiday Hutches (Margaret and Steve). On my first visit, I knew my bunny would be safe and well cared for instantly upon meeting Margaret and Steve. They were warm, friendly and welcoming and quick to reply to all emails and questions I had. They are very flexible with pick up and drop off times and the prices are more than worth it! All the bunnies I saw there were in a clean, warm house and all looked content. Margaret and Steve also recently kindly offered their time to bond my rabbits as I was struggling to do so myself. They did this at very short notice and one again, I more than trusted them to look after my two very loved buns. If you are like me and worry about your small animals when you are away then I would highly recommend Poppy's Holiday Hutches. You know that they are happy and cared for and that you will be contacted if anything changes. I don't worry anymore when I leave Elmo and George in the capable hands of Margaret and Steve! They clearly very much care for animals. Thank you M & S!!

5 From Kelly on

Margaret and Steve do an amazing job here. I left my hamster with them for three weeks and she was clearly very content there - she came home looking happy and healthy. Margaret and Steve were so welcoming and reliable and they also kept in contact over the weeks so I knew how my hamster was getting on. Will recommend and will certainly use again!

4 From Jyoti on

My boys Little Harry and Chestnut were well loved and looked after. I can't praise Margaret and Steve for the love and care that they give to the animals in their care. Sadly my boys are no longer with me but I wouldn't hesitate in recommending Poppy's Holiday Hutches

5 From Sue Davies on

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