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The Little Pet People


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About our Small Pet Boarding

We board: RabbitsGuinea PigsBirdsReptilesHamsters, Mice etc.

We are a small, family run business in a semi-rural location, providing exceptional care for indoor and outdoor pets.
We have several rooms to keep some animals in quieter, more private accommodation.
We keep in touch if you would like updates and add posts on our facebook page most days.
Fully Insured
Pet First Aid
Member of RWAF


All accommodation either meets or exceeds RWAF (Rabbit Welfare Association and Fund) and RSPCA guidelines.
Outdoor Accomodation: Our outdoor hutches are housed in a 36ft stable block which keeps all animals protected from the elements. All hutches are a minimum 6ft x 2ft x 2ft allowing not only 3 hops but also to stand upright. They all have a private bed/toilet area (depending what bunny prefers), and come with a stool to hide under/sit on, litter tray, tunnel, water bowl, water bottle and food bowl.
Rabbits and Guinea Pigs will be on dust-free shavings or megazorb, not newspaper.
Our hay is extremely high quality and locally sourced. Straw is not used at all.
The stable block is locked up at night and has CCTV on 24 hours a day.
Indoor Accomodation: Rabbits and Guinea Pigs have large open topped pens (not dog crates), with solid high sides and open gated front. All pens are around 20ft². They come with fleece blankets, plastic stool to hide under/sit on, litter tray, tunnel, water bowl, water bottle and food bowl. Guinea Pigs are on bespoke, handmade high-wicking fleeces with matching tunnels and snuggle sacks.
Guests are welcome to bring any beds, toys, hides etc. that will help them feel more at home.
Tortoises can be indoors or out. An outdoor run with hide is available (hide is brought indoors at night) or an indoor room with UVA ans UVB lights, ceramic tile and hide.
Rats & Chinchillas have a large 4 storey cage with fleeces, hides and tunnels. Plastic shelves to allow disinfecting between guests.
Hamster/gerbils etc. are welcome in their own cage (although we do have hamster cages if necessary).
Reptiles are welcome in their own vivarium.
Budgies are welcome in their own cage.


Some animals prefer not to be handled so several hutches have runs attached. There are also secure, covered runs outdoors on the grass.
Indoor pets will be given a free run inside and/or time in runs on the grass or exercise on our secure patio area.
Boredom breakers are provided regularly in the form of cardboard tubes, paper bags, herbs hanging to encourage stretching etc.

Health & Hygiene:

All hutches are deep cleaned and misted with pet safe disinfectant between guests.
Spot cleaning is provided daily.
Water is changed at least once per day.
Hay is always available. An addition of an assortment of flavoured hay given regulary. A variety of fresh vegetable and herbs are provided daily.
Please provide your pets regular dry food to keep dietary continuity.
I have a wealth of experience in rabbit care and have nursed several through GI Stasis. I have administered many types of medications, including eye drops, oral meds and injections.
All pets must be in good health. If any rabbit or guinea pig are found to be carrying parasites, our quarantine room may be available at an extra daily charge. Any signs of undisclosed illness on arrival may be refused. Veterinary advice and care would also be sought. You would be responsible for any charges incurred. We will always make contact before seeking veterinary advice. We are registered with a local vet just 2 miles away.
We insist ALL rabbits indoor and outdoor are vaccinated against Myxomatosis, RHD and RHD2.
All rabbits must be neutered. This is for several reasons – unneutered rabbits spray their territory (especially if this is a new environment to them), they can be very territorial and their odour can also unsettle other rabbits.

Small Pet Boarding Prices

Outdoor hutches - from £7 per day
Indoor Pens - from £7 per day
Guinea Pigs and Hedgehogs in indoor cage - £5 per day
Rats/Chinchilla - £7 per day
Tortoises: Outdoor £5 per day
Indoor - £6 per day
Hamsters, gerbils etc in own cage - £3.50 per day
Budgies in own cage £5 per day
Quarantine Room - £8-10 per day
The days of arrival and departure are both chargeable due to time taken to deep clean and disinfect between guests.

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Bedlington area.
Directions given at point of booking as we do not have our address public.

Open Hours

Viewing, arrivals and departures by appointment.
We are however quite flexible with times.

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