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About our Small Pet Boarding

We board: RabbitsGuinea PigsHamsters, Mice etc.

Hoppin’ Holiday Hutches (formerly Hope’s Holiday Hutches) is run by Helen Ahern and Claire Johnston. Between us we have 20+ years experience of caring for rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, gerbils and tortoises. We have re-homed at least 20 bunnies over the years and currently own 2 guinea pigs and a bonded pair of bunnies. We have owned and cared for a multitude of rabbit breeds from the tiny Netherland dwarfs up to giant breeds such as continental and British giants and every size in between! We absolutely adore these wonderful animals and give them a caring, attentive and happy home from home experience. You can go away assured that they will be safe, secure and loved.


We have various hutches which meet the RWAF standards and would only house your bunny/ies in the appropriately sized hutch. One Hutch can accommodate a bunny trio. The others are suitable for single bunnies or bonded pairs. Guinea pigs are kept in spacious hutches which are one level with no ladders or ramps as guinea pigs are not natural climbers and this is to ensure their safety whilst in our care. All hutches have sleeping compartments so our guests feel safe and have somewhere to retreat to. We have 2 hutches with a run built underneath if your bunny is more of a nervous disposition and dislikes a lot of time away from their hutch yet allowing them constant access to graze. All hutches are insulated over winter and colder weather and we have hutch and drinking bottle covers and heat pads for them to snuggle on.


We meet the RWAF standard for run sizes and can join runs together to ensure bonded trios have the correct amount of running, jumping & binkying space!
Every day our guests will get a minimum of 6 hours exercise time and this can be divided throughout the day. We welcome the owners input on their pets routine and strive to accommodate this. Each exercise run has plenty of enrichment for the guests and again we welcome the owners input on their pets favourite things to do e.g. tunnels, boxes, willow balls etc.
All runs have a shelter in them for guests to retreat to. Runs can also be covered or partially covered depending on the weather and our guests and their owner's preference.

Health & Hygiene:

The health, happiness, safety and security of our guests is paramount. Our boarding area is a securely fenced off part of my large garden. No guests from different families will ever be put into the same run or hutch together. Each run is firmly tent pegged into the ground and has a lockable lid.
On a daily basis we clean out any soiled bedding and if your bunny uses a litter tray in their hutch we provide these and these are also attended to daily. Each hutch gets a full clean out every 3 days unless the owner specifies otherwise. In between guests we give each hutch a thorough clean with natural products and (if sunny!) leave out in the sun to dry to let the UV light finish the job! All drinking bottles/ food bowls/ litter trays are cleaned and soaked in milton sterilising fluid then rinsed thoroughly.
Our guests are given a daily health check on their eyes, ears, nails, teeth and bottoms. We have a local vet who is experienced with Rabbits and Piggies and we have used them for years.
We require the bunnies we board to be up to date with their vaccinations including myxomatosis and RHD1&2. We will need to see their vaccination record please.
We provide fresh veggies and dust free hay but do ask the owners to bring the bunnies/ piggies regular pellets to avoid upset tummies. We have cared for bunnies with teeth problems who are on a hay and veg diet only and are happy to do this. We are also happy to look after bunnies and guineas on medication. We are able to administer ear drops, recovery liquid diets and are experienced at spotting the common (and not so common) ailments these guys can suffer from and act appropriately. We also have public liability insurance & are DBS checked.
One of the team will always be on site to ensure our guests are happy and healthy. We also have CCTV linked to our phones so we can keep a constant check on our boarding area.

Small Pet Boarding Prices

Each hutch is £6.50 per night for one animal and £1 extra for each additional animal.
Hamsters and other small rodents £2 per night (please bring their accommodation!)
We can also offer indoor boarding of rabbits and guinea pigs but would require their cages and price to be.
discussed with owner.
We ask for a 20% deposit prior to their stay.
We accept cash, PayPal or bank transfer.

Other Services

Services: GroomingClaw Clipping

We are happy to groom and claw clip for no extra charge and can also organise pick up and drop off with a charge for fuel. We are very pro-natural where diet is concerned. We provide fresh veggies (species appropriate) daily and we forage in the summer and dry the forage so in the colder months we still have delicious forage for guests to eat. We also make our own natural treats and toys using the forage & other natural ingredients.

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Great service! It was clear these guys had a great love and knowledge of rabbits and I was very happy to bring my guys here when our usual rabbit sitter was unable to help us out at short notice. It was clear the bunnies were happy and comfortable during their time here - so much so I think they were reluctant to come home :)

5 From Andrew G on

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We are located in Wilton, 3 miles West of Salisbury

We look forward to meeting you and your lovely furries! X

Open Hours

We are open between 9am - 7pm Monday to Sunday. We would welcome you to come and visit us by appointment.
See more pics of our facilities and guests on instagram #hopesholidayhutches

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