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About our Small Pet Boarding

We board: Rabbits

My name is Jennie and I live with my husband and five adorable rescue rabbits in Arlesey. I have been priveledged to own rabbits for fourteen years now and find them to be the most wonderful interesting little people who make a home complete. I originally started boarding rabbits in Watford many years ago and ran a very successful holiday home with many returning guests. We moved up to Arlesey a few years ago but the gardens and house were in need of plenty of TLC so were not in the position to offer holiday homes until now. Our village is now open and we are looking forward to welcoming holiday guests now. I am a member of the RWAF.

Our website bunnyholidayvillage.co.uk has more customer reviews. Please take a look for peace of mind holiday bookings. Our Facebook page bunnyholidayvillage has plenty of photos of happy guests for you to enjoy. Hope to hear from you soon.


Our holiday village comprises of five holiday spaces. Quality is so much more important than quantity. We like to spend as much time with our visiting guests as possible to ensure a happy holiday.

We have four free roam spaces:-

Strawberry Cottage 11 ft x 11 ft,
Bluebell Lodge 11 ft x 10 ft
Carrot Cottage 9 ft x 9 ft
Dandelion Den appox 9 ft x 8 ft but not being square is hard to measure :-)
Broccoli Burrow 11ft x 6ft

We believe in giving our visitors a home from home experience so by keeping our numbers down ,each guest gets the tlc and attention they deserve. All our areas located in weather proofed stables in a secure garden. Stable will be locked at night for your bunnies safety. Internal doors have been fitted with fox proof wire for use in the day. This allows the bunnies to feel the sun on their backs and wind in their hair should they like it while remaining safe and secure. Wall mounted fans have been provided for use in the summer if required. Ample straw/hay will ensure a cosy night sleep throughout the cold months. We do not heat our main stable area but we have decided that as we have had so many lovely indoor bunnies booking in that we are now heating Strawberry Cottage, Dandelion Den and Carrot Cottage so we can invite indoor guests all year round. Heating is optional and there is an additional charge of £2 per night if heating is required. We have added insulation all our areas to keep the temp cooler in summer and warmer in winter for the comfort of our guests.

Security is very important so we have installed cctv cameras in all of our holiday homes and our garden to coincide with all our other security measures we have taken. All guest areas and our own resident rabbits home, Rose Cabin, are covered. There is a photo in our gallery of the day and nighttime view seen from the cameras. When not actually in with our guests cleaning and chatting etc they can be monitored anytime anywhere from our phones. Peace of mind for all. See photos

All our areas are insulated to help against the cold and the heat for our guests comfort but this summer we decided that some days the world is just too hot to be sitting around in a fur coat so we have installed air conditioning units in Carrot Cottage, Dandillion Den and the village (hutch area) for our guests to enjoy. A totally luxurious bunny paradise during the extreme summer days.

Opening times at the bunnyholidayvillage

Pick up, drop offs and viewing our village is welcome as below

2 - 6.00pm

Saturday and Sunday
2 - 5pm

Dropping off and collecting times need to be confirmed at time of booking your bunny/bunnies into our village. This helps with organisation of the day. Thank you

Due to the current Covid 19 situation we have sadly made a few changes. We now do not allow viewing of the village prior to booking in, I have videos of all areas to send out to anyone interested in our holiday homes instead. Dropping off and collecting bunnies is now by the gate. For everyone’s safety we are keeping our garden closed to others but photos of your bunnies in their holiday homes can be sent as little or often as you would like to receive them. It’s our way of keeping everyone as safe as possible.

Contacting via telephone and messaging is welcome at any time but if during the evening may not be responded to until the following day. We will however do our best to respond to your enquire ASAP.
This allows for family time, resident bunnies time and visiting bunnies evening care to be carried out to the highest standard.


Our spaces are large so your bunnies can exercise or just chill out in their holiday home. Whilst it would be nice for visitors to go in runs on the grass, it would not be hygienic in a boarding situation. Grass and soil cannot be effectively cleaned or disinfected therefore would be a bacteria, viruse and parasite risk. As a responsible boarder we feel this is the best approach to keeping your bunnies safe.

Health & Hygiene:

Areas are cleaned out daily and thoroughly disinfected and steam cleaned between guests. Vaccinations including the most recent RHD2 are essential for all guests. Copies of vet record cards showing vaccination information needs to be sent through to confirm your booking via email or WhatsApp. We cannot book a holiday guest in until we have seen this information. Vaccines must have been done at least two weeks prior to arriving. My rabbits are all flea treated but that's my personal choice but I cannot accept any guests who have not been vaccinated. Vet details will be required in case they are needed during the bunnies holiday and any ongoing health issues should be discussed prior to booking in as no one likes any health surprises. Vet charges will be the owners responsibility. Visitors should be neutered or spayed.
We only board same sex bunnies if they are siblings. Same sex unrelated bunnies, in our opinion, do not do very well in a boarding situation especially at a young age due to all the additional smells of the other bunnies. This can potentially upset the bond.

Small Pet Boarding Prices

All our areas are £7 per night for a single guest £10 per night for a bonded pair or a trio would be £12 per night

Our heated areas, Dandelion Den and Carrot Cottage during the winter months will be charged at an extra £2 per night if heating is needed to cover the costs. The heating is optional and has been safely installed to keep our guests warm but they are unable to get too close or anywhere near the cable ( see photo gallery).

We do not require a deposit beforehand but should your requirements change after you have booked into the village, please let us know. We do not charge extra for bank holidays.

We do not take any guests in or out after 6.00pm at night. This allows family time and also allows our guests to settle in and explore their holiday home before light are switched off 😊

There is a minimum charge for three night.

Other Services

Our special bunny van can collect your bunnies if they wish to start their holiday adventure early at a cost of £1 per mile one way within a ten mile radius.

Due to Covid the bunny van is temporarily not in use.

Please see bunnyholidayvillage.co.uk for more customer reviews.

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Reviews from Our Guests

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Fantastic place, buns are well cared for and have lots of space to have fun and relax, we were kept updated with photos of how they had settled in and how they were doing. Jennie does a wonderful job and treats the bunnies like they were her own and is vey knowledgeable and understands that bunnies all have their own little quirks and personalities, we felt really reassured that Caramel and Freddy were being well cared for and we have already booked them in for their holiday with Jennie next year.

5 From Laura on

I don't think I will be leaving my rabbit jack with anyone else BUT at bunny holiday village, Jennie is lovely, obviously cares so much about the rabbits that are left with her. Daily updates and pictures. Jack came home so happy and settled back home with in 5 minutes, so he obviously had a very relaxed. Chilled time .I Will definitely recommend Bunny Holiday Village . Thank you Jennie so much for take such great care of Jack.x

5 From Gail Wood on

Jennie looked after our 3 rabbits whilst we went away for the weekend and she was absolutely great. She adored our 3 and sent us photos every day which made us feel really comfortable that they were happy and safe. They probably didn't want to come home and I wouldn't blame them! We'll definitely be booking them in again next time we go away

5 From Alex Cox on

Luna (our 3-year-old female indoor/house rabbit) has spent 3 weeks at Jennie's Bunny Holiday Village. Bunny Holiday Village is more than a holiday village; it is a home away from home. Jennie's attention to detail is amazing. Nothing is left to chance. The care that Jennie has given to her (and me) is outstanding. If you are looking to book in, I give my unqualified recommendation to Jennie and her Bunny Holiday Village.

5 From Charles on

My two rabbits have just spent 10 weeks with Bunny Mummy Jennie at her superb Bunny Holiday Village. What a wonderful place for rabbits this is- truly a bunny retreat!! Jennie has looked after my girls like they were her own and they have loved the routine that she works by. They know exactly what to expect and at what time! I am very attached to my rabbits and Jennie knew this and was always so thoughtful in making sure I had regular updates on how the girls were and what they had been up to. 10 weeks would have been far too long to be away from them but Jennie made it so I had nothing to worry about. I am so very lucky to have found Jennie and her beautiful accommodations. What a kind, caring, knowledgeable lady who deserves every happiness and luck Thank you so much Jennie- not sure who misses you more…the rabbits or myself! X

5 From Natasha on

Left our bunnies with the lovely Jennie whilst we went away for a week. We were very anxious as we had never left our bunnies but Jennie put us at ease with videos and photos of the accommodation and asked all the questions to make sure our bunnies were as loved at the Holiday Village as they are at home. With regular photo and text updates it was so nice to know that whilst we were enjoying our holiday, they were enjoying theirs! Thanks Jennie, we'll be seeing you again!!!!

5 From Alex Letch on

Boarders Response:Thanks Alex, your bunnies are lovely and I hope to see them again soon. thank you :-)

Hi I have used this excellent bunny boarding twice now , Jennie is fantastic with the rabbits , has a lot of knowledge and cares for them beautifully , sends lots of photos to keep you updated I already have them booked in again . It is just like a hotel for them !

5 From Miriam on

Jennie did a great job of looking after our rabbits! She was really friendly and knowledgable and both our rabbits seemed to have a great time! We really enjoyed having the photos of them as well and felt the spaces they had were excellent Also the price was very reasonable as well and we would recommend to anyone looking to have someone take care of their rabbits

5 From Sam + Nicole on

We got our Bunny home yesterday after a weeks stay at Bunny Holiday Village. From the time of enquiry to collection, the whole experience was brilliant. So friendly, so accommodating, so just filled with love for the bunnies! We got lots of updates, lots of photos and videos, and it was so nice to not worry about the care and attention our rabbit was receiving! Hay heaven for thumper with lots of enrichment items as well as the luxury of heating for our pampered pet! Thank you from me and a massive thank you from Thumper xx

5 From Emma on

We have left our little man Oliver with Jennie on 2 occasions. Last year for a longer period and this year for few days. On both occasions, Oliver was very well looked after. It feels so good to know that we can trust someone, a person who knows exactly how to deal with bunnies, how to take care of them, to love them and also to keep us updated. Jennie is a lovely person and the places where she keeps her guests are amazing. I had the opportunity to see few of the rooms and hutches last year and I can say that those are truly a bunny paradise. Nicely decorated, clean and full of yummy hay, fresh water and plenty of toys to play with. Castles for kings and comfy beds for queens. Everything is safe and Jennie is a very good friend of all the guests. She had morning chats, evening stories and bedtime kisses with our fluff and she shared all those moments with us, thru all the daily messages. We felt really confident that he was being well looked after whilst we were away and that is so important to us. Oliver came back to us in a very good condition. I would strongly recommend Bunny Holiday Village and I am grateful that I had the chance to meet Jennie and that she welcomed our fury baby in her furever paradise. I've seen my boy more than happy during his staying and he looked well settled from the very first moment there. Definitely will be coming to stay there again in a better time. A big, big thank you 🐰🐰

5 From Madalina Mihai on

Bungee our house bunny really enjoyed her first holiday with Jennie at Bunny Holiday Village. She had an excellent time exploring her amazing accommodation, and was very well looked after by Jennie, who is very experienced with bunnies. It was great to get daily updates and photos to see how she was getting on. We will definitely be using Bunny Holiday Village again and can highly recommend it.

5 From Clare Blackledge on

I cannot recommend this place highly enough. Jennie is incredibly knowledgeable and goes the extra mile to ensure a wonderful home from home. My very spoilt house Rabbit called Keith, is a rescue bunny and needs a lot of attention. He adored Jennie and she sent me daily updates and photos. She spent time winning his trust and is my number one choice from now on. The care and attention she gave to him is exemplary; the accommodation is top notch and so well thought out. I cannot sing her praises highly enough; a wonderful lady!

5 From Samantha on

Fantastic bunny boarding service . We left our rabbits in the safe and caring hands of Jennie and it was very clear that they had been very well looked after . My daughter said Jennie was , The rabbit ‘whisperer', as our normally very lively rabbit returned home very calm and content .Their accommodation was immaculate and the daily posts and photos from Jennie Were a lovely touch. I cannot recommend her highly enough . We will definitely be sending Lulu and Maisy back - I'm sure that they will be looking forward to it too ! 🐰🐰A Word of warning , she gets very busy so book well in advance !!

5 From melanie bowler on

Absolutely amazing, we can't thank Jennie enough for the accommodation and care provided for our rabbit Toffee whilst boarding at the bunny holiday Village. We popped over prior to our holiday to meet Jennie and view the accommodation, Jennie was just lovely and I instantly knew Toffee would be in safe hands and taken good care of by her. All the rooms blew us away, they're fantastic, all have lots of space - not just a tiny cage or hutch like most boarding services provide in the area! this was really important to us as our bunny is a free roam indoor bunny and is used to lots of space. The rooms are filled with lots of toys & activities and huge amounts of yummy Timothy Hay. Jennie sent us daily updates and photos of Toffee throughout his stay which was very much appreciated and was so lovely to see how happy and settled he was whilst away from home. Toffee is already looking forward to returning again for his next holiday 🐰

5 From Laura roach on

what a lovely place . My daughter First pet is her bunnies. She was so worried about going on holiday and leaving them. So search for somewhere they could stay we found bunny holiday Village. Looked on the web site and it looked perfect my daughter agree it looked good. So we contacted them and we had great communication from Jennie she sent us loads of information and pictures we loved it. So booked our bunnies in. Jennie gave us plenty of guidance on what to bring and what we had to do on arrival. My daughter was still apprehensive but when we arrived Jennie was lovely talked to me and my daughter and reassured us. Throughout our holiday we had great communication pictures sent to us. Which my daughter loved and asked me every night on holiday do we have a bunnie update. She was so excited and happy to see pictures of her bunnies. Jennie was fantastic great place great communication great price would definitely recommend. Bunnies will be staying they everytime if we can. 5 Stars from us.

5 From Paula on

Treacle, our black Rex spent 8 days with Jennie. She clearly had a wonderful time, the photos I was sent during her stay were lovely. I have used other rabbit boarders but Jennie is the best by a mile. I can't recommend her highly enough but please don't book her when Treacle needs to visit!

5 From Amanda Macrae on

My 2 fur babies Oreo & Cookie stayed at Bunny Holiday Village in ‘carrot cottage' in March 2020. They are normally indoor bunnies and Jennie was able to provide heating for them where they were staying which was fab! She has created an absolutely amazing environment for all of her fluffy guests to stay, with everything they need. They had lots of lovely space to roam around in with equipment to climb on and explore. B.H.V is the only place that I have come across that can provide heaters ( if requested) to keep them warm as I was worried they would be cold as was in March. Jennie even had a camera where they were staying, so she could keep an even closer eye on them she really has thought of everything! It's the 1st time I had left them with her but was instantly put at ease as soon as I met Jennie. She clearly loves what she does and looked after Oreo & Cookie like they were her own. She is extremely knowledgeable about everything rabbit related so I knew they were going to be in safe, loving hands. I had daily updates and photo's about how they were, which was just wonderful to see how happy they looked and didn't worry at all about them the week I was away. I can't recommend Jennie and B.H.V enough! My 2 were SO well looked after and I can't thank her enough for that, they are both booked to go back in October again when we go on holiday. Thank you again Jennie everything 🐰🐰!x

5 From Kellie Allgrove on

Jennie looked after our rabbit Boris while e moved house. I cannot recommend Jennie highly enough. Boris was beautifully cared for, he got plenty of care and attention, and we got regular updates to keep our minds at ease. The setting itself is lovely. Woukd definitely leave our rabbit here again.

5 From Melanie Sinclair on

Mike and Bernie Bunnies stayed at the Bunny Holiday Village for 3 weeks and they would thoroughly recommend it to other bunnies! They had a lovely area to live in with plenty of space to exercise and things to play with. Jennie took the very best of care of them and I could see how much they loved her when I went to pick them up. Jennie also sent me lots of photos of them while I was away so I could see for myself that they were happy. They are looking forward to their next holiday with Jennie already! Thank you Jennie for looking after my two chaps so well! 😊

5 From Marian on

Jennie was wonderfully welcoming and reassuring, it was first time I boarded my bunnies. She invited me to visit the village and talked me through everything. It was lovely to receive regular updates and pictures of how they were doing. On picking up my two bunnies I could see they were happy and settled in (they probably wanted to stay another week).

5 From Susan on

Excellent service, Thumper will have the holiday blues. We were kept informed on his progression, which kept my daughter happy. The area he was provided was lovely, like a real hotel, will definitely use again

5 From Allison on

Couldn't have sent them to a better place Jennie was so knowledgable and helpful the bunnies came back looking as happy and healthy as ever , perfect place for them to be when they can't be at home

5 From Charlotte thomas on

The best boarding for buns. I wouldn't board them with anyone else. Jennie is absolutely amazing and clearly loves all of the buns she boards. She took the best care of my Bilbo and Sheila when I went on holiday and kept me updated with how they were getting on and sent pics which was so nice to see. The accommodation is unlike anything I have ever seen before it is Amazingggg. A real bunny haven and so much space for them to run around. Thanks Jennie for lovingly caring for my buns xxx

5 From Kate on

I'm so pleased we found Jennie and Bunny Holiday Village. Jennie invited me to visit before booking and I knew from then that my bunnies would be in safe hands allowing me to have a relaxing holiday! Photo updates were a lovely way to see that they were happy and settled whilst we were away. I would definitely want my Bunnies to have their holiday here again and would thoroughly recommend, thank you so much Jennie

5 From Laura on

We are so thankful that we found Bunny Holiday Village! 5 stars are not enough, It was the first time for our Roxanne to be away from home and Jennie made it very special for her, she had new toys, fresh veggies lots of treats and of course cuddles and love every day!Amazing environment she really enjoyed it. We had updates and pictures every day while we were away. Jennie thank you for everything.

5 From Myrsini on

If you want to send your 🐰 bunny on holiday this is the most amazing place. 5* accommodation safe and secure with room to chill, run, lay and hide... insulated with heating or fans Jennie makes sure the climate is perfect for her little visitors. Oudles of attention and when she's not around she keeps an eye via her cctv! Fresh veg and hay is always on the menu. This is Bibbles fourth visit and he loves it ðŸ'• and all the little texts and photos she sends are great👍 Go check it out Jennie is awesome 😘

5 From Amanda on

I can't speak highly enough of Jennie and her Bunny Holiday Village. It's such a lovely place, the cottages are very spacious and full of fun and interesting things to keep the bunnies occupied. Jennie is extremely knowledgeable and I felt confident leaving my precious buns in her very capable hands. My children and I especially appreciated the regular undates and photos that she sent us whilst we were away. It was lovely to see how they were getting on. Our rabbits really seemed to enjoy their time there and I will definitely be using her again.

5 From Abi on

Jennie is such a star and natural bunny lover! Our pumpkin had the best holiday and Jennie gave us regular daily updates along with photos and videos of his daily activities and cuteness :) We felt instantly comfortable leaving him with Jennie which is a must do when leaving a loved one for any period of time! 5 star treatment all round & amazing value for money, we would highly recommend Bunny Holiday Village for all your bunny hotel needs :)

5 From Rachel Sobek on

We simply cannot reccomend the Bunny Holiday Village enough. Right from the first contact Jennie has been amazing. Her customer service has been far above and beyond anything I had expected. The facilities are outstanding for the rabbits with plenty of space and objects to keep them entertained. Jennie is extremely flexible with timings and keeps you as updated as you want to be while you are away. (We very much appreciated the pictures of our rabbits having as good a time as we were!) The Holiday Village is superb value for money and it was comforting knowing our rabbits were in such experienced hands while we were away. We will be using the Holiday village again and again in the future, Our rabbits will be looking forward to try out some of the other rooms they have on offer! Thank again for everything!

5 From Nick Meakin on

The Bunny Holiday Village is wonderful. The accommodation for my bunny was spacious and fun. There were lots of toys and structures for him to explore and lots of hay for him to eat. Jennie was lovely and really got to know Butler. I will definitely be using her services again.

5 From J Noble on

Blue, Midnight and Meadow have had a lovely holiday with Jennie at Bunny Holiday Village. The bunnies had lots of space, things to play and explore and lots of love and attention from Jennie. We also received updates and photos while away which my kids and I loved. Will definitely take our bunnies back and would highly recommend as her knowledge of bunnies and love for them is of superb standard. Thank you Jennie 🐇🐇🐇

5 From Carol Keane on

Our 2 bunnies have recently stayed at the bunny Holiday Village and had a great time. Its a lovely place with gorgeous spacious accommodation for them. They were very well looked after and looked so relaxed when I collected them. Jennie is very accommodating and is great with the rabbits. She kept us updated throughout their stay with photos which was lovely. I would definetly recommend them and will take our bunnies back whenever we are away.

5 From Zoe Triner on

The whole experience of leaving your bun when you go on holiday is always stressful and as I have moved away from family I needed to be able to leave my bun with someone I trust who is also local - i am so so glad I found Jenni! Her set up is lovely and she encouraged us to come have a look and chat before Lilys stay. Jenni gave us updates on how Lily was doing while we were away and went above and beyond to spoil Lily (I thought she might not want to come back!). One very happy bunny came back when we returned home!

5 From Rachel on

Fantastic 5 star service. We are very particular where we leave our bunny Mr Frank because he is an indoor bunny and use to alot of space and attention. Jennie provides a lovely spacious and well equipped area in the strawberry cottage. Jennie was also very accommodating herself collecting Mr Frank from our home and spoling him with new toys veggie treats and lots of love and cuddles. We were also very greatful to recieve regular updates throughout our week away. I will not hesitate to use Jennie again, lovely lady with a lovely set up � Thankyou x

5 From Sam on

Dear Jennie- Thank you so much for looking after Carrot and Dandelion while we were away. Having never had bunny boarding before, I wasn’t sure what to expect but I was so impressed by what you have done to create such a lovely environment for them! The accommodation was amazing and I knew the rabbits would have a super time. I felt totally reassured and the little updates we received when away were great. We will be back! Thanks again Helen

5 From Helen on

Jennie looked after my rabbits, Snoopy and Darcy and went above and beyond in her care for them! They had such a wonderful holiday and didn't want to come home! Jennie is passionate about rabbits and looks after them as her own. Thank you Jennie xx

5 From Nicola Lewis on

A safe, caring place to leave your rabbits while you enjoy time away. A very experienced rabbit Mummy.

5 From Ruth ( Agatha’s Annex ) on

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