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About our Small Pet Boarding

We board: RabbitsGuinea PigsHamsters, Mice etc.

Luxurious wood cabin for boarding your small pets. Kept safe and secure with additional heating and lighting for the colder and darker months. Each walk-in suite has its own private run to play in. There is also a large outdoor run so that they get plenty of exercise each day. Fresh hay and vegetables will be provided daily.


• Accommodation is fully enclosed in a well ventilated, lit timber building
• Hutches and accommodation are protected from bad weather
• Litter trays will be provided by us and will be thoroughly cleaned after every visit, however if you wish to bring your own then you may do so. Water bottles, bowls, litter trays, and toys are cleaned on a daily basis
• Hutches and cages are cleaned on a regular basis
• Depending on weather conditions, all animals are exercised daily in the outside run. If this is not possible due to weather conditions there is an option of indoor play/exercise in a enclosed supervised area of the house
• Animals are allocated spacious housing and a private run, which are used exclusively by the individual guests, which means there is no waiting for exercise or playtime
• All runs, hutches/cages are cleaned thoroughly after every visit to prevent the spread of infection
• Our wood cabin is 6 feet high, so we can get in there and have daily interaction and handling
• Motion sensor flood lighting for added security
• All hay, fruit and vegetables are provided by us on a daily basis depending on your pets individual needs
• Any food such as pellets will be given daily as requested by you
• Smaller animals such as hamsters, mice or gerbils will stay in the house in their own cages for a warmer environment


Our guests will have access to their own runs all the way up to lights out at night. They will also get a few hours in the shared run to play with more toys.

Health & Hygiene:

1. All animals boarding with us must be in good health and all medical conditions discussed with us prior to us being able to board your pet. If we feel your pet is showing signs of illness or injury we may refuse to accept him/her. This is for the benefit of your own pet and for that of other boarders.
2. All rabbits must have proof of their vaccinations against Myxomatosis and VHD before any agreement can be signed. You will need to bring their vaccination certificates on the day of their arrival if your rabbits are to stay with us. Please ensure that its been at least 2 weeks since that last injection.
3. For the smallest guests (hamsters, mice, rats and gerbils) you must please bring them in their own cages to prevent stress.
4. Litter trays will be provided by us and will be thoroughly cleaned after every visit, however if you wish to bring your own then you may do so.
5. If your pet becomes ill during his/her stay with us, we will inform you immediately and consult our vet. If your pet then requires medical attention from the vet we will transport him/her there for treatment. We do not charge for this service but any costs for treatment by the vet must be met by you, the owner, either to the vet or to us upon clollection. Your pet will be treated under your name and address.
6. If you have bonded pets staying with us and we need to separate them due to illness, we will charge for the additional accommodation. You will be required to pay any of these extra costs when you collect your pet.
7. In the extremely unlikely event that your pet passes away whilst in our care, we will contact you immediately and follow your wishes.
8. If you decide to board with us you will be asked to fill out a care information/booking form, which needs to be signed, by both yourself and me. This is so the best care can be given to your pets while your pets are staying with us.
9. Pets will not mix with other borders. We will take no responsibility for any pet’s pregnancy. All the animals are housed in separate living accommodation and at no time will they come into contact with any other animals that they are not normally housed with.
10. During very hot weather we will ensure that your pet is kept as cool as possible by ensuring that they have adequate shade/water and cool pads (if necessary). Also for pets kept indoors we will provide fans.
11. We carry out frequent bottom checks and ensure that all rabbits are kept clean however we will not be held liable in the unfortunate event that your rabbit becomes a victim of flystrike. During the summer months (April through to September) we require that all rabbit owners have their rabbits treated with Fly Guard (or similar product) to prevent flystrike.
12. Any dry pet food (muesli/Pellets) will need to be supplied by you as your pet’s digestive system can be easily upset by any change and any food supplied will be given daily as requested by you.
13. if you have pet insurance please put the details on the booking form. We will pass these on to the Vet if required.

Please visit our website for the full Terms & Conditions.

Small Pet Boarding Prices

Please visit our website for the latest prices.

We do special rates for weekly and longer stays. Feel free to drop us a message with what period you have in mind and we'll work out a price for you.

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Reviews from Our Guests

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Fantastic place for bunny boarding. Knowledgeable and friendly owner. Spotlessly clean, spacious accommodation. My rabbit loves it & I love the photo updates!

5 From Tracey on

Twiggy our 10 year old Lion Head Rabbit loves coming to stay at Rabbit Retreat. She loves Anne who is so kind and caring, and I know she gets spoilt with lots of cuddles and is included as part of the family. The accommodation is top class with plenty of space to sleep and play which is all kept immaculately clean. There are also extra grass play areas with toys and tunnels which all adds up to a wonderful holiday for the bunnies too. Twiggy is a regular visitor and every time Anne sends us pictures and messages which is so reassuring to know that everything is fine. Twiggy has already stayed a number of times this year, and being an indoor bunny she enjoys the heated sleeping area on chilly nights!

5 From Coralie on

Sugar and Toffee have been to stay with Anne on several occasions, and I'm sure they are trying to dig their way out of the garden back to her! Anne looks after the girls incredibly well, the accomodation is first class and when they go to stay we get regular updates, with pictures, which is fantastic. We made a last minute booking for a family crisis and Anne couldn't have done enough to make sure we were able to get where we needed to be without worrying about the girls. A 1st class/5 star that lives up to it's name of being 'The Rabbit Retreat'

5 From Heather P on

My two rabbits love boarding at the rabbits retreat, I have boarded my animals there for a few years now and have always found Anne to be highly professional and caring, I know when they are there they are well looked after and spoilt with lots of cuddles, I highly recommend the rabbits retreat and l know my rabbits are in kind and capable hands.

5 From Rachel blake on

Bob always enjoys his stays at The Rabbit Retreat. With spacious housing and plenty of grass to hop about on too Bob has plenty of room to exercise. The regular updates from Anne are always appreciated whilst we're away to give us peace of mind. Bob has stayed a number of times now and we would highly recommend The Rabbit Retreat.

5 From Sarah Cox on

My two rabbits love boarding at the rabbits retreat, I have boarded my animals there for a few years now and have always found Anne to be highly professional and caring, I know when they are there they are well looked after and spoilt with lots of cuddles, I highly recommend the rabbits retreat and l know my rabbits are in kind and capable hands.

5 From Rachel blake on

Our Netherland Dwarf bunny Watson (Watty) absolutely loves his stays at The Rabbit Retreat! Over the last year Watty has been to stay about five times (including recently for our wedding and honeymoon) and we know he is in the best hands. Anne regularly sends updates and pictures whilst we're away which is a really special touch. The accommodation and spacious runs are beautifully kept and we feel like our bunny really becomes part of Anne's family when he goes to stay at The Rabbit Retreat. Would definitely recommend to anyone looking for boarding for their furry friend :-)!

5 From Lucy Sims on

Our 2 guinea pigs have been regular, happy guests at the fabulous Rabbit Retreat for over a year. The care and accommodation they enjoy there is superb!The cabins are immaculately clean, heated in winter, cool pads provided in summer, with first class bedding and plenty of access to fresh grass and a play area well-stocked with tunnels and toys. We always receive a warm welcome and the pigs are clearly spoilt with cuddles and grooming sessions from Anne and her family.Whether the stay has been for 2 nights or 2 weeks, we have received reassuring texts, emails and photos of them enjoying themselves. We can see why they're not in any hurry to leave when we collect them! We would highly recommend The Rabbit Retreat to anyone with small pets.

5 From Louise and family on

Our two hamsters and rabbit stayed at The Rabbit Retreat for nine nights and were looked after incredibly well. They were given treats and cleaned out daily, and were allowed all of to bring all of there favourite items with them. We were given regular updates about how they were getting on in emails, texts and photos. We would fully recommend the Rabbit Retreat to anyone and we will definitely be using them again. Thank you again for all your help and care you gave them. Sam and Danni

5 From Sam and Danni on

Penelope our Continental Giant Rabbit absolutely loved her stay at the rabbit retreat. I was reassured with pictures throughout the week whilst I was away, this put my mind at rest as Penny certainly has her own little ways and I was worried about her settling. When it came to picking her up, the little devil didn't want to get in her carrier to come home, I don't think she wanted to leave : ) I would highly recommend the Rabbit Retreat to everyone. I work at a vets in Andover and whenever any of our clients ask, I always recommend the retreat.

5 From Melissa Oakley on

We had a wedding to go to and suddenly realised everyone who would normally look after Billy Bunny was going to be at the wedding. we arranged only a couple of weeks before hand for our Rabbit to stay for 3 nights. Billy felt at home straight away. I felt really happy leaving him there as it was very clean and lots of space to play - I felt quite happy with Anne being his holiday mum. I would recommend to anyone who needs a holiday home for their Rabbit.

5 From Wendy on

My two giant rabbits settled in well and were well looked after, in fact I think they had more attention then when at home! The updates provided me with piece of mind. Will definately be back again soon.

5 From Sarah Richards on

The boarding at the Rabbit Retreat gave me peace of mind that my herd had the living and exercise space they need to stay happy. As a worrier it was reasurring to receive updates to let me know how they were settling in. Not many people own a herd of guinea pigs and it takes a lot of experience to keep a herd of six females living harmoniously together and I felt that the Rabbit Retreat were accommodating and attentive. I would recommend leaving your small furries here, and we would definitely bring them back again!

5 From Sophie on

My rabbit Roo loved coming to stay, and can't wait to come for longer than a few days! Highly recommend.

5 From Toni fisher on

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We are located in north west Hampshire, bordering Wiltshire and Berkshire within easy reach of Andover, Newbury, Hungerford and Amesbury to name but a few places.
Head north from Andover or south from Newbury on the A343 then follow the signs to Vernham Dean from Hurstbourne Tarrant.

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