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About our Small Pet Boarding

We board: RabbitsGuinea PigsHamsters, Mice etc.


Little Lodgers provides boarding for a number of small animals.

Small animal boarding level is kept to a maximum of 10 customers animals to allow plenty of time for socialisation with each boarder and for health and safety .

I also provide collection and drop off within a 5 mile radius for a small fee.

I have over 10 years practical experience in caring for animals including Dogs, Rabbits, Guinea pigs and Hamsters, combined with being City and Guild Qualified in Advance Animal Management and a qualified behaviour advisor.

My mission is simply to provide animals with a comfortable, safe and stress free environment to enjoy whilst giving animal owners the peace of mind, knowing their companion is in safe hands; allowing people to enjoy a holiday, move home or be away from their animal for whatever the reason may be.


We have a large purpose built summer house in which the small animals are boarded which is locked and secured at night and is fully double glazed and ventilated.

I do not board rabbits and guinea pigs in hutches instead our pens have been custom made to meet the needs of the animals and measure at 6x3x6ft giving rabbits plenty of platforms and room to jump and stretch. In addition they are enriched with toys to give mental stimulation.

In addition toys are rotated so they have different ones daily to avoid boredom.


Rabbits and guinea pigs have access to a run allowing exercise even during the day.

Even our smaller friends such as hamsters will get access to exercise in a ball!

Health & Hygiene:

Hygiene and health are a priority at Little Lodgers. All pens are fully disinfected before arrival and cleaned on a regular basis.

All rabbits must be up to date with vaccinations before boarding.

We are happy to take on animals who maybe on long term medication depending on reason for medication. We will not be able to board any animals who how signs of illness if it may put other boarders at risk.

If vet care is needed during boarding we will try to arrange for your animal to see their own vet. if this is not possible then we will take him/her to our own and customer is liable for costs.

Small Pet Boarding Prices

All prices and details can also be found at and we are happy to accept cash, cheque and bank transfer.

All prices include luxury boarding, branded hay, fresh daily vegetables, toys and exercise.
Prices also include free health check and nail clipping if required.

The only thing we ask is that if your pet normally has dry mix/pellet food that you bring enough for the stay. This is due to the many varieties and the chances of digestive problems if a diet is suddenly changed.

Other Services

Services: GroomingClaw Clipping

All included in the price.

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Reviews from Our Guests

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I used this service for home visits a few days over the bank holiday and couldn't be happier. Came back to a very happy (and surprisingly pleased to see me) cat. Patricia was an excellent and trustworthy sitter and I could not recommend the service more.

5 From Daniel Eastham on

I used Little Lodgers in the summer (2012) for over 3 weeks to look after my baby rabbit and guinea pig because it was highly recommended to me by my in-laws. And I found that the services they offered were really professional and experienced. My pets were picked up the day before I left, which took a lot of stress off me, and they were returned the day after I arrived back, giving me time to relax from the jet lag. On their return both animals seemed happy and Patricia, the carer was able to provide a lot of feedback on how they were at the respite. I was pleased that she had developed a close relationship with them and knew their characters so well. Overall the service provided by Little lodgers exceeded my expectations and I would be happy and comfortable to use them again on my future breaks/holidays.

5 From Mary.J on

As a pet owner whose pets are like my kids, I appreciate the effort, care and attention Little Lodgers have my bunnies when they boarded them. Patricia arranged for a viewing of her accommodation, which I found to be more than adequate, and was very pleased to know my animals would be able to run around safely outside in good weather, and would have plenty of space in the customised animal enclosures inside the purpose built cabin she has for animals. My rabbits were given fresh fruit and veg every day and Patricia took the time to play with each of my rabbits every day to ensure that they did not feel abandoned or neglected. My female rabbit and her 5 babies of 5 weeks old were fully accommodated and very well cared for, as were my two male bunnies. When Patricia first took them in my female bunny was quite thin as she was feeding her babies and had lost a lot of weight through it. When Patricia returned my kids to me, my female rabbit had significantly gained weight and looked much happier and healthy. The care and attention that my animals received and the fact that they looked to have had a very good two weeks while my husband and I were on our honeymoon, has reassured me they received quality care, and I would not leave my rabbits with anyone else in the future. Little Lodgers get a 5 star rating from me and I would highly recommend them to anyone who truly loves their pets. They aren't running a business just for making money. They genuinely care about your pets. The knowledge Patricia has on animal illness and difficulties is extensive and this adds to the feeling that my animals are in good hands while my husband and I are away.

5 From Kaye on

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We are based in Romford, Essex but cover certain surrounding areas, please contact us for more information.

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Mon-Sat 10:30-6
Sun 11:30-4
with visits by appoitment only.

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