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About our Small Pet Boarding

We board: RabbitsGuinea PigsBirdsHamsters, Mice etc.

I am a devoted and loving owner to two house rabbits. I have many years experience in looking after small animals and have always wanted to work with them, that's why I decided to start Cottontail Hotel.

I have also done a course in rabbit care and welfare.


We have a room in the house that will have heating during the colder months and fans in the summer.

We have a total of four 6ft x 2ft hutches which are perfect for a pair of rabbits, we can open it up to two tiers for a trio of rabbits or larger breeds.

We also have two hutches for guinea pigs measuring at 5ft x 2ft, which also can be opened up to two tiers, perfect for groups.

We currently have three hamster cages measuring at 26cm x 50cm x 37cm. (You are more than welcome to bring them in their own cage if you'd prefer).

We currently have 1 rats cage measuring at 131cm x 43cm x 64cm.

Mice and gerbils are to come in their own cages.
Goldfish are to come in their own bowls/tanks.

Birds from budgies to parrots are to come in their own cage.

We advise that you bring your own nuggets/ dry food as changing their diet can cause stomach problems. Please make sure you bring enough for the duration of their stay. We offer fresh greens and good quality hay.


We offer exercise daily for our guests indoors. We will let them out of their cages several times a day in our pens in order for them to get a great deal of exercise.

Health & Hygiene:

All cages are cleaned daily, with fresh bedding and replenished with fresh food and clean water. We disinfect and deep clean our cages in between guests. We have lined our cages with vinyl tiles so they are wipe clean, this way they can be cleaned thoroughly.

Rabbits must be up to date with their vaccinations and you must have a valid vaccination card to prove this. We do not board pets that are not vaccinated.

Small Pet Boarding Prices

Single rabbit - £8.00 per night
Bonded pair of rabbits - £12.00 per night
Trio of rabbits - £15.00 per night
Large breeds - please enquire about prices

Single guinea pig - £6.50 per night
Pair of guinea pigs - £9.50 per night
Group of guinea pigs - £11.50 per night

Hamsters - £4.00 per night
Goldfish (in own tank/ bowl) - £2.00 per night

Gerbils (in own cage)- £4.00 per night

Mice (in own cage) - £4.00 per night

Single rat- £4.00 per night
Pair of rats- £5.50 per night

Single degus- £4.00 per night
Pair of degus- £5.50 per night
Group of degus- £7.00 per night

Small birds - £4.50 per night
Small parrot - £7.00 per night
Large parrot - £10.00 per night

We will charge an extra £4 a night for Christmas Day and Boxing Day. We charge and extra £2 a night for Christmas Eve, New Year's Eve, New Year's Day, Good Friday, Easter Sunday and Easter Monday.
We do not charge extra for Bank Holidays.

A £20 non refundable deposit is needed to secure your dates.

Other Services

We offer nail clipping for an additional £3 per pet.

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Dylan and Zeva stayed for 4 nights. Jess looked after them brilliantly. She even clipped their nails. I was happy that she groomed them daily. The facilities are very clean! Would highly recommend.

5 From Penny King on

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Open Hours

Drop-off times are between 11am & 12pm and collection times are between 5pm & 6pm.

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