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About our Small Pet Boarding

We board: RabbitsGuinea PigsBirdsReptilesHamsters, Mice etc.

I have 20 years of animal care experience including working in pets at home, rescue centres and 11 years as a zoo keeper. My qualifications include an ANC in management of zoo animals and NVQ level 3 in animal care.
I have also kept a number of rabbits, guinea pigs, small rodents and birds myself over the years.
I enjoy handling and spending time with small animals, gaining their confidence and making sure they are happy and healthy.
Whilst they stay with us they will be treated as part of the family and I'm happy to continue with any training or routines that you have for your pets.
I consider enrichment a very important part of keeping animals and your pets will be kept busy with toys, activities and lots of exercise.


I have large hutches available for rabbits and guinea pig's that are kept in a shed for security as well as some indoor cages for pets that are used to being in the house.
I have a large cage suitable for rats and degus, a chinchilla cage, a gerbil tank, a large bird cage for parrots and a vivarium for small reptiles.
Small rodents and birds will need to come in their own cages where possible.


Rabbits, guinea pigs and ferrets will be given daily excercise and access to grass in runs with tunnels, boxes and toys for enrichment, they will have shelter from the rain and sun as needed.
Rats will also be given daily exercise out of their cage in a playpen with lots of toys and enrichment.
Small rodents can be handled daily, given enrichment and exercised in a ball if suitable for them.
Birds and parrots will also be given regular time out if their cage if required with lots of things to keep them busy.

Health & Hygiene:

Whilst staying with me all rabbits will need to be fully vaccinated. During the summer months every effort will be made to avoid flystrike, pets will be checked at least 4 times a day for signs and repellents will be used as required.
All pets are spot cleaned daily and full cleaned as required throughout their stay. In between animals all hutches, cages and accessories will be disinfected with a high grade disenfectant and runs will be moved to fresh grass areas.

Small Pet Boarding Prices

Rabbits and ferrets: £4 per day and £2 each additional rabbit sharing the same hutch.

Guinea pigs: £3 per day and £1.50 each additional g.pig.

Rats/degus/chinchillas: £5 per day/cage

Small rodents £2 per day/cage

Parrots: £4-6 per day

Other Services

I can also offer to collect and return your pets for you, one less thing for you to do before your holidays. Prices start from just £5 depending on your location.

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Reviews from Our Guests

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Our house rabbit and 2 guinea pigs stayed with Sam and her family for 5 nights, they were all extremely well looked after had loads of attention and all their favourite treats, highly recommend, thankyou again for caring for our pets :-)

5 From Rachel on

My 2 rats were very well looked after during their stay with Sam. They were taken out and played with regularly and she even made them a play area. I would highly recommend.

5 From Rosie on

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I am around 15 minutes from Norwich and harleston and 20 minutes from diss.

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