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About our Small Pet Boarding

We board: RabbitsGuinea PigsBirdsReptilesHamsters, Mice etc.

Our home or theirs, home-style, affordable pet care. Just Like Home Pet Boarding places and emphasis on familiarity and consistency, to help reduce your pets stress and anxiety at a new environment, allowing them to continue to thrive during their time away from home.

My name is Helen, and I run Just Like Home Pet Boarding. You can be safe in the knowledge that your pet can stay in a home and family environment whilst you are away.

I currently have my own animals. I have an 10-year-old cocker spaniel, called Midnight. He’s cheeky and enjoys investigating everything. Midnight has NO access to boarding animals at any time. I have three cold water fish (Ocean, Pixie and Taylor), an aquarium weather loach (Ottilie) and three aquarium snails (Flash, Rollins and Benson). Oswald is my winter white hamster, and Harry is a Syrian hamster. I've got seven fancy mice, Ivy Rose, Ida Mae, Luna Belle, Twinkle, Matilda, Evangelina and Jemima. Jemima was used in a Pets At Home Christmas post on their social media profiles in December 2017! Our newest additions are our potting shed Netherland dwarf bunnies, Florence and Lilah.

These are just some of the animals I am able to home-from-home board:
- Hamsters
- Mice
- Rats
- Gerbils
- Degus
- Chinchillas
- Budgies
- Indoor rabbits and guinea pigs
Not listed? Please ask. Please note, I cannot board cats, dogs, outdoor rabbits, outdoor guinea pigs or ferrets. I can, however, provide a home visit service for these animals (please see "Other Services" below).

All pets are kept separately from each other, unless they live and share accommodation with each other at home.


What Do I Need To Provide For My Pet?

We believe that similarity and consistency are key in allowing your pet to continue to thrive during their time away from you. We also understand how stressful a change of environment, routine, enclosure, food or bedding can be for a small animal, who cannot vocalise this to us, and how comforting it can be to know that your choice of care is being valued and upheld whilst you are away. Therefore, we ask that you provide:

Suitable Cage Or Enclosure
A cage that is familiar to your pet can help them feel safe and settled. We encourage you to bring your pets regular cage. We are able to accommodate many different shapes and sizes of enclosures, please let us know the size of your cage, so we can confirm that we can comfortably accommodate your pet. Please ensure your cage or enclosure is escape proof, or let us know of any possible escape routes and how you prevent them.
We do have three cages available to hire by prior arrangement only. One is a plastic and wired cage, with a base size of 80cm x 50cm, suitable for hamsters and mice. The other is a single storey cage, measuring 51cm x 120cm x 58cm, suitable for up to two guinea pigs, two young or dwarf breed rabbits, or one normal sized adult rabbit. The third cage is a two storey cage, measuring 97.5cm x 51.5cm x 99cm, suitable for rabbits and guinea pigs.

Cage Enrichment
If your pet has favourite pieces of enrichment for their cage, please provide these. A wheel, or favourite chews and toys can help your pet settle and provide continuous stimulation during their time with us.

Enough Bedding To Last The Duration Of Your Pets Stay
We will spot clean your pets enclosure everyday, and follow your own cleaning routine whilst your pet is with us.

Your Pets Regular Food and Treats
A change of food can be incredibly stressful for small animals. If you are changing food, it is advised you gradually wean your pet from your old food to your new food, not change their food abruptly. With so many different types of food for pets available on the market, providing your own food ensures that your choice is upheld and given to your pet.
We will provide suitable fresh food for your pet, without any charge.

Any Exercise Equipment Or Toys
We will follow your pets routine as similarly as possible. If your pet goes into an exercise ball, please provide their own ball. If your pet uses a play pen, please provide any toys they may use. You are welcome to bring your own playpen, however, we have a small, metal playpen (suitable for mice, hamsters and gerbils) and a large, mesh playpen, should you wish for your pet to use them. All pets are monitored at all times when out of their enclosure, and are only allowed out, one pet at a time. Rabbits and guinea pigs have the opportunity for indoor free range time, or outdoor free range time. Outdoor time is spent in a 6ftx3ft run, which is on concrete, as concrete can be disinfected between guests.

Any Medication or Vitamin Supplements Your Pet May Be Taking
All pets must be in good health prior to and during boarding with Just Like Home Pet Boarding. If your pet takes regular medication, which is prescribed by your vet, or takes regular vitamin supplements, please provide these, along with dosage amounts and instructions. If your pet is prescribed medication, they must have been taking the medicine for at least 48 hours prior to boarding. The medicine must be in the original packaging with the guests name and name of the vet surgery prescribing the medicine.

Anything Else You Feel Your Pet Requires During Their Stay
You know your pet best, so if there is anything else that you feel they need for their stay, please provide this.

Vaccination Certificate - Rabbits

All rabbits are required to have been vaccinated against myxomatosis and RHD1. This vaccine must have been given within the 12 months prior to boarding, and no less than 14 days before boarding, so the vaccine has time to work. We require a copy of your vaccination certificate. Without this, you will be refused board.

We strongly recommend your rabbit is vaccinated against RHD2. We also recommend worming your rabbit, and giving them a preventative treatment for fleas and flystrike.

Our booking form is detailed so we can get to know your pet and their home routines. We try to keep to your home routine as best as possible. Each guest will have a daily record sheet completed for their stay. All guests on medication will have a medication record completed.

We provide updates on your pet as frequently as you wish. These can be provided by email, text, phone calls or via private messaging on social media.


I will provide exercise for your pet in their usual manner. If they have a playpen with toys, a wheel for their cage or an exercise ball, please provide these. All animals will have the chance of one-to-one out of cage contact, according to their general routine.

Rabbits and guinea pigs are offered free-range play inside and free-range time in an outdoor run. The run is shaded by the trees in summer. Each pet would be exercised on their own/with their cage mates, and NEVER mixed with other pets.

Health & Hygiene:

We use a vet strength, pet safe disinfectant on all boarding cages, and in all areas guests have access to.

All animals will have the opportunity for cleaning, should they be staying long enough. I will follow your own cleaning routine, using the same products as you. Please provide information on your routine and products. I will also remove any wet or soiled bedding from your pet's environment on a daily basis.

Water, in bottles and/or bowls, will be replaced everyday. I will replace all food and remove food that has not been eaten.

I have a local vet, however, I would require the contact details of your usual vet. Please inform your vet if your pet is staying away from home. If your pet is on medication, please advise me of how often they require the medication and how to administer the medication.

All rabbits are required to have been vaccinated with myxomatosis and RHD1 (combination vaccine), AND RHD2 within the 12 months prior to boarding, and no less than 14 days before arrival. We will need a copy of your rabbits vaccination certificate. Rabbits who do not have both of these vaccinations will be refused both boarding and home visits.

We recommend you provide your with a preventative treatment for summer flystrike.

Small Pet Boarding Prices

£3 per day for up to three mice. Additional mice are charged at £1 per mouse, per day (capped at a £5 total for one cage).

Hamsters, Gerbils, Degus, Rats and Budgies:
£3, per animal, per day. For two pets, sharing the same cage, I charge £5 per pair, per day. Please note I will not board Syrian hamsters who share a cage as they are solitary animals.

Indoor Rabbits, Indoor Guinea Pigs and Chinchillas:
£5 per animal, per day. For pairs sharing the same cage, I charge £8 per pair, per day.

For all other animals, please ask.

Cage hire must be booked prior to arrival and is charged as the following:
80x50cm cage - £5.00 per 7 days
51x120x58cm (single storey) - £5.00 per 7 days
97.5x51.5x99cm (two storey) - £10.00 per 7 days - two available

Please contact me for a quote for looking after your pet. I will need to know how many pets, the species, the expected dates of stay and any special requirements. Please also include the average size of their cage/habitat/environment so I can ensure there is enough room to comfortably house your pet.

Other Services

I provide overnight pet boarding for one or more nights.

I take emergency boarding, and I take long term boarders (1 month +).

I provide a home visit service for all animals, including those I am currently unable to board. This includes cats, dogs (including walking), rabbits, ferrets, guinea pigs, fish and chickens, as well as other animals. I am also able to water plants, collect mail etc. Please contact me with your requirements and I can provide a quote.

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Reviews from Our Guests

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Fabulous care for our Syrian hamster, including appropriate treats provided and handling on daily basis

5 From Sara on

Did a fabulous job of taking my two rabbits Bella and Delilah in for one night due to an emergency. Had great care of them and I fully trust you with any pet I give to you! Will never use anybody else now! Also you did a fab job of walking my dog whilst I was out for the day too! 1000% recommend! Totally, honest and reliable and really cares about other people's pets! Cannot wait to use you again.

5 From Stacey on

I can thoroughly recommend Helen and her home boarding service. Our budgies Eric and Ernie have stayed twice now, and were looked after brilliantly. They are booked in again for two stays this year, where I’m sure they will be in safe hands again:)

5 From Jayne Doggett on

My rats, Willow and Nutmeg, were looked after brilliantly by Helen while I was away for ten days recently. Thank you!

5 From Helen Koch on

Thank you so much for looking after Toffee! We would recommend in a flash - and it's lovely to have care in the home and not in a kennel environment! Definitely high quality - constant contact, log of daily activities and Toffee was even clean and ready for us when we came to collect. Thank you again, and hopefully see you again soon!

5 From The Williams (Toffee the hamster) on

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I am located between Huntingdon and Sawtry, but I will take animals from other areas. There are good links to the A1/A1M and A14 just moments away. Cambridge is close and London is 50 minutes by train.

Open Hours

Always open! I can take emergency bookings, as well as long term bookings (1 month +).

Please contact me to arrange a visit or for a quote.

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