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About our Small Pet Boarding

We board: RabbitsGuinea PigsHamsters, Mice etc.

Buntings Small Animal Boarding is run by Belinda who has loved & taken care of small animals all her life. She was also a RSPCA small animal foster mum & still plays an active role in rabbit, guinea pig & small furry welfare & rescue. She is sure that her vast experience of small animal care combined with her gentleness & understanding of your pet's needs will ensure he/she has a happy & stress holiday at Buntings.


Pets can either be cared for in our snug, insulated garden buildings, or cared for in one of our very spacious holiday "cottages" or in double storey outdoor hutches within our tranquil, secure garden - either way the health, happiness & well being of your pet will be continually monitored, they will have constant access to meadow hay & filtered water & enjoy grazing on freshly foraged grass, greens & home grown herbs. They will also be supplied with fresh fruit & veg appropriate for their species. Please visit our website for further info.


Guinea pigs can spend time playing in our spacious runs and bunnies can "binky" in their outside run (on concrete so we can sterilise between guests), all our guests will be supplied with toys & tubes to amuse them during their stay!

Health & Hygiene:

We take hygiene very seriously at Buntings, all accommodation is thoroughly disinfected with Anigene between guests, it is then further spritzed with white vinegar & water to eliminate the scent of the previous guest, thus reducing stress for your pet. When your pet is staying with us it will be treated with the same love & care with which we treat our own pets. This particularly applies to decisions we make regarding vets visits. If your pet is unlucky enough to become unwell during it's stay we will apply the same criteria we apply to our own, we won't rush them off to the vets at the drop of a hat but the welfare & well being of your pet will be foremost in our minds. We know that certain illnesses like GI stasis & chest infections can be fatal if not dealt with immediately but we are also experienced enough to know that sometimes an extra bit of TLC will do the trick. If your pet isn't 100% but the vet feels it is doesn't need to be kept in we will move it (& it's bonded cage mates) into our "snug", a room off our kitchen where it will receive constant monitoring. All rabbits must have been vaccinated against myxi/VHD and RVHD2.

Small Pet Boarding Prices

Please visit our website http://smallanimalboardingworcester.weebly.com for details. We also have a Facebook page where you can read lots of lovely 5* reviews left by our bunny, piggy and small animal owners! https://www.facebook.com/buntingsrabbitandguineapigboardinginworcester/

Other Services

Services: GroomingClaw Clipping

We will happily groom & clip your pet's claws at no extra cost, we may ask you to help us hold your pet if they are very wriggly!

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Reviews from Our Guests

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I have boarded my two rabbits with Belinda and she is fantastic with them. They have a lovely time and are well cared for and are so relaxed and feel so at home. Her boarding is immaculate and she clearly loves all her guests. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this boarding!

5 From Joanne Jenkinson on

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We are centrally located in Barbourne/Northwick, Worcester and welcome rabbits and guinea pigs from anywhere.

Open Hours

We are always here to answer any queries you may have & would be delighted to show you around our bunny & guinea pig hotel so that you can see what we can offer your pet.

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