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About our Small Pet Boarding

*Summer holidays*
no availability: Friday 20th July 2018 - Sunday 30th July

A small boarding facility in a semi rural home with lots of years experience looking after Rabbits and Guinea Pigs as if they were our own, giving lots of hugs and cuddles.

Providing outdoor and indoor luxury holiday accommodation with the highest of standard and cleanliness.
Caring very much about the welfare of animals, having qualified in rabbit health illness and observing changes in behaviour.
A warm welcome is given to all our guests, everything they need is included for their holiday, all food, vegetables, hay, toys and a photo of your pet enjoying their stay will be available for you to see on our Facebook website.

We are fully insured, Rabbit Health behaviour and Welfare qualified, CRB checked and a member of the RWAF.

We have a Veterinary insurance policy in place with Petplan, if your pet became poorly during their stay, Subject to terms and conditions, pre existing conditions not covered.

Please see our website for full details:



Indoor accommodation in "The Old Stables"

Indoor hutches 6ft x 2ft, play equiptment provided with hideaway house, excercise is outdoors in the garden run area.

Large accommodation indoor rabbit cottages in a heated building.
Which have a very generous space, approximately 7ft x 3 half foot floor space.
All the accommodation comply with the RSPCA and RWAF recommendations.
Suitable for those that are used to living indoors.
Lots of space included for excercise for those rainy days and for those colder months too.
Includes hideaway house, cosy bed and a variety of playtime toys.
We have lovely heated pads to snuggle in if required and soft snuggle beds too.

INDIVIDUAL OUTDOOR INSULATED COTTAGES - 7ft x 3 half floor space, so your little friend have their own individual place to stay if they are used to having lots of freedom, with a cosy bed, play equipment and their own room to hop happily.
In summer the cosy cottage has an inner mesh door to allow lovely light and let you bunny see outside even If its a drizzly day.
The outer door will be fully secure and locked at night to keep them safe and sound.

OUTDOOR HUTCHES 6FT X 2FT with thermal weather proof covers. Play equipment included.

A selection of brands available or you are welcome to bring your own. A variety of fresh vegetables & herbs.

Bedding included with dust free shavings and straw/hay or you can bring your own blankets etc.


Outdoors in the garden area is used for excercise, On hot days we use shaded grass areas of the garden for playtime and shades fitted onto the runs or if you prefer there is a rabbit paved patio area in the garden.

Cool pads are provided too if needed.
If you do not wish your pet to be on grass please notify us.

We like to have lots of fun in the pens peeking through tunnels and hiding in our wooden lodges in the garden, all tunnels and toys included, if you like you can bring their favourite teddy along.

Health & Hygiene:

The hutches are thoroughly deep cleaned and disinfected before a new guest arrives.
They are disinfected and cleaned daily, hand sanitizer is used at all times when handling different guests.

At present Guinea Pigs do not require any vaccination.


RABBITS MUST BE VACCINATED from VHD and Myxomatosis before arriving and MUST show the required vaccine certificates on arrival or they will be unable to be boarded.

All pets should be well and in good health before arriving, any pet which shows signs of illness can be refused.

We are not liable for any illness, loss, theft, injury or responsibility for administering medication whilst on our premises or from any health problems arise for indoor rabbits being boarded outdoors. We are not liable for any person injuring themselves whilst on our premises. your pet is left entirely at your own risk.

If you pet should unfortunately become poorly while you are away, we will ensure to seek medical attention quickly from our local Veterinary clinic. We will contact you to let you know your pet has had treatment and keep you up to date with progress.

We do have pet medical insurance in case they should unfortunately become poorly while they are staying with us.
Terms and conditions do apply and you will be responsible for payment of any treatment should the policy not cover pre existing illness or certain health problems that are not covered or authorised.
By signing on arrival you agree to theses terms and conditions.

Health information on some common illnesses

Fly strike which can be easily preventable with a regular treatment spray in the spring/summer, can become very ill suddenly and require urgent treatment.

An anti parasite treatment to help control parasites such as mites, lice, ticks and fleas which they come into contact through hay, straw bedding and flying insects especially in the summer months.

Wormer treatment such as Panacur at least twice a year, as an aid in the prevention and control of E.cuniculi, a small parasite
that is present and remains dormant within rabbits, never causing any problems upon initial infection, usually passed from their mothers at birth.
These parasites rarely migrate to nervous tissue or other organs. On occasions when E.cuniculi do reach nervous tissue, rabbits can experience neurological impairment, characterized by partial or complete paralysis, loss of coordination, seizures, and head tilting, becoming seriously ill suddenly.

GI Stasis, underlying health problems, dental issues, changes of the environment causes the digestive system slows down and prevents them for eating, drinking or producing any pellets, needing to have immediate treatment.

Regular check-ups for their teeth a good diet of hay help to prevent illnesses.

Unfortunately we do not board un-neutered rabbits any longer. Un-neutered rabbits can cause stress among other rabbits, spraying urine and marking their territory.

Small Pet Boarding Prices

Boarding fees are based on the size of the accommodation, with health cover included and is charged per day, not per guest.

The day of arrival and departure has two collection times available, you will need to arrange an appointment for boarding .
The daily rate is charged in full regardless of time you arrive or collect.
If you do not collect on the agreed time or day and you have not notified us there will be a late fee charge of £10.

If you collect your pet on an earlier date than agreed the full boarding cost will still be charged, as the accommodation has been booked for those dates.

£6.00 per day = £42.00 per week

Large outdoor insulated cottage or large indoor cottage
£7.00 per day = £49.00 a week


Please use the contact details provided only either by email, text or phone please do not use facebook for bookings.

If you would like to enquire or to make an appointment and please read the terms and conditions on the website:

Arrival and collections times, you can choose a morning or afternoon, the times are at the top right hand side of the page.

**It would be greatly appreciated if customers could collect or drop off their Pets at least 10 minutes before we close.

We will always try to be flexible and helpful to any customer faced with travelling delays past closing times or other unforeseen circumstances.
Should this occur while your pet is boarding you must contact us immediately so that arrangements can be made to extend their stay till the following day.

Booking requires a £10 non-refundable deposit.

The minimum booking requires at least 2 days stay any booking less will be charged the minimum 2 days boarding, as unfortunately it is not cost effective for any less.

July and August is a minimum booking requiring 7 days stay any less will be charged the minimum 7 days boarding, as it is an extremely busy holiday period.

We will be closed for arrivals and departures on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year's Day.

27th December open till 3pm.

**An additional boarding surcharge of daily rate will apply for stays on Christmas Day and Boxing Day and New Years Day.**

There is a small charge of £5 for visiting a local vet for an appointment or £10 if vet is out of the area.

Other Services

If you pets have any medical conditions, I am happy to give them their regular medication, please contact me to discuss what requirements is needed.

Nail clipping fee of charge

If you require a long stay please contact me for a quotation.

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Reviews from Our Guests

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Hi Lyn thanks for giving Eddie, Queenie, and my two little Guinea pigs Anna and bodger such a wonderful holiday. I always feel relaxed when I am away knowing that you are looking after them in what is like a 5 star hotel

5 From Mary Ricbardson on

We have left our Guinea pigs with Lynn 3 times, they were treated like royalty! She is kind, and caring and of my piggies was sick and she knew just what to do and didn't hesitate to get her help, and all worked well.....she is great at leaving text messages as she understands what it is like to go away and leave your pets behind...and gee facilities are clean, warm and cozy, and even gave a country cottage atmosphere that is nicer then some lodges we rent for ourselves.

5 From Linda Reay on

I would highly recommend County Bunnies Holidays. After finding Country Bunnies impressive website, I was keen to get my Rabbit booked in. My rabbit Rupert spent 7 wonderful days with Lyn and I was very satisfied when I arrived to drop him off for the week. Not only was Rupert looked after at high standards I was reassured the next morning by a text letting me know Rupert had settled in well. On collection I was so happy to see Rupert out in the garden in his run. This gave me a sense that time and effort had been put into Rupert's holiday and not only did Lyn provide me with reassurance that Rupert had, had a fantastic holiday, I was also given a bag of Kale and a photo to take home with me. I have no doubt in my mind Rupert will enjoy another holiday at County Bunnies Holidays, a fantastic small pet boarding in County Durham! Thanks Lyn xxxx

5 From Nadine Walker on

Just had my 2 guinea pigs there for 11 days and what a fantastic place they were looked after brilliant and lyn is a lovely lady, would definitely recommend , Thank you lyn no dout tulla and snowy will be back x

From miss beverley hutchinson on

As a first time user of a service like this, I can highly recommend Country Bunnies Holidays to anyone who wishes for a high standard of care and attention to their pets whilst away. Lyn has made the whole experience a very happy and stress free one for both me and my two rabbits. The facilities she has to offer are superb, in a beautiful location where my Bunnies have thrived! Will definatley be back next year :)

5 From Laura-Jayne McIntyre on

I'm absolutely over the moon with the care that my bunnies have received whilst I have been on holiday, it is very hard to find somebody to look after my bunnies especially since they are used to such a big space to themselves, that's why the bunny cottage looked perfect and when I met Lyn I was even happier, very knowledgeable and lovely. She has even taken and printed out photographs of them having fun - which I will be getting framed. Absolute 5* service if you want your bunnies to have a little holiday themselves with daily care then Country Bunnies Holidays is the perfect little retreat thank you very much from melissa, peanut and pebbles.

5 From Melissa Lamb on

I was very nervous about leaving Hoppy the rabbit behind when I went on holiday but as soon as I spoke to Lyn on the phone and visited the Country Bunny Holiday hotel I knew Hoppy would have a better holiday than me! Lyn has a beautiful home and garden with beautiful, clean and cosy rabbit accommodation. The cards, presents and photos reassured me that Hoppy was having a great time and were lovely personal touches. If you are looking for a place that cares for your rabbit as though they are their own and who can make you feel at ease when leaving your beloved bunny behind then this is the place to go :) Hoppy has already asked to go back again soon!

From Katie on

We needed somewhere to leave our much loved 8 month old house rabbit, after researching the internet and visiting several different places we came accross Country Bunnies Holidays. The very high standards could not fail to impress and on metting Lyn with her reasurring way we knew Simba would be very well looked after. While away Lyn sent us updates and pictures which was reasurring on on returning from holiday we were met by a very happy well looked after rabbit. We would highly recommend Country Bunnies, Simba will definately be back again.

5 From Bernadette on

I would definitely recommend Country Bunnies to anyone. I have a one year old indoor rabbit called Dexter. He absolutely loved his stay there and as our most precious family member we couldn't be happier with the care and love he was given. On his return home he was his normal self straight away showing how well cared for he was. I will be more than happy to leave him there again. Definitely felt he was well looked after and loved by Lyn. Thank you so much. Look forward to going on holiday again with no worries about sending him on his holidays too.

5 From Cheryl Chaplin on

The service provided was excellent, the bunnies were obviously well cared for and came home happy and healthy with pictures of them enjoying their stay and some tasty veg! Would definitely recommend country bunnies holidays and will be booking them in for any future holidays! Thank you

5 From Katie Thompson on

wow just amazing Lillie and roxie loved the holiday!

5 From ellie on

Submit Your Comments

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