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About our Small Pet Boarding

Holiday Hutches is a family run, pet-sitting service providing accommodation in a safe, secure and comfortable environment for all small animals, including chickens, rabbits, guinea pigs and birds

Unfortunately, Holiday Hutches is not able to accommodate ferrets or cockerels.


All pets are housed in safe and comfortable lodgings undercover and may be given outdoor exercise during the day in mild weather.

For chickens, ducks, rabbits and guinea pigs, hutches and runs are provided. For any other pet, we ask the owner to bring their own cages.

For all animals, the animals' own dry food should be brought with them while meadow hay, layers' pellets and fresh fruit and vegetables will be provided.

Rabbits, guinea pigs must have a chew or gnaw block brought with them to maintain their teeth. Other treats and toys are also advised.


Each rabbit and guinea pig has access to an indoor run throughout the day from their hutches.

Chickens will spend the majority of the day in a large, secure run with dust baths and vegetation and roost in a secure, draft-proof chicken house.

Health & Hygiene:

Every animal will be housed separately from other animals (except their own companions) and cages will be spot-cleaned everyday with fresh food and water supplied.

Animals will get a twice daily health check and we will be happy to administer any medication brought with the pet. Long-haired pets may be groomed at owner's discretion at no extra cost.

Small Pet Boarding Prices

There is a minimum spend of £10 for all pets per run.

Chickens and Ducks - £4.00 per night, each additional pet - £2.00 per night

Rabbits - £5.00 per night, each additional rabbit sharing the same run - £2.00 per night

Guinea Pigs - £4.00 per night, each additional guinea pig sharing the same run - £2.00 per night

Parrots (or other large birds) - £4.00 per night

Other Birds, Reptiles and Rats - £3.50 per night per pet

Hamsters - £3.00 per night per pet

For any other pet, please don't hesitate to get in touch to enquire about availability and price.

A small deposit maybe necessary for long stays.

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Reviews from Our Guests

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I have always relied on Holiday Hutches to look after my 2 budgies whenever I go away; they are very reassuring, experienced and caring folk. They take such great care of them, always kept the cage clean and the birds happy. The area they kept the birds is spacious with lots of light, enough to keep my budgies chirping and singing throughout their stay. I will continue to rely on their service.

5 From Tara on

We were very happy that the new owners looked after our chickens excellently. The hutches and surroundings were better than our own - so we weren't sure the chickens wanted to com back home!! Thanks to Aaron and family for taking care of our birds.

5 From Jonathan S on

This place is under new ownership and the new owners are fab! I took in 2 guinea pigs and 2 budgies and they were all well looked after, i was v happy when i collected them. They are obviously real animal lovers, and members of the household have experience working in an animal charity and vet services, which made me feel reassured. I was like a fussing mum leaving them behind, but nothing was too much trouble to reassure me about and they made me feel relaxed to be leaving them there. Definitely will be using as my go to place, would recommend.

5 From Laura on

Thankyou to Eric and family for looking after our pet rabbit Lulu,she was very well looked after we know where to come next time we go away

5 From Cecilia on

Just picked up my guinea pig Jimmy. Have never left him before and won't leave him anywhere else. A lovely place to leave your pet. Very clean a spacious. The owners obviously love animals. Would recommend to anyone. Thank you Eric and Co. for looking after the little guy.

5 From Liz Greaves on

they took my 2 chickens here. while I was on my holidays .reasonably priced ,very spacious and clean .i wouldn't mind staying myself !well cared for. .a lovely guy too that greeted us .i would not use any where else .and struggled to find someone to look after chickens.

5 From miss jackson on

Thanks once again for doing a great job looking after all my animals

5 From Andrea on

My pet rat Frankie had a 4 day stay recently. He's a little elderly, quiet and bit nervous and has never been away from home before. So I was also nervous leaving him! When I picked him up after 4 days he was calm and happy, not at all stressed and had obviously been very well looked after. I would not hesitate to use them again.

5 From Vicky on

My pet ducks stayed for 2 weeks. I couldn't have asked for better care.A lovely family who took care of my girls as it they were their own. I will definitely been using Holiday Hutches again !

5 From Chrissy on

Our two rabbits stay regularly and even though they have some health problems they are well cared for. Would never use anywhere else now.

5 From Kirk Summerwill on

My rabbit stayed with Nicole a couple of times in 2013 .Looking forward to my holidays this year with no worries,wouldn't dream of leaving rue anywhere else.Nicole is very friendly and the hutches and area where they stay are lovely and clean

5 From maureen nurtney on

my rabbit scarlett has stayed ot hioiday hutches , and i cant think of a better place for my rabbit , while iam away ,i would not let her stay anywere eles .

From Lisa ellis on

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Holiday Hutches covers Greater Manchester and Southern Lancashire. Detailed directions will be given on booking.

Open Hours

Booking is required prior to drop off and a pick-up date and approximate time is needed.

Phone or e-mail to arrange a visit to Holiday Hutches.

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