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Web: http://www.lowestoftpetandhomecare.co.uk

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About our Small Pet Boarding

We board: RabbitsGuinea PigsHamsters, Mice etc.

We are avid pet lovers and in 2012 started our own business. We have previously had our own rabbits but now we are starting small pet boarding. Peter is a retired Police Officer and Dawn was a Carer in a residential home.


Rabbit accomodation as featured in the rabbit welfare associations magazine as an example of good practise. There are only 4 rabbit areas. The smallest being about 50 (FIFTY) square feet the largest 70 (SEVENTY). The four inside areas lead via small flaps into outside runs. All the areas are built on new concrete slabs so that they can be disinfected and steam cleaned with ease. The rabbit areas are built with seasoned timber and exterior ply which has been treated with pet friendly materials. All areas have mesh in between the walls. The roof of the exterior runs has mesh over it and a camoflauge net to provide dappled shaded areas on hot days. Inside their are fans to cool your rabbits down in heatwaves and an electric fly zapper. (No fly strike). The windows in the walls all come out leaving mesh so that the breeze can blow through the inside areas when it is hot. We have customers from Essex, Norfolk, Cambridgeshire as well as Suffolk.
Guinea Pigs. We have 2 large two tier rabbit hutches and one six foot single tier hutch. All are in a good state of repair and are in a fully enclosed and secure part of the garden.


Excercise rabbits get areas of at least 50 square feet floor space at least. Each area has a outside bolt hole, logs to jump about on, tubes to play with. We try to find apple, pear or willow branches for them to gnaw on. Inside or outside your rabbit will get as much excercise as it wants.
Guinea pigs get those large hutches mentioned earlier, with plenty of tunnels to play around in. We also have runs for them to run around in.

Health & Hygiene:

ALL RABBITS MUST BE VACCINATED against mixy and vhd. Proof will be required. No proof no stay at our bracken lodge. We pride ourselves in our clean rabbit and guinea pig areas. We use vet disinfectant and steam cleaners after each stay.

Small Pet Boarding Prices

Please phone us. Our prices are competative

Other Services

We also do dog walking and pet sitting. If you have cats we can go in and feed your cats and empty litter trays if you are on holiday. (Also put bins out etc.)

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my first time i have used lowestoft pet and home care services my guinea pigs sooty and sweep was well cared for and even put weight on, very good care rate friendly owners when holiday dates confirmed for 2016 will have no problem booking in sooty and sweep in for there holiday at lowestoft pet and home care services.

5 From susan burchett on

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We are at Oulton Broad Lowestoft. I can see the broad from here. We are close to the A12

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Viewings by appointment, as is dropping off your pet and picking it up

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