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Starlight's Rabbit And Small Animal Boarding

Coltsfoot Path

Tel: 07810341925

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About our Small Pet Boarding

We are an animal boarding facility run from home.
We pride ourselves on our 8 years experience in rabbit care, and two Animal Care Qualifications.

We are only a small boarding facility, as this allows for a more personal service to your pets, and to give them the one to one time they deserve.

Starlight's Rabbit and Animal Boarding is run by Kristine, a young, enthusiastic individual who is passionate about rabbit welfare and doing her best for the animals.

We are insured and are recommended by our vet.


Here at Starlight's, our smallest hutch is 6ft x 2ft. We believe the bigger the better for your pets.

We have space for two separate indoor bookings. These consist of two large 6ft x 4ft pens.
This room is heated during the winter, so your animals will remain nice and snug during the chilly periods!

Each hutch and pen gets a deep litter box with a huge pile full of luscious farm baled hay for your pet to eat to his or her hearts content!

We also provide a range of toys and tunnels to keep your animals happy and bright until the next morning of playtime outside their hutch/pen such as wooden log tunnels, pop up tents, plastic tunnels and jingle balls.

We can also accomodate smaller rodents such as hamsters, rats, mice, gerbils etc, but they must come in their own cage.

For any other animal not mentioned, please get in contact with us to discuss if we are able to accomodate him/her.


Outside Boarders:

For any hutch without a permanently attached run, your rabbit/guinea pig will have access to a run daily in a separate 6ft x 3.5ft x 2.5ft run.

We aim to put your pets out as soon as daylight comes, and have them tucked up in bed as the sun starts to set. This is not weather permitting as we use clear tarpaulins and corrugated roofing sheets on the runs to keep your animals dry and warm, and so they get to make the most of the day. These are cleaned daily.

For any rabbit with a history of sore hocks, we will bed the run throughout with hay, to help cushion the pads on their feet.

These runs are on concrete as to avoid passing anything between boarders. Instead, we can offer big hand picked handfuls of luscious thick green grass in place.

Your rabbit/guinea pig will have their own designated run for the duration of the stay, and runs are thoroughly disinfected between occupants.

Indoor Boarders:

As we are sure is the case, being an indoor pet they will naturally spend a portion of their day with you. Because of this, all indoor pets boarding get to spend some time daily with us, so they still get the human and affection aspect of their daily routines.

Health & Hygiene:

ALL rabbits must be fully vaccinated for mxyi (done every 6 months) and VHD (annually). No rabbit will be taken in without a valid up to date card shown on arrival.

In all our hutches and pens, we have non-slip lino flooring, to help keep the hutch a more cleaner environment. On top of this, we use thick sheet of vetbed for the delicate paws of your rabbit or guinea pig.

We clean every enclosure daily. This involves washing and replacing their vet bed as well as wiping down the lino underneath it with disinfectant

At the end of their stay, we use dilute bleach to deep clean both the lino and litter trays and rest the hutch/pen for 24 hours before the next use, to give it time to air out efficiently and to ensure it is 100% clean.

In the summer, we provide fly nets for the mesh of hutches and ice pods to keep your animals cool.

To repel predators, we have a floodlight that is motion triggered. We also have a Foxwatch ultrasonic deterrant alarm.

In the cold, winter months, outside we use both loose duvets and heavy duty tarpaulins overnight to keep them nice and dry. Snugglesafe heat pads are available to keep your animals as warm and snug as possible. These are also available for indoor boarders where required.

Our own vet offers 24 hour care 15 minutes away in case of any problems with your pet . Please note in event of this happening, you will be liable for any vet fees as a result of this, and will have an invoice from the vets for this.

All animals recieve daily health checks with us, to make sure they are well and healthy.

Medication can be administered on written consent of owner.

Small Pet Boarding Prices

Single Rabbits / Guinea Pigs- £6.00 a night
Two Rabbits / Guinea Pigs (sharing)- £7.00 a night

You can also book out both indoor pens combined to make one large pen (6ft x 8ft) for £10 per night with no extras for any additional bunnies!

For more in a hutch/cage, please contact us for quotes.

For Rats / Hamsters / Gerbils or mice- £4.00 a day per cage

We accept cash, Paypal and bank transfer.

Unfortunately due to last minute cancellations, we are now asking a 50% deposit to be made after we confirm your dates are available and have given you a quote for that time period. We can now ONLY confirm your booking on receipt of this 50% deposit. The remaining 50% is payable on arrival.

Other Services

Services: GroomingClaw Clipping

We have 3 pairs of nail clippers and a variety of brushes for the longerhaired breed. IE Angora, Cashmere Lop, Lionhead.

For more information about us, and our boarding and bonding service, please look at our website:

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We cover Essex and London areas.
Nearest train station is Romford on the tfl line.

Buses nearest to us are: 174, 499

Open Hours

Appointments are required.

We are available all the time on: 07810341925

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