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About our Small Pet Boarding

We board: RabbitsGuinea PigsBirdsReptilesHamsters, Mice etc.

Little Paws Lodge is a friendly, caring & professional family run business that offers home from home accommodation for small animals. (sorry, no dogs or cats accepted) However we do now offer home visits for cats & dogs, as well as small animals.

All pets staying at Little Paws Lodge are cared for as if they were our own, they become part of the family whilst on their holiday. They will be fed, watered, kept safe & warm, cuddled & have play time everyday.

For peace of mind, we are fully insured & we can offer additional insurance for your pets (including birds) whilst they are staying at Little Paws Lodge, so you will not return to a vet's bill in the unlikely event that something should happen (Please note that pre existing conditions are not covered).

Little Paws Lodge is based in Southend-on-Sea, Essex (with excellent transport links & close to both the A13 & the A127). We can provide a collection/delivery service upon request and collection/delivery can be arranged from Chelmsford- please request at the time of booking.

If you prefer your pets to stay at home or if you have a large number of pets which would mean that it would be more pratical for them to stay at home, we can arrange to visit your home every day to feed, water and play with your pets. Prices for this service are available upon request as we tailor this service to meet your exacting needs.


All indoor pets staying at Little Paws Lodge stay in our family home, so all animals stay in a warm, draft free environment where temperature can easily be adjusted.

We ask that you bring your pet's cage with you to enhance their home from home experience. (We do have a parrot cage & two guinea pig/rabbit/hedgehog cages that are available)

Cages are lined with shredded soft paper which is dust free & plenty of fresh hay & readigrass. Cages are cleaned & freshened on a daily basis so your pet will always be dry, clean & comfortable

Little Paws Lodge also accommodates outdoor bunnies & guinea pigs in our lodge. We have 5 purpose built hutches in the lodge. Our outbuilding has just been upgraded & we now offer our guests full climate control so they are in comfortable settings come tropical or arctic British weather!


All animals will be taken out of their cages on a daily basis for exercise, whether it be to run around in one of our purpose built runs, in an exercise ball, or a run around in one of our indoor pens. If your pet is used to free run of the garden, let us know at the time of booking and your pet can have free run of part of our garden. No pets are left outside unsupervised.

On warm, sunny days, birds can be placed outside in their cages.

We do have a selection of harnesses for rabbits & birds so if your pet requires walking, then this can be arranged.

When pets are out of their cages, they have our full undivided attention. Cuddles are also plentiful during exercise time.

Please note on hot days, guests are given the opportunity to stretch their legs in the morning & late afternoon. They are never outside in the full heat of the day.

Health & Hygiene:

The health and welfare of all pets is paramount to us. Each guest will be given a daily health check which doubles up as a cuddle session!

Rabbits must have up to date vaccinations against Myxomatosis and Viral Haemorrhagic Disease (VHD) - at least two weeks prior to arrival. These vaccinations have to be given at least two weeks apart. We require you bring your pet's certificate as proof of vaccination- if you do not provide us with these certificates, we will not be able to board your bunny.

Should your pet require any medication, we are able to administer this, however we request that you notify us of this at the time of booking.

Cages are cleaned & freshened every day. All cages are disinfected with vet grade disinfectant between guests, which is why we charge for arrival/departure days as we need to allow sufficient time for the hutches/cages to fully dry.

Fresh water, vegetables, herbs,, readigrass & treats (sparingly) are given daily. We ask that you bring your pet's own dried food as small animals have delicate tummies.

Small Pet Boarding Prices

ACCOMMODATION PRICES- prices are per day & show 1st pet/2nd pet in same cage/3rd pet in same cage.

Indoor rabbits- £5/£3/£1.50
Outdoor rabbits- £4/£1.50/£1
Large caged indoor animals, eg Guinea Pigs, Chinchillas- £4/£2/£1
Outdoor guinea pigs- £3.50/£1/50p
Medium caged animals, eg Rats, Degus- £3.50/£1.50/£1
Small caged animals, eg Gerbils, Hamsters-£2/75p/50p
Large caged birds, eg African Greys, Parakeets- £5/£2.50/N/A
Medium caged birds, eg Parrotlets, Lovebirds- £3.50/£1.50/£1
Small caged birds, eg Budgies, Canaries, Finches- £2/75p/50p
Exotics, eg Hedgehogs, Tortoises- £4/£2/£1

NB The above list is not exhaustive, if your pet is not listed above, please contact us & we will advise which category they fall into.

Please note, we do not board rabbits sharing a hutch/cage with guinea pigs.

2 of our hutches can be converted into double hutches to accommodate larger guests/families of guests- prices for these are available on request.

During their stay, we will provide your pets on a daily basis with; fresh fruit & vegetables, treats (sparingly),fresh hay (if required), fresh water, tubes, balls & boxes to prevent boredom,exercise, lots of attention & cuddles, health check. All cages will cleaned & freshened up every day to ensure that your pets have a dry clean home at all times.

We request that your pet is brought to us in their cage to enhance their home from home experience. We also request that you bring your pet's normal dry food to avoid upsetting their delicate tummies during their stay.


We have Public Liability Insurance & we are fully insured to transport your pet for collection/delivery & to a Veterinary Practice should the need arise.

We also offer an additional insurance which covers your pet against any unexpected vet bills that may arise should your pet become unwell whilst in our care. This insurance is available at £2 per pet per stay. Please note that this insurance does not cover any pre existing medical conditions that your pet has before their stay with us.


We understand that some people may not be able to bring their pets directly to us, so we offer a Collection & Delivery Service. Your pet will be transported safely & directly between your home & Little Paws Lodge. This service is available for 45p per mile- we are based in Southend, Essex.

Prices from £8 per visit or £6 per visit if 2 visits are required in 1 day.

Other Services

Services: GroomingClaw Clipping


Pampering includes a shampoo & set, check & clip/file claws, clean & polish their ears & make sure they are nice & sparkly for returning home.

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Reviews from Our Guests

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Absolutely brilliant service from start to finsh. 100% recommeded. I felt so great about going away knowing they were in the best care. Thank you so much for everything.

5 From Lynsey Pateman on

Thank you so much for caring and pampering Benjamin. It was lovely to know he was so happy and looked after while we were away. See you next year!

5 From Samantha on

My ladies have stayed with Erica a couple of times and I can say it's a home from home for them. Had bad experiences with boarding before but I have every confidence that the girls (piggies) are in excellent hands. Thank you Erica!

5 From Sue Cox on

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Note: Map only shows approximate location.


Little Paws Lodge is located in Southend-on-Sea, Essex (within easy reach of the A13 & the A127). We can provide a collection/delivery service upon request and collection/delivery can be arranged from Chelmsford.

Full directions and map will be enclosed with your booking form, but if you get lost we're only a phone call away

Open Hours

Our opening times are by appointment only. We try to be as flexible as possible and we kindly ask customers to arrange a time for dropping off and collecting pets.

The lodge offers a fully termperature controlled environment all year round

luxury outdoor runs for piggies & bunnies!

Loyalty scheme now available as a thank you to our returning guests- ask about the Betsy Bonus!

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