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About our Small Pet Boarding

We board: RabbitsGuinea PigsBirdsReptilesHamsters, Mice etc.

Abi's small Animal hotel and pet services is a small family business run from our home.
Our aim here is to provide your small animals being rabbits, guinea pigs, rats, hamsters, chickens, birds etc all the care and comfort they require, giving you complete peace of mind whilst you are away. We can board your pet short-term or long-term, just tell us your requirements and we'll do our very best to help you.
I have had animals, from little to big, all my life so I'm quite experienced in caring for all sorts of animals. At present we own three rabbits, 7 Guinea Pigs, four horses, thirty chickens, three ducks, two geese and loads of fish, I know, quite a few, but we love animals. 
We understand how much your pets mean to you and can promise you they will be treated as if they are one of our own animals during their stay with us.
I also do dog walking, pet feeding and generally looking after your animals at their own home too.
If a animal is not listed please ring, will also go to your home to look after big animals as well as small.
We are fully insured.
Thank you


Most our boarding is outside in our back garden, we provide comfortable hutches which are all lined with lino in the living & sleeping areas for cleanliness.
We have a range of sizes depending on your pets requirements. The smallest are 4ft, which are for our smaller guests (only suitable for guinea pigs), and our biggest hutche is 6ft two stories high, we also have 5ft hutches two stories high, giving your pet/pets plenty of room during their stay.
All small indoor animals like rats, mice, hamster, birds, parrots,guinea pigs, rabbits,etc will stay in our home.
All indoor animals must be brought in there own cages


Our aim is to give each of our little guests being rabbits Guinea pigs a minimum of four hours, maybe be longer to stretch their legs, play and relax in one of our runs (Weather permitting). We normally put them out in the morning then again in the afternoon so it splits there day up which is nicer for them.
Toys and tunnels will be provided.
Indoors rabbits, guinea pigs have the option to go outside but that is up to the owner.

Health & Hygiene:

Unlimited fresh hay will be supplied for your pet and daily fresh vegetables.
We just ask that you provide their usual pellets (dry food) to avoid tummy upsets due to a change in their diet.
Hutches are cleaned as needed during your pets stay. 
Hutches and run areas are disinfected between boardings. Our runs are on concrete were we can clean and disinfect between boardings, but if you wanted the option of runs on grass you have that option too.
Your pet will never be mixed with other animals during their stay with us.
Indoor rabbits, please bring own cage, we only take one family of rabbits at one time, your rabbits have the run of our kitchen when ever we in, as the floor is easy to clean. Disinfect between boardings, you have the option to have you rabbit go outside in one of our run but that is up to you.
We do like all rabbits that stay with us to be vaccinated against myxomatosis and Rabbit (Viral) Haemorrhagic Disease (R(V)HD).
All indoor small animals must bring there own cages and bring there own dry food as not to upset any tummy’s.
We will provide all fresh food and hay, we also will clean animals cages when necessary we provided shavings, straw, hay and newspapers, But if you use any other other bedding then please bring with you. Please be aware that we may have more than just your indoor pet staying with use as we have plenty of room, no pet will be mix with others

Small Pet Boarding Prices

Dog walking
£8 for a 30 min walk for 1 dog
£4 for a extra dog from the same family
£12 for 1 hour walk, £4 for extra dog from same family Dog walking is up to a 3 mile radius, extra £3 up to a 6 mile radius

Rabbit stay £4 a night addictional rabbits in the same hutch £2
Indoor rabbits £4 a night addictional rabbits £2 a night same cage please bring your own cage
Guinea pig £4 a night addictional guinea pig £2 same hutch
Guinea pigs indoors bring your own cage £4 a night additional guinea pig £2 a night same cage
Chicken boarding £4 a night extra £2 each a night

Rats bring your on cage £2 a night extra rat in same cage £1, please bring you own cage
Birds bring own cage £2 extra bird same cage £1, please bring you own cage.
Hamsters, gerbils etc £2 extra in the same cage £1, please bring you own cage.
Reptiles, tortoises please bring vevarium, tortoise table and everything they need, we supply fresh veg and fruit, as these need electric will be £8 a day including arrival and departure day.
Outside tortoise please ring to discuss.

Rabbits, Guinea pig, rat etc home care £10 per visit (you supply everything ) with a 5 mile radius, £15 per visit with a 10 mile radius.
Cat care up to 4 cats (you supply everything) £10 per visit with a 5 mile radius £15 per visit with a 10 mile radius
Chicken, duck, geese care £15 a day with a 3 miles radius £25 a day with a 6 mile radius as will be open and shutting away a night you provide everything.

Other Services

Services: GroomingClaw Clipping

We also do rabbit and guinea pig grooming £7 each pet
Rabbit and guinea pig claw clipping £7 each pet

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Abi is friendly and really makes you welcome, and looked after my rabbits like her own. You can see she really does love her animals. I would definitely recommend her.

5 From Sue on

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