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The Washway Small Animal Boarding and cattery

16 Washway Road

Tel: 01406821934

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About our Small Pet Boarding

We board: RabbitsGuinea Pigs

Im in my early 50's have had many animals throughout my life.My Husband and i Ran a kennels and cattery in France for 8 years.
We Moved back to the UK due to my husbands retirement.
I love animals and still wanted to work with animals so we decided to convert our garage into small animal boarding.I am Currently doing a home study pet care/ vet assistant diploma course.


There is a fully enclosed rabbit room (with house bunnies in mind but of course can accommodate outside bunnies also) consisting of 2 enclosures.
5 .5 ft long x 4 ft wide to ceiling height .There is a secure raised box area measuring 60 cm L x 40 cm W x 23 cm H with secure ladder leading up to it,there is a hay rack on the wall.This box allows a litter box to be placed there or can be a bedding area (which ever the rabbit prefers) Partition walls to 3 sides with 5 ft high wire panels to the front with hard plastic all around the inside lower part of the enclosure to prevent chewing and for easily cleaning.Plus vinyl flooring.Each enclosure has a high wired window to let air flow through (but not a draught) in the winter it will have a framed plastic insert window frame to keep in the warm.A centre corridor between the enclosures will have a heater for the winter months.Customers will be welcome to bring there own indoor bunny beds/litter trays/ toys etc.Also inside the building there are 2 wooden Hutches for guinea pigs or small breed rabbits (2 Hutches were put together to make a larger Hutch ) 6 ft L x 2 ft D x 1.6 ft High.
Outside Rabbit Chalet big enough to accommodate giant breeds (see our website for pics and sizes)
There is also room for owners to bring there own Gerbil/hamsters/rats/mice/degus/chinchilla cages.Or if preferred we can accommodate them in the House.
Hopefully More outside chalets with runs will be available depending on demand.


Outside. The rabbit chalet has a covered outside run to each side and there are separate outside run areas for the house bunnies and the guineas during the day (weather permitting)

Health & Hygiene:

The rabbit rooms/chalet /Hutches have hygienic wipe down lining inside and vinyl flooring .Fresh water, hay and vegetables will be supplied daily.
Owners are asked to bring their own usual dry food/pellets (so as not to upset rabbits/guineas tummies through rapid diet change)
All animals will be checked regular especially rabbits for fly strike etc.Rabbits will be required to have Myxomatosis and VHD1 vaccinations(but please speak to your vet about the new VHD2 vaccine as we may well be introducing this in the near future)Vaccinations to be done at least 2 weeks prior to boarding)please bring proof of vaccinations being done on the day of arrival. Outside runs will not be on grass for hygiene reasons so to eliminated possible spread of disease,But plenty of fresh hay ,and the bunnies/guineas specified vegetables and fruit will be provided morning and evening.
Rabbit rooms/chalet/hutches will be cleaned daily
F10 SC Disinfectant will be used to clean the rooms/ chalet/hutches thoroughly before the next boarder arrives.

Small Pet Boarding Prices

Rabbit Rooms Summer (April-end of Sept)
1 Rabbit £5.00 per night
2 Rabbits (bonded pair) sharing £7.00 per night

Rabbit Rooms winter (Oct-end of March) Extra lighting and for Heating)
1 Rabbit £6.00 per night
2 Rabbits (bonded pair) Sharing £8.00 per night

We can accommodate guineas in the rabbit room but the price will be the same as for 1 rabbit + £1.00 for each additional guinea from the same family sharing the room.

Outside Rabbit Chalet .Can accommodate 1 x giant breed.1/2/3 medium rabbits (bonded same family)
Giant £8.00 per night.
Medium 1 Rabbit £6.00 Per night
Bonded pair £8.00 per night
Bonded Family of 3 £9.00.Per night.
We can accommodate small breed rabbits in the chalet but because of the large space provided the cost will be the same as for a medium rabbit.

Guinea pig/small breed rabbit Hutches.
1 Guinea pig £4.50 + £1 each additional Guinea pig per night
Small breed rabbits £5.00 per rabbit £6.00 for bonded pair (in the indoor hutches only)

Hamsters /rats /mice/ degu £3.00 Per night.
Owners to bring their Cages and provide their bedding, food and treats.

Prices are per night .
Please Note:Half fee applies for departures on all days after 14.00 pm
Fees to be Paid by cash on day of arrival

Other Services

New cattery opening ready for Easter bookings being taken now.Please see The Washway cattery.In the cattery search section for details.

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Note: Map only shows approximate location.


Holbeach Spalding.
Just off the A17 Turn left/right off the A17 By The Farm Lodge Cafe and 1st Left signposted Washway Road.Follow the road for a while .There will be fields to your right .We are the last Semi- Detached house on the left Hand side (large brown Gates at the side of the house and white porch) just before a bungalow on left and Large Cream house you can see ahead of you on the Right .If you go past the bulb factory on your right you have gone too far.

Open Hours

Monday-Friday 9.00 am- 12.00 - 14.00 pm- 17.00 pm
Saturday 10.00 am-13.00 pm - 15.00-17.00 pm Sunday 10.00 am-12.00 .Closed PM

Bank Holidays 10 am - 12.00 Closed PM

We are closed for drop off and pick ups on the following Days:
Xmas & Boxing Day & New years Day.

We are Insured .

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