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About our Small Pet Boarding

We board: RabbitsGuinea PigsBirdsReptilesHamsters, Mice etc.

My names Harry and I'm an animal lover with a great deal of experience when it comes to caring for animals, from rabbits and Guinea pigs which I have owned in the past, to exotics such as Pygmy hedgehogs and reptiles. My family and I aim to provide an enjoyable retreat for your pets!


**You are very welcome to come and view the facilities before booking just email me to arrange a date**

We have a large avairy-style enclosure, which contains two runs, the larger of the two being big enough to even house a colony of rabbits or guineapigs if necessary. The enclosure is completely secure meaning your pets can exhibit natural behaviours, such as grazing, day and night without needing to be restricted to an indoor area.

We also have a coop style run with a built in hutch above, if this suits your pet better (We are aware some pets feel more secure in smaller pens if this is what they are used to). All animals living in here have supervised free-roaming time every day in an enclosed area surrounding the runs.

We provide our guests with Dust-free hay and fresh veg, but we ask owners to bring their pet's pellets if possible to reduce stress from a change in diet. Any dietary requirements such as foods to avoid can be noted if necessary.

It is no trouble for us to look after your indoor pets in their own cage/setup for a lower price (£2 a night)


Our spacious enclosures provide your pets with plenty of room to roam, run and jump. We also provide toys including chew sticks and balls to keep your pets entertained and we interact with our guests every day throughout their stay

Health & Hygiene:

All of our enclosures and hutches are thoroughly cleaned between stays.
We are happy to brush your rabbits if they are very fury. If your pet requires medication or application of creams, I am also happy to do this free of charge.

Small Pet Boarding Prices

Please note our prices reflect our passion for animals and not any poor quality of care.

Price per night for an outdoor run suitable for rabbits/Guinea pigs (price stays the same regardless of whether it is a single pet or Multiple pets sharing the run): £2.50

Price per night for indoor rabbits/guinea pigs/hamsters/birds/mice/rats/gerbils etc: £2.00

We receive most of our payments in cash, but we are happy to accept PayPal payments if you would prefer.

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Reviews from Our Guests

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Harry is a natural with animals and I was so grateful for his amazing care of our young budgies. They look so happy and relaxed and I couldn’t have found a better person to look after them for a week and it gave us complete peace of mind. Thank you so much.

5 From Iona on

Would highly recommend, Harry took care of my 3 ferrets while I was away 9 days and did a super job . One of them was very thin and looked quite ill but since going there she's in the best health ever. They did a fantastic job and a lovely place for the fur babies to stay.

5 From Maddie Micallef on

We chose to leave our two rabbits polly and piper here and I cannot recommend this service enough. This was only the second time we had been away from our bunnies and it was such a relief to know they were being cared for and loved for. All of the runs are very clean and well kept. One of our buns gets very matted and dirty and this was kept at bay by the family as she came back clean and happy. Will definitely use again.

5 From Heidi N on

We left our rabbit and 2 pigs here. Very well loved by the family here.

5 From Emma harvey on

Our two rabbits were well looked after. Lovely spacious enclosure. Would definitely recommend.

5 From Jane Howell on

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Please email or feel free to ring us anytime on 01747820748 or leave a message and we will call you back.

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