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Elmbank Rabbit Boarding


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About our Small Pet Boarding

We board: Rabbits

Hello my name is Vivien

I have had a keen interest in rabbits since I got my first rabbit Ebony when I was 12 years old. Since then I have learned as much as I can about rabbits. I first became involved with rabbit welfare when I started fostering for Buddies Bunny Rescue. I looked after many rabbits while they waited for new homes and found it very rewarding. Since Buddies closed down and some of my rabbits have passed away I miss having bunnies around. That is why I have decided to board some rabbits this easter/summer. I feel that there is a need for good quality rabbit boarding in this area and what to help people and their bunnies to have a stress free holiday.

Why board your rabbits with me

I have been a rabbit fosterer for Buddies Bunny Rescue for 3 years so have lots of experience caring for rabbits that have a wide variety of needs
I have owned rabbits for 9 years
While boarding with me your rabbits will also receive a health check and groomed/nails clipped if required
I am happy to administer medicine to any rabbits that need it
Your rabbits will be boarded in spacious enclosures with lots of toys and enrichment
I only have 2 sets of rabbits at a time meaning your rabbit will get lots of individual attention
If there any any problems I use the Dick Vet Small Animal Hospital who are very experienced with rabbits
I am fully insured to board your rabbits with Petplan


Large indoor heated enclosures with lots of tunnels and hidey houses.

Health & Hygiene:

I only require that your rabbits are vaccinated against myxomatosis and VHD to board with me. These diseases are deadly to rabbits so it is important that they are vaccinated. The only exception to this rule is if your rabbit has been deemed to ill by your vet to receive their vaccinations.

all rabbits have access to a run 24/7 which are on concrete and not grass. This is essential to allow for proper disinfection to prevent any disease transmission between boarders. I can still however supply your rabbit with fresh grass to eat every day if required :).

Small Pet Boarding Prices

£8 per night for one rabbit
£10 per night for two or more rabbits sharing a setup

​Discounts if you require more than one setup

Whats included in your boarding price

Grooming and nail clipping service
Bedding (I use megazorb but you can provide your own bedding if you wish)
Good quality hay
Excel adult nuggets (if you currently feed these)
Health check
Individual care and attention

Other Services

Services: GroomingClaw Clipping

Included in boarding price

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Meadowbank, Centre of Edinburgh

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